English Quiz Questions and Answers

English Quiz Questions and Answers

English Quiz Questions and Answers


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1) Who awards the prize for Economics?
Answer: Bank of Sweden.


2) What is the ‘grand slam’ in Tennis?
Answer: Winning the four major tournaments: Wimbledon, French, U.S Open and Australian in the same year.


3) Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E = me2, was a theoretical formulation. How was it experimentally proved correct?
Answer: By a solar eclipse.


4) When was Space Commission of India established?
Answer: 1972.


5) Which films are eligible to be considered for the Oscar Awards?
Answer: To be eligible, the films (except foreign language films) must be commercially screened in the Eos Angeles area for at least a week during the previous year.


6) What do you mean by the term ‘hold over’ in distributors parlance?
Answer: Minimum collection below which a film is withdrawn from theatrical exhibition.


7) Who was the first athlete to be given Arjuna Award?
Answer: G.S. Randhawa (1964)


8) Since when have crossbars been there at the goals?
Answer: 1875.


9) When was the first recorded cricket match played in India?
Answer: At Cambay in 1721.


10) During an eye-transplantation operation which part of the eye is transplanted?
Answer: Cornea.


11) In where do the seismic velocities attain their maximum value for the Earth?
Answer: In lower Mantle.


12) Cartilaginous skull, which is formed first in the embryo of a vertebrate and later this cartilage may be replaced by bones, is known as:
Answer: chondrocranium.


13) The superior type of human being compared to the Neanderthal:
Answer: The Cro-Magnon.


14) What was the source of power in feudal society?
Answer: land.


15) The Prime Minister of Britain when India became free?
Answer: Clement Attlee.


16) Compiler of the medical encyclopedia:
Answer: Galen.


17) The year in which the French Revolution started:
Answer: AD 1789.


18) What was the great discovery made in 1922 by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon?
Answer: The Tomb of Tutankhamun.


19) There are how many elements in a drama?
Answer: Six.


20) What is the meaning of “Cyber Law”?
Answer: The law which governs computer-related matters.


21) Who first introduced Roll films?
Answer: Hannibal Goodwin of America.


22) Who is maiden queen?
Answer: Queen Elizabeth.


23) Name the state which has perhaps come closest to the communist model?
Answer: Mozambique.


24) The currency of Austria: is _
Answer: Schilling.


25) Where is the world famous lake, Titicaca located which is having the area of 8,970 kilometers?
Answer: Bolivia.


Basic English Quiz Questions and Answers (Quiz 26-50)


26) Which are the six layers in the atmosphere divided on the basis of the distance from the surface of the earth?
Answer: (i) Troposphere (0-11 km)
(ii) Stratosphere (11 – 48 km)
(iii) Mesosphere (48 – 80 km)
(iv) Thermosphere (80 – 600 km)
(v) Exosphere (Above 600 km)
(vi) Ionosphere (upto 1500 km)


27) Which country in Asia has a large export trade in Karakul Skins?
Answer: Afghanistan.


28) Which is the northernmost important city in Sweden?
Answer: Kiruna.


29) The Addis Mercato is one of Africa’s largest open-air markets and is located in the city of Addis Ababa. But in which country is it?
Answer: Ethiopia.


30) Which city is known as “Garden City”?
Answer: Chicago, USA.


31) Which is the biggest city in South America?
Answer: São Paulo.


32) What is the name of the Southern plain that comes down to the Great Australian Bight?
Answer: Nullarbor Plain.


33) Natural rubber is a plant product which is chemically known as:
Answer: Latex.


34) ‘Rent is a creation, of value, not of wealth’. Who made this observation?
Answer: David Ricardo.


35) What is the name of a person who believes in the existence of God?
Answer: Theist.


36) An unconditional promise to pay in writing, which is made by one person to another in which the debtor promises to pay on demand or at a fixed date in the future a stated sum of money to the creditor or lender or to his order:
Answer: Promissory notes.


37) When did Joseph Nicéphore Niépce the French physicist make the first permanent photograph?
Answer: 1826.


38) What caused major shifts in the world balance of power during the 1960s?
Answer: Economic development.


39) Who created the first important Renaissance furniture?
Answer: Italian artisans.


40) The Rocky Mountains stretch from:
Answer: New Mexico into Alaska.


41) The first animal with backbone probably appeared in which period?
Answer: Cambrian period.


42) When and where was Australopithecus africanus lived?
Answer: About 3 million years ago, South Africa.


43) Skilled workers who took individual pieces of carved and cast metal type and manually arrange them, letter by letter to form lines and pages of text are called:
Answer: Compositors.


44) What is locally called the Northern Plateau of Tibet?
Answer: Changtang.


45) Which sailors took the Cueca folk dance to Mexico?
Answer: Chilean sailors.


46) Approximately how old was Gandhiji when his father left Porbandar service and moved with his family to Rajkot?
Answer: Seven years.


47) Name some processed wood products:
Answer: Cellophane, plastics and such fibers as rayon and acetate.


48) Which river carries more water than any other river in the world?
Answer: Amazon River.


49) The loss of fertile topsoil is called:
Answer: Soil erosion.


50) Which technique is a valuable source of information to psychologists?
Answer: Naturalistic observation.


Best English Quiz Questions and Answers part 2 (51-71)


51) Which is the study of the fundamental nature of reality and existence and of the essences of things?
Answer: Metaphysics.


52) If the injury is in the head, in which blood vessel should have to we press?
Answer: Blood vessels in the sides of the neck.


53) ‘If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” Who wrote this?
Answer: William Blake.


54) Name the type of engine in which combustion takes place inside the engine:
Answer: Internal Combustion engine.


55) In which century Tipiṭaka Hinayana Buddhism disappeared?
Answer: 7th century.


56) Who formed ‘Born to Run’ in 1975 and ‘Born in the USA’ in 1984?
Answer: Bruce Springsteen.


57) What is the collective name of the international agreements signed by all the member states of the European Community?
Answer: Treatise of Rome.


58) Calcareous rock substance formed by the fusion of marine animals is known as:
Answer: Corals.


59) British School of Anthropology is associated with:
Answer: A.R. Radcliffe-Brown.


60) ‘The Story of Art’ is one of the most popular books on art, widely used as a textbook in many places. Who wrote it?
Answer: Ernst Gombrich.


61) Who were the people that invaded the Sumerian empire?
Answer: The Akkadian.


62) What is Photosphere?
Answer: It is the region of the sun where energy formation takes place.


63) Where does Protonema stage occur?
Answer: Mosses.


64) What is the mass of a photon?
Answer: Zero.


65) There are two basic categories of HTML elements used in the body section. They are:
Answer: 1. Block-level elements, 2. Text-level elements.


66) The emitter current increases rapidly with small increments in the:
Answer: Emitter voltage.


67) The airspeed of aircraft is 600 Km/h. If there is a headwind of 50 Km/h, the aircraft is flying at a speed of:
Answer: 650 Km/h.


68) Who is the author of “Mécanique analytique”?
Answer: Joseph-Louis Lagrange.


69) Himself an esteemed philosopher of mathematics, he wrote solely and extensively on the philosophy of Mathematics. Who is he?
Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein.


70) Who invented Aerosol Spray Can?
Answer: Lyle David Goodloe and W.N. Sullivan (1944)


71) Which are the three basic techniques for measuring the speed of traffic?
Answer: 1. By using speed-measuring equipment, 2. By calculating the time taken to travel a certain distance, 3. By calculating the distance covered.


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