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Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 1 (Quiz 1-20)


1) Before Boris Becker and Steffi Graf who was the only German to win a Wimbledon Singles title?

Answer: Cilly Aussem (1931).


2) Maximum how many sets are played in women’s game?

Answer: 3.


3) Who won a record of 19 Wimbledon Doubles title?

Answer: Elizabeth Ryan.


4) Which player earned the nickname “Big Pancho”?

Answer: Pancho Gonzales.


5) When was women’s tennis first included in the Olympics?

Answer: 1900.


6)  Who was the first woman to win all four Grand Slam tournaments during the same calendar year?

Answer: Maureen Connolly.


7) Who was the winner of women’s tennis in 1900 Olympics?

Answer: Charlotte Cooper.


8) What was last used at Wimbledon in 1987?

Answer: Wooden Rackets.


9) The Wimbledon Junior Champion (1960) who won the Senior title two years later was:

Answer: Karen Hantz.


10) Who was the winner in Men’s single’s category at French Open 2010?

Answer: Rafael Nadal.


11) Who was nicknamed ‘Big Bill”?

Answer: Bill Tilden (USA).


12) “What player was called “Nors”?

Answer: Magnus Norman.


13) The youngest ever to play in a Davis Cup was:

Answer: Haroon Rahim.


14)   Which American female player won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, including a record seven at the French Open?

Answer: Chris Evert.


15) When did India make her first appearance in Davis Cup?

Answer: 1921.


16) Which two females share the record of most Olympic gold’s?

Answer: Venus and Serena Williams (4).


17) Name the only Asian who have won a Junior and Senior Wimbledon title:

Answer: Kazuko Sawamatsu (Japan) in 1969 and 1975.


18) Is the server allowed to have one foot off the ground?

Answer: Yes.


19) One Wimbledon finalist was convicted of murder. Who was he:

Answer: Vere St. Leger Goold (1879 finalist).


20) “Superbrat” was the nickname given to which player

Answer: John McEnroe.


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


21) Name the first Indian to be seeded at Wimbledon?

Answer: Dilip Bose.


22)  Which male player, in 1989, at the age of 17 years and 3 months, won the French Open?

Answer: Michael Chang.


23) The first overseas player to have won a Wimbledon title is?

Answer: May Sutton.


24) When was tennis first played at the Olympics?

Answer: 1896.


25) Who was the first man to win all three titles at the same Wimbledon Championships?

Answer: Don Budge (USA).


26) Which country has won the most Davis cup title?

Answer: United States.


27) She won her first Wimbledon title in 1946 when aged 28 and her last in 1962 aged 44. Who?

Answer: Margaret Osborne DuPont.


28) Name the German player that was called “Fräulein Forehand”?

Answer: Steffi Graf.


29) Who is the youngest Grand Slam semifinalist?

Answer: Jennifer Capriati.


30)  Which Australian male player, in 2001 at the age of 20, became the youngest male ever to be ranked number one in the world?

Answer: Lleyton Hewitt.


31) Whose invention is the lob in tennis?

Answer: Frank Hadow.


32) What is the minimum number of points required to win a tennis tie break?

Answer: 7.


33) The seeding system in tennis was first adopted in:

Answer: 1922 (US National Championships).


34) Which grand slam was known as the Patriotic tournament in 1917?

Answer: US Open.


35) Who were the first two competitors in the Davis Cup?

Answer: Earnest Black (Great Britain) and Dwight Davis (USA).


36) What female player was called the  “Queen Mother Of Tennis”?

Answer: Mrs. Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman.


37) In which year the challenge round in Davis Cup was abolished?

Answer: 1972.


38)  Who was the first unseeded player to win Wimbledon?

Answer: Boris Becker.


39) How many times India has reached the Davis Cup final?

Answer: Three times (1966, 1974 and 1987).


40) Which player is married to former Wimbledon champion Andre Agassi?

Answer: Steffi Graf married Andre Agassi in Las Vegas in 2001.


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) Who was nicknamed “The Ghost”?

Answer: Harold Mahony (Ireland).


42) The only occasion when three brothers took part in the same championship, in the same year, was at the US open and Wimbledon. Name them and the year?

Answer: The Three Amritraj Brothers in 1974,1975 and 1976.


43) What is the height of the tennis net at the centre?

Answer: Three feet.


44) What is the size of a tennis court in a singles match?

Answer: 78 ft x 27 ft.


45) When did a father compete with his son in the final of the National hard-court championships? Who won?

Answer: Ramesh Krishnan beat Ramanathan in 1976.


46) Which player played a Davis Cup match against a country which he was to represent later in life?

Answer: Hans Redl (Austria and Germany).


47) What is the King’s Cup?

Answer: Men’s Indoor Team Championship Trophy in the name of the king of Sweden.


48) Name the Wimbledon Junior Champion of 1960 who won the senior title two years later?

Answer: Karen Hantze Susman.


49) Name the brother and sister team which won a Mixed Doubles title at Wimbledon in 1980?

Answer: John and Tracy Austin (USA).


50) Which Olympic Tennis match lasted 5 hours 45 minutes of playing time and as a result of all kinds of delay in all lasted about 24 hours?

Answer: Gordon Lowe (Great Britain) beat Augustos Zerlendis (Greece) at Antwerp 1920.


51) When and where was the International Lawn Tennis Federation formed?

Answer: 1913, Paris.


52) Which year was the Grand Prix series inaugurated and who was the first winner?

Answer: 1970, Cliff Richey (USA).


53) Who were the first Olympic Tennis Champions for men and when? (John Boland (Ireland) and Friedrich Traun

Answer: Germany), Athens 1896.


54) Where was the Tie Break System first used?

Answer: U.S. Pro Indoor Championship, Philadelphia (1970).


55) Where and when was the first “Open” Lawn Tennis Tournament held?

Answer: British Hard Court Championship at Bournemouth in 1968.


56) She was the first East European to Win the Women’s Singles title at the French Open. Who was she?

Answer: Zsuzsa Körmöczy (Hungary).


57) Where in France is the French Open played?

Answer: Roland Garros Stadium, Paris.


58) Which 17-year-old Swede forced McEnroe to a marathon five set Davis Cup match lasting 6 hours and 32 minutes?

Answer: Mats Wilander, in 1982.


59) Name the Indians who have won the Wimbledon Junior title?

Answer: Ramanathan and Ramesh Krishnan.


60) Name the other Indians who were the runners-up at the Wimbledon Junior:

Answer: Premjit Lall, Jaidip Mukerjea, Ashok Amritraj.


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) What is the weight of a tennis ball?

Answer: 56.7 to 58.5 gm.


62) Who was the first Indian to play World Team Tennis?

Answer: Jaidip Mukerjea.


63) Who was nicknamed ‘Bounding Basque’?

Answer: Jean Borotra (France).


64) When did Ramanathan Krishnan first represent India?

Answer: 1953, when he was 16.


65) Which country beat Australia in the 1974 Eastern zone final?

Answer: India.


66) Name the lady who won the French Women’s Doubles under three different identities:

Answer: Gail Chanfreau (Australia).


67) When was the 12-point Tie Break system first used?

Answer: 1971 at Wimbledon.


68) Born a Czech, holding an Egyptian passport, and playing for England, this lefthander won a Wimbledon Men’s singles title. Who and when?

Answer: Jaroslav Drobný (1954).


69) What is the Crawford cup in tennis awarded for?

Answer: Men’s – 70 and over.


70) For what is the Sunshine Cup awarded?

Answer: Boys under 18 – International Team Championship.


71) In which country do Ivan Lendl belong?

Answer: Czechoslovakia.


72) Who was the reigning Queen of World Tennis (Women’s) for quite a long time?

Answer: Martina Navratilova.


73) Who was the first German to win a Wimbledon Singles title?

Answer: Cilly Aussem in 1931.


74) In addition to being an excellent tennis player, rather a champion, he was also a noted golfer, cricketer and chess player. Name him:

Answer: James Cecil Parke.


75) A player represented USA in a Davis Cup final and won both his matches. Name him:

Answer: Pancho Gonzales.


76) The first set of rules drafted for Lawn Tennis was at:

Answer: Lords, London 1878.


77) He was the first famous player to be ousted from a Grand Slam event due to bad behaviour. Name him?

Answer: John McEnroe.


78) Name the Englishman to have won the Davis Cup final deciding rubber twice:

Answer: Fred Perry.


79) Which country does John McEnroe belong to?

Answer: USA.


80) Name the great man who was Australia’s non-playing captain in 16 Davis Cup wins between 1939 and 1967:

Answer: Harry Hopman.


Tennis Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 5 (Quiz 81-100)


81) Which English umpire involved in clashes with Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe was ultimately sacked in 1987?

Answer: Jeremy Shales.


82) Which country does Monica Seles belong to?

Answer: USA.


83) Which country does Stefan Edberg belong to?

Answer: Sweden.


84) Which country does Mary Pierce belong to?

Answer: France.


85) Which country does Todd Martin belong to?

Answer: USA


86) Which country does Michael Stich belong to?

Answer: Germany.


87) Which country does Gabriela Sabatini belong to?

Answer: Argentina.


88) Which country does Arantxa Sánchez Vicario belong to?

Answer: Spain.


89) Who is the first Japanese Tennis player to enter Wimbledon Quarter final?

Answer: Shuzo Matsuoka -1995.


90) When did Stefan Edberg retire from Tennis?

Answer: Oct. 1996.


91) Along with being a famous tennis commentator, she was also a nonplaying coach of UK when she won the Davis Cup in 1933. Who was she?

Answer: Dan Maskell.


92) He won the French Open twice, the US open twice and the Wimbledon once without dropping a set in the later three tournaments. Name him?

Answer: Tony Trabert.


93) The 1979 Davis Cup final saw the USA win without dropping even one set. Whom did they beat?

Answer: Italy.


94) Slazenger is known for what sports equipment?

Answer: Tennis balls.


95) Name the daughter who beat her mother to win the Women’s Singles title at the Philippines?

Answer: Minda Ochoa beat her mother Elisa Ochoa in 1935.


96) An Indian beat Pete Sampras in Pilot Pen International Championship at New Haven in 1998. Name him?

Answer: Leander Paes.


97) This tennis player led the Indian team to the title in the Asia Cup in New Delhi 1998, and he won all his singles matches against Pakistan Chinese Taipei and Uzbekistan and also clinched all the decisive doubles with Syed Fazaluddin in the Knockout competition. Name him:

Answer: Mahesh Bhupathi.


98) Who was the winner of U.S. open ‘98?

Answer: Lee Janzen (USA).


99) Who was the runner-up in U.S. open 98?

Answer: Payne Stewart.


100) How many medals did India get in Tennis events in Asian Games, Bangkok 1998?

Answer: Four Bronzes.


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