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100 Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia

Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia


Game of Thrones Quiz Questions - GOT Trivia


Top 100 Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia – Part 1


1) Tywin Lannister has _____ kids?
Answer: Three (Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion)


2) ‘Mad king’ is the common name of King Aerys II Targaryen who was the father of _____
Answer: Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen and Rhaegar Targaryen.


3) Who among Cersei’s children was shipped off to Dorne after Jaime returns to King’s Landing?
Answer: Princess Myrcella Baratheon.


4) In which season Sansa choose to marry Ramsay Bolton?
Answer: Season 3.


5) Who was in love with Shae?
Answer: Tyrion Lannister.


6) Name the person who was the 997th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch at the time when Jon Snow joined?
Answer: Mormont.


7) Name the eldest son and heir of Lord Eddard Stark who fell in love with Talisa Maegyr, she was a Volantene combat healer and medic on the fields of the Westerlands
Answer: Robb Stark.


8) _____ shot an arrow to the heart of Mance as an act of mercy?
Answer: Jon Snow.


9) Who rescues Daenerys from Sons of the Harpy’s attack?
Answer: Drogon, Daenerys’ biggest dragon.


10) The House of Black and White is a temple located in _____ dedicated to the Many-Faced God.
Answer: Bravos.


11) Eddard Stark, also called “Ned” and Catelyn had _____ children.
Answer: 5.


12) _____ saved Sansa from the mob in King’s Landing?
Answer: The hound.


13) Who was called Black Fish?
Answer: Brynden Tully.


14)The meaning of “Valar morghulis”, ‘a High Valyrian saying originating from Braavos, a city located on the northwestern tip of Essos’ is
Answer: All men must die.


15) In the initial stage of the story, which character was the lord of Westerlands?
Answer: Tywin Lannister.


16) An unsullied has to kill _____ in front of _____ for proclaiming he is not weak at emotions.
Answer: A newborn slave baby, its mother.


17)Where did the body of Rickon bury?
Answer: The crypt of Winterfell.


18) Princess Rhaella Targaryen had _____ children?
Answer: 3.


19) Name of Danerys’s unborn child was _____.
Answer: Rhaego.


20) Whose another name was “Mad King”?
Answer: King Aerys II Targaryen.


21) Name the person who pushed Brandon stark out of the tower window?
Answer: Jaime Lannister.


22) Name the queen who was mother to two kings.
Answer: Cersei Lannister.

23) Name the season in which Jon Snow died.
Answer: Season Five.


24) Place where Khal Drogo died.
Answer: Dothraki Sea.


25) Name Jaime Lannister’s twin sister.
Answer: Cersei Lannister.


Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia – Part 2


26) _____ swore an oath to Catelyn Stark.
Answer: Jaime Lannister.


27)Number of children Olenna and Lord Luthor Tyrell had.
Answer: Three.


28) Who got infected to greyscale disease?
Answer: Jorah Mormont.


29) Mother of Robb Stark.
Answer: Catelyn Stark.


30) Oberyn Martel was father to how many daughters?
Answer: Three.


31) What was the relation of Eddard Stark to Jon Snow?
Answer: Uncle.


32) Ned Stark had _____ siblings.
Answer: 3.


33) What caused Robert to die?
Answer: A boar.


34) _____ is the biggest castle in the Westeros.
Answer: Harrenhal.


35) What was the name of Arya Stark when she mannered as a boy?
Answer: Arry.


36) _____ stole Needle from Arya.
Answer: Polliver.


37) Name the person who was leaking information about Tyrion’s plans to Cersei.
Answer: Lord Varys.


38) Along with the message, what else contained in the box when Lysa sent a message about Jon Arryn’s death to Catelyn?
Answer: A lens.


39) Drogo killed Viserys by _____.
Answer: pouring molten gold over his head.


40) Commander Mormont gave Jon Snow _____ in return for saving his life.
Answer: The sword Longclaw made of the metal called Valyrian steel.


41) Name of the role Tywin Lannister gave to his son, Tyrion.
Answer: Hand of the King.


42) King Robert passed away in the episode _____.
Answer: 7.


43) Episode _____ was called, ‘Baelor’.
Answer: 9.


44) Name the house from where character Yara came.
Answer: House Greyjoy.


45) Name the person who substituted Janos Slynt as commander of the City Watch?
Answer: Bronn.


46) _____ is the name of Stannis’ sword.
Answer: Lightbringer.


47) For what deed was Ser Davos sent to prison by Stannis?
Answer: For attacking Melisandre.


48) The first person who assassinated Beric Dondarrion was _____.
Answer: The Mountain.


49) Name Gendry Baratheon’s birthplace.
Answer: Flea Bottom.


50) Gregor Clegane is known as _____.
Answer: The Mountain.


Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia – Part 3


51) ‘The Viper’ is the nickname of whom?
Answer: Oberyn Martell.


52) Name the house, Mace came from.
Answer: House Tyrell.


53)Who performed as Stannis Baratheon?
Answer: Brienne.


54) Shireen taught Gilly _____.
Answer: How to read.


55) To whom did Daenerys get married?
Answer: Hizdahr zo Loraq.


56) What caused Ramsay Bolton to die?
Answer: Sansa feeds him to his own hounds.


57) From which house did Brynden, the Blackfish, come from?
Answer: House Tully.


58) The real name of _____ is Willis.
Answer: Hodor’s.


59) Name the person who murdered Olenna Tyrell.
Answer: Jaime Lannister.


60) The total population of King’s Landing was _____.
Answer: 1 million.


61) Number of steps in the Citadel.
Answer: 15782.


62) Who becomes the king at the end of the series?
Answer: Bran Stark.


63) Daenerys legitimized Gendry Baratheon and made him Lord of _____.
Answer: The Stormlands.


64) Who flew away with Daenerys’s body?
Answer: Drogon.


65) Which title did King commanded Ned to take?
Answer: Hand of the King.


66) Arya named her direwolf after _____, the warrior-queen of the Rhoynar who lived a thousand years ago.
Answer: Nymeria of Dorne.


67) What occupation did Syrio Forel do for 9 years?
Answer: The First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos.


68) Who is Theone Greyjoy’s sister?
Answer: Yara.


69) Tyrion sent Janos Slynt to _____.
Answer: The Night’s Watch.


70) In episode 1 Stannis got a sword. What is its name?
Answer: Lightbringer.


71) Who got through the attack on Harrenhal?
Answer: Qyburn.


72) What is the name of the dragon that was used to forge the Iron Throne?
Answer: Balerion the Dread.


73) City of Yunkai is also known as?
Answer: The Yellow City.


74) Name the person who assassinated Elia Martell?
Answer: The Mountain.


75) What is the name of Joffrey’s sword?
Answer: Widow’s Wail.


Game of Thrones Quiz Questions – GOT Trivia – Part 4


76) Tommen’s cat was named _____.
Answer: Ser Pounce.


77) Arya Stark dye her hair to _____.
Answer: Black.


78) What caused Mance Rayder to die?
Answer: He is shot through the heart with an arrow.


79) Robin Arryn is _____ years old.
Answer: Thirteen.


80) _____ brought Jon back to life.
Answer: Melisandre.


81) Sam takes Gilly and Little Sam to where?
Answer: Horn Hill.


82) Who first discovered Jon Snow’s body after he had been stabbed and assassinated?
Answer: Davos Seaworth.


83) In the journey to Dragonstone, who accompanied Jon Snow?
Answer: Ser Davos.


84) ‘The Smiling Knight’ was conquered by _____.
Answer: Sir Arthur Dayne.


85) Which character is also known as the ‘Onion Knight’?
Answer: Ser Davos.


86) Jon Snow was sent to the Night’s Watch _____.
Answer: for killing Daenerys.


87) Name of the dragon on which Jon rides.
Answer: Rhaegal.


88) Who is the leader of the Golden Company?
Answer: Harry Strickland.


89) King asked Ned to take the title _____.
Answer: Hand of the King.


90) Arya calls her Direwolf _____.
Answer: Nymeria.


91) Name of the swordsman who executed Ned.
Answer: Ser Ilyn Payne.


92) Who is Theon’s sister?
Answer: Yara.


93) Ygritte’s last words before death were _____.
Answer: You know nothing John Snow.


94) When Gilly leaves, Sam gives him a gift. What is it?
Answer: A sewing thimble.


95) Name of Gilly’s child.
Answer: Sam.


96) When Sansa married Tyrion, how old was she?
Answer: 14.


97) City of Yunkai also known as _____.
Answer: The Yellow City.


98) Cercei criticized whom for Joffrey’s death?
Answer: Tyrion.


99) Who is the brother of Oberyn Martell?
Answer: Doran Martell, The prince of dawn.


100) The actual name of Maester Aemon is _____.
Answer: Aemon Targaryen.


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