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General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 20 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 20 (2020)


1) Who was the author of the book  A Sentimental Education?

Answer: Gustave Flaubert.


2) What is Pediculosis capitis?

Answer: The stage which creates itch when the louse drinks the blood through the skin on the head and when the germs enter through it.


3) Aboard what ship did the Japanese surrender to the U.S. to end World War II?

Answer: USS Missouri.


4) River that runs through the centre of Tibet:

Answer: Yarlung Tsangpo.


5) St.Petersburg, Russia is adjacent to the?

Answer: Gulf of Finland.


6) To defy the Government orders, Gandhi published an unregistered weekly ‘Satyagraha’ in:

Answer: 1919.


7) According to Ann Landers, how should you tell a neighbor his dog keeps you awake at nite?

Answer: Call him at 2 a.m.

Ann Landers suggests keeping this up every night Fido barks, until the owner solves the problem.


8) What does apical dominance mean?

Answer: Dominance of apical growth over lateral growth.


9) In the Grimms’ fairy tales, which heroine got her name because she slept by the hearth?

Answer: Cinderella.


10) ‘Which theory of child development regards the child as an active solver of problems?

Answer: Cognitive theory.


11) According to a common phrase, a sad or dejected person is said to be “down in the” what?

Answer: Mouth.


12) Who was Rene Descartes?

Answer: A mathematician and philosopher.


13) Which is the most populated per square mile country in the world?

Answer: Monaco.


14) An important thing, we have to care at the time of dressing the injury?

Answer: Clean very carefully from interior to side.


15) All organisms in the plant kingdom have:

Answer: Chlorophyll.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 20 Part 2


16) Hoffkin’s Institute is in Mumbai. It is an institute for research work. On what subject is research work going on there?

Answer: Snake Venoms.


17) Which Australian state is the home of Perth?

Answer: Western Australia.


18) Which portion of the earths surface is formed by Abyssal plains?

Answer: The flattest portion.


19) Dachshunds,whippets and basenjis are all:

Answer: Hounds.

Hounds were originally bred to hunt animals, mostly using their sense of smell.


20) The central web-like membrane of the three membranes around the cental nervous system in mammals is:

Answer: Arachnoid.


21) What breed of dog was developed by the King brothers in southern NSW in the 1870s?

Answer: The kelpie.


22) Which is the first city in Western Asia?

Answer: Nineveh.


23) Who was the greek hero from the Trojan War took a long time to return home?

Answer: Odysseus.


24) Which was the capital of Arab Empire during the reign of first three caliphs?

Answer: Medina.


25) The planet which has the fastest revolution time is:

Answer: Mercury.


26) The professor who protested against the evil practices of the Catholic Church:

Answer: Martin Luther.


27) Which state is home to the Ottawa and Mainstee National Forests?

Answer: Michigan.


28) Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously in 1961?

Answer: Dag Hammarskjöld (died in a air crash on 18.8.1961).


29) Which Indian group is not from Central or South America?

Answer: Pueblo.

Inhabiting the southwestern U.S., the Pueblos are noted for fine craftsmanship.


30) The first king of Italy and the year in which he took that title:

Answer: Victor Emmanuel II (1861).


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