Famous People Quiz questions and Answers

Famous People Quiz questions and Answers


Famous People Quiz questions and Answers


1) ‘Escape acts’ in magic was mainly contributed by _________

Answer: Harry Houdini.


2) An Austrian princess was executed in France in October 1793 by French revolutionaries. She was the wife of King Louis XVI of France. Who was she?

Answer: Marie Antoinette.


3) In 1959 a British prime minister became a member of Parliament. Before elected as Member of Parliament, that personality worked in industry as a research chemist. Who is it?

Answer: Margaret Thatcher.


4)  A woman president in Argentina is called as most powerful. Who is that?

Answer: Madame Eva Peron.


5) He was popularly known as the ‘Red Baron’. He introduced the mobile fighter group of the circus. He was an airman in Germany. Who was he?

Answer: Manfred von Richthofen.


6) Name the personality who was a TV and Film star became Governor of California from 1967 to 1974 and later President of America in 1981-88.

Answer: Ronald Reagan.


7) Who was a popular African leader who served as chairman of the south commission and as Tanzanian President?

Answer: Julius Nyerere.


8) A famous English actress and her father in 1838 saved the crew of the wrecked ship Forfarshire on the Farne Islands on the north-east coast of England. Name the actress.

Answer: Grace Darling.


9) Who was the famous sailor whose birthplace is Plymouth who was abandoned by his own mutinous crew from the ship Bounty?

Answer: Captain William Bligh.


10) He is a great youth leader of India who escaped from British detention in India during world war II and with Japanese help, he organised freedom fighters. He is one of the presidents of the Indian National Congress and later found INA. Who was he?

Answer: Subhash Chandra bose.


11) She was a French peasant girl who was brutally burnt as a heretic at Rouen by the British. She has a vision for bringing fame to France. She gave inspiration for the French to drive the English from Orleans.

Answer: Joan of Arc (1482-1531)


12) Famous film star who was touted as ‘The New Bruce Lee ‘made films since 1976

Answer: Jackie Chan.


13) Taking three great Elizabethan playwrights including Shakespeare, Marlowe, and another poet who is also an English dramatist. Name him.

Answer: Ben Johnson (1573-1637)


14) She was a Polish chemist and physicist who discovered Radium. She won the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1911. Name her.

Answer: Marie Curie.


15) Who won three world titles in Billiards and also became twelve-time champion of National amateur Billiards championship in India?

Answer: Wilson Jones.


16) A representative introduces the bill in 1876 on which loading lines were made compulsory in ships and he was a Member of Parliament in the 19th century. Who was he?

Answer: Samuel Plimsoll.


17) First female Prime minister who ruled a nation in the world is ________

Answer: Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)


18) Who put forward the idea ‘ Debt for Nature Swap’, which is popular nowadays all over the world?

Answer: Thomas E. Lovejoy.


19) Sir Mortimer Wheeler was popular in which field of human activity?

Answer: Archaeology.


20) During world war I and II in England a Canadian newspaper magnate held main government offices. Who was that?

Answer: Lord Beaverbrook.


Famous People Quiz questions and Answers Part 2


21) A Keralite held the post of President of Singapore. Who was it?

Answer: Devan Nair.


22) The first woman novelist who got a Nobel Prize in the field of literature is _______

Answer: Pearl S. Buck.


23) Name the well-known Australian cricket player who holds the world record of playing 156 test matches and also as a captain in 93 matches

Answer: Allan Border.


24) Theosophical society was founded by a woman. Who is it?

Answer: Helena Blavatsky.


25) Who became Great Britain’s prime minister when Edward VIII renounces the throne?

Answer: Stanley Baldwin.


26) From 1918 to 1965 Queen Salote ruled an island kingdom. Name the kingdom.

Answer: The Kingdom of Tonga.


27) One of the world’s greatest art collection was owned by a Prince. He ruled a country between Switzerland and Austria. Name of that Principality is _________

Answer: Liechtenstein.


28) While sailing in the village of the Mullaghmore in Ireland a personality was assassinated in 1979. Who was it?

Answer: Earl Mountbatten of Burma.


29) the first president of The United States of America was __________.

Answer: George Washington.


30) Who was the Famous British Statesman who is elected as prime minister in 1964-1966,1966-1970, 1974-1976?

Answer: Sir Harold Wilson.


31) A Muslim warrior defended the Holy Land against the Christian

Answer: Saladin.


32) A leader of the Russian Revolution. He was the first soviet Commissioner for Foreign affairs. Later he was banished from the Communist Party in the year 1972. He was murdered in 1940 at Mexico. Name the leader

Answer: Leon Trotsky.


33) Who is the Indian scientist who put a great effort for nuclear service in India, who also create an atomic research establishment, which is later named after him. He died on January 24, 1966, in a plane crash?

Answer: Dr. Homi J. Bhabha.


34) The queen of Egypt, who is the lover of Julius Caesar. And after Caesar’S murder, her lover was Mark Antony. After the defeat of Mark Antony in a battle, she killed herself. Who was it?

Answer: Cleopatra.


35) A Navigator from Italy who begged both king and queen of Spain to give him a ship. He wanted to sail west to India. In 1492 he discovered America.

Answer: Christopher Columbus.


36) ‘The Story of my Life ‘, “Let us have Faith “and “Out of the Dark “was works of a deaf and blind American female writer. Who is she?

Answer: Helen Keller.


37) Spanish Armada Invasion in 1588 was resisted by English fleet, who got command from Lord Howard. Who were his three seconds-in command. Name any two.

Answer: Drake, Hawkins and Frobisher.


38) What was the nationality of famous revolutionary hero Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who participate in Guerrilla wars in Cuba and was murdered while fighting with Bolivian troops?

Answer: Argentinian.


39) Who was the famous American sailor whose birthplace is Scotland and became Rear-admiral in Russia, and he died in 1792 in Paris?

Answer: John Paul Jones.


40) Who was the Norwegian politician who was a puppet leader of Norway during II nd world war and his name is known as a byword for treachery?

Answer: Vidkun Quisling.


Famous People Quiz questions and Answers Part 3


41) Who was a British bridge, marine, and railway engineer whose popular works are Clifton suspension bridge and ship called Great Western?

Answer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel.


42) Who was the successor of George Washington who was the first president of America?

Answer: John Adams.


43) A Spanish hero who is celebrated in romance and poem, had fought against the Moors with a Spanish force and expelled the Moors from Spain. Who was he?

Answer: Elcid.


44) An woman won the Nobel prize two times. Who was she?

Answer: Marie Curie.


45) Name the popular woman who has her name to a system for children that deals with spontaneous education.

Answer: Maria Montessori.


46) First Asian woman reached space was _________

Answer: Kalpana Chawla.


47) First Indian astronaut who reached Space was_______

Answer: Rakesh Sharma.


48) Women swimmer who achieved the largest number of gold medals in the Olympics was ________

Answer: Kristin Otto.


49) The modern system of Nursing was organized by this woman. Who is that?

Answer: Florence Nightingale.


50) This personality who is popularly known as the architect of federal Republic of west Germany’s reconstruction after World War II and he was also the first chancellor of the country. Who was it?

Answer: Konrad Adenauer.


51) What is the language of Sappho who is an ancient poet?

Answer: Greek.


52) Who was the former prime minister of Pakistan who was executed by the government of Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq after being removed from the prime minister post in a Military coup in1977?

Answer: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.


53) Basil Spence, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Frank Lloyd Wright and Hug Casoon were famous in which field?

Answer: They were all world-famous architects.


54) Who was the first general and founder of the Salvation Army who was born in 1829?

Answer: William Booth.


55) ‘Man of thousand faces’ is the nickname of ________

Answer: Lon Chaney.


56) Who was the famous artist who born in 1776 in a small village of East Bergholt in Suffolk?

Answer: John Constable.


57) The official residence of the Royal family of Britain ‘Buckingham palace ‘was not built by British Kings. Who build it?

Answer: Duke of Buckingham.


58) He was a conquerer who invade South-West Asia and Egypt and also penetrated to India. He ruled Macedonia and died in Babylon. Who was he?

Answer: Alexander the Great.


59) Name the notorious ruler known as Africa’s harshest dictators who was President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. He expelled 45000 Asian residents in 1972.

Answer: Idi Amin.


60) A political leader in China who raised China who is known as the Father of Communist China. He was also the chairman of the Communist Party in China.

Answer: Mao Tse Tung.


Famous People Quiz questions and Answers Part 4


61) The first Printer and Publisher in English was________

Answer: William Caxton (1422-1491)


62) Protestant Reformation was started by a religious reformer in Germany. Who was that?

Answer: Martin Luther (1483-1546)


63) Famous Socialist thinker whose work was ‘Das Capital’. He was the founder of Modern International Communism in Germany. Who was it?

Answer: Karl Marx (1818-1883)


64) Who was elected as the 42nd president of the U.S.A, who was the Democratic leader and also again elected on 1996 November and includes in a controversy in 1998?

Answer: William Jefferson Clinton.


65) Who is the only woman writer who became famous all over the world as a detective story writer?

Answer: Agatha Christie.


66) First women elected president of U.N Assembly was _________

Answer: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit.


67) A woman popular for her social work, who work among the dying and the destitute. Name her.

Answer: Mother Teresa.


68) In 1979 Pakistan’s former President was executed. Who was it?

Answer: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.


69) Who was the blind English engineer who put forward new and improved methods for road and bridge building.?

Answer: John Metcalf.


70) Name the French general and emperor who had defeated Austrians and Russians and became the master of Europe?

Answer: Napoleon I Bonaparte.


71) Name the Soviet leader who became a great figure after the death of Lenin and leads Russia for about 30 years.

Answer: Joseph Stalin.


72) Name the American astronaut who is the first man to step on the moon in 1969 July 21.

Answer: Neil Armstrong.


73) Name the film director of Italy, who bagged 9 Oscars for his film ‘ Last Emperor ‘ in 1987.

Answer: Bernardo Bertolucci.


74) In 1953 two mountaineers climb Mount Everest. One is Tenzing Norgay and the other is a Newzealand explorer. Who is that?

Answer: Edmund Hillary.


75) Name the English navigator who discovered the sandwich and was famous for many voyages around the world.

Answer: Captain James Cook.


76) Name the queen who ascended the throne in 1952 and he was the queen of Great Britain and North Ireland.

Answer: Elizabeth II


77) In what field Gerardus Mercator who lived in the 16th century was famous for?

Answer: Mapmaking.


78) Jacob Epstein became famous for his work in which field?

Answer: Sculpture.


79) Maiden name of Queen Elizabeth’s mother was ______

Answer: Bowes Lyon.


80) Who is the famous English physician who discovered Blood circulation in 1616.

Answer: William Harvey.


Famous People Quiz questions and Answers Part 5


81) A well-known English novelist Mary Ann Evans was known as which name?

Answer: George Eliot.


82) First woman who swim across English Channel was___________

Answer: Arati Saha.


83) First woman IPS officer in India is __________.

Answer: Kiran Bedi.


84) The person won the Nobel prize for peace in 1964, He is a negro integration leader, militant, non-violent civil rights leader, and American clergyman.

Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.


85) A famous actor who was paralyzed in a horseback riding accident and is well known for his lead role in ‘Superman Movies. Name the person?

Answer: Christopher Reeve.


86) A novelist, story writer, and dramatist who is called the ‘Father of Soviet Literature ‘. He is the founder of ‘Doctrine of Socialist Realism’. who is it?

Answer: Maxim Gorky.


87) ‘The Kiss and The Thinker ‘ is a famous sculpture. Who created it?

Answer: Auguste Rodin.


88) Before the second world war who was the successor of Litvinov, the foreign minister of the Soviet Union?

Answer: Vyacheslav Molotov.


89) ‘ Henry V ‘was a 1945 film where its director and a lead actor who played the role of Henry V were knighted in 1947. In 1970 he also created a peer. Who was he?

Answer: Laurence Oliver.


90) Sir James Clark Ross, Captain Scott, Henry Hudson, and Sir Martin Frobisher have a similarity. What is that?

Answer: They were all British polar explorers.


91) Peregrine Falcon, was rescued from extinction by the works of a famous person. Who is that?

Answer: Tom Cade.


92) Name the law minister in the first cabinet of Free India from1947 to 1951. He was a famous statesman, jurist, scheduled caste leader, and a social reformer. Identity him

Answer: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.


93) Who was the founder of the scout movement for boys in1908 and the Guide movement for girls in 1910?

Answer: Baden Powell.


94) A famous Indian astronomer who lived from A.D 476 to A.D 520 was also a mathematician. Who is it?

Answer: Aryabhata.


95) Who was the English woman who became famous for improving prison conditions and introducing penal reform in the 19th century?

Answer: Elizabeth Fry.


96) ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park’ was the nickname of ________.

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison.


97) Who was the mother of Hector and wife of the king of Troy, Priam?

Answer: Hecuba.


98) First solo transatlantic flight was won by__________

Answer: Charles Lindbergh.


99) The ballet named ‘The Dying Swan’ was immortalized by_________

Answer: Anna Pavlova.


100) Who was the other explorer who was with Amerigo Vespucci who visited Central America in AD 1499?

Answer: Alonso de Ojeda.


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