Trivia Questions and Answers


Trivia Questions and Answers


Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-45)


1) What was the world’s first book written on paper?

A) The Bible
B) The Diamond Sutra
C) The Decameron
D) Book of Kells

Answer: B

The book of Buddhist scripts was first printed in China in 868.


2) Who was the author of the book The Old Man and the Sea

Answer: Ernest Hemingway


3) The medieval Feast of Fools was designed to honor this unlikely biblical figure:

A) Drunken Noah
B) Old Methuselah
C) Jesus’ donkey
D) Queen Jezebel
E) Lot’s wife

Answer: C

On this day, the people indulged in all sorts of tomfoolery, making asses of themselves.


4) Who discovered Pandora’s Pass, the Darling Downs and Cunningham’s Gap?

Answer: Allan Cunningham


5) Developed by the Romans, what name is given to a channel that transports water from remote areas using gravity?

Answer: Aqueduct


6) The dingo, Australia’s wild dog, cannot bark.

A) True
B) False

Answer: A


7) Who was the first associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1981 to 2006?

Answer: Sandra Day O’Conner

Sandra Day O’Connor took the oath in 1981.


8) What do you call a grouping of elephants?

Answer: A herd


9) Named for a former county in Scotland, what “A” is a diamond-shaped knitting pattern common in socks?

Answer: Argyle


10) Which president had the briefest presidency of all, having served only 31 days?

Answer: William H. Harrison

Harrison might have been killed by his inaugural address, insisting on delivering a lengthy address without hat, gloves, or overcoat in the rain and brisk weather of a Washington D.C. March. After the speech he became ill and never recovered.


11) An American architect designed the urban plan for ________, the capital of Australia.

A) Melbourne
B) Canberra
C) Sydney
D) Adelaide

Answer: B

Canberra was a sparsely populated area in 1908 when it was chosen to be the capital of Australia. American architect Walter Burley Griffin won an international competition to create the design of the new city.


12) The post WWII Germany question caused serious tensions between what two former Allies?

A) US and Britain
B) US and France
C) Britain and France
D) US and USSR

Answer: D


13) Who’s the Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie?

Answer: Hercule Poirot


14) What American staff officer oversaw the plan to rebuild war-torn Western Europe?

A) Marshall
B) Patton
C) Bradly
D) Eisenhower

Answer: A

George C. Marshall, a Virginia Military Institute educated US Army general planned the rebuilding of Europe.


15) These fruits have a fleshy outer layer and a hard inner layer:

A) Pomes
B) Berries
C) Drupes
D) Sapwoods
E) Brambles

Answer: C

Fruits such as peaches hold their seeds within a hardened casing called a stone.


16) The cycle of sunspot activity is about:

A) 1 year
B) 11 years
C) 20 years

Answer: B


17) What was founded in 1824 when the British government purchased 38 paintings from the collection of John Julius Angerstein?

A) The National Gallery
B) The British Museum
C) The Victoria & Albert Museum

Answer: A


18) In geography, which of the United States is nicknamed the Keystone State?

Answer: Pennsylvania


19) Harold Bluetooth was king of which country?

Answer: Denmark


20) Where do secretary birds live? How do secretary birds subdue their prey?

Answer: Secretary birds, three-foot-tall birds with long legs, live in Africa south of the Sahara. These birds of prey use their strong legs to kickbox, pounding the daylights out of reptiles, snakes, lizards, and small ground rodents. They are named secretary birds because the plume feathers at the back of their heads resemble old-fashioned quill pens.


21) What was the contribution of Akkadian to Sumerian Civilization?

Answer: Made Sumerian Civilization spread far and wide.


22) Which famous fashion designer ushered in the New Look for womenswear in the late 1940s?

Answer: Christian Dior.


23) Height of the smallest and largest Aurora:

Answer: Largest – 1000 Km, smallest 72.5 Km


24) What famous tourist attraction is wearing away at the rate of five feet per annum?

Answer: Niagara Falls.


25) What is the name of Megasporophyll present in the flower?

Answer: Carpel.


26)  Who is Leonard Cohen?

Answer: Canadian singer and songwriter.


27) Which types of rocks, is used for making roofs of houses?

Answer: Slate.


28) Name the world’s largest producer of coal.

Answer: China.


29) What do you mean by a delegation of authority to the lower levels?

Answer: Decentralization


30) Which NFL franchise ceased to exist for three years between 1995 and 1998, when its owner Art Modell formed the Baltimore Ravens and took all the players and staff with him?

Answer: Cleveland Browns.


31) The encrypted message is called:

Answer: Cryptogram.


32) What was New York called before it was New York?

Answer: New Amsterdam.


33) The alpha cut-off frequency is defined as the frequency at which the current gain falls:

Answer: To 70.7 of its low-frequency value.


34) According to the Bible, on what day did God create the sun, moon and the stars?

Answer: On the fourth day.


35) An enclosed area for birthing ships, to keep them afloat at a uniform level, to facilitate loading and unloading cargo is known as:

Answer: Dock.


36) Who is the Prime Minister of Italy?

Answer: Giuseppe Conte.


37) Give an example of non-renewable resources:

Answer: Fossil fuels.


38) Who wrote the book “My Vision for Space Exploration?

Answer: Buzz Aldrin.


39) Which revolutionary idea resulted from simple arithmetical calculation that weights of elements are multiples of that of hydrogen?

Answer: Binding energy.


40) Which rock ‘n roll singer sued HP over the name of an app that guessed the size of someone’s manhood using their shoe size?

Answer: Chubby Checker.


41) Why an astronaut can’t hear his companion at the surface of the moon?

Answer: There is no medium for sound propagation.


42) What is the language spoken in Bhutan called?

Answer: Dzongkha.


43) Where is the most advanced ‘Bus Services’ in a Brazilian city?

Answer: At Curitiba.


44) The birthstone of August is Peridot. What color is it?

Answer: Green.


45) ‘The man recovered of the bite, The dog it was that died’ Whose poem ends with these lines?

Answer: Oliver Goldsmith.


Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2 (Questions 46-70)


46) What is meant by bottom trawling?

Answer: Trawling along the seafloor.


47) Moon’s own sign is _

Answer: Cancer.


48) What is meant by mercosur?

Answer: Sub-regional bloc.


49) Is external combustion engine high speed one or slow speed one?

Answer: Slow speed Engine.


50) What seven-lettered word is the name of an icon, usually a brand logo, that appears on the URL bar when you reach a company’s website?

Answer: Favicon.


51) The jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis is a specialist in which musical instrument?

Answer: Trumpet.


52) From where are the defensive toxins used by poison dart frogs derived?

Answer: Insects.


53) Who was the ancient Egyptian redeemer god, husband of Isis?

Answer: Osiris.


54) Where would you find the San Andreas Fault?

Answer: The west coast of the United States centered on San Francisco.


55) What is the other post held by the minister who is also the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in the conservative cabinet?

Answer: Chairman of the Party.


56) Who is Keigo Higashino?

Answer: Japanese author known for his mystery novels.


57) The plain that is found on the ocean floor is known as:

Answer: The Deep Sea Plains.


58) Who are the member states of Mercosur?

Answer: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


59) Who distinguished between ‘militant’ and ‘industrial’ societies?

Answer: Herbert Spencer.


60) In terms of economics and politics, what number follows G7, G22, and G33?

Answer: G20.


61) ‘The Wind in the Willows’ has been a children’s classic since 1908, and even today new editions, with new illustrations, keep coming out. Who wrote it?

Answer: Kenneth Grahame.


62) Who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

Answer: Maya Lin.


63) Which is the main typesetting process used today?

Answer: Electronic Imagesetting.


64) In which city would you find the Jacques Cartier Bridge?

Answer: Montreal.


65) On the day a treasury bill is issued, it is called a:

Answer: Hot bill.


66) Which day is observed as World Pneumonia day?

Answer: November 12.


67) When did Daguerre develop the ‘daguerreotype’?

Answer: 1830.


68) What is meant by Natural language processing?

Answer: Field of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human.


69) Which are the four powers provided for economic and political ties between West Berlin and West Germany?

Answer: Britain, France, Soviet Union, United States.


70) According to the Bible, Jews are descended from Abraham’s son, Isaac, while Arabs are descended from which other son of Abraham?

Answer: Ishmael.


Trivia Questions and Answers Part 3 (Questions 71-95)


71) What is called sideboards or Credenza?

Answer: Large Cupboards.


72) What country was Vasco da Gama from?

Answer: Portugal.


73) The Andes Mountains stretch for about:

Answer: 4,500 miles.


74) What is the longest river in the British Isles?

Answer: The River Shannon in Eire.


75) When was Silurian period began?

Answer: 440 million years ago.


76) What is meant by a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine?

Answer: Vaccine used to protect infants, young children, and adults against disease caused by the bacterium streptococcus bacterium.


77) Australopithecus robustus was lived in:

Answer: South Africa.


78) What is meant by machine learning?

Answer: Subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being programmed.


79) Electronic imagesetting can produce:

Answer: Both – text and graphics.


80) What name is given in basketball to a shot by a moving player who jumps very close to the basket and shoots while in the air?

Answer: Lay Up.


81) Greece held drama contests to honor which God?

Answer: Dionysus.


82) For what is Wedgwood china named?

Answer: A person.


83) Which article under Indian Constitution guarantees fundamental rights of Indian citizens?

Answer: Article 14.


84) What is measured on a Beaufort Scale?

Answer: Wind force or speed.


85) What is the name given to the lens that has the focal length greater than the diagonal of the negative?

Answer: Telephoto lens.


86) What is meant by cephalosporin?

Answer: Class of b lactam antibiotics originally derived from the fungus acremonium.


87) What is the nickname of Eric Arthur Blair?

Answer: George Orwell.


88) Who invented Bitcoin?

Answer: Satoshi Nakamoto.


89) Who is known as ‘yellow emperor’ in the history of China?

Answer: Huang-Ti.


90) The Palace of Versailles is an example of which style of architecture?

Answer: Baroque.


91) What is pinafore?

Answer: Sleeveless garment is worn over the dress.


92) A duffle coat is fastened with what?

Answer: Toggles and loops.


93) Who was concerned with the theory of ‘Marxism’?

Answer: Marx.


94) What is ‘dutch courage’?

Answer: Courage gained through alcoholic drink.


95) What is the unit of the capacitor?

Answer: Farad.


Trivia Questions and Answers Part 4 (Questions 96-120)


96) What is sulphonamide?

Answer: Basis of several groups of drugs.


97) The currency of Bangladesh is _

Answer: Taka.


98) Name another word for bitcoin.

Answer: Cryptocurrency.


99) In which country is Copenhagen where gardens are there?

Answer: Denmark.


100) The Auxiliaries are the women’s branch of which religious group, best known for leaving bibles in hotel rooms?

Answer: The Gideons.


101) If the percentage of oxygen is more and the percentage of carbon is less, the color of the hair will be:

Answer: Light brown.


102) What is the name of the poison responsible for fatalities in those who consume improperly prepared puffer fish?

Answer: Tetrodotoxin.


103) Which is the second largest Peak in the world?

Answer: K2.


104) What is ‘Mistral’?

Answer: A cold wind that blows down the Rhone Valley in France.


105) Name the Ukrainian folk dance in which men show off their partners?

Answer: Hopak.


106) Name the Secretary General of NATO

Answer: Jens Stoltenberg.


107) What was Gandhi’s age when he got married to Kasturba?

Answer: 13 years.


108) What is meant by ECMO(Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation)?

Answer: Extracorporeal technique of providing both cardiac and respiratory support to persons whose heart and lungs are unable to provide an adequate amount of gas exchange to sustain life.


109) What are the features of forests that offer a special source of enjoyment?

Answer: Natural beauty and peace.


110) What iconic American landmark almost featured Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Buffalo Bill and Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief Red Cloud instead of its four current residents?

Answer: Mount Rushmore.


111) A river that flows across a desert may also be:

Answer: Intermittent River.


112) What animal often symbolizes peace in art?

Answer: Dove.


113) Pitcher plant is _

Answer: Insectivorous.


114) Which country is the second largest in the world, in area?

Answer: Canada.


115) Which type of systematic assessment is a collection of detailed information about an individual’s past and present life?

Answer: a Case history.


116) What is meant by SWIFT(Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)?

Answer: Network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment.


117) The study of the physical universe or the cosmos, taken as a whole is:

Answer: Cosmology.


118) What is meant by Turner Prize?

Answer: Annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50.


119) Which blood vessels carry blood from various parts to heart:

Answer: Vein.


120) In the USA, the Volstead Act of 1919 introduced it and the Blaine Act of 1933 partially repealed it. What is it?

Answer: Prohibition.


Trivia Questions and Answers Part 5 (Questions 121-145)


121) A very useful vaccine was invented in 1957 by a scientist named Sabin. What was that vaccine?

Answer: Oral Polio Vaccine.


122) Who was Karl Marx’s associate and fellow political theoretician?

Answer: Friedrich Engels.


123) What is the most abundant light element present in the Earth core?

Answer: Either Sulfur or oxygen.


124) Of which European country do the Magyars make up 92% of the population?

Answer: Hungary.


125) Abducens is a cranial nerve supplying an eye muscle in vertebrates. It is the:

Answer: Sixth cranial nerve.


126) What is meant by the Non Proliferation Treaty?

Answer: International treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament.


127) The preserved dead body of the ancient Egyptians were called:

Answer: Mummies.


128) Who got Turner prize in 2016?

Answer: Helen Marten.


129) The city that remained a Christian center of civilization:

Answer: Constantinople.


130) Mariner 4, Curiosity, Phobos1, Pathfinder, Climate Orbiter, Phoenix and Beagle 2 have all been projects to explore which planet in our solar system?

Answer: Mars.


131) Who became the emperor in France after the French Revolution?

Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte (1804).


132) Which of these was not a British prime minister?

Answer: John Maynard Keynes.


133) Who is the first Cambodian woman to receive the Magsaysay Award (1998):

Answer: Nuon Phaly.


134) Which river’s waters, headwaters, and tributaries drain half the continent of South America?

Answer: Amazon.


135) The name of the war that was fought between China and England in the year 1839 (AD):

Answer: Opium War.


136) What is the ordinal status of Donald Trump among the Presidents of America?

Answer: 45.


137) In which country are the Ruins of Carthage?

Answer: Tunisia.


138) What is meant by BCS(Bardeen Cooper Schrieffer) theory?

Answer: First microscopic theory of superconductivity since its discovery in 1911.


139) The difference between a gulf and a bay:

Answer: Gulf and bay are part of the sea that extends considerably into the land, but a bay usually has a wider entrance than a gulf.


140) What nationality links cyclist Marianne Vos, gymnast Epke Zonderland, cricketer Ryan ten Doeschate, tennis player Betty Stove and pool player Nick Van Den Berg?

Answer: Dutch (Netherlands).


141) What is the most popular drink that almost half the population of the world drinks?

Answer: Tea.


142) What was the name of Franz Ferdinand’s assassin?

Answer: Gavrilo Princip.


143) Which river does the Ganga join in Bangladesh and flow out to the sea?

Answer: Madhumati.


144) Which is the largest city in the largest state of the USA?

Answer: Anchorage.


145) Which is the largest inland water body in Europe?

Answer: The Caspian Sea.


Trivia Questions with Answers Part 6 (Questions 146-171)


146) Who is Sir Ranulph Fiennes?

Answer: English explorer and holder of several endurance records.


147) The biggest city in Natal is:

Answer: Durban.


148) Who has been named as Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2016?

Answer: Donald Trump.


149) In which State in the USA would you find Rome and Athens?

Answer: Georgia.


150) Name one of the four African member nations of OPEC.

Answer: Algeria, Angola, Libya or Nigeria.


151) Which is the largest lake in South America?

Answer: Lake Maracaibo.


152) Which fashion designer is credited with having launched the skinny silhouette for menswear in the 2000s?

Answer: Hedi Slimane.


153) Which Australian State capital is the furthest east?

Answer: Brisbane.


154) What is the third bail to be potted in the sequence of colors in snooker?

Answer: Brown.


155) What kind of creatures were the Canary Islands named after?

Answer: A breed of a large dog.


156) Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Answer: Canadian actor and producer.


157) The input-output analysis owes its origin and development to:

Answer: Wassily Leontief.


158) What is meant by sand casting?

Answer: Metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mold material.


159) What is the full form of PSLV?

Answer: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.


160) Fyodor Dostoevsky declared which Tolstoy novel about a woman’s affair with Count Vronsky to be “flawless as a work of art”?

Answer: Anna Karenina.


161) Who received the first posthumous Best Actor Oscar?

Answer: Peter Finch in Network (1976).


162) The toxin of which plant was once used by women to dilate their pupils for cosmetic purposes?

Answer: Belladonna.


163) Which are the six official languages of U.N?

Answer: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.


164) Which equestrian sport tests the all-round ability of the horse and rider?

Answer: Three-day eventing.


165) Who awards the prize for literature?

Answer: The Swedish Academy in Stockholm.


166) Name the Prime Minister of Greece.

Answer: Alexis Tsipras.


167) Since when have goal nets been in used?

Answer: 1891 in England.


168) Who wrote the book Cosmos?

Answer: Carl Sagan.


169) Name the double pair who were first to do the Grand Slam?

Answer: Frank Sedgman and Ken McGregor r (Australia, 1951-52).


170) Gradiente Electronica, who make an android phone called the iPhone, has successfully prevented Apple from using the name iPhone in which South American country?

Answer: Brazil.


171) Who discovered the North Pole?

Answer: Robert Edwin Peary.


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