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General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 30 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 30 (2020)


1) Scientists divided the first human beings into three species. Which are they?

Answer: Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus.


2) Which ageless toy was originally made from the knucklebones of dogs and sheep?

Answer: Marbles.

The oldest marbles were found in an ancient Egyptian child’s tomb dating back to 3000 B.C.


3) Which produces images of letters and other characters on light-sensitive film or paper?

Answer: Phototypesetting.


4) Whose faked autobiography landed Clifford Irving in jail?

Answer: Howard Hughes.


5) Who used three characters on stage at a time which increased the dramatic complexity of Greek drama?

Answer: Sophocles.


6) The largest moth is the Owlet moth of tropical America. What is its wingspan?

Answer: 18 inches.

This is a little wider than the length of two pieces of paper set side by side.


7) By the use of which filter blue colour appears normal, green darker, yellow and red lighter?

Answer: Medium yellow filter.


8) Name the mountain that overlooks Cape Town.

Answer: Table Mountain.


9) To which tribe Eliab leaded, the journey from wilderness of Sinai?

Answer: Zebulun.


10) Which Nobel Prize winner did “Time Magazine” name Person of the Century?

Answer: Albert Einstein.


11) What is the nickname of Georges Prosper Remi who is a Belgian artist?

Answer: Hergé.


12) The theory that the universe originated from a gigantic explosion of a central large and dense mass is the:

Answer: Big Bang Theory.


13) What is a maillot?

Answer: Tight swimming suit.


14) After Denmark, which country has territory closest to the geographic North Pole?

Answer: Canada.


15) When did The Central Secretariat in China was dissolved in the Cultural Revolution?

Answer: In 1966.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 30 Part 2


16) Which vehicle – a motorbike or a truck – would have the greatest inertia?

Answer: The truck.


17) What is a phonograph?

Answer: A device which reproduces the sound. It is an earlier form of the gramophone.


18) Who attempted to assassinate Edwin (Ted) Walker on April 10, 1963?

Answer: Lee Harvey Oswald.


19) What is the currency of Brunei:

Answer: Dollar.


20) What type of blood vessels return blood to the heart?

Answer: Veins.


21) Where in Japan most of the tourists reach?

Answer: Kyoto.


22) What do you call a grouping of curs?

Answer: A cowardice.

Cowardice of curs.


23) According to the structure of the bones of face there are seven shapes for the face. Which are they?

Answer: Oval, round, square, rectangle, projected, the shape of the heart and shape of the gem.


24) Canal Whiteside is attached to which water body?

Answer: Strait of Magellan.


25)  Tibet’s most cities and towns are located in:

Answer: Outer plateau.


26) What are the names of the seven diminutive people in Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Answer: In Walt Disney’s 1937 adaptation of the old fairy tale, the forest-dwelling dwarfs have the names of Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Doc, and Sleepy.


27) In which month and day, the Romans worshipped Flora the Goddess of spring by dancing around a maypole decorated with flowers?

Answer: May 1.


28) Which type of composition expanded from the previous quartet and quintet arrangements to include string ensembles with soloist and ultimately entire orchestras used in conjunction with the solo instrument?

Answer: Concertos.


29) When did Gandhi make this observation that if the people scrupulously followed his program, Swaraj should dawn within a year?

Answer: 1920.


30) US Marine Corps ace Gregory Boyington shot down more enemy aircraft than any other marine. How many did he down?

Answer: 28.


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