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Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers

Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers in English


Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers


General Sports Questions and Answers part 1 (1-17)


1) What does FIFA stand for?

Answer: Federation International de Football Association.


2) When is the ball considered out of play in football?

Answer: (i) When it has crossed the goal or touchline on the ground and (ii) When the referee stops the game.


3) A referee carries along seven things with him. Name them?

Answer: Whistle, Coin, Watch, Notebook, Pencil, Ball, Coloured cards.


4) Describe a bicycle kick?

Answer: An overhead kick.


5) When was FIFA founded?

Answer: 21 May 1904 in Paris.


6) When and where was the first Ranji Trophy match played?

Answer: In Madras.


7) Two cities of the same name but in different countries are test cricket centres. Name them:

Answer: Hyderabad – India, and Pakistan.


8) Name two Test cricket grounds with facilities for day-night cricket?

Answer: Sydney and Melbourne Cricket Ground.


9) What is the weight of a cricket ball?

Answer: 155.9 to 163 gms.


10) What should be the width of the wickets?

Answer: 9 inches.


11) Martina Navratilova has been a multiple Wimbledon Championship winner. She became an American citizen, but in which country was she born?

Answer: Czechoslovakia.


12) Who won the Men’s Singles Championships for the third time at Wimbledon in 1989?

Answer: Boris Becker.


13) Which two sisters fought out a Wimbledon Singles final?

Answer: Maud and Lilian Watson, 1884.


14) Who has been the youngest to win Wimbledon Singles?

Answer: Charlotte Dod (1887), 15 years and 10 months.


15) Who has been the oldest Men’s Single’s Wimbledon Champion?

Answer: A.W. Gore (1909), 41 years and 6 months.


16) The first middle-distance runner to win three Olympic gold was:

Answer: Peter Snell.


17) Which athlete broke five world records in spite of having an injured back?

Answer: Jesse Owens.


Online Sports Quiz Questions with Answers part 2 (17-34)


18) Who was the first man to run 10,000 m in under 29 minutes?

Answer: Emil Zátopek.


19) What is the real name of sprinter ‘Bones’?

Answer: Harrison Dillard.


20) Who was nicknamed ‘The Beast of Prague’?

Answer: Emil Zátopek.


21) Whose is the World Record in Discuss women’s?

Answer: Gabriele Reinsch of GDR – Distance 76.80 metres – at Neubrandenburg, Germany on 9,h July 1988.


22) Whose is the World Record in Hammer women’s?

Answer: Anita Włodarczyk.


23) The oldest track and field gold medallist in the Olympics was:

Answer: Pat McDonald.


24) How many gold medals did India win in the first Asian Games in athletic events?

Answer: Ten.


25) Name the Indian athlete who has also been a winner of the Helm’s Award:

Answer: Milkha Singh.


26) One athlete was the first to win both the 100 m and 200 m dash in Olympics. Name him:

Answer: Archie Hahn (USA).


27) A famous Olympic Star (a polio patient) overcame his handicap to win 10 Olympic gold’s. Name him:

Answer: Ray Ewry ( USA).


28) An athlete ran barefoot and in his third Marathon event, not only won the Olympic gold but also set a world record. Who was he?

Answer: Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia) in 1960.


29) What is the multi-discipline event in women’s international athletics in which contestants compete over a two-day period?

Answer: Heptathlon.


30) In which four events did Jesse Owens, in 1936 and Carl Lewis in 1984 win gold medals?

Answer: 100 m, 200 m; long jump; 4×100 m relay.


31) At which Commonwealth Games did Milkha Singh win the 440 yards gold?

Answer: 1958 Cardiff Games.


32) Which is the oldest standing national athletic record? Who set it? When and where?

Answer: 200 meters (Men). Milkha Singh, Lahore in January 1960.


33) When was the Indian Olympic Association formed?

Answer: 1927.


34) To whom does the Olympic movement in India owe its birth?

Answer: Dorabji Tata.


General Knowledge Sports Questions Answers part 3 (35-50)


35) Who ordered the closure of the ancient Olympics and when?

Answer: Emperor Theodosius in AD 394.


36) The first modern Olympics were made possible by the help of a Greek merchant who paid for repairs and restoration of the stadium. Name him:

Answer: George Averoff.


37) By what name are the 1906 Games popularly known?

Answer: Phantom or Interim Games.


38) During which Olympics did the jumpers have to dig their own pits?

Answer: 1900 Paris.


39) The man who got the silver behind Jesse Owens in 1936 was the silver medallist four years earlier too. Name him:

Answer: Ralph Metcalfe (USA).


40) The 1500 m walk gold was won by an athlete who had never before participated in a walking event. Who?

Answer: George Bonhag (USA).


41) The Indian girl (Sunitha Rani) missed it by two-hundredths of a second as Supriyati Sutono won Indonesia’s first athletics gold in 36 years in 1998 Bangkok Asia. Name the event:

Answer: 5000 m.


42) The first Olympics in which P. T. Usha participated?

Answer: 1980. Mexico.


43) Who is the only man to win Olympic gold in both summer and winter Olympics?

Answer: Eddie Eagan (USA)


44) Who was the first Indian to qualify for an Olympic track event semi-final?

Answer: Lavy Pinto (1952).


45) Who was the first Asian athlete to win Olympic gold?

Answer: Mikio Oda (Japan), 1928 in Triple Jump).


46) Who is reported to have been the first woman to have witnessed the ancient Olympics?

Answer: At that time women were barred, by law to watch the Games. If caught, the penalty was death (Kallipatira from Rhodes. She came dressed as a man to watch her son compete (and win) the boxing event)


47) He is the first to win Olympic gold in both the 100 m and the 110 m hurdles. Name him?

Answer: Harrison Dillard (USA).


48) Which Olympic gold medallist athlete had his heart on the right side instead of the left side of the chest?

Answer: Joseph Guillemot (France), 1920 Olympics 5000 m gold winner.


49) Who is the only man to have jumped 8 feet or more in the high jump?

Answer: Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) at Puerto Rico in the Caribbean championship (1989).


50) Who won five Olympic gold’s in a week?

Answer: Paavo Nurmi, 1924.


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