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102 Africa Quiz Questions and Answers

Africa Quiz Questions and Answers


Africa Quiz Questions and Answers


Top 102 Africa Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1


1) After which American President is the capital of an African country named?

Answer: James Monroe.


2) Through which country does the greater part of the Nile flow?

Answer: Sudan.


3) Which are the towns at the either end of the Suez Canal?

Answer: Port Said and Suez.


4) Two South African provinces take their names from rivers. Which are they?

Answer: Orange Free State and Transvaal.


5) The Mercato is one of Africa’s largest open-air markets and is located in the city of Addis Ababa. But in which country is it?

Answer: Ethiopia.


6) Of which country is Cyrenaica a part?

Answer: Libya.


7) Where are the craters of the Moon?

Answer: Rwenzori Mountains.


8) This African city was once an internationally administered enclave. Which city is this?

Answer: Tangier.


9) The longest African river which emptying into the Indian Ocean is:

Answer: The Zambezi.


10) The biggest city in Natal is:

Answer: Durban.


11)  The highest peak in Africa is:

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.


12) The northernmost city in Africa is:

Answer: Bizerte.


13) Which northern Nigeria city is the centre on which the major caravan routes converge?

Answer: Kano.


14) This country was once called Dahomey. Which country?

Answer: Benin.


15) Which is the capital of the country that used to be called Abyssinia?

Answer: Addis Ababa.


16) What is the name of the Angolan enclave sandwiched by Zaire and Congo?

Answer: Cabinda.


17) In which country is the Kalahari Desert?

Answer: Botswana.


18) What is Sahrawi?

Answer: The name Western Sahara has been given by those seeking its independence.


19) Which mountain range stretches across Algeria and Morocco?

Answer: Atlas Mountains.


20) The westernmost major city of Africa:

Answer: Dakar.


Africa Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


21) Kimberley is famous for:

Answer: Diamonds.


22) Belgian Congo is now called:

Answer: Democratic Republic of the Congo.


23) What is the area of land in Egypt which is below sea level?

Answer: Qattara Depression.


24) Two countries share the waters of Lake Kariba. Which are they?

Answer: Zambia and Zimbabwe.


25) Where is Swahili generally spoken?

Answer: East Africa.


26) The Malagasy Republic is now called:

Answer: Madagascar.


27) The capital of Togo is:

Answer: Lome.


28) Which country is completely landlocked by South Africa?

Answer: Lesotho.


29) Where is the Nubian Desert?

Answer: Sudan.


30) What is Nigeria’s main export?

Answer: Oil.


31) Of which country is Bangui the capital?

Answer: Central African Republic.


32) Which is Kenya’s biggest port?

Answer: Mombasa.


33) Which nationals first arrived in South Africa?

Answer: Dutch in Cape of Good Hope (1652).


34) What is known as the White Gold of Egypt?

Answer: Cotton.


35) What is the main agricultural produce of the Nile Valley?

Answer: Cotton.


36) A mixed race inhabiting North Western part of Africa is called:

Answer: Berbers.


37) Which is the largest city in Africa?

Answer: Cairo.


38) How many states are there in Africa?

Answer: 54.


39) Which state in Africa is most populous?

Answer: Nigeria.


40) Which province of South Africa is known as the Garden Province?

Answer: Natal.


Africa Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) On which river is Brazzaville?

Answer: Democratic Republic of the Congo.


42) A part of Namibia is a finger pointing eastwards. What is this territory called?

Answer: Caprivi Strip.


43) Which major city developed as a consequence of the boom in the Witwatersrand?

Answer: Johannesburg.


44) In which countries are there cities commemorating in their names Stanley and Livingstone?

Answer: Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.


45) Which was the largest of the French West African countries in area?

Answer: Mali.


46) Of which country or territory is St. Denis the chief town?

Answer: Réunion.


47) Near which well-known coastal physical feature is Cape Town?

Answer: The Cape of Good Hope.


48) The historical names of the four stretches of coast from Nigeria to Liberia are:

Answer: Slave Coast, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast and Grain Coast.


49) How many lakes are apart of Congo’s eastern borders?

Answer: Five.


50) The island of Pemba is a part of this country. Which country?

Answer: Tanzania.


51) The capital of Cameroon is:

Answer: Yaounde.


52) There is an island nation lies between Madagascar and the African Mainland. Which is it?

Answer: Comoros.


53) This island nation, geographically considered part of Africa has an Indian population in the majority?

Answer: Mauritius.


54) Salisbury is now called:

Answer: Harare.


55) Which African city finds a prominent place in the battle song of the US Marines?

Answer: Tripoli.


56) What does South Africa’s mineral wealth mainly comprise of?

Answer: Gold and Diamonds.


57) This former Italian colony was integrated with Ethiopia in 1952. Name it:

Answer: Eritrea.


58) Of whose empire was Congo once a part?

Answer: Belgium.


59) The names of the Spanish enclaves in North Africa are:

Answer: Ceuta and Melilla.


60) Where in Africa would you find the Mahgreb?

Answer: Moorish Africa – Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.


Africa Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) Between which countries is Togo Sandwiched?

Answer: Ghana and Benin.


62) Which are the two small countries sandwiched by the borders of Uganda and Tanzania?

Answer: Rwanda and Burundi.


63) What is al Qahira better known as?

Answer: Cairo.


64) What was Malawi once called?

Answer: Nyasaland.


65) What is South-West Africa now called?

Answer: Namibia.


66) Which city lies in the shadow of Table Mountain?

Answer: Cape Town.


67) Which is the capital of Congo?

Answer: Kinshasa.


68) In which country would you expect to find the Copper Belt?

Answer: Zambia.


69) Which is the largest lake in West Africa?

Answer: Lake Volta.


70) Of which country is Freetown the capital?

Answer: Sierra Leone.


71) Which countries have parts of their boundaries in Lake Victoria?

Answer: Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.


72) Where is Serengeti National Park?

Answer: Tanzania.


73) With which West African country is Pagalu linked?

Answer: Equatorial Guinea.


74) Of which country is the Ogaden a region?

Answer: Ethiopia.


75) The coast of which country is called the Gold Coast?

Answer: Ghana.


76) Which city lies in the confluence of the two main branches of the River Nile?

Answer: Khartoum.


77) What was Burkina Faso previously called?

Answer: Upper Volta.


78) Zambia and Zimbabwe had a common territorial name when they were administered by Britain. What was this name?

Answer: (North and South) Rhodesia.


79) In which country is Lambarene, where Dr. Schweitzer lived?

Answer: Gabon.


80) Lake Chad is, of course in Chad. But which countries does it seasonally extend into?

Answer: Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon.


Africa Quiz Questions and Answers Part 5 (Quiz 81-102)


81) What is the name of the lake the Aswan High Dam has helped create?

Answer: Lake Nasser.


82) Which country is entirely surrounded by Senegal, except for a narrow coastal strip?

Answer: Gambia.


83) Which is the capital of Madagascar?

Answer: Antananarivo.


84) Swaziland is encircled by South Africa except for a short boundary with one other country. Which country?

Answer: Mozambique.


85) What is the narrow feature that separates Africa from Asia?

Answer: The Suez Canal.


86) With which of its Southern neighbours does Libya have the longest boundary?

Answer: Chad.


87) Which is the main port of Kenya?

Answer: Mombasa.


88) One island in the Comoros Group has a different political status. Which one?

Answer: Mayotte.


89) Which group of islands is a nation just north-east of Madagascar?

Answer: Seychelles.


90) To whom do the Azores Islands belong?

Answer: Portugal.


91) Which nation or islands is to the west of the Central African coast?

Answer: São Tomé and Príncipe.


92) To whom do the Canary Islands belong?

Answer: Spain.


93) By which river delta is Port Harcourt located?

Answer: Niger.


94) Two neighbouring African countries get their names from a river they share. What is the name of the river?

Answer: Niger.


95) In the middle of which country is Timbuktu?

Answer: Mali.


96) What is Leopoldville now called?

Answer: Kinshasa.


97) Which was the occupying power in Western Sahara and which is the present power?

Answer: Spain and Morocco.


98) The coast of which country is called the Gold Coast?

Answer: Ghana.


99) In which country would you find the Hoggar Mountains?

Answer: Algeria.


100) Which city is known, as Switzerland of Africa?

Answer: Rwanda, Africa.


101) Which place is known as Whiteman’s Grave?

Answer: Guinea, West coast of Africa.


102) If you set off on a Safari trip from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara game reserve, which country would you be in?

Answer: Kenya.


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