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Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020

Political Quiz Questions and Answers – Politics GK


Political Quiz Questions and Answers


General Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 1


1) For how many years is a French President elected?

Answer: Seven years.


2) What does the GOP stand for?

Answer: Grand Old Party.


3) Name the person who won the Nehru Award for International Understanding, he also known as Frontier Gandhi?

Answer: Abdul Ghaffar Khan.


4) What is Donald Trump’s middle name?

Answer: John.


5) Who was the first president of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union?

Answer:  Boris (Nikolayevich) Yeltsin the first popularly elected Russian president in 1991.


6) Who was known as ‘Lion of Kashmir’?

Answer: Sheikh Abdullah.


7) Who is the longest serving Prime Minister in British history?

Answer: Sir Robert Walpole.


8) Who was the chief leader of South African Negroes during the period of 1905-1940?

Answer: Abdullah Abdurahman.


9) What relation was John Parke Custis to George Washington?

Answer: Stepson.


10) Name the 6th President of U.S.A, who was the son of U.S.A’s 2nd President?

Answer: John Quincy Adams.


11) What nickname was given to Robert Walpole’s period of political dominance?

Answer: The Robinocracy.


12) Who was the founder of Christian Democratic Union (C.D.U.) in West Germany?

Answer: Conrad Adner.


13) Which American President was the last to be impeached?

Answer:  Richard Nixon.


14) Who was the President of Cameroon during the period of 1960-1982?

Answer: Ahmadou Ahidjo.


15) Bob Bennett, who belonged to the Republican Party, became a senator in the year 2009. Which state did he represent?

Answer: Utah.


16) Name the Communist leader of Indonesia during the period of 1951-1965:

Answer: D. N. Aidit.


17) Who was the first Latino Supreme Court Justice?

Answer: Sonia Sotomayor.


18) King of Bavaria (1806-1825):

Answer: Maximilian I.


19) What was the original name of the company Trump’s father Frederick owned?

Answer: Elizabeth Trump & Son.


20) Who was the President of Uganda during the period of 1971-1979?

Answer: Idi Amin.


General Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 2


21) Which role had Thomas Pelham-Holles held for over 30 years before his time as Prime Minister began?

Answer: Secretary of State.


22) Name the English man who was a freedom fighter of India, he was also known as ‘Deenabandhu’?

Answer: Charles Freer Andrews.


23) Where was George Washington sworn in as the first President of the USA?

Answer: Federal Hall, New York City.


24) Who was the General Secretary of U.S.S.R’s Communist Party after the death of Leonid Brezhnev?

Answer: Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov.


25) In what years did Spencer Compton serve as Prime Minister?

Answer: 1742-43.


26) Name the founder of ‘Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’ (D.M.K):

Answer: C. N. Annadurai.


27) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was Prime Minister of which country?

Answer: Iran.


28) Which are the famous works of C. N. Annadurai?

Answer: Velaikari, Oru Iravu.


29) Who wrote the book ‘Crippled America’?

Answer: Donald Trump.


30) Name the Irish woman, who was the President of Theosophical Society and Indian National Congress?

Answer: Annie Besant.


31) What word is used for a long speech by a Senator that halts the passage of a bill?

Answer: Filibuster.


32) Who was the President of Philippines in 1986?

Answer: Corazon Aquino.


33) What was Donald Trump’s famous catchphrase he used to say during his NBC TV show?

Answer: You’re fired.


34) Who was the chairman of Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) since 1968?

Answer: Yasser Arafat.


35) Which Tory was Prime Minister when America gained independence from British rule?

Answer: Lord Frederick North.


36) Who was the first President of Turkey?

Answer: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


37) John Adams served as the first United States ambassador to what two countries?

Answer: United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


38) When did Sirimavo Bandaranaike become as world’s first woman Prime Minister?

Answer: I960.


39) What King dismissed George Grenville as Prime Minister?

Answer: George III.


40) When did Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hang to death?

Answer: 1979.


General Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 3


41) What Us President said I promise instead of I swear inaugurate?

Answer: Richard M Nixon.


42) Benazir Bhutto, daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was appointed as a Prime Minister in:

Answer: 1988 December.


43) Can you name the politician who received the ‘Order of the German Eagle, award in the year 1938?

Answer: Henry Ford.


44) Who was the founder of Pakistan People’s Party?

Answer: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.


45) Who was the first African-American Supreme Court Justice?

Answer:  Thurgood Marshall.


46) He was Gandhi’s Doctor. He won the Bharat Ratna in 1961. Who was he?

Answer: Bidhan Chandra Roy.


47) When did Donald Trump divorce from his first wife, Ivana?

Answer: 1991.


48) Who was the king of Nepal in 1972?

Answer: Birendra Bir Bikram Shah.


49) Who served as British Prime Minister between 1812 and 1827?

Answer: Robert Jenkinson.


50) After the death of John Smith in 1994, who has became the leader of Labour Party of England?

Answer: Tony Blair.


51) John Adams was the first President to reside where?

Answer: The White House.


52) Jim Bolger, the leader of National Party became the Prime Minister of New Zealand in:

Answer: 1990.


53) Frederick North led the United Kingdom through the majority of what war?

Answer: American Revolutionary War.


54) When did Willy Brandt, Chancellor of West Germany win the Nobel Prize for Peace?

Answer: 1971.


55) Where was Lyndon Johnson when he first took the Presidential oath?

Answer: Air force I.


56) George Bush was the President of U.S.A during the period of:

Answer: 1989-1993.


57) What medal did J. William Fulbright get in the year 1977?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin Medal.


58) Who was the President of U.S.A after George Bush?

Answer: Bill Clinton.


59) James Monroe wrote this document warning Europe not to try to interfere with either South or North America. What is it?

Answer: Monroe Doctrine.


60) When did Captain Lakshmi Sahgal win, ‘Padma Vibhushan’?

Answer: 1998.


General Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 4


61) What is the name of Trump’s second wife?

Answer: Marla Maples.


62) Who was the 39th President (1977-1981) of U.S.A?

Answer: Jimmy Carter.


63) Aberdeen resigned in 1855 because of his perceived failures managing which crisis?

Answer: The Crimean War.


64) After resigning from Congress Party in 1959, which party was formed by Chakravarti Rajagopalachari?

Answer: Swatantra Party.


65) What country supported Thomas Jefferson in his bid to become President in 1796?

Answer: France.


66) Charan Singh was the Prime Minister of India in 1979 for some days. He died in 1987. He was the leader of:

Answer: Lok Dal.


67) Who was King during William Pitt the Younger’s tenure as Prime Minister?

Answer: George III.


68) Valko Chervenkov was the Prime Minister of Bulgaria during the period of 1950-1956. He was known as:

Answer: Little Stalin.


69) What first lady became the first wife of a sitting president to appear under subpoena before a grand jury?

Answer: Hillary Rodham Clinton.


70) Chiang Ching-kuo was the famous leader of Taiwan Nationalist Chinese Government. When did he become the President of Taiwan?

Answer: 1972-1978.


71) Can you name the politician who received the ‘Nansen Refugee Award’ in the year 1954?

Answer: Eleanor Roosevelt.


72) When U.S.A fought against Vietnam, who advised the Vietnam guerrillas the method of defeating U.S.A?

Answer: Truong Chinh.


73) Which member of the President’s Cabinet has jurisdiction over the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?

Answer: Attorney General.


74) Who was the Prime Minister of France during the period of 1974-1976 and 1986-1988?

Answer: Jacques Chirac.


75) Which university did Trump attend before transferring to University of Pennsylvania?

Answer: Fordham University.


76) Who was the President of Mozambique in 1986?

Answer: Joaquim Alberto Chissano.


77) Who succeeded Asquith as Prime Minister on 6th December 1916?

Answer: David Lloyd George..


78) Who was the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Canada?

Answer: Charles Joseph Clark.


79) What war did the USA fight against the United Kingdom during James Madison’s tenure as President?

Answer: War of 1812.


80) Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 1984?

Answer: Joe Clark.


General Political Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 5


81) What was the name of the government of national unity that William Grenville formed after becoming Prime Minister?

Answer: Ministry of All the Talents.


82) Name the person who has worked as a Private Secretary of Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister) for a long period?

Answer: Sir. John Colville.


83) Which President Instigated The New Deal For The USA?

Answer: Franklin D Roosevelt.


84) When was Sun Yat-sen died?

Answer: 1925.


85) Who wrote the book ‘Hard Choices’?

Answer: Hillary Clinton.


86) She was a famous person in Greece politics, she was the wife of Sir Alexander Fleming, inventor of Penicillin. Who was she?

Answer: Amalia Fleming.


87) The National Security Council (NSC) falls under the jurisdiction of which U.S. government agency?

Answer: Executive Office of the President.


88) When did Malcolm Fraser become the Prime Minister of Australia?

Answer: 1975-1983.


89) Who co-produced The Celebrity Apprentice alongside Donald Trump?

Answer: Mark Burnett.


90) For fifteen years, who was India’s Prime Minister?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.


91) Which Prime Minister suspended the Death Penalty in England, Wales and Scotland?

Answer: Harold Wilson.


92) Who was the most famous man of 20th century?

Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.


93) James Monroe was the last President of what dynasty?

Answer: Virginia dynasty.


94) Name the Indian Prime Minister, who won the ‘Bharat Ratna Award’ in 1971?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.


95) Arthur Wellesley famously led coalition forces at which 1815 battle?

Answer: Battle of Waterloo.


96) Name the English Liberal politician who succeeded Clement Davies as Liberal leader in 1956.

Answer: Jo Grimond.


97) Can you name the politician who received the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in the year 1953?

Answer: George Marshall.


98) Who became the first female leader of a British political party?

Answer: Margaret Thatcher.


99) What is the Israeli parliament called?

Answer: Knesset.


100) Who was the first SNP politician to hold the post of First Minister of Scotland?

Answer: Alex Salmond.


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