Quiz Question of the Day

Quiz Question of the Day


Quiz Question of the Day


1) A party consists of grandmother, father, mother, four sons, and their wives and one son and two daughters to each of the sons. How many females are there in all?
Answer: 14.


2) Who was the author of the book ‘Madame Bovary’
Answer: Gustave Flaubert.


3) Which is the most populous city in the world?
Answer: Tokyo.


4) Who was the King of Swing?
Answer: Benny Goodman.


5) In what year was the Magna Carta issued?
Answer: 1215.


6) Which metal is non toxic in nature?
Answer: Gold.


7) Where was Lord Buddha born?
Answer: Lumbini.


8) Tobacco, Tomatoes, and Maize all originated in which region?
Answer: Central America.


9) What is the loss of water in the form of water drops called?
Answer: Guttation.


10) Who was the first man to fly across the channel?
Answer: Louis Bleriot.


11) What is the main ingredient in the soup called gazpacho?
Answer: Tomatoes.


12) When temperature is gradually decreased, what is the specific heat of substance?
Answer: Decreased.


13) What country does the soccer player Wayne Rooney come from?
Answer: England.


14) Which government figure is the Secret Service referring to when they use the designation “Potus”?
Answer: The President of the United States.


15) What is Study of growth and development of embryo?
Answer: Embryology.


16) Who starred as Rocky Balboa?
Answer: Sylvester Stallone.


17) In what state are the Carlsbad Caverns?
Answer: New Mexico.


18) What is the Study of pulse and arterial blood pressure called?
Answer: Sphygmology.


19) Spider a kind of insect has six legs. True or False?
Answer: False.


20) Identification of all organisms is done using a:
Answer: Key.


21) Which is the element that has the highest first ionization potential?
Answer: Nitrogen.


22) In which war was the charge of the Light Brigade?
Answer: Crimean.


23) Before Nagano, which country had won the most medals in the Winter Olympics?
Answer: Norway.


24) Who is the author of the book ‘The Rights of Man’?
Answer: Thomas Paine.


25) Find the value of 7 ° + 8 ° =?
Answer: 2.


Quiz Question of the Day Part 2


26) Which world leader “spoke softly and carried a big stick?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.


27) What is considered as the easily digestable source of protein?
Answer: Soyabean.


28) Who invented the television?
Answer: John Logie Baird.


29) What nickname was given to the Sydney Hospital opened in 1816?
Answer: The Rum Hospital.


30) Floatation separates mixtures based on density. True or False?
Answer: True.


31) King John signed the Magna Carta.
Answer: False.


32) Which oxyacid of halogen has maximum acidic nature?
Answer: HClO4.


33) What was the name of inn in Treasure Island?
Answer: Admiral Benbow.


34) The meniscus of mercury is different to that of water in that it:
Answer: Curves in an upside down U-shape.


35) The greatest threat to organisms and biodiversity in which process?
Answer: Process of habitat loss.


36) These leaves are used for treating flu, cold, and pneumonia:
Answer: Eucalyptus.


37) Tenochtitlan was the capital of which civilization?
Answer: The Aztecs.


38) Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo?
Answer: Red pandas.


39) What was Erich Weiss better known as?
Answer: Harry Houdini.


40) What is defined as the change in velocity over time?
Answer: Acceleration.


41) What does Barometer measure?

Answer: Atmospheric Pressure.


42) According to Greek mythology, Who was the multiheaded beast which Hercules slew?
Answer: Hydra.


43) In which nomad man started settling?
Answer: Neolithic Age.


44) Who would use a mashie niblick?
Answer: Golfer.


45) The largest planet in our solar system is:
Answer: Jupiter.


46) Angular separation between two colours of the spectrum depends upon which thing?
Answer: Angle of deviation.


47) In what country were the 2010 Winter Olympic Games held?
Answer: Canada.


48) What type of fish is caught by the old man in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”?
Answer: Marlin.


49) Where is the headquarter of International atomic Energy Agency is located?
Answer: Vienna.


50) In the song who killed Cock Robin?
Answer: Sparrow.


Quiz Question of the Day Part 3


51) Which was the first antibiotic to be discovered?
Answer: Penicillin.


52) In the human body, cowper’s glands form a part of which system?
Answer: Reproductive system.


53) Kelvin is a measure of temperature. True or False?
Answer: True.


54) For what purpose was the Taj Mahal built in the city of Agra in India?
Answer: As a tomb.


55) Which type of forest exhibits highest bio-diversity ?
Answer: Tropical rain forest.


56) What do deciduous trees do?
Answer: Lose their leaves in winter.


57) Where was MLK assassinated?
Answer: The Motel Lorriane.


58) In absence of ribosome in cell which function does not takes place?
Answer: Protein synthesis.


59) What will be the next number in the following series of numbers 2,4,16, _?
Answer: 256.


60) Where would you find the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and the Gulf of Carpentaria?
Answer: Australia.


61) Which transition metal is in liquid state?
Answer: Mercury.


62) In golf what name is given to the No 3 wood?
Answer: Spoon.


63) The chemical symbols of chlorine, potassium, copper, sodium, nitrogen and iron in order are:
Answer: Cl, K, Cu, Na, N, Fe.


64) Total internal reflection of light is possible when light enters from which thing?
Answer: Water to air.


65) What does Altimeter measure?
Answer: Altitude of an object above a fixed level.


66) In botany, what is the pigment molecule found in most plants that gives them their green color?
Answer: Chlorophyll.


67) The UNESCO declared 2011 as which International Year?
Answer: International Year of Chemistry.


68) If you have caries who would you consult?
Answer: Dentist (its tooth decay).


69) In which South American country is Dutch spoken?
Answer: Suriname.


70) If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, what will the total number of poles be?
Answer: 6.


71) A typical golf course features how many holes?
Answer: 18.


72) A total lunar eclipse occurs within the umbra – a partial eclipse occurs within the penumbra. True or False?
Answer: True.


73) Which tissue take part in healing the wounds?
Answer: Epithelium tissue.


74) What other name is Mellor’s famously known by?

Answer: Lady Chatterley’s Lover.


75) An example of an igneous rock that cooled slowly beneath the earth’s surface is:
Answer: Granite.


Quiz Question of the Day Part 4


76) What is the state the main activity associated with the fold mountain?
Answer: Earthquakes.


77) Electrons are larger than atoms. True or False?
Answer: False.


78) Senegal and Gambia formed which confederation from 1982 to 1989?
Answer: Senegambia.


79) Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of which thing?
Answer: Magnesium bicarbonate.


80) What did Jack Horner pull from his pie?
Answer: Plum.


81) If lovers are said to be “star-crossed,” their relationship is:
Answer: Doomed.


82) Which energy do not have the problem of pollution?
Answer: Sun.


83) Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.
1. Family 2.Community 3.Member 4.Locality, 5.Country
Answer: The correct order is: Member, Family, Community, Locality, and Country.


84) Who’s Casca the first to stab in a play by Shakespeare?
Answer: Julius Caesar.


85) Rotation of the earth causes deflection of wind by which force?
Answer: Coriolis force.


86) How many feet in a fathom?
Answer: Six.


87) The winner of the “Strong Man” award for insects goes to the Leaf Beetle. How much weight can it pull?
Answer: 43 times its body weight.


88) Which air pollutant affect the nervous system of man?
Answer: Lead.


89) Which country won the most number of medals in the 2012 Olympics?
Answer: USA.


90) Which strait links San Francisco Bay with the Pacific?
Answer: Golden Gate.


91) Which is the chief characteristics of wet and dry tropics?
Answer: Constant heating.


92) Which film had song Spring time for Hitler?
Answer: The Producers.


93) In sports, which baseball slugger was known as the “Yankee Clipper”?
Answer: Joe DiMaggio.


94) The United Nations declared 2010 as which International Year?
Answer: Rapprochemont of Cultures.


95) Which God is believed to reside at Mount Kailash?
Answer: Lord Shiva.


96) The correct name for a ‘shooting star’ is a:
Answer: Meteor.


97) Regatta is associated with which sports event?
Answer: Rowing.


98) Name the legless fighter pilot of ww2?
Answer: Douglas Bader.


99) The cities of Touggourt, Beskra, Oran, and Skikda can be found in which North African country?
Answer: Algeria.


100) What is the term as the drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rocks?
Answer: Trellis.


101) The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold ranges of which the oldest range?
Answer: The Great Himalayan Range.


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