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Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

Football Quiz Questions and Answers


Football Quiz Questions and Answers


100 Football General Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (Quiz 1-20)


1) Who were Liverpool’s first opponents in the Football League?

Answer: Middlesbrough Ironopolis.


2) Where was the 1980 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final held?

Answer: Belgium.


3) Where was the 2006 Champions League Final held?

Answer: Paris.


4) What is the name of the world’s largest football ground?

Answer: Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.


5) What is the highest number of goals that FC Barcelona has scored in a league season?

Answer: 116.


6) The Oval, London has a very special place in soccer history. Can you say why?

Answer: Of being the final venue of the oldest football clubs championship.


7) Liverpool’s win of the European Cup in 1976 -77 was only the second by a British club. Who were the first?

Answer: Glasgow Celtic.


8) When and where was the first world cup championship held?

Answer: 1930 at Uruguay.


9) Who won the Premier League 2012-13?

Answer: Manchester United.


10) Who were the first host nation to go out in the first round of the world cup?

Answer: South Africa.


11) Who was the first world cup trophy named after?

Answer: Jules Rimet.


12) Who has scored the most hat tricks in La Liga for Barcelona?

Answer: Lionel Messi.


13) What do the two football Dundee United F.C. and Celtic F.C have in common?

Answer: Both belong to Scotland.


14) Who scored Liverpool’s only goal in the 1978 European Cup Final?

Answer: Kenny Dalglish.


15) Name the player to have been capped most often by his country?

Answer: Héctor Chumpitaz.


16) How many Barcelona players have won the World Player of the Year award?

Answer: 5.


17) What does Copa Libertadores mean?

Answer: The South American Cup for Clubs.


18) Mark Hateley was top scorer in 1984 and then sold to which club?

Answer: AC Milan.


19) Name the oldest member of a World Cup Winning Team:

Answer: Dino Zoff (Italy) – 40 years in 1982.


20) Billy Buffalo is the mascot of which NFL team?

Answer: Buffalo Bills.


21) Who was the first winner of the “Golden Boot Award” and when?

Answer: Eusébio (Benfica) in 1967-68.


Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


22) When did a sixteen year old Alan Knight make his League debut?

Answer: 1978.


23) Can you score a goal directly from a flag kick ?

Answer: Yes.


24) What is the name of the Houston Texans mascot?

Answer: Toro.


25) Can you be ‘off side’ from a flag kick?

Answer: No.


26) Who was known as ‘Mad Dog’?

Answer: Martin Allen.


27) How many countries took part in first World Cup Championship and who won?

Answer: Thirteen, Uruguay.


28) “Nittany Lion” is the mascot for which college team?

Answer: Penn State University.


29) Which country won the Jules Rimet Trophy outright by winning the world cup four times?

Answer: Brazil (1958,1962, 1970 and 1994).


30) Which former ‘Footballer of the Year’ went to play for Nagoya Grampus Eight instead of competing in the inaugural Premier League?

Answer: Gary Lineker.


31) Which countries have won the world cup thrice?

Answer: Italy (1934, 1938 and 1982), W. Germany (1954, 1974 and 1990).


32) What is the highest number of goals that Manchester United has scored in a league season?

Answer: 103.


33) Who has played in the maximum number of World Cup Competitions?

Answer: Antonio Carbajal of Mexico. 5 [(1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966).


34) Which Czech Republic player scored a hat-trick for Liverpool against Chelsea in 1997?

Answer: Patrik Berger.


35) Who is the only player to have been a member of the World Cup winning team thrice?

Answer: Pele (Brazil).


36) What is Manchester United’s training ground better known as?

Answer: Carrington.


37) Who holds the record of most goals scored in a single World Cup Com-petition?

Answer: 13, Just Fontaine (France) in 1958.


38) Which London club was the first Premiership team to be relegated twice?

Answer: Crystal Palace.


39) Who is nick-named ‘Der Kaiser’?

Answer: Franz Beckenbauer (West Germany), former Captain and Coach.


40) Who has scored the most hat tricks for Manchester United?

Answer: Denis Law.


Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) What is Pele’s real and full name?

Answer: Edson Arantes do Nascimento.


42) Which Birmingham City player was responsible for the tackle that broke Eduardo’s leg in 2008?

Answer: Martin Taylor.


43) Who is the best football player of Europe in 1998?

Answer: Zinedine Zidane, France.


44) What are the longer sides of a football pitch called?

Answer: Touchlines.


45) What is the prize for the best football player of Europe?

Answer: Golden Football.


46) Where did legendary goalkeeper David Seaman go after leaving Arsenal?

Answer: Manchester City.


47) Which American Club did Pele play for in his last playing days?

Answer: Cosmos.


48) Which was the first football club to founded?

Answer: Sheffield Football Club.


49) Of which Brazilian Club was Pele a member?

Answer: Santos.


50) Which two Arsenal players were sent off versus Chelsea in September 2015?

Answer: Gabriel Paulista and Santi Cazorla.


51) What was Pele’s career record before he joined Cosmos?

Answer: 1216 goals from 1254 matches.


52) Which is the most successful British women’s football club?

Answer: Arsenal Women’s FC.


53) If a team scores on the stroke of half time or full time, must the ball be kicked off again before the referee signals the interval or end of play?

Answer: No, not necessary.


54) In 2006, who took over from Prince Andrew as the President of the English Football Association?

Answer: Prince William.


55) Who was called the “Female Pele”?

Answer: Beverley Ranger (U.K).


56) “The Salvation” and “Elizabeth” are two films starring which former Manchester United football player?

Answer: Eric Cantona.


57) When were the first rules of the game of Football framed and where?

Answer: 1848 Cambridge, England.


58) Which Scottish football team are named after the Latin word for “Ireland”?

Answer: Hibernian.


59) Tragedies resulting in spectator deaths are not common in Football. Which was the first such tragedy which killed 25 in the U.K?

Answer: 1902, Ibrox Park.


60) Who scored the only goal for Chelsea in the 2017/2018 season FA cup finals against Manchester United?

Answer: Eden hazard.


Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) Can you recall the air crash in Italy which killed all on board including the players of a Champion Football Club. Give the year and the name of the club?

Answer: 1949, Torino, the Italian champion side.


62) In 1990, which country’s football team became the first ever to fail to score in a World Cup final?

Answer: Argentina.


63) In 1958 another air crash killed eight top players of a famous-English football club. Which club?

Answer: Manchester United at Munich.


64) In 2017, which player won the Chelsea’ player of the year award?

Answer: Eden Hazard.


65) Who was the first footballer to be knighted?

Answer: Sir Stanley Matthews in 1965.


66) What year were Arsenal founded?

Answer: 1886.


67) Who was the first footballer to play a century of Internationals?

Answer: Billy Wright (England) played his 100th in 1959.


68) Former Chelsea Player Nicolas Anelka played his international football from which country?

Answer: France.


69) When was Football included in the Olympics?

Answer: 1908, London.


70) What year were Liverpool founded?

Answer: 1892.


71) Who won the Olympics gold in 1908?

Answer: U.K.


72) Who is the only British player to win the Golden Boot as top scorer at a final?

Answer: Gary Lineker.


73) Who has been the runners-up at the two Olympics 1984 and 1988?

Answer: Brazil.


74) What year were Manchester City founded?

Answer: 1880.


75) When did the Football referees first use whistles?

Answer: 1878.


76) Which former League club based on the coast are called the Sandgrounders?

Answer: Southport.


77) The original FA. Cup begun in 1871 was stolen in 1895. From where? Was it replaced?

Answer: From a shop window in Birmingham. It was never found.


78) What is Lionel Messi’s middle name?

Answer: Andres.


79) Before the year 1937, a football was lighter than the one used subsequently. What is the weight difference?

Answer: Before 1937, 368 – 425 gm (13-15 oz) After 1937, 397- 454 gm (14-16 oz).


80) When did England first enter the World Cup?

Answer: 1950.


Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 5 (Quiz 81-100)


81) Where was the 15th (1994) World Cup Football held?

Answer: U.S.A.


82) Who is Messi often compared to?

Answer: Diego Maradona.


83) A country won World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. Name the country?

Answer: West Germany.


84) Which country knocked hosts Great Britain out in the last eight of the 2012 tournament?

Answer: South Korea.


85) Who scored the last goal for Brazil in the 1970 final to give Brazil the right to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy?

Answer: Carlos Alberto.


86) On 20th March 2012 Lionel Messi became top scorer in Barcelona’s history, whose record did he break?

Answer: Cesar Rodriguez.


87) Where was the 1970 world final played?

Answer: Aztec Stadium, Mexico.


88) Who is called “Beast Mode”?

Answer: Marshawn Lynch.


89) What is the highest score recorded in a first class match?

Answer: 36-0, Arbroath Bon Accord in a Scottish Cup match in 1885.


90) Which goalkeeper has made most premiership appearances?

Answer: David James.


91) What is the highest score in an international game?

Answer: England beat Australia 17-0 in 1951.


92) Which player is associated with the “Mile High Salute”?

Answer: Terrill Davis.


93) Which country did the great footballer Diego Maradona represents?

Answer: Argentina.


94) Which England player scored in 46 different Premier League games throughout his career – and didn’t lose any of them?

Answer: Darius Vassell.


95) Which country did the great footballer Marco van Basten represents?

Answer: Holland.


96) Name the team whose defensive line was called the “The Steel Curtain”?

Answer: Pittsburgh Steelers.


97) Which country did the great footballer Mirandinha represents?

Answer: Brazil.


98) Where did Manchester City play their home games before moving to Eastlands in 2003?

Answer: Maine Road.


99) Which country did the great footballer Danny McGrain represents?

Answer: Scotland.


100) When did Arsenal join The Football League?

Answer: 1893.


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