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General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 24 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 24 (2020)


1) All land-living vertebrates, including human beings are descended from which fishes?

Answer: Lobe-finned fishes.


2) The scientific name for mosses is:

Answer: Bryophytes.


3) From where anthropologists have founded the important fossils of the first human beings lived in Africa?

Answer: Shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya and in Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania.


4) Hong Kong is also known as?

Answer: Xianggang.


5) Which typesetting uses molten metal and molds of letters, numbers and other characters to produce type?

Answer: Hot-metal typesetting.


6) Which of these writers was an innovator of the stream of consciousness technique?

Answer: James Joyce.

The technique which mimics the inner thought process is used widely in his novel “Ulysses”.


7) Who used only two characters on stage at a time?

Answer: Aeschylus.


8) Which states parliamentarians became the first in Australia to be paid?

Answer: Victoria’s.


9) What is the name given to the number by which the exposure should be increased for a particular filter with a particular film?

Answer: Filter factor.


10) Who was the one-eyed giant?

Answer: Cyclops.


11) Who leaded the army of the tribe of the children of Issachar the journey from the wilderness of Sinai?

Answer: Nethaneel.


12) The ‘blue’ planet with the most water is:

Answer: Earth.


13) What is the real name of Frank Richards who was an English writer?

Answer: Charles Harold St. John Hamilton.


14) Which country is not adjacent to Lake Tanganyika?

Answer: Malawi.


15) In which place Baluchar Sari or Baluchuri Sari is manufactured?

Answer: In Bengal.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 24


16) Which famous symbol was variously represented as a chalice, dish or stone?

Answer: Holy grail.

The object of a quest by the Knights of the Round Table, it could be found only by the pure.


17) Who is the leader of the Communist Party?

Answer: General Secretary or First Secretary.


18) Where in the body does a cataract form?

Answer: Eye.


19) One square kilometer is equal to how many hectares?

Answer: 100 hectares.


20) Tuscan and Composite are two classical orders of what type of architecture?

Answer: Roman.


21) What is the currency of Bulgaria:

Answer: Lev.


22) Which Civil War general popularized a new men’s hairstyle, which became known as “sideburns”?

Answer: General Ambrose E. Burnside.

Union General Ambrose E. Burnside earned a niche in history for his mutton chops, which became known as “sideburns.”


23) Which are the famous seashores in Jamaica?

Answer: The shores of Ocho Rios and Montego seas.


24) What was Dr. Martin Luther King’s nickname when he was younger?

Answer: M.L.


25) Which product of nature is used to control dandruff?

Answer: Henna.


26) Following the U.S., which country is the leading maize (corn) producer?

Answer: China.


27) In which plateau majority of Tibet’s population lives?

Answer: Outer plateau.


28) A mixture where one substance dissolves in another is called:

Answer: A solution.


29) In which art form people organise the expressive movements of their bodies into rhythmic and visual patterns?

Answer: Dancing.


30) In sports, which NBA player is the all-time leader in points scored, Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


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