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South America Quiz Questions and Answers

South America Quiz Questions and Answers


South America Quiz Questions and Answers


87 Most Important South America Quiz Questions and Answers (Quiz 1- 20) Part 1


1) Which major city is the easternmost point of South America?

Answer: Recife (Pernambuco).


2) What is the main agricultural produce of Guyane?

Answer: Sugarcane.


3) Which country is South America’s biggest rubber producer?

Answer: Brazil.


4) Which country was once called New Granada?

Answer: Columbia.


5) Where does South America’s longest river have its source?

Answer: In the Andes.


6) Which is the only country in South America with an ‘Atlantic’ and a “Pacific” coast?

Answer: Columbia.


7) Which is the biggest city in South America?

Answer: São Paulo.


8) Which country is the biggest livestock-raiser in South America?

Answer: Argentina.


9) What is Brazil’s largest coastal city?

Answer: Rio de Janeiro.


10) Which share Tierra del Fuego?

Answer: Chile and Argentina.


11) Which is the largest lake in South America?

Answer: Lake Maracaibo.


12) Where is New Amsterdam?

Answer: Guyana.


13) What is the capital of Uruguay?

Answer: Montevideo.


14) Which port does Bolivia use in Chile?

Answer: Arica.


15) Which is the only Portuguese – speaking country in South America?

Answer: Brazil.


16) What is the great river of Brazil called?

Answer: Amazon.


17) Which is Venezuela’s main river?

Answer: Orinoco.


18) Which country has the greatest share of the mountains of the Guiana Highlands?

Answer: Venezuela.


19) Apart from the Andes and ranges connected to it, what is the major mountain range in Argentina?

Answer: Cordoba Mountains.


20) Only two countries in South America do not enjoy a coastline. Which are they?

Answer: Paraguay and Bolivia.


South America Quiz Questions and Answers (Quiz 21- 40) Part 2


21) Which is the Southernmost provincial Capital in Chile?

Answer: Punta Arenas.


22) Which country is the biggest producer of oil in South America?

Answer: Venezuela.


23) Which is the capital of Paraguay?

Answer: Asuncion.


24) To which does Easter Island, in the Pacific, belong?

Answer: Chile.


25) As part of a border settlement, from which country did Peru get its Tacna province?

Answer: Chile.


26) Which river divides Paraguay into its two distinct halves?

Answer: Paraguay.


27) On which river is George Town?

Answer: Berbice.


28) In which country is the llama reared for its wool?

Answer: Peru.


29) To whom do the Juan Fernandez Islands belong?

Answer: Chile.


30) Which Mountain range stretches from Venezuela to Southern Chile?

Answer: Andes.


31) After which intrepid navigator is the largest Chilean Province named?

Answer: Magellan.


32) What is the chief mineral produce of Guyana?

Answer: Bauxite.


33) Which river is shared by Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil?

Answer: Parana.


34) Where is Porto President Stroessner a town named after the country’s President?

Answer: Paraguay.


35) What major water bodies do the straits of Magellan link?

Answer: The Atlantic and the Pacific.


36) Which country in South America has the coldest average temperature?

Answer: Chile.


37) What is the great plateau of Brazil called?

Answer: Mato Grosso.


38) Which two Caribbean territories lie off the coast of South America?

Answer: The Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago.


39) Which is Ecuador’s chief port?

Answer: Guayaquil.


40) What is the southernmost physical feature of South America?

Answer: Cape Horn.


South America Quiz Questions and Answers (Quiz 41- 60) Part 3


41) In which country is the Westernmost part of South America?

Answer: Peru.


42) On which river is Manaus?

Answer: Negro.


43) What is Sucre’s importance?

Answer: It is the legal capital and seat of the Judiciary of Bolivia.


44) The night life of which Argentinian city is ‘ comparable to that of Paris?

Answer: Buenos Aires.


45) Which country is divided into just two provinces – Oriental and Occidental?

Answer: Paraguay.


46) Of all the capitals of the South American countries on the Pacific rim, which is the one closest to sea level?

Answer: Lima.


47) Which capital is near Mount Cotopaxi?

Answer: Bogota.


48) Why was Ecuador so named?

Answer: Because the Equator passes through it.


49) What does over a third of Uruguay’s exports comprise?

Answer: Meat, and other animal products.


50) In which country does the Amazon have its source?

Answer: Peru.


51) Before Brasilia became the capital of Brazil in 1960, which was the country’s capital?

Answer: Sao Paulo.


52) In which country would you find the Madeira and the Negro?

Answer: Brazil.


53) Which island country is almost a part of the delta of a major South American river?

Answer: Trinidad and Tobago.


54) Where exactly is Devil’s Island?

Answer: Off the coast of French Guiana.


55) What is Argentina’s desert called?

Answer: Patagonia.


56) Which South Atlantic island or islands were until 1985, dependencies of a British territory near Argentina?

Answer: South Georgia and South Sandwich.


57) Which is the most urbanised Latin American nation?

Answer: Venezuela.


58) Which country was Spain’s principal vice royalty in South America?

Answer: Peru.


59) What is the major mineral export of Chile?

Answer: Copper.


60) Which is the largest island in the estuary of the Amazon?

Answer: Marajo island.


South America Quiz Questions and Answers (Quiz 61- 87) Part 4


61) Which is described as “the highest navigable lake in the world”?

Answer: Lake Titicaca.


62) Which is the capital of Chile?

Answer: Santiago.


63) Which are the two rivers that flow into the Rio de la Plata?

Answer: Parana and Uruguay.


64) With which country does Columbia share its shortest international border?

Answer: Panama.


65) Which is the capital of French Guiana?

Answer: Cayenne.


66) Which is Ecuador’s best known Volcano?

Answer: Cotopaxi.


67) Which country in South America is famous for its emerald mines?

Answer: Columbia.


68) Which part of South America receives the highest annual rainfall?

Answer: The Brazilian coast around the mouth of the Amazon.


69) Which two South American countries have large East Indian population?

Answer: Guyana and Suriname.


70) Which is the highest mountain in South America?

Answer: Aconcagua.


71) Where is Mount Chimborazo?

Answer: Ecuador.


72) Which South American country is a major producer of silver?

Answer: Peru.


73) Much of which country comprises hundreds of islands?

Answer: Chile.


74) Of which country is Paramaribo the capital?

Answer: Suriname.


75) Which port do the two landlocked countries of South America mainly use?

Answer: Santos, Brazil.


76) On which Peak in Peru are there the remains of a splendid Inca city?

Answer: Machu Picchu.


77) Which South American country is a major producer of tin?

Answer: Bolivia.


78) Which countries share the waters of Lake Titicaca?

Answer: Peru and Bolivia.


79) Which is the Southernmost physical feature of South America?

Answer: Cape Horn.


80) Angel Falls is said to be the highest waterfall in the world. Where is it?

Answer: Venezuela.


81) Which part of South America is called the driest place in the world?

Answer: The Atacama Desert, Chile.


82) Which South American country does the Tropic of Capricorn divide almost equally in two?

Answer: Paraguay.


83) Which large island territory about 1000 km from its coast does Ecuador own?

Answer: Galápagos Islands.


84) In which State is the Federal District of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil?

Answer: Goiás.


85) Which is the Chief Port of Chile?

Answer: Valparaiso.


86) Which is the highest seat of Government in South America?

Answer: La Paz.


87) In which country in South America is Natal, a major city?

Answer: Brazil.


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