100 GK Questions and Answers in English

100 GK Questions and Answers in English


100 GK Questions and Answers in English


1) Which archbishop holds the official title ‘Primate of All England’?
Answer: the Archbishop of Canterbury.


2) A device to finance trade:
Answer: The bill of exchange.


3) Who began using telegraphy to centralize and speed up news distribution?
Answer: Reuters in die United Kingdom and Associated Press in die United States.


4) What is ‘Occupation Zones’?
Answer: Areas controlled by the Allies.


5) Name the grandfather who brought up prophet Muhammad Nabi:
Answer: Abd al-Muttalib.


6) What is called a portable cabinet:
Answer: Vargueno.


7) Where is the location of Aconcagua?
Answer: Andes in Argentina.


8) Fishes with lobed fins are known as:
Answer: Lobe-finned fishes.


9) The people who lived after 8000 B.C in the Stone Age are called:
Answer: Mesolithic people.


10) Which machines produce printing plates, flat pieces of metal or plastic?
Answer: Laser Platesetters.


11) Who wrote “Oresteia” the only surviving trilogy?
Answer: Aeschylus.


12) Which legal term indicates disregarding of a court order?
Answer: Contempt of court.


13) Which are the medium speed films?
Answer: ASA 80-200.


14) According to the command of God who shall make the trumpet when congregation is to be gathered together?
Answer: The sons of Aaron, the priests.


15) What is the pen name of George William Russell who was an Irish poet?
Answer: A.E.


16) What is the name of fine white linen?
Answer: Lawn.


17) What is the name of party committees administrative staffs in Soviet Union?
Answer: Departments.


18) One decagram is equal to how many grams?
Answer: 10 grams.


19) What is the currency of Brazil:
Answer: Brazilian real.


20) What is attracted by the tourists in Ivory Coast?
Answer: Huge Christian Basilica at Yamoussoukro.


GK Questions and Answers in English Part 2


21) What is Alopecia areata?
Answer: The baldness which occurs here and there on the head in round shape.


22) Southern border of outer plateau:
Answer: Himalaya.


23) A famous oriental dance which is performed in Burma is known as?
Answer: Pwe.


24) Gandhi attended the Indian National Congress for the first time in:
Answer: 1901.


25) Some other understory trees are young trees that may in time join the canopy layer. Is it true?
Answer: Yes.


26) Low order streams are commonly called:
Answer: Brooks or Creeks.


27) Which cells are undifferentiated?
Answer: Cancer cells.


28) Who were Edward Thorndike and B. F. Skinner?
Answer: American psychologists.


29) If the accidental person fell down and didn’t get pulse beat. What should do?
Answer: Carry him to the hospital as early as possible and on the way hold up both the legs.


30) Who were the leading rationalists?
Answer: Rene Descartes, Baruch Spinoza and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.


31) Which part of our brain controls respiration, blood pressure, heart beat and other involuntary processes?
Answer: Medulla Oblongata.


32) The part of the ocean between 0- 200 m depth is described as:
Answer: Continental shelf.


33) The inner membrane enclosing the developing embryo of amniota and contains a fluid is known as:
Answer: Amnion.


34) The Mesopotamian calendar was based on:
Answer: Moon.


35) Kufa is in modern:
Answer: Iraq.


36) The Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the reign of Harsha?
Answer: Hiuen Tsang.


37) The Nobel Prize winner (Literature) who was found shot through the head (2nd July 1961):
Answer: Ernest Hemingway.


38) The first modern Republic of the world:
Answer: The U.S.A.


39) The places in Japan where the USA dropped atom bombs in 1945:
Answer: Hiroshima (Aug. 6) Nagasaki (Aug. 9).


40) Where would you find a “Martello tower” and for what were they used?
Answer: On the south coast of England-they were towers built as a defense against French invasion”” during Napoleonic times.


GK Questions and Answers in English Part 3


41) Upper part of the Lithosphere is made up of:
Answer: Granite rock.


42) Which is the smallest colony in the world?
Answer: Gibraltar.


43) Which is the capital of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province?
Answer: Batticaloa.


44) Which is the largest river in Europe?
Answer: Volga.


45) In which language did Henrik Ibsen originally write?
Answer: Norwegian.


46) In which country is the city of Niagara Falls?
Answer: Canada.


47) What is a blurb?
Answer: Description of a book’s contents printed on the flap of the jacket or any part of the book.


48) What is the northernmost physical feature of the Australian mainland?
Answer: Thursday Island.


49) The annual growth rate of population in India during the decade 1981-91 was?
Answer: 2.11%.


50) Who succeeded Alfred Marshall as Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge?
Answer: Arthur Cecil Pigou.


51) What is the name of India’s first geostationary satellite?
Answer: APPLE.


52) Stanley Kubrick has directed films in variety of genres, ranging from a historical epic (Spartacus) to a black comedy about the dangers of nuclear weapons (Dr. Strangelove), but his most famous film is probably 2001. A space Odessey, arguably the greatest science fiction film to emerge from Hollywood. What was the only Oscar which was awarded to Kubrick for this film?
Answer: For best special visual effects.


53) The son of Ex union Minister Charanjit Chanana tried to make a success out of a film career but failed. Name him:
Answer: Ashish Channa.


54) How many representatives can send each nation to the meeting in general assembly of UN?
Answer: Five.


55) Who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1901?
Answer: Jacobus Henricus van ‘t Hoff (Dutch).


56) Who won the High Hurdles Gold in Atlanta Olympics ‘96?
Answer: Allen Johnson.


57) What is known as the ‘Samba Style’ of football?
Answer: South American style of playing football.


58) Who was the second youngest Indian Cricketer who played test match?
Answer: Piyush Chawla (17yrs, 75 days).


59) Name the runner-up in men’s Wimbledon 1998:
Answer: Goran Ivanišević, Croatia.


60) Which detective is Inspector Ghote?
Answer: H.R.F. Keating.


GK Questions and Answers in English Part 4


61) What kind of money was used by the Sumerians in their trade with other countries?
Answer: Gold coins and silver coins.


62) How are intertidal algae able to protect themselves when they are exposed during receding tides?
Answer: They are usually covered with excessive mucilage which retains moisture.


63) In cyanide process what is used for separating the metal from the cyanide solution?
Answer: Zinc.


64) Who said “Leadership is the quality of the behaviour of individuals whereby they guide the people or their activities?
Answer: Chester Barnard.


65) Minimum memory capacity for loading Delphi 3:
Answer: 16 bit.


66) Which band is used for communication, especially via ionosphere?
Answer: HF.


67) Approximately 1.0 mg/1 fluoride in drinking water helps to prevent:
Answer: Dental cavities.


68) What is the area of shrimp farming in India?
Answer: About 70,000 hectares.


69) ‘ Mathematical study of oscillatory motion began with the basic aim to improve the method of:
Answer: Telling time.


70) At what temperature the velocity of sound in a gas is thrice its velocity at 0 °C?
Answer: 2184 °C.


71) Which Portuguese navigator commanded the first expedition in 1519 to sail around the world?
Answer: Ferdinand Magellan.


72) Who said small communities are primary groups?
Answer: C.H. Cooley.


73) How many stories does Boccaccio’s ‘Decameron’ contain?
Answer: 100.


74) It is a kind of sleeve which is fitted in the cylinder bore either as original component or as an overhaul feature to obtain standard size bore after using over size pistons. Name the component:
Answer: Cylinder liners.


75) What is sangha?
Answer: Group of Buddhist monks and nuns.


76) Who could have said, ‘sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant’?
Answer: Henry Miller.


77) In music what does the term ‘Allegro’ mean?
Answer: Quickly or lively.


78) Who was the founder of ‘Servants of Indian Society’?
Answer: Gopal Krishna Gokhale.


79) Which channel separates the Atlantic ocean and North sea by the strait of Dove?
Answer: English Channel.


80) According to astrology friend planets of Mercury:
Answer: Sun and Venus.


GK Questions and Answers in English Part 5


81) Which is the ninth month of the Muslim Calendar?
Answer: Ramadan.


82) What are the three important aspects of liquidity?
Answer: Negotiability, Reversibility, Marketability.


83) In 1830’s who developed an improved photograph?
Answer: Louis J.M. Daguerre.


84) Who promised that the U.S.S.R would go to war against Japan within three months after Germany surrendered?
Answer: Stalin.


85) Vargueno was a contribution of whom?
Answer: Spanish artisans.


86) Which is the highest mountain, climbed until 1953?
Answer: Annapurna.


87) Through which organ many of lobe-finned fishes gulped air when there was not enough oxygen in the water?
Answer: Lungs.


88) Farmers who lived after 8000 B.C in the Stone Age are called:
Answer: Neolithic people.


89) Which setting was the dominant form of typesetting from the late 1800’s until the mid 1900’s?
Answer: Hot-metal typesetting.


90) Name the playwright whose work served as the primary model for Aristotle’s writing on tragedy?
Answer: Sophocles.


91) What is the function of a camera filter?
Answer: To stop the light of certain colours while other colours are absorbed.


92) Who leaded the children of Judah, the journey from Sinai?
Answer: Nahshon.


93) What is levis?
Answer: Twilled cotton trousers worn by men.


94) What are the main duties of ‘Departments’?
Answer: To manage party affairs and to co-operate in indoctrinating and mobilizing the people.


95) 1000 cubic millimetres are equal to how many cubic centimetre?
Answer: One cubic centimeter.


96) What is the Currency of Burkina Faso:
Answer: Franc.


97) Where do most of the tourists stay in Jamaica?
Answer: In resort centres at the sea shores.


98) How did the Sumerians irrigate their land?
Answer: With the help of dams and canals.


99) According to Astrology enemy planets of Jupiter:
Answer: Venus and Mercury.


100) Who developed the Declaration on Liberated Europe, in which they pledged to hold democratic elections in countries freed from the control of Germany and it Allies?
Answer: The Allied leaders.


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