75 Easy Quiz Questions and Answers

75 Easy Quiz Questions and Answers


Easy Quiz Questions and Answers


Easy Quiz Questions and Answers part 1 (1-25)

1) Where is the Jura Mountains?
Answer: Switzerland.


2) Which river is poetically called “Isis” until it flows through Oxford?
Answer: The Thames.


3) The capital of Bhutan?
Answer: Thimphu.


4) What is the unit currency in Spain called?
Answer: Peseta.


5) In which country is the Rhone?
Answer: France.


6) Which type of menswear is associated with swing jazz?
Answer: Zoot suit.


7) Of which country is Cyrenaica a part?
Answer: Libya.


8) Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Answer: Tuscany, Italy.


9) In which city of America is located the Walt Disney World Resort?
Answer: Orlando, Florida, USA.


10) The oldest golf club in India is the second oldest in the world after England. Where is it located?
Answer: Kolkata.


11) Which country is the biggest livestock-raiser in South America?
Answer: Argentina.


12) What is an important meeting between world political leaders usually called?
Answer: Summit conference.


13) What is the Southernmost Australian State?
Answer: Tasmania.


14) Which martial art was developed by the Japanese master Kanō Jigorō?
Answer: Judo.


15) ‘Liquid Gold’ is a mineral. Name it:
Answer: Petroleum.


16) In the film Pan’s Labyrinth, what is the little girl named?
Answer: Ofelia.


17) Who stated explicitly for the first time the Law of Comparative Costs?
Answer: David Ricardo.


18) Who built the Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace), at Mandu?
Answer: Muhammad Shah.


19) What is the human organ examined by the process of Ophthalmoscopy?
Answer: Eye.


20) In which sport, since its inception as a competition event, have the blacks dominated the whites?
Answer: Boxing.


21) What is the time taken for light to reach the earth from the sun?
Answer: 499.72 seconds.


22) What is the Italian word for ‘swank’ and the name of an organization that is also known as “la Cosa Nostra”?
Answer: Mafia.


23) Any structure which fits an animal to its environment to improve its chances of survival and of reproducing is:
Answer: Adaption.


24) Which country has a totally unadorned, unpatterned, white flag?
Answer: Western Sahara.


25) The greatest king of Mesopotamia who gave his subjects a code of laws:
Answer: Hammurabi.


General Easy Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2 (26-50)


26) How many languages did the Indians of pre-Columbian South America speak?
Answer: 500.


27) In medieval times there were three different kinds of guild craftsmen and religious were two. What was the third?
Answer: Merchants.


28) What would be the nationality of a stamp with the word ‘Suomi’ printed on it?
Answer: Finnish.


29) The year in which America dropped the Atom Bomb in Hiroshima?
Answer: 1945 August 6.


30) Which country has the largest armed forces relative to the size of its population?
Answer: Iran.


31) The capital of Yugoslavia:
Answer: Belgrade.


32) Who built Nizamuddin Auliya tomb?
Answer: Alauddin Khalji.


33) The Roman emperor who embraced Christianity:
Answer: Constantine.


34) Who was the commander-in-chief of the British forces in the Boer War?
Answer: Kitchener.


35) Name a source of noise pollution which one is capable of causing permanent damage to one’s hearing:
Answer: Power drill.


36) What did John G Gorton, William McMahon and Malcolm Fraser have in common?
Answer: They were all Prime Ministers of Australia.


37) Who was known as the Iron Chancellor?
Answer: Otto von Bismarck.


38) Who said: “a pretty girl who naked is worth half a million statues?”
Answer: E.E. Cummings.


39) Between which two of Canada’s Great Lakes do the Niagara Falls lie?
Answer: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.


40) Who is the ruler of the signs Capricornus and Aquarius?
Answer: Saturn.


41) With which sport is the term regatta associated?
Answer: Rowing.


42) What type of engine is steam engine?
Answer: External Combustion engine.


43) Which Cathedral on the Seine River is considered the pride of Paris?
Answer: The Cathedral of Notre Dame.


44) Which type of music developed from the folk music of English, Irish and Scottish settlers in the USA?
Answer: Country and Western/ country music.


45) The fastest moving snake in the world?
Answer: Black Mamba.


46) Who spurned Echo’s love and was punished by being made to fall in love with his own reflection?
Answer: Narcissus.


47) The smallest bone in the human body is the:
Answer: Stapes.


48) The Secretary of State for which government ministry has responsibility for the council tax in UK?
Answer: Secretary of State for the environment.


49) What is a “Kerry Blue”?
Answer: A breed of dog.


50) What is formed by two curved spits and the resulting triangular shaped foreland with its apex towards the sea?
Answer: Cuspate foreland.


Top Online Easy Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (51-75)


51) With which sport is the term googly associated?
Answer: Cricket.


52) The sphere of study ‘kinship’ is closely associated with: Answer:
Social Anthropology.


53) In which country would you visited Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the many great monuments to Buddhism in this country?
Answer: Myanmar.


54) The most popular of his plays is ‘The Inspector General’. Who is he?
Answer: Nikolai Gogol.


55) A4 is the international size of a certain commodity. Which?
Answer: Paper.


56) What is the name of India’s first satellite?
Answer: Aryabhata.


57) When was the first Nobel Prize in economics awarded?
Answer: 1969.


58) Who are eligible to vote for the Oscar Awards?
Answer: Shortlisting is done by the Academy’s specialist branches. The final voting is done by all the Academy members.


59) What mountains form the boundary between European Russia and Siberia?
Answer: The Urals.


60) A Malayalam film got Oscar nomination from India in 1998. Name the film and director:
Answer: ‘Guru’ directed by Rejeev Anchal.


61) Who was the ruler of Palestine of the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus?
Answer: Herod Antipas.


62) Which is the 185th member of U.N.?
Answer: The Republic of Palau.


63) What was the court language of Mughals?
Answer: Persian.


64) When was Alfred Nobel died?
Answer: On 10th December 1896.


65) Name the time required by the moon to return to the same position relative to a fixed star:
Answer: Sidereal Month.


66) Where was organised athletic competition begun?
Answer: London.


67) What does VoIP stand for?
Answer: Voice over Internet Protocol.


68) In football game what was previously used in place of crossbars?
Answer: Tapes.


69) Which river forms the major part of the international boundary between the United States of America and Mexico?
Answer: The Rio Grande.


70) Which is the oldest cricket club in India and also the second oldest in the world?
Answer: The Calcutta Cricket Club.


71) Which island did Gauguin’s paintings make famous?
Answer: Tahiti.


72) Who was the first Grand Slam?
Answer: Don Budge (1937-38)


73) Which regiment was the first to rebel when the Revolt of 1857 began at Meerut on 10th May?
Answer: Third Native Cavalry.


74) L-dopa is a drug to cure:
Answer: Parkinson’s disease.


75) The prophet ordained that his followers should read the ‘namaz’ so many times a day. How many?
Answer: Five.


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