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General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 31 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 31 (2020)


1) Which kind of forests have only a spotty shrub layer?

Answer: Forests with a dense canopy and understory.


2) Whose compositions included “The Firebird” and “Petrushka”?

Answer: Igor Stravinsky.


3) Which generation is best developed in Bryophytes?

Answer: Gametophytic generation.


4) What great classical scientist first divided the animal kingdom into two groups: those with blood and those without?

Answer: Aristotle.


5) The two types of cognitive theories of development are derived from:

Answer: The theory of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and from an analogy to information processing in computers.


6) What has three main and seven foundation subjects and is followed in all UK primary and secondary schools?

Answer: National curriculum.


7) The period in which Rene Descartes lived?

Answer: 1596 to 1650.


8) Tigray, Oromia, Amhara, and Afar are states of which country?

Answer: Ethiopia.


9) We do not use cotton and gauze directly into the wound when we buy it from a medical shop. Why?

Answer: It is not sterilized.


10) You mix aluminum soap with gasoline in order to make:

Answer: Napalm.

Used in flame throwers and bombs, it burns hot and slow, and sticks to its target.


11) The venom of all snakes contains two toxic elements, a hemotoxin and a neurotoxin. Which one causes the destruction of red blood corpuscles and tissue cells with extensive swelling and decolourisation of soft parts?

Answer: Hemotoxin (Neurotoxin attacks nerve centres causing paralysis).


12) What is the approximate average depth of the world’s oceans?

Answer: 2.25 miles.


13) In where, the highest pressures in the earth’s crust is encountered?

Answer: In oceanic trenches.


14) Is there an Antarctic Circle?

Answer: Yes.


15) What is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of annus and rectum?

Answer: Proctology.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 31 Part 2


16) An … emitted in radioactive decay is called a beta particle.

Answer: Electron.


17) What was the most important occupation of the Egyptians?

Answer: Agriculture.


18) The Tiber River flows through which city?

Answer: Rome.


19) When did the Abbasids come to power over Arabian empire?

Answer: A.D. 750.


20) Who in 1923 became president of the new republic of Turkey?

Answer: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.


21) The English king who was publicly executed in 1649 A.D?

Answer: Charles I.


22) Who was the oldest sitting president?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was 77 when he finished his presidency.


23) The year in which both the German republics of Rwanda and Burundi became independent?

Answer: July 1962.


24) By 708, what drink had become a popular beverage among the Chinese?

Answer: Tea.

Tea became popular particularly because boiled water is safer to drink than untreated water. In addition, tea was popular because of its medicinal value.


25) The first Prime Minister of Socialist China:

Answer: Chou En-lai.


26) Who was the author of the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’?

Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


27) The number of British dead in the Boer war:

Answer: Around 100000.


28) Which country is currently ruled by the Chakri Dynasty?

Answer: Thailand.


29) The Montoneros guerrillas are infamous for their activities in which country?

Answer: Argentina.


30) Portions of all of the following countries average more than 500 centimeters (200 inches) of rain annually, except?

Answer: Brazil.


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