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Mythology Quiz Questions and Answers in English

Mythology Quiz Questions and Answers in English


Mythology Quiz Questions and Answers in English


Mythology Quiz Questions Part 1 (Quiz 1-20)


1) Who was the ancient Egyptian God of the sun?

Answer: Ra.


2)  What celestial body was known as Hesperus, god of the Evening Star?

Answer: Planet Venus.


3) What was the name of the nation of warlike women who lived in Asia Minor and became famous for their exploits in the Trojan wars?

Answer: Amazons.


4) What temple of Athena still sits today atop Athens’s Acropolis?

Answer: The Parthenon.


5)  What did Hera send to punish Io, Zeus’s mistress turned cow?

Answer: Gadflies.


6) How did Achilles die?

Answer: Paris fired an arrow (guided by Apollo) into his heel -the only vulnerable part of his body.


7) (Greek) What type of powers did the Trojan princess Cassandra have?

Answer: Prophecy.


8) Which god is known as the divine blacksmith?

Answer: Hephaestus.


9) Atlanta, in Greek mythology, was a huntress. What attribute made her famous?

Answer: Her fleetness of foot.


10) What sea monsters epitomize being “between a rock and a hard place”?

Answer: Charybdis and Scylla.


11) In Greek mythology King Minos of Crete demanded a yearly payment. What form did this payment take?

Answer: Seven young men and seven young women to feed to the minotaur.


12) What cataclysmic event is depicted in the Bible and Greek mythology?

Answer: The Flood.


13) What ancient Greek city is famous for its oracle?

Answer: Delphi.


14) In Greek mythology, who was the son of Daedalus who died when his wings melted when he flew too close to the sun?

Answer: Icarus.


15) What gave birth to the expression “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”?

Answer: The Trojan Horse.


16) Which day of the week is named after a Roman God?

Answer: Saturday after Saturn.


17)  Who was left to die at sea in a wooden chest to avoid a prophecy?

Answer: Perseus.


18) Who was cursed to always have the last say, but never speak first?

Answer: The nymph Echo  (cursed for offending Hera).


19) According to Greek mythological tradition where was the abode of the Gods?

Answer: Mount Olympus.


20) (Egyptian) What head does the god Anubis have?

Answer: Jackal.


Mythology Quiz Questions Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


21) What mythological creature was half eagle half lion?’

Answer: A Griffin.


22) (Hindu) The god Shiva was born from what part of the god Vishnu’s body?

Answer: Forehead.


23) (South American) Who is the Inca sun god?

Answer: Inti.


24)  What deity has an owl for symbol?

Answer: v.


25) Legend says that the Greek philosopher Diogenes slept in a strange bed. What was it?

Answer: A barrel or tub.


26) What Marvel of the Ancient World depicted the Sun god Helios?

Answer: The Colossus of Rhodes.


27) Which Olympian is NOT descended from the titan Cronus?

Answer: Aphrodite.


28) What did Jason and his Argonauts sail to Colchis to find?

Answer: The Golden Fleece.


29) What low hanging weapon symbolizes ever-present impending doom?

Answer: The Sword of Damocles.


30) In Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ who was Penelope’s husband?

Answer: Ulysses (or Odysseus).


31) What Trojan warrior, first-born of King Priam, was killed by Achilles?

Answer: Hector.


32) What man-eating birds did Hercules dispose of in his 6th labor?

Answer: The Stymphalian birds.


33) How did Alexander loosen the Gordian knot?

Answer: He cut it with his sword.


34) (African) In the lore of the Yoruba what was the first living thing to be created by the god Olorun?

Answer: Palm trees.


35) Gemini is the astrological sign for the twins in Greek mythology. Who were the twins turned into the stars which form part of the constellation of Gemini?

Answer: Castor and Pollux.


36) (Egyptian) After trapping his brother Osiris in a chest, what river did Seth throw him into?

Answer: Nile.


37) What is the Greek name for Cupid, the god of sexual attraction?

Answer: Eros.


38) Identify the constellation which, according to Greek Mythology, presents a figure carrying a lion’s skin in one hand and a mace in another. A sword hands from his belt around the waist?

Answer: Orion.


39) (European) Alberich is the king of what race?

Answer: Dwarfs.


40) In Greek mythology who were Argonauts?

Answer: A group of heroes who sailed with Jason on the Argo to find the Golden Fleece.


Mythology Quiz Questions Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) (Greek) What ship carried Jason and the Argonauts?

Answer: Argo.


42) (British) The Nine Ladies is a megalithic structure in what English county?

Answer: Derbyshire.


43) According to Greek mythology, Ursa Major was not a bear at all, but a beautiful but unfortunate nymph. She was transformed into a shaggy bear by Juno, the jealous wife of Jupiter. Name this nymph:

Answer: Callisto.


44) (North American) In the lore of the Zuni, what happens if the Ten Corn Maidens are absent?

Answer: Crops fail.


45) What name is given in Scandinavian mythology to describe the special paradise to which the souls of warriors slain in battle were transported?

Answer: Valhalla.


46) Who was the Greek God of sleep who gave his name to an English word meaning ‘a state resembling deep sleep’?

Answer: Hypnos.


47) What goddess is associated with magic and witchcraft?

Answer: Hecate.


48) Who were the Magi who came to see the new born Jesus?

Answer: Casper, Melchior and Balthazar.


49) (European) The Finnish magician-hero Vainamoinen is credited with the invention of what?

Answer: Music.


50) He was known as Hermes in Greek Mythology and was the messenger of the Gods. What name was he given by the Romans?

Answer: Mercury.


51) (Greek) Artemis is the goddess of what?

Answer: Hunting.


52) (Chinese) The parasol tree is the only tree that what type of creature will land on?

Answer: Phoenix.


53) Who is the Roman Goddess of food grains?

Answer: Ceres.


54) (European) What do Firedrakes typically guard?

Answer: Treasure.


55) Who was the Roman God of war?

Answer: Mars.


56) (Hindu) What secret weapon did the gods use to kill the demon Jalandhara?

Answer: Hindu.


57) Which 2 primordial gods spawned the Titans?

Answer: Uranus (Sky) & Gaia (Earth).


58) (Persian) The goddess Anahita is associated with what planet?

Answer: Venus.


59) Who in Greek mythology, slew the Nemean lion, and the boar of Erymanthus, captured the Arcadian stag and the Cretan bull and stole the Golden Apple of the Hesperides amongst other things?

Answer: Hercules (or Heracles).


60) (African) Elefo is a magic what used by the god Itonde to predict the future and foretell death?

Answer: Bell.


Mythology Quiz Questions Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) (Roman) Who was Romulus and Remus’s father?

Answer: Mars.


62) What opiate drug is named after the Greek god of dreams?

Answer: Morphine.


63) Legend has it that a Japanese girl was told’ that her future husband would live as many years as a flower has petals, so she divided each petal of a carnation into sections and created a new flower. What flower?

Answer: Chrysanthemum.


64) (Greek) Balios was a horse, given to who by Zeus or Poseidon?

Answer: Peleus.


65) (Greek) How many eyes do cyclops have?

Answer: One.


66) (Central American) How was the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli born?

Answer: Fully formed and fully armed.


67) Orpheus in mythology, and Lot’s wife in the Old Testament made the same’ grievous mistake. What was it?

Answer: They both looked back – Orpheus lost Eurydice and Lot’s wife turned to salt.


68) (Hebrew) The serpent Leviathan is said to emit a light even brighter than what?

Answer: The sun.


69) (Mesopotamian) Who were sacrificed to the Ammonite god Moloch?

Answer: Children.


70) (Hindu) How many heads does the demon Ravana have?

Answer: 10.


71) What was the name of the Roman God of sleep which is perpetuated in an English word meaning ‘sleepy’ of ‘drowsy’?

Answer: Somnus – somnolent.


72) (Greek) How did the king Odysseus try to avoid serving in the Trojan War?

Answer: Pretending madness.


73) (British) Who assumed the name Pendragon after becoming king?

Answer: Uther.


74) (Greek) What is Eros the god of?

Answer: Love.


75) Why is January named after the Roman God Janus?

Answer: He was the Roman God of beginnings and had two faces – one facing forward, the other facing back.


76) (Greek) Ambrosia is the food of what?

Answer: Gods.


77) (Greek) Chiron is the king of what race?

Answer: Centaurs.


78) (Greek) The Garden of the Hesperides is the garden of what goddess?

Answer: Hera.


79) In Greek mythology, what was the Sword of Damocles suspended by?

Answer: A Single horse-hair.


80) (Greek) The Trojan War was fought between what two groups?

Answer: Greeks and Trojans.


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