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General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 23 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 23 (2020)


1) According to Astrology, friend planets of Jupiter:

Answer: Sun, Moon and Mars.


2) What stands 320 metres tall in the Champ de Mars and was designed for the 1889 Paris Exhibition?

Answer: Eiffel Tower.


3) What are the two types of cylinder liners?

Answer: Dry liners and wet liners.


4) The Lena River in Russia flows into which sea?

Answer: Laptev Sea.


5) What is the main aim of man according to Buddhism?

Answer: To attain Moksha.


6) A squall line is a term used to describe a:

Answer: Weather front.

It is a line that precedes a cold front, marked by wind gusts and often heavy rain.


7) “If my mother had lived, I could not have loved you, for she would never have let me go” D.H. Lawrence told his wife Frieda. In which novel does Lawrence portray a mother’s possessive love for her son?

Answer: Sons and Lovers.


8) What is the speed of light?

Answer: 186,300 miles per second.


9) Name the American jazz pianist and song-writer who composed ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ and the Negro folk-opera ‘Porgy and Bess’:

Answer: George Gershwin.


10) In which ocean would zero degrees longitude, zero degrees latitude be found?

Answer: The Atlantic Ocean.


11) Name the person who became the chairman of U.S.S.R in 1988, he was also a Soviet leader?

Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev.


12) Can orbitals hold two, four or eight electrons?

Answer: No.


13) Warm ocean currents in the equatorial region is known as:

Answer: Equatorial current.


14) Which country leads the world in alcohol consumption?

Answer: China.


15) Who defined social control “as a process by which individual is made group responsive and by which social organisation is built and maintained”?

Answer: Paul H. Landis.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 23


16) Who were Hugh de Merville, William de Tracy, Reginald Fitzurse and Richard le Breton?

Answer: The four knights who assassinated Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.


17) What was the name taken by Nicholas Break Spear in 1154 when he became the only English Pope? Answer: Adrian IV.


18) Who was the only president to serve in the Senate after his presidency?

Answer: Andrew Johnson.


19) What is Reversibility?

Answer: The ability to convert future sums into present funds quickly without appreciable money loss.


20) King Clovis established what city as his capital in 508?

Answer: Paris.

Clovis ruled over the Franks from 481-511 A.D.


21) Where was the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable connected?

Answer: Valentia, Ireland, to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland, Canada.


22) Who was the author of the book Gypsy Ballads?

Answer: Federico Garcia Lorca.


23) Which one had driven German troops out of most of Eastern Europe and had established a pro-Communist Government in Poland?

Answer: Soviet Forces.


24) Who was Time magazine’s first Man of the Year in 1927?

Answer: Charles Lindbergh.


25) The meaning of the word Al-Ameen:

Answer: The faithful.


26) What type of vehicle do the British call a ‘lorry’?

Answer: A Truck.


27) In France, who established royal furniture workshops?

Answer: King Henry IV.


28) In which sport would you hear the term “Dogleg”?

Answer: Golf.

It is golf jargon for a fairway bending either to the right or the left.


29) Annapurna is located at:

Answer: Himalaya in Nepal.


30) In periodicals, the name of what U.S. magazine is the French word for “miss”?

Answer: Mademoiselle.


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