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General Knowledge and Current Affairs – October 2020

General Knowledge and Current Affairs – October 2020

General Knowledge and Current Affairs - October 20201) Which date is celebrated as International Translation Day?

Answer: 30 September


2) Costume designer Bhanu Athaiya is the first Indian to receive Oscar. For which film she won the award?

Answer: Gandhi


3) In 2020 November a country is launching the robot which will mine the asteroids in space for first time. Which country is launching it?

Answer: China


4) India will become Trans Fat-free on _______ based on a planning by central government.

Answer: 2022


5) Naval Exercise done jointly by India and _____________is Bongo Sagar

Answer: Bangladesh


6) In Global Hunger Index 2020 India holds which position?

Answer: 94


7) India’s first Gangetic museum was inaugurated by __________

Answer: Narendra Modi


8) World’s largest zinc smelter project is setting up in India. In which state it located?

Answer: Gujarat


9) In 2025 ISRO’s space mission is to which planet?

Answer: Venus


10) SLINEX-20 is the marine exercise between which two countries?

Answer: India, Sri Lanka


11) In which field Reinhard Genzel, Andrea Ghez and Roger Penrose won the Nobel Prize in 2020?

Answer: Physics


12) A state/UT in India is decided to run Hydrogen Enriched CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for their anti-pollution mission. identify the state/UT.

Answer: Delhi


13) World’ Animal welfare day is on ______________

Answer: 4 October


14) Who is the winner of women’s single in Denmark Open tennis?

Answer: Nozomi Okuhara


15) Three scientists shared the Nobel prize for Medicine /Physiology for the discovery of a virus. Mention the Virus?

Answer: Hepatitis C


16) An indigenous booster featured missile has been successfully flight-tested. Mention the name?

Answer: Brahmos


17) On October government releases compensation cess for all states. Mention the amount?

Answer: Rs 20000 crore


18) New Defence Acquisition Procedure was inaugurated by _______________

Answer: Rajnath Singh


19) Brics summit 2020 took place on which date?

Answer: November 17th


20) Jala kala scheme is the scheme launched by the Chief Minister of which state?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh


General Knowledge and Current Affairs Part 2


21) ‘Quad Countries’ which is the group of four countries, whose foreign ministers are being hosted by which country?

Answer: Japan


22) Who shared Nobel prize for Chemistry in 2020?

Answer: Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna


23) A bank introduces a feature in which a document can be embedded on SFMS. Identify the bank?

Answer: IDBI


24) Central government’s farm reform laws are legally challenged initially by which state?

Answer: Chhattisgarh


25) ‘Vedantu’ a free learning app. It’s brand ambassador is _____________

Answer: Aamir Khan


26) To help the poor countries who were fighting with COVID-19 world Bank decided to give how much fund?

Answer: USD 25 million


27) In which state NABARD is going to introduce ‘ Sanitation Literacy Campaign’?

Answer: Karnataka


28) Ahead of 2020 General Elections, the government resigned. Mention the country.

Answer: Kuwait


29) For Sittwe port’s operationalization in the first four months of 2021, a country will work with India. Mention the Country?

Answer: Myanmar


30) Statement of Intent has been signed by NITI Aayog and a nation’s embassy. Which nation’s embassy is it?

Answer: Embassy of Netherlands


31) On October 8 a state inaugurated the initial phase of the “Digital Seva Setu”, a programme for rural areas. Which state is it?

Answer: Gujarat


32) “A bouquet of flowers” a book by Krishna Saksena. Who launched the book?

Answer: Rajnath Singh


33) India’s premium cotton has been newly brand named. What is it?

Answer: Kasturi


34) Forty lakh residents of a state were affected by the flood in Brahmaputra river. Name the state.

Answer: Assam


35) UNDP honoured a film star with “Special Humanitarian Action Award”. who is that?

Answer: Sonu Sood


36) MoU has been approved on cyber-security of India and other nation by the union cabinet. Name the other nation?

Answer: Japan


37) “My Saheli “is the program launched for women passengers for boosting up their security. Which organization launched it?

Answer: The South Eastern Railway


38) “World’ Cotton day” is observed on__________.

Answer: October 7th


39) For the development of rural areas CSIR technologies has been launched. Who launched it?

Answer: Dr. Harsh Vardhan


40) A Deputy Governor has been appointed for RBI, who is the fourth one in this post. Who was it?

Answer: M Rajeshwar Rao


General Knowledge and Current Affairs Part 3


41) Other laws bill and taxation has been approved by _____________

Answer: Ram Nath Kovind


42) A state/UT government passed “Tree Transplantation Policy”. Name the state/UT.

Answer: Delhi


43) “IB-eNote” is a Green-Tech initiative introduced by _________

eAnswer: Indian Bank


44) In COVAX facility by WHO, a country joined formally. Which country is it?

Answer: China


45) PATA Grand Award for 2020 has been awarded to the tourism department of which state?

Answer: Kerala


46) For the treatment of skin cancer an institute developed bandage which is non-invasive. Name the institution?

Answer: IISc Bengaluru


47) “The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar prize “for 2020 was announced by _________

Answer: Dr. Harsh Vardhan


48) On October 9 an anti-radiation missile has been tested successfully by DRDO. Name the missile?

Answer: Rudram


49) ASIIM (Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission) was launched by ________

Answer: Shri Thaawarchand Gehlot


50) In the first attempt itself, for 8 beaches a country got Blue Flag certification. Name the country?

Answer: India


51) International Day for Older persons is on___________

Answer: 1 October


52) In which field Robert B Wilson and Paul R Milgrom got Nobel prize in 2020?

Answer: Economic Sciences


53) “Make small strong Campaign” is the initiative by _____________

Answer: Google India


54) For rape cases, capital punishment has been approved by which country’s cabinet?

Answer: Bangladesh


55) New logo of ‘Sport’s Authority of India was launched by __________

Answer: Kiren Rijiju


56) “International Girl child Day 2020” is on _____________

Answer: October 11th


57) In water sector an Indian state government has signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Denmark. which state is it?

Answer: Gujarat


58) Who is the winner of French open tennis for Men’s singles?

Answer: Rafael Nadal


59) On vehicles operated by battery, a state/ UT government decides to take out from road tax. which state/UT is it?

Answer: Delhi


60) Who is the brand ambassador of “Bengal Peerless”?

Answer: Sourav Ganguly


General Knowledge and Current Affairs Part 4


61) LOC (Line of Credit) Agreement worth 400 million USD has been signed by India and which nation?

Answer: Maldives


62) SoI(Statement of intent ) on the Energy Transition and Decarbonisation has been signed by NITI Aayog and which nation?

Answer: Netherland


63) “Quad Grouping” consisting of four countries, and a country is called for expanding it. Name the country?

Answer: US


64) October 1 is observed as ____________ every year.

Answer: International Coffee Day


65) On October 12 2020, a famous personality’s 100th anniversary of birth was observed. who was it?

Answer: Vijaya Raje Scindia


66) Indian Navy Helicopters are going to begin aerial seeding in ______________

Answer: Visakhapatnam


67) Vijaya Raje Scindia was the co-founder of a top political party in India. Which is it?

Answer: BJP


68) World’ Animal say is observed on ___________

Answer: 4 October


69) On October 13 2020 a famous personality is released after over one year from preventive detention. Who was it?

Answer: Mehbooba Mufti


70) Which nation’s new Emir is Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah?

Answer: Kuwait


71) Bomb from world war ii which was exploded underwater, which is in Poland. Name the Bomb?

Answer: Tall Boy


72) Which state’s chief secretary is Vijai Vardhan?

Answer: Haryana


73) Disaster Risk Reduction Day was observed internationally on ____________

Answer: October 13th


74) “Centre for Disability Sports” in Gwalior has been organised and lay foundation stone by which ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment


75) As International Solar Alliance’s president a nation is re-elected. Name the nation?

Answer: India


76) For digital payment and financing solutions a bank signed MoU with HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited). Name the bank?

Answer: SBI


77) A country rejected the request for co-financing with China for Corona Vaccine. Which country is it?

Answer: Bangladesh


78) In which country India is planning to build a cricket stadium with 22000 seats and cancer Hospital with 100 beds?

Answer: Maldives


79) “International Day for Rural Women “was observed on _______

Answer: October 15th


80)  By joining ASEAN and Indo- Pacific divisions a ministry in India is planning to build a new Oceania Territorial Division. Name the Ministry?

Answer: Ministry of External Affairs


General Knowledge and Current Affairs Part 5


81) Based on COVID-19 a union ministry introduced Jan Andolan Campaign. Name the Ministry.

Answer: Ministry of AYUSH


82) To examining foreign investment proposals from China, Indian Government constituted a Panel. Who is the head of the panel?

Answer: Ajay Kumar Bhalla


83) An Arab nation failed in the election to the UN Human Rights Council recently. Which is the country?

Answer: Saudi Arabia


84) For the Palestinian Cause a nation contributed 1 million USD to United Nations Relief and Works Agency in October 14. Name the nation?

Answer: India


85) ASIIM (Ambedkar Social Innovation & Inclination Mission) was launched by which ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment


86) Who is the new Director-General of NSG (National Security Guard) as an additional charge?

Answer: SS Deswal


87) IIFL wealth Hurun India rich list 2020 has been topped by _________

Answer: Mukesh Ambani


88) World’s longest tunnel in High-altitude -Atal tunnel was inaugurated by ______

Answer: Narendra Modi


89) Online portal for pension submission and tracking was launched by _______

Answer: Sarbananda Sonowal


90) “World day for Farmed Animals” was observed on ________

Answer: 2 October


91) National wildlife week is observed in India every year on which date?

Answer: 2-8 October


92) “Freight service” portal was launched by ________

Answer: Indian Railways


93) “Kritagyata” an online portal for pension submission and tracking was launched by which state’s chief minister?

Answer: Assam


94) In which Nation NSO conduct Time Use Survey?

Answer: India


95) Fourth World Conference on women celebrated its 25th anniversary. Who is the Indian woman participated in it?

Answer: Smriti Irani


96) A country contributed 6 school buses and 41 ambulances to Nepal in health and education field. Name the country.

Answer: India


97) Pushpa Bhave, a social activist who died at the age of 81 as known by a Nickname. What is it?

Answer: Iron Lady of Mumbai


98) R-Green kit, a diagnose kit use for COVID-19. Time take by it for diagnosis is _________

Answer: 2 hours


99) Which year Indian space Research Organisation was scheduled for carrying French Payload abroad Venus mission for the first time?

Answer: 2025


100) “Pathashree Abhijan” a scheme for repairing roads was launched by which state?

Answer: West Bengal


101) Special Kisan Credit Card loan, for fisherman was introduced by which Bank?

Answer: Indian Bank


102) “Bongosagar” Navy bilateral exercise by India and Bangladesh has it’s______ edition.

Answer: 2nd


103) Charanjit Attra is appointed as the CEO of which Bank?

Answer: SBI.


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