100 GK Bits in English

100 GK Bits in English


GK Bits in English


1) Who was the author of the book Crime and Punishment?
Answer: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky.


2) What kind of doctor was Doc Holliday?
Answer: Dentist.


3) In the Old Testament, Caleb was a:
Answer: Spy for Moses.


4) Which is more serious: a first-degree burn or a third-degree burn?
Answer: Third-degree.


5) Someone described as an excellent “elocutionist” excels at doing what?
Answer: Public speaking.


6) What continent is mostly covered with ice?
Answer: Antarctica.


7) A characteristic that is not useful in identification of organisms is:
Answer: Habitat.


8) Which country’s capital is Montevideo?
Answer: Uruguay.


9) Technically termed lipids, they are more commonly referred to as :
Answer: Fats.


10) What term for uniquely Australian criminals first appeared in 1806?
Answer: Bushranger.


11) The first four planets in order from the sun are:
Answer: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.


12) Which country ranks at the bottom of the U.N.’s Human Development Index?
Answer: Sierra Leone.


13) Wilhelm Konrad von Roentgen is best known as the discoverer of:
Answer: X rays.


14) What kind of an animal is an iguana?
Answer: Reptile.


15) What is the name of the building that houses the U.S. Congress?
Answer: U S. Capitol.


16) In what year did Alaska become a state?
Answer: 1959.


17) What year was MLK awarded the nobel peace prize?
Answer: 1964.


18) In which country was the Mannerheim Line contructed in 1939? (The line now sits within Russia)
Answer: Finland.


19) An uncharged atom has the same number of:
Answer: Protons and electrons.


20) In music, Bob Dylan’s son Jakob is the lead singer of which Grammy-winning group?
Answer: The Wallflowers.


21) “A skin disease marked by red scaly patches.”
Answer: Psoriasis.


22) What’s the name of the Ewing ranch on Dallas?
Answer: Southfork.


23) Shepherd satellites are found …
Answer: At planets with rings.


24) In a river, deposition of sediments occurs most in water flow which is:
Answer: Slow.


25) American artist Grant Wood’s most famous work of art was:
Answer: American Gothic.


GK Bits in English Part 2


26) Whose cartoon for The Virgin and Child with St Anne is one of the National Gallery in London’s most popular works?
Answer: Leonardo da Vinci’s.


27) Who is credited with the discovery of penicillin?
Answer: Sir Alexander Fleming.


28) Which is the largest city in the largest state of the USA?
Answer: Anchorage, Alaska.


29) “Blubber” and “Superfudge” are both coming-of-age books written by which author?
Answer: Judy Blume.


30) A collection of hundreds of stars around a common centre is called a:
Answer: Galaxy.


31) The mangelwurzel is a nickname for a scarecrow. True or False?
Answer: False.


32) To overcome the problem of surface tension in a diving pool, a person may:
Answer: Dive with clasped pointed hands.


33) Who was the United States’ first multi-millionaire?
Answer: John Jacob Astor.


34) When atoms of two or more different substances join together what is produced?
Answer: A Compound.


35) What do you call a grouping of chickens?
Answer: A brood or peep of chickens.


36) Which Irish city is farthest south?
Answer: Cork.


37) How many senators does each state have in the United States Senate? How many years are there in a Senator’s term?
Answer: There are two senators from each state; each is elected for a term of six years.


38) Who wrote the music for West Side Story?
Answer: Leonard Bernstein.


39) What tribe was Crazy Horse the chief of?
Answer: Oglala Sioux.


40) By what name was the heavyweight fighter, Cassius Clay, better known?
Answer: Muhammad Ali.


41) Is light made up of particles or waves?
Answer: Both.


42) Which 18th-century cattle-thief, smuggler, robber and highwayman was hanged at York in 1739?
Answer: Dick Turpin.


43) Mt. Vesuvius is located near which Italian City?
Answer: Naples.


44) All of these words describe a type of swamp except:
Answer: Heath.


45) Scientists today estimate that the universe began with the big bang, approximately _______ years ago.
Answer: 13 Billion Years.


46) In what city would an art lover look down on the River Arno from the Ponte Vecchio?
Answer: Florence.


47) An ion is a charged electron. True or False?
Answer: False.


48) Which job sector leads in Las Vegas?
Answer: Leisure, Hospitality, and Other Services.


49) The first underground trains in Paris started in (a) 1900, (b) 1905 or (c) 1910?
Answer: (a) 1900.


50) Who was the only Catholic to be elected president?
Answer: John F. Kennedy.


GK Bits in English Part 3


51) The Ch’in Dynasty ended in 207 B.C. and was followed by what Dynasty?
Answer: Han.


52) Who was the author of the book The Idiot?
Answer: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky.


53) In what year did World War I start?
Answer: 1914.


54) The French liqueur creme de cassis is made from this fruit:
Answer: Black currants.


55) In “The Addams Family” movie, what was the name of Gomez and Morticia’s daughter?
Answer: Wednesday Addams.


56) In Eminem’s 2000 rap song “The Real Slim Shady,” he asks the real Slim Shady to please do what?
Answer: Stand up.


57) What is the real name of the world’s second highest mountain, K2?
Answer: Godwin Austen.


58) What names are given to the 2 kingdoms of micro-organisms?
Answer: Monera and Protista.


59) Where are the Pillars of Hercules?
Answer: Strait of Gibraltar.


60) “The Last of the Wine” and “The King Must Die” are historical novels set in:
Answer: Ancient Greece.


61) What shortened the sea voyage from Australia to Britain in 1869?
Answer: The opening of the Suez Canal.


62) Who was the wittiest and most cunning nymph?
Answer: Echo.


63) The path of a planet around the sun is called its:
Answer: Orbit.


64) What should you call a person who lives in London?
Answer: Londoner.


65) Author George Sand had a notorious affair with which great composer?
Answer: Chopin.


66) By which name is the drug acetylsalicyclic acid better known?
Answer: Aspirin.


67) Which architectural style followed Baroque?
Answer: Rococo.


68) When was the Louisiana Purchase?
Answer: 1803.


69) When was the “I Have A Dream” speech delivered?
Answer: 1963.


70) Which country’s capital is Ulaanbaatar?
Answer: Mongolia.


71) The atomic number of an atom is the number of:
Answer: Protons.


72) In Einstein’s formula E = MC^2, the letter “M” represents what?
Answer: Mass.


73) “A drug or other agent that reduces fever.”
Answer: Antipyretic.


74) The Kara-Kum desert area lies primarily in which country?
Answer: Turkmenistan.


75) What was the name of Beethoven’s wife?
Answer: Leonora.


GK Bits in English Part 4


76) What is the size of a telescope’s main lens or mirror called?
Answer: Aperture.


77) The name given to layers of sedimentary rock is:
Answer: Strata.


78) What is the approximate population of Liechtenstein?
Answer: 32,000.


79) All these mythological creatures are part human and part animal except:
Answer: Leviathan.


80) Whose novel, Of Human Bondage, has been filmed three times?
Answer: Somerset Maugham’s.


81) What was invented by Samuel F. B. Morse in 1837?
Answer: Telegraph.


82) Which is the only parallel to divide the Earth into hemispheres?
Answer: Equator.


83) In language, what “K” is a brand of shoe polish, a flightless bird, and a fruit?
Answer: Kiwi.


84) The name of the galaxy in which our solar system is situated is the:
Answer: Milky Way.


85) What is zastrugi?
Answer: Snow.


86) Blzet was a French composer. True or False?
Answer: True.


87) The greater the cohesive forces of a liquid, the …
Answer: Smaller will be its droplet.


88) Which former U.S. state governor was born James George Janos?
Answer: Jesse Ventura.


89) Which metal works best as an electrical conductor?
Answer: Silver.


90) What do you call a grouping of chicks?
Answer: A clutch or chattering of chicks.


91) What is the name of the northeastern extension of Namibia?
Answer: Caprivi Strip.


92) How many members of the U.S. House of Representatives does each state have?
Answer: Population determines the number of representatives per state in the House of Representatives. As of 2001, the numbers of representatives per state ranges from one in states with lower populations, to fifty-two representatives (California).


93) Which composer’s works are known by “K” numbers?
Answer: W. A. Mozart.


94) In what line of work was Daniel Boone employed?
Answer: Frontiersman.


95) In 1950 who made the allegation that 205 State Department officials were “card carrying communists”?
Answer: Joseph McCarthy.


96) What are the four nitrogen bases found in the DNA molecule?
Answer: Adenme, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine.


97) What is the term used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of computer programs, often with criminal intent?
Answer: Hacking.


98) Most of the Mountain Nile can be found in which country?
Answer: Sudan.


99) Archbishop Thomas Becket was executed under the order of which English ruler?
Answer: Henry II.


100) Scientists today estimate that the first star was born _______ years after the big bang.
Answer: 1/2 Billion Years.


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