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101 Environment Quiz Questions and Answers

101 Environment Quiz Questions and Answers


Environment Quiz Questions and Answers


Top Environment Quiz Questions Part 1 (1-25)


1) What was the side effect of the use  DDT in birds?

Answer: Thinner eggshells.


2) Which rays from the sun is affecting the people who live in the higher altitude areas above the sea level?

Answer: Cosmic rays.


3) The dumping wastes from _____becomes a major threat to the environment and soil in this technological era.

Answer: Computer.


4) The gas which becomes a potential health hazard which is released to the air  by the  transportation is _____

Answer: Carbon monoxide.


5) _____ is one of the main reason of noise pollution

Answer: Sonic booms produced by aircraft.


6) The gas which has a major role in the Greenhouse Effect is?

Answer: Carbon dioxide.


7) _____are the fertilisers readily soluble in water and quickly available to the plants so that they are given through the water in large quantities.

Answer: Nitrates.


8) The spiral which explains the effect of wind on the ocean mathematically is?

Answer: Ekman spiral.


9) Which earthworm is considered as the biggest in terms of its size?

Answer: The South African Giant Earthworm.


10) Rain polluted by acid that has been released into the atmosphere from factories and other industrial processes is known as _____

Answer: Acid Rain.


11) The acronym BOD stands for?

Answer: Biochemical Oxygen Demand.


12) There is a layer in the upper part of the atmosphere which prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays to enter into earth’s surface and acts as a protective cover for the earth. Name it.

Answer: Ozone layer.


13) Which animal’s habitat and habit have still ambiguity among environmental scientists?

Answer: Pallas’s cat.


14) The water in its body is reused by which animal to retain its body moisture?

Answer: Kangaroo Rat.


15) Which was the worst-ever nuclear tragedy in history?

Answer: Chernobyl, Russia (April 1986).


16) How does the soil adversely affected by the acid rain?

Answer: The soil becomes acidic which reduces the growth of crops.


17) Name the major cause for ozone layer thinning or depletion?

Answer: The use of chlorofluorocarbon by man.


18) One of the seven wonders of the world, which is also in India has got affected by air pollution from industry in its premises. Which is that wonder of the world?

Answer: Taj Mahal, Agra.


19) Animals which are lively in the daytime and rest in the night are called?

Answer: Diurnal animals.


20) Animals which rest at night and lively during the daytime are termed as _____

Answer: Nocturnal animals.


21) Among chemical fertilisers, the two commonly used ones are_____ and _____

Answer: Ammonium sulfate and Urea.


22) How do wastewater treatment plants or sewage treatment plants work?

Answer: The polluted water from factories can be treated in sewage treatment plants to control water pollution.


23) Name the country in Europe which uses its underground hot water current for heating their 85% of housing.

Answer: Iceland.


24) When smoke reacts with industrial fog _____ will be formed.

Answer: Smog.


25) In Great Britain, there are some land areas which are kept in reserve for an open space, most often around larger cities. What is it called?

Answer: Green belt.


General Environment Quiz Questions Part 2 (26-50)


26) According to CITES agreement, protection should be given to _____

Answer: Endangered species. Of animals and plants.


27) When there is a discharge of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, it will cause _____

Answer: Acid rain.


28) Partial decay of sphagnum moss results in the formation of _____ on bogs which grows 1 mm per year.

Answer: Peat.


29) Name the Asian country which is polluted by the trash due to commercial mountaineering and also called the world’s highest rubbish dump.

Answer: Nepal.


30) Name the British Islands which includes Burgar Hill, where there the most productive wind turbine is located.

Answer: The Orkney Islands.


31) In which year alligator weed was discovered for the first time?

Answer: In 1965.


32) Distinguish whales and whale sharks biologically.

Answer: The whale shark is a fish whereas the whale is a mammal.


33) Cite the places where you can see the biggest species of Ox on earth. What is its name?

Answer: Musk Ox, found in Canada and Denmark.


34) Which programme of the United Nations coordinates the organization’s environmental activities and assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices.

Answer: United Nations Environment Programme.


35) Rachel Carson, an environmentalist, wrote a book in 1962 which was a best seller in the environmental genre. Which was that popular book?

Answer: Silent Spring.


36) In her well-known book Silent Spring, which insecticide was referred by Rachel Carson for its adverse effects?

Answer: DDT.


37) Which among the mammals on earth is the slowest in terms of their mobility?

Answer: Sloth (can be seen in South American jungles).


38) In 1976, a convention was conducted in Barcelona on account of the pollution of a sea and for taking the measures to clean it. Which was that sea?

Answer: Mediterranean Sea.


39) Name the director of Friends of the Earth, the environment protection group in the UK during the period 1984-90?

Answer: Jonathon Porritt.


40) The country which decommissioned all of its nuclear reactors is _____

Answer: Sweden.


41) Where is the famous National Park ‘Keibul Lamjao National Park ‘ which floats on the surface of a lake and also a wildlife sanctuary, is situated?

Answer: Manipur.


42) The acronym NEERI stands for?

Answer: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute.


43) Which are the three primary greenhouse gases?

Answer: Carbon dioxide, Methane, and Chlorofluorocarbon.


44) Where is the nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning plant located in Great Britain?

Answer: Sellafield.


45) Who coined the term ‘Ecology ‘in 1870?

Answer: Ernest Haeckel.


46) Who is the visionary who warned about the climatic changes caused by the combustion of fossil fuels by mankind?

Answer: G. S. Callendar.


47) _____are the category which were recognised for their protection and conservation in their natural habitat globally.

Answer: Birds.


48) UV light reacts with nitrogen oxides to form photochemical smog. This phenomenon was first detected in _____

Answer: Los Angeles.


49) The association of fungus with certain plants is a _____ relationship.

Answer: Parasitic.


50) The disintegration of dead animal and plant matter results in the formation of _____

Answer: Humus.


Basic Environment Quiz Questions Part 3 (51-75)


51) The gas layer which is a protective layer as well as unhealthy to Earth’s environment and life is _____

Answer: Ozone.


52) The element which forms by the action of bacteria during the disintegration of dead organisms is?

Answer: Sulphur.


53) The acid which has a connection with the soil is _____

Answer: Humic acid.


54) The ecosystem which is similar to a tropical rainforest in terms of biological production is?

Answer: Coral reefs.


55) The ecosystem which has most biodiversity is?

Answer: Rainforest.


56) _____ determines the stability of a grassland ecosystem.

Answer: Grazers.


57) The ecosystem which has the least biodiversity is _____

Answer: Tundra.


58) _____ is the ecosystem where the biological productivity observed more.

Answer: Alluvial plains.


59) In 1977, the scientists had made a fascinating discovery in ecosystems and that is the latest one. Which is the latest ecosystem?

Answer: Vent.


60) ______ is one of the most polluted cities in the world, nicknamed “Valley of Death”

Answer: Cubatao, Brazil.


61) In which place the soil erosion is recorded in a tremendous volume in the world?

Answer: Himalayan foothills.


62) The continent in which you can see the maximum species of pasturing animals is?

Answer: Africa.


63) What is the percentage of glacier cover on the earth by Antarctica?

Answer: 96 percent.


64) The most prolific element on earth’s atmosphere is _____

Answer: Oxygen.


65) The percentage of solar light consumed by plants for photosynthesis is _____

Answer: 0.02


66) The topography of today’s landscape on earth started from which era?

Answer: Mesozoic Era.


67) The duration of the small ice age was from _____ to _____

Answer: A.D. 1580 – 1720


68) Where you can find a cavity in the ground called sinkhole caused by water erosion and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground?

Answer: Carbonate rocks.


69) It will take millions of years to form _____, but a single generation of mankind can dismantle it

Answer: Topsoil.


70) The soil which we can see in desert areas is _____

Answer: Aridisols.


71) Which region on earth surface receives rain much more than other parts?

Answer: Mountains.


72) The percentage of the surface covered by glaciers on earth is?

Answer: 10%.


73) The percentage of water on the earth’s surface which  always in circulation is?

Answer: One percent.


74) The unhygienic and dirty condition which makes it difficult to live on the earth is.

Answer: Pollution.


75) The _____ cycle in nature will be affected after a volcanic eruption on earth.

Answer: Phosphorus cycle.


Online Environment Quiz Questions Part 4 (76-101)


76) The person who discovered natural radioactivity was?

Answer: Henri Becquerel.


77) Who is the environmentalist campaigned for the need for the ecological conscience through his books and writings?

Answer: Aldo Leopold.


78) When using a catalytic converter in a car, which fuel must be supplied from the pump?

Answer: Unleaded petrol.


79) As per data, which country comes in the first position in contributing 5/6th of a ton municipal waste per person?

Answer: USA.


80) The British Green Party was formerly known as _____

Answer: The Ecology Party.


81) The greenhouse effect is one of the things that make Earth a comfortable place to live. Which layer is responsible for the greenhouse effect on earth?

Answer: Ozone.


82) The colour which is being used widely for denoting conservation and preservation of the environment and related things?

Answer: Green.


83) For conducting environmental related analytical studies globally, which type of satellites are usually used?

Answer: Meteorological Satellites.


84) The city which has recorded as first in air pollution among the world?

Answer: Tokyo, Japan.


85) The person who denoted man as Ecologically dominant organism?

Answer: Carl Sauer.


86) ‘Man of the Trees’ is the other name given to _____

Answer: Richard St Barbe Baker.


87) In New Zealand, one animal caused severe soil erosion in the countryside. Which was that?

Answer: Deer.


88) The ocean can be divided into _____regions ecologically.

Answer: Five regions.


89) Name the southwest winds originating as hot, dry desert-air over Northern Africa, flowing northward into the southern Mediterranean basin?

Answer: Sirocco.


90) _____ is responsible for El Nino,a band of warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific, including the area off the Pacific coast of South America.

Answer: Southern oscillation


91) The major components which affect the changes in the environment are _____

Answer: Temperature, pressure, wind velocity and humidity of the atmosphere.


92) 14 % of earth’s dry surface was covered by this and according to 1991 data, it has been reduced by its half. What is it?

Answer: Rain forest.


93) In 1971 which environmental protection network was started in the UK?

Answer: Friends of the earth.


94) _____ makes the soil porous and also called a friend of the farmer.

Answer: Earthworm.


95) _____ can take the fertile top-soil to hundreds of kilometers away.

Answer: Dust storms.


96) The atmospheric phenomenon in which warm air holds down the cool air and prevents pollutants from rising and scattering is _____

Answer: Thermal inversion.


97) _____ are the greatest pool of wildlife diversity in terms of its fecundity.

Answer: Tropical rainforests.


98) In a European country, its historical buildings and monuments are destroying slowly due to the intense air pollution, which is the capital of the country too. Name the city.

Answer: Athens, Greece.


99) In Italy there is a filthy river which is leaching out 234 tons of arsenic annually. What is the name of the river?

Answer: River po.


100) What is the remedy which can lessen smoke pollution caused by factories?

Answer: By using electrostatic filters in the chimneys of factories.


101) Which term is commonly used for denoting all the living things including plants which are living under the water?

Answer: Aquatic living beings.


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