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General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 25 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 25 (2020)


1) Gandhi was elected President of the All-India “Khilafat” Conference which held its session on 24 November, 1919 at?

Answer: Delhi.


2) American writer and humorist Samuel Clemens adopted which pen name from a term commonly used in river boating?

Answer: Mark Twain.

While working as a reporter on a Nevada newspaper, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a former Mississippi riverboat pilot, adopted the pseudonym Mark Twain, which in river parlance means “two fathoms deep.”


3) Which kind of plants have more than one stem?

Answer: Shrubs.


4) What is the largest U.S. state east of the Mississippi River?

Answer: Georgia.


5) A passage in which the river water flows are:

Answer: Channel.


6) What was the name of the first trained dolphin in the movie The Day of the Dolphin?

Answer: Alpha.


7) Miller’s experiment proves the origin of life by:

Answer: Chemosynthesis.


8) Talc is the softest mineral. The scale used to test the hardness of minerals for identification is:

Answer: Moh’s Scale.


9) How many dominant types of cognitive theories of development are there?

Answer: Two.


10) The town of Hershey, home to the world’s largest chocolate plant, can be found in which state?

Answer: Pennsylvania.


11) Who invented analytic geometry?

Answer: Rene Descartes.


12) Which bird’s feathers turn white during the winter?

Answer: Ptarmigan.

Ptarmigans are members of the grouse family of game birds.


13) Which is the principal animal steroid?

Answer: Cholesterol.


14) What kind of creature was Dr. Seuss’s Yertle?

Answer: A turtle.


15) In which state of India, the broadest continental shelf is found?

Answer: Gujarat.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers October 25 Part 2


16) Which insect has been used to treat baldness?

Answer: Blister beetles.


17) Process of changing a fluid into a thickened congealed state, as in blood is called:

Answer: Coagulation.


18) Which city is the capital of the Italian region of Lombardy?

Answer: Milan.


19) Which was the capital of Egypt during the period of The Old Kingdom?

Answer: Memphis.


20) What is the two-word motto for the Boy Scouts of America?

Answer: Be prepared.


21) Arabian Peninsula is a vast plateau lying between:

Answer: the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.


22) The estimated age of the universe is:

Answer: Between 7 and 20 billion years old.


23) The leader of the counter-reformation was a retired soldier called:

Answer: Ignatius of Loyola.


24) Which Latin American country has the highest proportion of black population?

Answer: Panama.


25) A world leader, whose dead body was secretly removed from the Mausoleum in 1961?

Answer: Stalin’s.


26) The word “dinosaur” is derived from the Greek for “terrible lizard”.

Answer: True.


27) The name of the first workers government in the world:

Answer: Paris Commune.


28) The tendency for a stationary object to remain at rest, and for a moving object to continue at the same speed is called:

Answer: Inertia.


29) ‘The Boer War’ fought between the Boers of South Africa and the English was in the year:

Answer: AD 1899.


30) Who was King Arthur’s wife?

Answer: Guinevere.


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