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100 Music Quiz Questions and Answers

100 Music Quiz Questions and Answers


100 Music Quiz Questions and Answers


1) In the early 19th century the ‘baton’ was introduced. Which instrument was used before it to conduct an orchestra?

Answer: A violin bow.


2) ‘1977’ is an album released in 1996. Who was the composer?

Answer: Ash.


3) Handel composed the ‘Water Music’ in 1717 for a British king. Mention the king.

Answer: George I.


4) Famous singer and guitarist Black Francis belongs to which band?

Answer: The Pixies.


5) Stage name of famous rock singer Reg Dwight was ______

Answer: Elton John.


6) In 1982 with ‘Happy Talk’ who bagged a number 1 hit?

Answer: Captain Sensible.


7) In the Hawaiian language the name “Ukulele” means ______

Answer: Jumping flea.


8) Martha Johnson was associated with ________

Answer: The Muffins.


9) In 1919 a composer was elected as Prime Minister of Poland. Who was that?

Answer: Ignacy Jan Paderewski.


10) In Indian music a famous musician is considered as ‘Father of Ghazals’. Who is it?

Answer: Mirza Ghalib.


11) Famous musicians John Williams, Julian Bream, and Andres Segovia belongs to a musical instrument. Mention the instrument.

Answer: (Classical) Guitar.


12) The best-selling single in Britain is ‘ Fight For This Love’. It was released in 2009. Who is the recorder of it?

Answer: Cheryl Cole.


13) Gustav Holst’s famous orchestral suite ‘The Planets’ was released in the year 1918. Pluto was out of the suite. Why?

Answer: It wasn’t discovered until 1930.


14) Space Oddity is a song by David Bowie. A small electronic instrument was played on it. Mention the instrument.

Answer: Stylophone.


15) An Italian word which means ‘high’ is used to define the highest attainable male voice. Mention the word.

Answer: Alto.


16) Beethoven’s only one opera is named as ______.

Answer: Fidelio.


17) A similarity is found between Sherlock Holmes and Gerry Rafferty. Identify the similarity.

Answer: Baker Street.


18) Enigma variations is composed by ______.

Answer: Elgar.


19) Since 1975 an Australian musician has held the position of ‘Master of the Queen’s Music’. He is a well-known composer, pianist, and organist. Who is that?

Answer: Malcolm Williamson.



20) Composer Thomas Tallis was popular for _____

Answer: Church music.


21) Balalaika is a musical stringed instrument popular in which country?

Answer: Russia.


22) ‘Boris Godunov’ and ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ was composed by ___

Answer: Modest Musorgsky.


23) In 1973 ‘You can Do Magic’ is a single acquire Top ten hit. Mention the people behind it.

Answer: Limmie and Family Cookin’.


24) Banjo was considered to be originated in ______.

Answer: Africa.


25) In 2003 with the duet ‘Changes’ a father and daughter acquire No. 1 hit position. Mention their names.

Answer: Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne.


Music Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2


26) National instrument of Scotland is ______

Answer: Bagpipe.


27) National musical instrument of Japan is _____

Answer: Koto (a kind of zither).


28) Typically reggae consists of ____ beats

Answer: 4.


29) At the Palais Royal hotel, the world’s first jukebox was installed. Which city does it locate?

Answer: San Francisco.


30) The name of the world’s first “rock opera” is ______

Answer: Tommy.


31) In 1974 the album ‘Autobahn’ was released by electronic music pioneers. Mention the name.

Answer: Kraftwerk.


32) ‘Blue’ and ‘ Hijra’ were the albums recorded by a famous Canadian singer/song writer. who is it?

Answer: Joni Mitchell.


33) In 2002 Madonna bagged a hit by a ‘Bond’ theme. Name the theme.


Answer: Die Another Day.


34) In Reggae an instrument is not used typically. Which is that instrument.

Answer: Glockenspiel.


35) In 1977 a famous band had a hit named’ Hotel California’ Name the band?

Answer: The Eagles.


36) Lead instrument used by most rock ‘n’ roll bands are ________

Answer: Guitar.


37) No. 1 hit of the year 1979 was ‘Sunday Girl’. Which band composed it?

Answer: Blondie.


38) An instrument is generally said to be similar to a human voice. Name the instrument.

Answer: Violin.


39) In 1972 song’ Metal Guru’ bagged No’1 hit position. Which band does it belong to?

Answer: T-Rex.


40) Rock ‘n Roll is a type of dance music. Mention its fundamental rhythmic characteristic.

Answer: The dead beat.


41) Chinese guitar is known as _______

Answer: Pipa-pa.


42) Django Reinhardt was a famous jazz guitarist. Mention his birthplace.

Answer: Belgium.


43) In 1934 John Christy established an annual summer festival. Mention the country home and opera house who hosts this.

Answer: Glyndebourne.


44) In 1800 American churches uses an instrument powered by foot pedals. It is a keyboard reed-organ. What is it?

Answer: Harmonium.


45) Annual summer festival was held at Bayreuth in Germany. Which famous composer’s opera was performed there.?

Answer: Richard Wagner.


46) An legal action was faced by the American band ‘Chicago’ based on its former name and forced them to shorten it to one word. What was its full name?

Answer: Chicago Transit Authority.


47) A composer and an ornithologist who transcribed sound of birds and used in most of his works. Who is that?

Answer: Messiaen.


48) Sensational Alex Harvey Band bagged a hit in 1976 based on an Anglo-American incident of the 18th century. What was the incident?

Answer: Boston Tea Party.


49) Annie Mae Bollock is a rock and soul singer. She is popular in another name. Identify the name.

Answer: Tina Turner.


50) In the 19th century a new instrument was entered into the orchestra. It has 47 strings and seven pedals. Name the instrument.

Answer: Concert harp.


Music Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3


51) ‘Rondo alla turca’ was written by ______

Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


52) A city inspires Michael Nesmith in1977 and Duran Duran in 1982 and gifted hits. Which is the city?

Answer: Rio.


53) Buddy Holly’s backup band was called as ______

Answer: Crickets.


54) In 1967 Cream released an album in which Victorian Prime Minister is mentioned in the title. Mention the Prime Minister.

Answer: Disraeli.


55) In western marching music an instrument group is most important. Which is it?

Answer: Brass.


56) ‘ The killer ‘is the nickname of a rock n’ roll performer. Mention his real name.

Answer: Jerry Lee Lewis.


57) ‘Peter Grimes ‘ and ‘Billy Budd’ are ___________

Answer: Operas by Benjamin Britten.


58) On 14 July 1987 an open-air concert was held at East Berlin. For the first time, a western rock band performed there. Name the band.

Answer: Barclay James Harvest.


59) Amati, Giuseppe Guarneri, and Antonio Stradivari are well-known for violin making families. Name the Italian Village where it belongs to?

Answer: Cremona.


60) A successful film released in 1964 was based on the book ‘Last Musical’. ‘Last musical’ was opened on Broadway in 1959. What was the title of the film?

Answer: The Sound of Music.


61) A popular jazz instrument Saxophone was firstly used for another purpose. What was its first use?

Answer: Military music.


62) ‘Take my Breath Away’ was the No. 1 hit in 1986. It is from the film ‘Top Gun’. Which group was the composer of the song?

Answer: Berlin.


63) Reggae music is associated with a religion. Mention it.

Answer: Rastafarianism.


64) In 1964 in a private plane crash a western singer died. Who was it?

Answer: Jim Reeves.


65) Messiah, first performed in 1742 was composed by ___________

Answer: George Frideric Handel.


66) The first rock song which became popular all around the world was ________

Answer: Rock Around the Clock.


67) A writer and a well-known poet died in 1985. He also works as a professional librarian and Jazz critic. Identify him.

Answer: Philip Larkin.


68) Harry Webb was the original name of which famous British singer of the 20th century?

Answer: Cliff Richard.


69) WOMAD stand for _____________ in festival approach.

Answer: World of Music Arts and Dance.


70) A Composer died while composing a Barodian Opera. And it was completed by Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov. Name the opera.

Answer: Prince Igor.


71) In 1946 at Farrokh Bulsara a popular singer was born. Identify him.

Answer: Mexico


72) While holding a post as director of the National Conservatory, New York, Dvorak write a symphony. Mention it.

Answer: The ‘New World’ Symphony.


73) Electronic group Kraftwerk belongs to which country?

Answer: Sweden.


74) An English rock group, which was famous for destroying the instruments at the end of each stage shows. Name it.

Answer: The Who.


75) Album ‘ Animals’ of 1977 was released by _________

Answer: Pink Floyd.


Music Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4


76) Original name of “Thumb piano ” is ________

Answer: Kalimba.


77) Michael Jackson’s famous song ‘Ben’ was about an animal. Which was it?

Answer: Rat.


78) Bob Marley, a well-known reggae singer was born in which country?

Answer: Jamaica.


79) ‘Defying Gravity’ is the song in which _________ musical was featured.

Answer: Wicked.


80) ‘The Savoy Operas’ is the Collaboration work of Thomas and Arthur. Mention their surnames.

Answer: Gilbert and Sullivan.


81) ‘My Fair Lady’ is a short version adapted from a famous George Bernard Shaw play. Name the play.

Answer: Pygmalion.


82) Using light show was first introduced by a British rock band. Mention the name of the rock band.

Answer: Pink Floyd.


83) The lead actress of the films Mask, Moonstruck, and The Witches of Eastwick was a famous singer. Who is she?

Answer: Cher.


84) A grand piano has ____ pedals.

Answer: 3.


85) In 1986 the album charts were topped by Paul Simon’s record. Name the title of the record.

Answer: Graceland.


86) An eminent family in Germany is popular for musicians over their seven generations. Name the family.

Answer: Bach family.


87) Nickname of 60’s singer Brenda Lee was _______

Answer: Little Miss Dynamite


88) ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ was written by______

Answer: Johann Strauss.


89) Which female artist’s hit album was ‘Private Dancer’?

Answer: Tina Turner


90) A kind of stringed instrument is named as ______

Answer: Harp.


91) A German Composer who became deaf, and he continued to write music pieces. Name the person.

Answer: Ludwig Van Beethoven.


92) Canadian singer Terry Jacks bagged No. 1 hit position in 1974. Which song made him gain this?

Answer: Seasons in the sun.


93) The first rock-and-roll superstar was ______

Answer: Elvis Presley.


94) Led Zeppelin’s lead singer was _______

Answer: Robert Plant


95) In 1910 ‘The Firebird’ was composed by a famous Russian born musician. Name the person.

Answer: Igor Stravinsky.


96) Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album had a follow-up album. The title of the album is a three-letter word. Name the album.

Answer: Bad


97) ‘Indiana wants Me’ was the biggest hit in the 1970s. Who was the composer of the song?

Answer: R Dean Taylor


98) A famous composer whose birthplace is Salzburg. And he was born in 1756. Who was it?

Answer:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


99) During World War 2nd an air crash occurs on the English Channel. A famous bandleader was killed in that air crash. Who was it?

Answer: Glenn Miller.


100) A musical instrument is supposed as the oldest in the world. Mention the instrument.?

Answer: The Drum.


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