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101 UK General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

UK General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers – UK, England, London Quizzes


1) the Last ruler of the Tudor house in England is ________

Answer: Elizabeth I.


2) Largest park in London is ________

Answer: Richmond, Surrey.


3) First television broadcast of Britain was broadcasted from __________, in London.

Answer: Alexandra Palace.


4) Leading folk club in London in the 60s was _____________

Answer: Troubador.


5) Nearer to River Thames, a Soccer club in London located. Name the club?

Answer: Fulham.


6) Biggest river in England, the first letter is ‘T’. Name it?

Answer: Thames.


7) The equivalent of America’s High schools in England is ______

Answer: Senior Schools.


8) In 2007, he became First Minister of Scotland. In 2011 he again became Minister. Who is it?

Answer: Alex Salmond.


9) “The Battle of Bosworth Field” occurs in 1485. And after that who crowned as the king of England?

Answer: Henry Tudor (Henry Vii).


10) Highest mountain in England is _________

Answer: Scafell Pike.


11) London Marathon was first time held in the year _______.

Answer: 1981.


12) The bubonic plague, which took place in England in the 14th century is known as ________

Answer: The Black Death.


13) In the London Underground, longest line is ________.

Answer: The Northern Line.


14) Savoy Theatre in London is situated in __________ street.

Answer: The Strand.


15) Allen Lane was the founder of a publishing company which started in 1935. Name the company?

Answer: Penguin.


16) Full Form of ISA, in UK Finance is _____

Answer: Individual Savings Account.


17) Longest-running play in London theatre ever in history is _________.

Answer: The Mousetrap.


18) ‘Mansion House’ in London is the official residence of ____________

Answer: Lord Mayor of London.


19) Titanic was built in a UK city. Name it?

Answer: Belfast.


20) London’s football club which is older is _______

Answer: Fulham (established 1879).


21) London and Cardiff were connected by _______ motorway.

Answer: The M4.


22) In 1986 a UK bank was privatised. Name the bank

Answer: The TSB.


23) In the ‘Tower of London’ there is a gate which leads onto River Thames. Name the gate.

Answer: Traitor’s Gate.


24) England King Henry II was born in which country?

Answer: France.


25) Before Elizabeth II ________ was the last England Queen by succession?

Answer: Queen Victoria.


UK General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers – UK, England, London Quizzes Part 2


26) The whispering Gallery is situated in which UK cathedral?

Answer: St. Paul’s.


27) England’s Lake which is deepest is ________

Answer: Wastwater.


28) Bryan Robson who is a former famous English footballer and England team captain have a nickname that is a superhero in a comic book. what is the name?

Answer: Captain Marvel.


29) A bell has been used at Lloyds in London. Name it?

Answer: Lutine Bell.


30) “The Princess” is developed by which car manufacturers in the UK?

Answer: Austin.


31) In the Harry Potter series books and films a railway station in London is mentioned. Name the railway station?

Answer: Kings Cross.


32) London’s Charing Cross and Fleet Street is connected by which road?

Answer: The Strand.


33) Engineer Joseph Bazalgette contribute to London’s improvement. What is the important contribution?

Answer: The sewers.


34) Parking meters were first placed in London’s which part?

Answer: Mayfair.


35) Largest Castle in England is _________

Answer: Windsor.


36) Old Bailey building in London, on the top of it holds something on its right hand. What is it?

Answer: A sword.


37) “Royal Opera House” in London is situated in __________.

Answer: Covent Garden.


38) A railway station in London has the name deals with a battle with Napoleon. Name the railway station.

Answer: Waterloo.


39) In London’s Old Montagu House in Bloomsbury a famous building’s site is occupied. Which is it?

Answer: British Museum.


40) In the UK, for what service 123 is dialing?

Answer: The Speaking Clock.


41) ‘Bank of England’ is situated in which street?

Answer: Threadneedle Street.


42) In London’s ‘ Leicester Square’ a famous actor’s statue is located. Whose statue is it?

Answer: Charlie Chaplin.


43) London’s Harley Street deals with which profession?

Answer: Medical.


44) Benjamin Hall gave its name to which landmark of London?

Answer: Big Ben.


45) An England queen who only ruled for nine days was _____________.

Answer: Lady Jane Grey.


46) England’s first Tudor king was __________

Answer: Henry VII (1485-1509).


47) ‘Mumps’ railway station is situated in ____________, England.

Answer: Oldham.


48) Founder of London Library is _________

Answer: Thomas Carlyle.


49) Salvation Army, London was founded by ________ in 1865.

Answer: William Booth.


50) In Islington North London an women’s prison is situated. What is its name.?

Answer: Holloway.


UK General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers – UK, England, London Quizzes Part 3


51) Second largest airport of London is ___________

Answer: Gatwick.


52) Bank of England was founded in which year?

Answer: 1694.


53) First eye specialist hospital in London is __________.

Answer: Moorfields.


54) In which year, treason’s death penalty was abolished?

Answer: 1998.


55) Scotland exports ________ to Saudi Arabia.

Answer: Sand.


56) England’s first test match was held on which cricket ground?

Answer: The Oval.


57) In London’s Wesley’s Chapel situated in City road _______ statue is on front.

Answer: John Wesley.


58) A famous Landmark in London is designed by Sir Edwin Landseer. Name it?

Answer: The Lions in Trafalgar Square.


59) Great Fire of London occurred in which year?

Answer: 1666.


60) In 1851,’ The Great Exhibition’ takes place in a park in London. Name the park.

Answer: Hyde Park.


61) “The London Marathon” happened between 1996-2009 was sponsored by _______ company.

Answer: Flora.

62) To a dreadful event, a monument is built on ‘The city of London. What was the event?

Answer: The Great Fire of London.


63) The Grand Union canal link London and __________

Answer: Birmingham.


64) ‘Garden of England’ is the nickname of which English country?

Answer: Kent.


65) First Mayor who is elected directly in London is _______

Answer: Ken Livingstone.


66) London’s former Museum of Ornamental Art is renamed as ____________

Answer: Victoria and Albert Museum.


67) England and Scotland are divided by _______ hills.

Answer: Cheviots.


68) England’s last Tudor Monarch is __________

Answer: Elizabeth I.


69) In England’s Premiership, the first footballer to gain 100 goals was ___________.

Answer: Dwight Yorke.


70) During World war II  A London square was nicknamed ‘Eisenhower Platz ‘ Which is it?

Answer: Grosvenor Square.


71) The ship which brought Dracula to England is _______.

Answer: Demeter.


72) Victor was introduced by which car manufacturers in the UK?

Answer: Vauxhall.


73) The wizarding pub in London in the Harry Potter series is __________.

Answer: The Leaky Cauldron.


74) For which sports women fought for Wightman Cup between UK and the USA?

Answer: Tennis.


75) ‘Great Horse of England ‘ is the other name of a massive horse. Which was it?

Answer: The Shire horse.


UK General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers – UK, England, London Quizzes Part 4


76) The second largest city of England is _________.

Answer: Birmingham.


77) The world cup first took place in England in which year?

Answer: 1950.


78) Biggest Airport in London is _________.

Answer: Heathrow.


79) Second most populated city in England is _________

Answer: Birmingham.


80) England’s first printing press was set up in 1476 by whom?

Answer: William Caxton.


81) In London’s Underground line, which line have the fewest stations?

Answer: Waterloo and City Line.


82) The sculptures of Prospero and Ariel was found in ______________, London

Answer: BBC Broadcasting House.


83) UK internet users are indicated by which letters and punctuation marks?

Answer: UK.


84) Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral and Waterloo Bridge was designed by ____________.

Answer: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.


85) Who is the first king of Scotland?

Answer: Kenneth.


86) In 2008 an earthquake strikes on the UK which shows 5.2 on the Richter scale. Where was its epicenter?

Answer: Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.


87) In Which film England’s King Richard III’s role was played by actor Laurence Olivier?

Answer: Richard III.


88) Hamley’s toy shop is situated in which London street?

Answer: Regent Street.


89) ‘Gateway of England’ is the other name of which English country?

Answer: Kent.


90) In 1967 first colour program broadcast on Television was a tennis championship in the UK. Mention the championship?

Answer: Wimbledon.


91) 51 Gordon Square in London is the resident of a famous biographer and Critic who lived between 1880 to 1932. Name the person?

Answer: Lytton Strachey.


92) In 1878, the first Telephone Exchange started in London. The number of subscribers at that time was _______

Answer: Ten.


93) ‘Central Criminal Court of The City Of London’ is popularly known as __________.

Answer: The Old Bailey.


94) Scotland’s grand castle, princess Margaret born in the year 1930 is ___________.

Answer: Glamis Castle.


95) First National park in England which is Designated was ___________.

Answer: The Peak District.


96) In 1613 a famous theatre in London was destroyed in a fire. Which is the theatre?

Answer: The Globe theatre.


97) King Alfred the great’s statue is built on his birthplace. Mention the place?

Answer: Winchester.



98) Tower of London was built by __________.

Answer: William I – the Conqueror.


99) The line on the London underground which has a link with every other line is _________.

Answer: The Jubilee Line.


100) Speakers corner is found in which London park?

Answer: Hyde park.


101) The UK National newspaper stops publishing in 1995 is ____________.

Answer: Today.


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