Quiz Questions and Answers


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1


1) Who calls the Muslim faithful to prayer, five times a day, from the minaret of a mosque?

Answer: Muezzin.


2) Which are the two kinds of bills transacted in the discount market?

Answer: Trade bills or bills of exchange and finance bills.


3) Who invented a steam powered printing press?

Answer: Frederick Konig.


4) When did Cold War tension begin to ease sharply?

Answer: In the late 1980’s.


5) One of the English furniture forms appeared during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (ruled from 1509 to 1547):

Answer: Draw Table.


6) The Tethyan Mountain System extends across:

Answer: Africa, Europe and Asia.


7) Which are the two types of fins seen in bony fishes during the Devonian period?

Answer: Rayed and lobed.


8) How does the name Stone Age come?

Answer: In this period most tools that have been found are made of stone.


9) A type face that can be viewed on the computer screen and changed with the push of a key or the click of a button is called:

Answer: Font.


10) Which tragedies consisted of a series of dramatic episodes separated by choral odes?

Answer: Greek tragedies.


11) What is the meaning of the term ‘Ex parte decree’?

Answer: The order of a court without hearing the opposite party.


12) What are the sizes of Roll films?

Answer: 120 and 35mm.


13) What was the number of Dan and their genealogies?

Answer: Sixty two thousand seven hundred.


14) Who is known as Iron duke:

Answer: Duke of Willington.


15) What is the name of an ornamental bow of ribbon or twist of braid

Answer: knot.


16) Who is concerned primarily with revolution in an Industrialized Society?

Answer: Marx.


17) What is the name of the apparatus which telecasts something through radio waves?

Answer: Television transmitter.


18) What is the currency of Benin:

Answer: Franc.


19) What are attracted by the tourists in Iran?

Answer: Historical mosques and business centres.


20) How long is the average growth of healthy hair in a month?

Answer: 1.25 centimetres.


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2


21) Which are the Southern neighbouring countries of Tibet?

Answer: Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Nepal.


22) Who created the famous ballet “Sleeping Beauty”?

Answer: Marius Petipa.


23) Against the passing of the notorious Rowlatt Bills, Gandhi drafted a “Satyagraha” pledge. On which day was this “Satyagraha” pledge signed?

Answer: 27th February, 1919.


24) The plants that grow on other plants for support but absorb from the air, the water and other materials to make food are:

Answer: Epiphytes.


25) A river is lowest at its:

Answer: Mouth (where it ends).


26) All green plants are:

Answer: Autotrophic.


27) According to whom, children are driven by impulses of sex and aggression?

Answer: Sigmund Freud.


28) Francis Bacon belongs to:

Answer: England.


29) If the vein is injured, in which direction we raise the injured part for stop the bleeding?

Answer: Of heart.


30) Why do we get wrinkles in old age?

Answer: Wrinkles are due to the damage of elastic fibres present in the dermis of the skin.


31) From which events over three -quarters of the energy released by the earthquakes is derived?

Answer: Shallow-focus events.


32) Cartilage is made up of a protein called:

Answer: Chondrin.


33) Mesopotamia was comprised of the major part of modern:

Answer: Iraq.


34) What are the best specimens of architecture in the middle ages?

Answer: The Churches.


35) The Navy Head Quarters of the U.S.A attacked by Japan during the Second World War:

Answer: Pearl Harbor (1941).


36) The leader who succeeded Mao-Tse-Tung in China:

Answer: Liu Shaoqi.


37) The first emperor of China:

Answer: Qin Shi Huang.


38) The name of treaty that was signed at the end of the First World War:

Answer: Treaty of Versailles (1919).


39) Which of Henry VIIl’s wives was the mother of Queen Elizabeth 1?

Answer: Queen Anne Boleyn.


40) The Delta indicates:

Answer: The triangular landmass that forms at its mouth when a river splits into several branches just before entering the sea.


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3


41) Which is the largest passenger ship in the world?

Answer: Symphony of the Seas.


42) The southernmost mountain range in Pakistan:

Answer: Makran Range.


43) Where is Transylvania?

Answer: Romania.


44) The Seven Years War (1756-63) is the background of one of Bertolt Brecht’s plays. Which?

Answer: ‘Mother Courage’.


45) On which river is the city of New York?

Answer: Hudson.


46) Don Juan, the proverbial heartless seducer, has been celebrated by poets, dramatists, and musicians like Byron, Browning, Pushkin, Shaw and Mozart -among others. Don Juan, however had a much – injured wife. What is her name?

Answer: Elvira.


47) What precious stone is South Australia famous for?

Answer: Opal.


48) At what Celsius temperature water becomes ice?

Answer: 0° Celsius.


49) Who developed the Keynesian Theory of Distribution?

Answer: Nicholas Kaldor.


50) From where Aryabhata was launched?

Answer: Soviet Cosmodrome.


51) Who has won the most Oscars for Best Director?

Answer: John Ford – 4.


52) ‘Cinema in India’ is a publication brought out by whom?

Answer: National Film Development Corporation.


53) What are the aims of the UNO?

Answer: (1) To maintain peace and security in the world, (2) To develop friendly relations among nations, (3) To work together to remove poverty, disease and illiteracy in the world, (4) To encourage respect for each other’s rights and freedom, (5) To be a centre for helping member nations to achieve these goals.


54) In which fields the Nobel Prizes are given?

Answer: Physics, chemistry, physiology/ medicine, literature, peace and economics.


55) Who won decathlon gold in 1996 Atlanta Olympics?

Answer: Dan O’Brien.


56) Which is the first football league of India?

Answer: Philips National Football League.


57) Two of Pakistan’s previous captains are closely related to Imran Khan. Who are they?

Answer: Javed Burki and Majid Khan.


58) Name the gold winners in mixed doubles in Bangkok Asian Games, 1998

Answer: Satoshi Iwabuchi and Nana Miyagi (Japan).


59) Which film has won the most Oscars?

Answer: Ben-Hur (1959) and Titanic (1997).


60) How did the art of writing developed among the Sumerians?

Answer: They started with pictures, later pictures were replaced by signs.


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4


61) Write two examples of biennials:

Answer: Sugar beet, Henbane.


62) Which is the reducing agent used to reduce iron ore?

Answer: Coke.


63) What is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job?

Answer: Training.


64) What are collectively known as Cryptology?

Answer: Cryptology and Cryptanalysis.


65) Which is Super High Frequency (SHF) band?

Answer: 3000-30000 Mhz.


66) Furrow method of irrigation is most suitable for:

Answer: Potatoes.


67) How many important aspects are there for traditional agriculture?

Answer: Two.


68) Which mathematician’s statistical methods have been usefully employed in agriculture?

Answer: Ronald Fisher.


69) In which medium the velocity of sound is large?

Answer: Steel.


70) Which Spanish explorer crossed Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513?

Answer: Vasco Núñez de Balboa.


71) How many chapters does the Quran have?

Answer: 114.


72) Friend planets of the moon:

Answer: Sun and Mercury.


73) Is external combustion engine single acting or double acting?

Answer: Double acting.


74) When did Siddhartha become Buddha?

Answer: After the Enlightenment.


75) “No man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men”. Whose view of history is this?

Answer: Thomas Carlyle.


76) Which hoarse-voiced Texan was the lead singer with the San Francisco group Big Brother and the Holding company?

Answer: Janis Joplin.


77) How long did it take to complete the epic story based on the Pandava-Kaurava struggles?

Answer: About three years.


78) When did Rajeev Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India?

Answer: 1984-1990.


79) The falling of waves is known as:

Answer: Ebb Tide.


80) Gemeinschaft Societies are characterized by:

Answer: Rare economic Competition and Common mutual assistance.


Quiz Questions and Answers Part 5


81) Which philosophical religion believes that the universe is kept in balance by the opposing forces of yin and yang?

Answer: Taoism.


82) The important finance bills are:

Answer: Treasury bills and short-term government bonds.


83) Most scholars believe that how many years ago communication through language began:

Answer: Atleast 1,50,000 years ago.


84) When did Soviet Union broke up into a number of independent non-Communist states?

Answer: 1991.


85) A large oak dining table made in halves that could be drawn apart:

Answer: Draw table.


86) Why geologists study mountains?

Answer: Because such study provides important and useful knowledge.


87) Which fins consist of web of skin supported by a skeleton of rods called rays?

Answer: Rayed.


88) When was Stone Age occurred?

Answer: About 3000 B.C.


89) In printing, desktop publishing is:

Answer: The publishing that used desktop machine.


90) Name the wealthy citizen who provided the money to train and costume the chorus for the Greek dramas?

Answer: Choregos.


91) What is the expanded form of ‘IA’ under civil law?

Answer: Interlocutory Application.


92) What is the meaning of ‘Chromatic’?

Answer: Suited to colours.


93) What was the total number of Asher tribe?

Answer: Forty one thousand and five hundred.


84) Which British king was called ‘merry monarch’?

Answer: Charles II.


95) Which show attracts more in modeling?

Answer: Fashion show.


96) Who is direct and concerned with securing power in a relatively unindustrialized country?

Answer: Lenin.


97) What is the name of the barometer that records variations in atmospheric pressure automatically?

Answer: Barograph.


98) Currency of Bolivia:

Answer: Boliviano.


99) Majority of the tourists who visit Ireland belong to which countries?

Answer: Germany and Scandinavia.


100) “The Moon is a Balloon” is written by which Hollywood actor?

Answer: David Niven.


101) Which is the deepest lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Baikal.


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