General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions and Answers


General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions and Answers


General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions Part 1

1) Write an example of green algae which are used for food:
Answer: Ulva, Caulerpa, Enteromorpha, Chlorella


2) Which alkaline earth metal is found abundantly in earth’s crust?
Answer: Calcium


3) Which method estimates cost correctly and reduce the time needed for a job?
Answer: PERT


4) The symbol used in Delphi for assignment:
Answer: :=


5) Which wave travels somewhat farther than the optical line-of-sight path?
Answer: The direct wave


6) The most common method of disinfection (bacteria) of water is with the help of:
Answer: Chlorine


7) How much quantity of fresh water is available on our planet?
Answer: About 84.4 million cubic kilometers


8) Who is the founding father of modern analysis?
Answer: Augustin-Louis Cauchy


9) What is the velocity of sound in air at 30 0 C?
Answer: It is approximately 350 m/sec


10) When was ‘Dr. Zhivago’ first published?
Answer: 1957


11) According to astrology enemy planets of Venus:
Answer: Sun and Moon


12) In petrol engines which liners are mostly used?
Answer: Dry liners


13) Who is the adarshavadi (ideologist) according to Buddhism?
Answer: Arshad


14) Who said, ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’?
Answer: Socrates


15) What was the nationality of composer Frederick Delius who died in 1934?
Answer: English


General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions Part 2


16) Who was the last king of Ethiopia?
Answer: Haile Selassie


17) Name the cold ocean current flowing northwards from the south-eastern part of South America:
Answer: Falkland Current


18) When Small and Vincent used the term Social Control for the first time?
Answer: 1894


19) Which religion, founded in the 19th century, holds that all great religious leaders are manifestations of an unknowable God, that all scriptures are sacred, and that its members must teach this and work for world unification?
Answer: Baha’i


20) The modern credit system has contributed to the development of the specialized institutions known as:
Answer: Financial intermediaries


21) When was Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish-born inventor, patented a kind of telephone?
Answer: 1876


22) Which one had been used as a route to invade the Soviet Union which was necessary to Soviet security?
Answer: Control of Poland


23) The most notable furniture of the late 1600’s:
Answer: Louis XIV furniture


24) What is the height of Annapurna?
Answer: 8,978 m


25) The oldest known land animals were:
Answer: Arthropods


26) How much was the size of the brain of Homo habilis?
Answer: Larger than an australopithecine brain but only about half of a modern human brain


27) Phototypesetting is also called:
Answer: Cold-type composition


28) Who wrote the play ‘Oedipus Rex’ which is a masterpiece of suspenseful story telling and perhaps the greatest Greek tragedy?
Answer: Sophocles


29) What is an Affidavit?
Answer: A statement on oath filed before an officer in writing


30) By the use of which filter blue will appear darker, green and yellow lighter and red very light?
Answer: Dark yellow filter


General Knowledge Mixed Quiz Questions Part 3


31) Whose pen name is James Heriot?
Answer: James Alfred White’s


32) What is the name of the tight dress of ballet dancers?
Answer: Maillot


33) In Yugoslavia and China, the first secretary (General Secretary) of the Communist Party is called?
Answer: President and chairman respectively


34) What is the name of the device for sending out radio waves in order to detect the direction, distance etc. of an airplane?
Answer: Radar


35) What is the Currency of Myanmar:
Answer: Kyat


36) The ancient city in Jordan which keeps Roman culture:
Answer: Petra


37) Waving with which solution is used for light curling of hair?
Answer: Acid solution


38) In which plateau Tibet’s capital city Lhasa located?
Answer: Outer plateau


39) In which country tribal dances are performed before a battle to draw the community together and inspire the warriors to fight bravely?
Answer: New Guinea


40) From which place in Gujarat did Gandhiji decided to launch the civil disobedience movement?
Answer: Bardoli


41) Which type of forests have heavy shrub growth?
Answer: Forests with a more open canopy and understory


42) Where water, tumbles over large boulders or rock ledges there occur:
Answer: Rapids


43) Name the tendency of molecules or ions to adhere to the surface of certain solids or liquids:
Answer: Adsorption


44) Whose theory described how growing children change their ideas about number, cause, time, space and morality?
Answer: Jean Piaget


45) In which period Francis Bacon lived?
Answer: 1561-1626


46) Can we raise up a person or sit him on the vehicle if the person has wound in the backbone?
Answer: No


47) Sweetex is a sweetener which can be used even by diabetic patients. It has zero calorific value. What does it contain?
Answer: Saccharin


48) Name the isolated fragments of continental crust occurring as shallow rises within the ocean basis:
Answer: Microcontinents


49) Darwin’s, theory of evolution differs from that of Hugo de Vries in the:
Answer: Appearance of mutations


50) Among cows, oxen, sheep, and horses, which was brought to Egypt by the Hyksos?
Answer: Horses


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