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General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 21 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 21 (2020)


1) Ascorbic acid is which vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin C.


2) The year in which the Boxer Rebellion in China came to an end:

Answer: 7th September 1901.


3) Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are represented on which national memorial?

Answer: Mount Rushmore.


4) In which month does the American festival of Thanksgiving Day fall?

Answer: The last Thursday in November.


5) At what battle did Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson earn his nickname?

Answer: The First Battle of Bull Run.

General Thomas Jonathan Jackson, also a West Point graduate, earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run (1861), by holding his ground.


6) The average thickness of earth:

Answer: 30-35 km.


7) Who was incarcerated for the assassination of Dr. King

Answer: James Earl Ray.


8) Name it for which Havana is famous:

Answer: Cigars.


9) Which of the following is the world’s northernmost capital city?

Answer: Reykjavik.


10) Which country is sometimes called the Dragon Kingdom?

Answer: Bhutan.


11) The table that lists over 100 different types of elements is called the:

Answer: Periodic Table.


12) People of European Tundra are known as?

Answer: Lapps.


13) What Brothers Grimm fairy tale heroine let visitors into her tower prison by having them climb up her hair?

Answer: Rapunzel.


14) Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais wrote the brilliant comedy ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ (1784), which was made into an opera, by:

Answer: Mozart.


15) Three founding members of the band Talking Heads met while they were students at which school?

Answer: Rhode Island School of Design.

Lead vocalist and guitarist David Byrne, bassist Tina Weymouth, and drummer Chris Frantz were all students at Rhode Island School of Design, an art college in Providence, Rhode Island, when they formed The Artistics (also sometimes called the Autistics) in 1974. Jerry Harrison, then a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, joined the band in 1977, after they had changed their name to Talking Heads.


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16) Which is the biggest North American city in population?

Answer: Mexico.


17) In which city would you find Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Answer: Manila.


18) How many books did Agatha Christie write?

Answer: 87.


19) What was the name of the film in which Hoagy Carmichael sings Lazy River?

Answer: The Best Years of Our Lives.


20) Where is Antarctica’s Gold Coast?

Answer: Near Brisbane.


21) Rocks that were originally either sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic and have been changed further by heat and pressure are called:

Answer: Metamorphic.


22) The central place theory was propagated by:

Answer: Walter Christalle.


23) What is the capital of the new country of East Timor?

Answer: Dili.


24) Who is the author of ‘Choice of Technique’?

Answer: Amartya Sen.


25) What is the relation of Genghis Khan to Kublai Khan?

Answer: Grandfather.

During Kublai Khan’s rule (1260-94), the great Khanate became the Yuan dynasty of China.


26) When was APPLE launched into space?

Answer: June 19, 1981.


27) Who came last on Mark Twain’s list of 27 things to rescue in the event of a boarding-house fire?

Answer: Mothers-in-law.


28) In which film did Robert Redford make his debut as director, which incidentally earned him an Oscar for best Director?

Answer: Ordinary People.


29) Humans have an estimated 762 distinct muscles. How many muscles can be found in some caterpillars?

Answer: 4000.


30) The five representatives of each nation has only one vote in UN General Assembly. Is it true or false?

Answer: True.


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