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Top 100 Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers

Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers


Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers


Top 100 Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (Quiz 1-20)


1) The distance between the popping crease and the bowling crease is:

Answer: 4 feet.


2) The West Indies hit 421 batting first in their warm up match versus who?

Answer: New Zealand.


3) What was the official name of the first World Cup?

Answer: Prudential World Cup.


4) What town are the Derbyshire County Cricket club based in?

Answer: Derby.


5) The prize money of Prudential World Cup for the winner amounted to:

Answer: 4000 dollars.


6) Who won the maximum sixes award for the IPL 2008 season?

Answer: Sanath Jayasuriya.


7) In first class Indian matches, the maximum distance allowed from pitch to the boundary/ line is:

Answer: 75 yards.


8) The Ashes – Who were the head coaches of each side in 2019?

Answer: Australia – Justin Langer, England – Trevor Bayliss.


9) Who was ‘the Man of the match’ in the 1975 World Cup final?

Answer: Clive Lloyd.


10) Which national team are called “Baggy Greens”?

Answer: Australia.


11) The 1975 World Cup, the first of its kind was played at:

Answer: Lord’s London.


12) When was overarm bowling accepted as legal?

Answer: 1864.


13) What was total number of matches played in the 1975 World Cup?

Answer: Fifteen.


14) Australia – Who registered their highest individual score?

Answer: David Warner – 166 v Bangladesh.


15) Who won the first World Cup, 1975? ‘

Answer: West Indies.


16) When was the Durham County Cricket Club founded?

Answer: 1882.


17) What was the margin of West Indies victory over Australia in the first (1975) World Cup final?

Answer: 17 runs.


18) Who was the player of the IPL 2017 season?

Answer: Ben Stokes.


19) Which cricketing law classifies throwing to be illegal?

Answer: Law 24.


20) The Ashes –  Who scored the highest individual score for each side in 2019?

Answer: Australia – Steve Smith 211, England – Ben Stokes 135.


Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


21) How many minutes before play should the umpires take the field?

Answer: Five.


22) What is New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum’ nickname?

Answer: Bazz.


23) India achieved its first Test victory against Australia in:

Answer: Kanpur, 1959-60.


24) Who was the Man of the Match in the first One-Day International?

Answer: John Edrich of England.


25) Which Indian player was ‘rusticated’ and sent back during the 1936 English tour?

Answer: Lala Amarnath.


26) Bangladesh – Who was their top run scorer?

Answer: Shakib Al Hasan – 606.


27) What is Australia’s highest score against India?

Answer: 674 at Adelaide.


28) What town are the Essex County Cricket Club based in?

Answer: Chelmsford.


29) The first Caribbean cricketer to be knighted was:

Answer: Frank Worrell.


30) Who was known as “Bumble”?

Answer: David Loyd.


31) The trophy awarded to the winner of England – New Zealand Test series is:

Answer: W.J. Jordan Trophy.


32) How many times Chennai Super Kings won the IPL?

Answer: 3.


33) Who is the first Indian to cross 6000 runs mark in one day Internationals?

Answer: Mohammad Azharuddin.


34) The Ashes –  Who were the captains of each side in 2010-2011 series?

Answer: Australia – Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke, England – Andrew Strauss.


35) Who is the first batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests?

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar.


36) Which national team is nicknamed “The Proteas” or “The Springboks”?

Answer: South Africa.


37) When and where did India play her first one day International?

Answer: In 1974 at Leeds, England.


38) Name the ground in England where only one Test has been played?

Answer: Bramall Lane, Sheffield.


39) Who were the Mohammed brothers playing Test Cricket for Pakistan?

Answer: Wazir, Hanif, Mushtaq and Sadiq.


40) England – Who was their top run scorer?

Answer: Joe Root – 556.


Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) With which championship did the ‘Official’ one day cricket begin?

Answer: The Gillette Cup, 1963, in U.K.


42) What players nickname is SOS (Son of Swampy)?

Answer: Shaun Marsh.


43) At which place did Sunil Gavaskar Score his 10000th run?

Answer: Ahmedabad, 1986-87.


44) New Zealand – What was their highest team score?

Answer: 291/8 v West Indies.


45) Both father and son scored centuries for India, Who are they?

Answer: Lala and Surinder Amarnath.


46) How many Championship wins has the Glamorgan County Cricket Club had?

Answer: 3.


47) Name the Test Cricket centres of West Indies:

Answer: Bridgetown (Barbados), George town (Guyana), Kingston (Jamaica), Port of Spain (Trinidad) and St. Johns (Antigua).


48) What was the Kolkata Knight Riders highest total for 2017 season?

Answer: 187/5.


49) Name the Test cricket centres of New Zealand:

Answer: Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Napier.


50) The Ashes –  Who did Pat Cummins claim as his 100th test match wicket during the 2019 series?

Answer: Jonny Bairstow.


51) Which country has played the maximum number of one day matches?

Answer: Australia.


52) What Indian cricketer is called “Zak” or “Zippy Zakky”?

Answer: Zaheer Khan.


53) Name the cities in India where Test cricket has been played on more than one ground:

Answer: Mumbai and Chennai.


54) On which ground did Jim Laker take 19 wickets in a Test?

Answer: Old Trafford, Manchester, 1956.


55) Name the first captain of the West Indies team:

Answer: Karl Nunes.


56) Name the player who was called “Harmy”?

Answer: Steve Harmison.


57) Name the captains of the first Women’s Test match in 1934-35:

Answer: Margaret Peden (Australia) and Betty Archdale (England).


58) What town are the Surrey County Cricket Club based in?

Answer: London.


59) The name of the Triangular Tournament played in Australia every year is the:

Answer: Benson & Hedges World Cup Series.


60) Who is “Two metre Peter”?

Answer: Peter Fulton.


Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) The first Asia Cup was held at:

Answer: Sharjah, 1984.


62) When was the Mumbai Indians club founded?

Answer: 2008.


63) Who has the credit of captaining India to her first overseas victory?

Answer: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataud against New Zealand.


64) The Ashes –  Who bowled the first ball of the 2019 series?

Answer: James Anderson.


65) What is the distance of the inner circle for the purposes of field restrictions in One Day Limited overs matches?

Answer: 30 yards.


66) Name the Australian batsman whose great-grandfather also represented his country.

Answer: Paul Shehan. His great-grandfather, W. H. Cooper.


67) Define a ‘wide ball’ in Limited overs matches:

Answer: A ball moving two feet wide either side of the wicket is adjusted a “Wide Bail”.


68) Who is called “Noffers”?

Answer: Ashley Noffke.


69) What was the score of Gary Sobers in his only One Day International?

Answer: Zero runs at Headingley Leeds (1974).


70) India first played against the West Indies in a One Day International at:

Answer: Edgbaston, Birmingham in 1979.


71) Name the oldest player in One Day Internationals:

Answer: Norman Gifford (44 years 360 days) played against Pakistan at Sharjah during 1984-85.


72) Name the only Indian player to have won a ‘Man of the Match’ award in three consecutive matches against England, West Indies and Pakistan:

Answer: Mohinder Amarnath.


73) What was the unique thing about India’s victory at Old Trafford, Manchester (1983)?

Answer: It was West Indies’ first ever defeat in World Cup matches.


74) West Indian cricketer Fidel Edwards is better known as?

Answer: Castro.


75) Name the father and son duo who have captained India in Tests:

Answer: Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.


76) When were Test Matches first televised?

Answer: 1938 in England.


77) Who is the heaviest cricketer of all times?

Answer: Warwick Armstrong.


78) Who was the first bowler to create a hat-trick at Lord’s?

Answer: George Giffen.


79) Who does the best batting average in a test career belong?

Answer: Don Bradman.


80) Who is the first captain to win the toss all five tests?

Answer: F.S. Jackson.


Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 5 (Quiz 81-100)


81) Name the only cricketer to score five centuries in five successive innings:

Answer: Everton Weekes.


82) Who is the only batsman to have hit a century in each innings of a Test thrice?

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar.


83) Which trophy is awarded to the winner of the West Indies Vs Australia Test Series?

Answer: Worrell Trophy.


84) Which trophy is awarded to the winner of the West Indies Vs England Test Series?

Answer: Wisden Trophy.


85) Who has been the first hat-trick recorded in Test?

Answer: Fred Spofforth.


86) The ‘Guinness Book of Records’ gave a memorable nick name to Kapil Dev. Can you say that nickname?

Answer: Haryana Hurricane.


87) ‘Sunny Days’ is a well-known autobiography of a world famous player. Name him:

Answer: Sunil Gavaskar.


88) Which Australian city has a cricket ground called the Oval?

Answer: Sydney.


89) Who was the only player to be dismissed at 99 in the Indo-New Zealand Test Series?

Answer: Rusi Surti.


90) Who was India’s Captain when they first won over Australia?

Answer: Gulabrai Ramchand.


91) The only instance in first class cricket when father and son umpired a match was:

Answer: In 1960-61, the duo being M.G Vijaya Sarthy and M. V. Nagendra.


92) This cricketer was declared out “handled the ball” in a Test against India. Name him:

Answer: Desmond Haynes.


93) Two school boys, now full-fledged cricketers, who created a world record by a total score of 664 runs in a school match in Bombay. Name them:

Answer: Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar.


94) Which was the longest test ever played?

Answer: The 5th Test at Durban, South Africa Vs England (1939).


95) He is the first Indian to score a Test debut century in a match won by India. Name him:

Answer: Surinder Amarnath.


96) Australia’s first captain:

Answer: Dave Gregory.


97) Which English Captain was also a famous violinist?

Answer: Tony Lewis.


98) Who was England’s fist Captain?

Answer: James Lillywhite.


99) Who Captained India to victory in the World Cup in 1983?

Answer: Kapil Dev.


100) Name the two umpires in the first ever One Day International:

Answer: T.F. Brooks and Lou Rowan.


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