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Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers

Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers


Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers


100 Fashion and Clothing online Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (1-25)


1) Where did American fashion designer Liz Claiborne born?

Answer: Belgium.


2) What is the name of a long piece of cloth worn by women over the shoulder?

Answer: Plaid.


3) The hometown of fashion designer Christian Dior is?

Answer: Granville.


4) What is the name of rubber-soled canvas shoes?

Answer: Plimsolls.


5) What do you mean by Camlet, also commonly known as camelot or camblet in the fashion industry?

Answer: The waterproof cloth of camel’s hair.


6) What is poncho?

Answer: A cloak like a blanket with a hole in the middle for the head. This garment and cap are used as a raincoat.


7) Name the celebrity fashion designer from Florida who was born in Italy?

Answer: Gianni Versace.


8) What is the name of strong shiny cotton?

Answer: Poplin.


9) A form of women’s loose gown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom.

Answer: Negligee.


10) What is angora?

Answer: Garment made from the wool of angora goats.


11) Which was the home country of fashion designer Martin Margiela?

Answer: Belgium.


12) What is the name of the ornament for the ankle?

Answer: Anklet.


13) Jeans refers to a particular style of Trousers which were invented by?

Answer: Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.


14) What is the name of a piece of ornamental cloth put on the back of a chair to protect it from marks left by hair oil?

Answer: Antimacassar.


15) Define the costume bikini.

Answer: The dress of women which is smaller in size, it is used while doing swimming and sunbath.


16) What is Appliqué?

Answer: A kind of decorative needlework.


17) Who is the person to start a fashion magazine for the first time?

Answer: Samuel Beeton.


18) What is the colour of aquamarine, a precious stone?

Answer: Bluish green.


19) What do you think about Winklepickers?

Answer: A style of shoe with a very sharp and quite long pointed toe.


20) What is the name of triangular headscarf tied by women under the chin?

Answer: Babushka.


21) A Beret is _____

Answer: A kind of woolen cap.


22) What is the name of the covering for feet worn by the children?

Answer: Baby socks.


23) Sarong is a _____

Answer: Dress which looks like a skirt worn by women and men of Malaysia.


24) What is the name of the garment having a front opening?

Answer: Bolero.


25) A short, wide strip of fabric worn by men around the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt is _____

Answer: Cravat.


Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers Part 2 (26-50)


26) What is the name of round brimless head-covering?

Answer: Bonnet.


27) Fedora lies in which category of accessories?

Answer: A kind of cap.


28) What is the name of a stiff felt hat?

Answer: Bowler.


29) _____ is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to  cloth manually, originated from Indonesia

Answer: Batik


30) What is the bracelet?

Answer: Ornament for the wrist, worn by men and women.


31) The category of dress in which Peg and harem belong to?

Answer: Trousers


32) What is braid?

Answer: A kind of embroidery.


33) A _____ is a sweater type of knitted garment that has an open front

Answer: Cardigan.


34) What is the name of short pants?

Answer: Briefs.


35) On which year Christian Marie Marc Lacroix, a French fashion icon, was born?

Answer: 1951.


36) What is a bush shirt?

Answer: A kind of shirt with half sleeves.


37) The fancy embroidery in which golden and silver threads are used is _____

Answer: Tambour.


38) What is the name of a fine thin cotton or linen fabric?

Answer: Cambric.


39) The trousers which have a length up to the knees are commonly called?

Answer: Shorts.


40) What is capeline?

Answer: A kind of woolen cap.


41) The pants wore on bedtime is known as?

Answer: Pyjamas.


42) What is the name of clergymen’s long outer garment?

Answer: Cassock.


43) What is the name of a loose cloak with the hood worn by Arab men?

Answer: Djellaba.


44) _____ is a bright coloured handkerchief with printed designs on it, worn tied around the head or neck.

Answer: Bandana.


45) What is the name of a thin kind of silk?

Answer: Shifon.


46) _____ is a fabric made using flax.

Answer: Linen.


47) What is the name of the shawl worn by Jews for the prayer?

Answer: Tallit.


48) The outer loose garment poncho is originated from?

Answer: South America.


49) What is the name of the tight skirt worn by men?

Answer: Kilt.


50) What type of garment is Cassock?

Answer: Clergymen’s longer outer garment.


51) What is the name of ornamental needlework?

Answer: Embroidery.


Top Fashion and Clothing Online Quiz Questions Answers Part 3 (Quiz 51-75)


52) Diane von Furstenberg, formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenbergand  and also a  Belgian fashion designer is   famous in the fashion field  for her

Answer: Wrap dress


53) Which three cities are known as the world of fashion besides Paris?

Answer: London, Rome, and Dublin.


54) America’s first designer of ornaments is _____?

Answer: Louis Comfort Tiffany.


55) What is tweed?

Answer: A rough woolen cloth worn by the villagers.


56) The style tonsure is?

Answer: A type of hair decoration which can be seen in fashion competitions.


57) How did the island, Harris become famous?

Answer: In the business of tweed.


58) The country which is well known for its ivory ornaments is?

Answer: Japan.


59) What is the name of the close-fitting cap?

Answer: Coif.


60) A piece of outer clothing consisting of a back and a front part without sleeves and a hole for the head is a?

Answer: Tabard.


61) What is the name of a semi-precious red stone?

Answer: Carnelian.


62) What do you mean by a pelisse?

Answer: A garment of women.


63) What is corset?

Answer: Woman’s close-fitting undergarment.


64) Which is the home country of the famous fashion designer Paul Poiret?

Answer: France.


65) What is the name of a light corset-like garment worn by women?

Answer: Corselet.


66) Oscar de la Renta, the celebrity fashion designer was born in?

Answer: Dominican Republic


67) What is the name of a loose covering for the head worn by men?

Answer: Cowl.


68) What is the name of a French fashion designer who designed skirt and hobble for the first time?

Answer: Paul Poiret.


69) What is crape?

Answer: A thin, crinkled cloth.


70) What does surplice mean in clothing?

Answer: A kind of vestment worn over the cassock.


71) What is the name of an iron plate with spikes worn on the foot for walking on ice etc.?

Answer: Crampons.


72) A small piece of cloth or textile material used as a sample of the fabric is called a

Answer: Swatch.


73) What is the name of a stiff fabric of horse hair?

Answer: Crinoline.


74) The name of the cap which came into a particular vogue among civil servants and diplomats in Whitehall?

Answer: Anthony Eden.


75) The fashion designer Rei Kawakubo belongs to which country?

Answer: Japan.


General Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers Part 4 (76-100)


76) The country from which the waterproof jacket originated?

Answer: In Greenland.


77) What is denim?

Answer: Coloured twilled cotton fabric.


78) A waterproof coat that protects the wearer against wind, rain, and cold weather, usually with a part for covering the head is

Answer: Anorak.


79) What is the name of bowler hat worn by men?

Answer: Derby.


80) The raw material used for making Anorak is ____

Answer: Smaller soft hair.


81) What is the name of rough heavy woolen cloth?

Answer: Duffle.


82) Who was the wedding dress designer of Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Norman Bishop Hartnell.


83) What is felt?

Answer: Cloth of wool.


84) On which year Jean Paul Gaultier, a fashion designer in France was born?

Answer: 1952.


85) What is the name of a cotton imitation of flannel?

Answer: Flannelette.


86) _____ is a wide flared skirt on which an appliquéd design is on the bright coloured fabric.

Answer: Poodle skirt


87) What is flannel?

Answer: Soft woolen cloth.


88) The home country of Thierry Mugler who is a well-known fashion designer is?

Answer: France.


89) What is the name of a stiff cotton cloth?

Answer: Fustian.


90) A particular fabric was popularized in 1944 when Adele Simpson presented the bold diamond design on the town suits she created. What was the name of that print?

Answer: Harlequin print


91) What is the name of strong material used for making coat etc.?

Answer: Gabardine.


92) Which city is the first and major fashion capital of the world and is also known as world of fashion?

Answer: Paris.


93) What is the name of a thin silk fabric?

Answer: Georgette.


94) Anna Wintour has become an international fashion icon in her role as editor-in-chief of the highly influential fashion magazine. Name that international magazine

Answer: American Vogue


95) What is habiliment?

Answer: A dress worn by the children.


96) William Ralph Blass (Bill Blass) was an American fashion designer, born in

Answer:    Fort Wayne, Indiana,  America.


97) What is a Jacket?

Answer: A short coat.


98) The home country of ‘Coco Chanel’ a famous fashion icon is in

Answer: France.


99) What is the name of dark green precious stone which is used to make ornaments?

Answer: Jade.


100) What is the actual name of the fashion icon Coco Chanel?

Answer: Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel.


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