GK Question One Word Answer

GK Question One Word Answer


GK Question One Word Answer


1) In what country is there a north-eastern province called Catalonia?
Answer: Spain.


2) Galvanization coats iron with zinc. True or False?
Answer: True.


3) What is the approximate difference in length between the polar circumference and equatorial circumference of the earth?
Answer: 46 miles.


4) In 1812, Napolean’s armies began the invasion of which country?
Answer: Russia.


5) Who was the tallest president in American history?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln.


6) In the Homer’s The ‘Odyssey’, where is Odysseus trying to find his way home to?
Answer: Ithaca.


7) Of which European country do the Magyars make up 92% of the population?
Answer: Hungary.


8) In what year did the Reformation occur?
Answer: 1517.


9) What nation was settled by the Amorites, a Semitic people from the Arabian peninsula, in 2100 B.C.?
Answer: Syria.


10) Which Vietnamese socialist and one-time president of North Vietnam has a name meaning “he who enlightens”?
Answer: Ho Chi Minh.


11) The panhandle of Cyprus points toward which country?
Answer: Turkey.


12) What was the name of the character played by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
Answer: Holly Golightly.


13) Collimation means aligning the optics in a telescope so that you can have the best possible image. True or False?
Answer: True.


14) Cementation of sedimentary rocks is the result of the chemical named:
Answer: Calcium carbonate.


15) A group of 6500 islands between Finland and Sweden is known as?
Answer: Aland.


16) Princess Beatrix was installed as the queen of this country in 1980:
Answer: Netherlands.


17) Which Dickens’ title was borrowed by Tasmin Archer for her first album?
Answer: Great Expectations.


18) How many different species (kinds) of insects are there?
Answer: 1,000,000.


19) Which country is bordered by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Switzerland?
Answer: Austria.


20) Once the wealthiest man in the world, which American billionaire established an art museum in Malibu, California?
Answer: Jean Paul Getty.


21) An egg-shaped galaxy is called:
Answer: Elliptical.


22) Which U.S. state is the Centennial State?
Answer: Colorado.


23) Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, never wrote anything down. True or False?
Answer: True.


24) Who was the first woman in space?
Answer: Valentina Tereshkova.


25) The 33 vertebrae in the human spine are divided into all these types except:
Answer: Thoracic.


GK Question One Word Answer Part 2


26) What do you call a grouping of clams?
Answer: A bed of clams.


27) What is the second largest country (after Sudan) in Africa?
Answer: Algeria.


28) Who was the author of The Possessed?
Answer: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky.


29) What Russian cleric was poisoned, shot and drowned on December 30, 1916?
Answer: Rasputin.


30) Which Great Lake (U.S.) has the largest surface area?
Answer: Michigan.


31) Which novel was not written by William Goldman?
Answer: Prizzi’s Honor.


32) In fashion, named for a French aerial gymnast, what “L” is a close-fitting garment worn by dancers and acrobats?
Answer: Leotard.


33) What state is the site of the first permanent English settlement in North America?
Answer: Virginia.


34) Which is the name of the largest lake in the World?
Answer: Caspian Sea.


35) Some examples in Kingdom Fungi are:
Answer: Mushrooms and yeast.


36) Which country contains the ancient region of Mesopotamia?
Answer: Iraq.


37) Which Caribbean island has the greatest area?
Answer: Cuba.


38) What building did James Bloodsworth design in May, 1788?
Answer: Government House.


39) Who ate pomegranate seeds in Hades so must spend 6 months a year there?
Answer: Proserpina.


40) Three heavenly bodies that do not make their own light are:
Answer: Planets, moons and comets.


41) Which of the following is not a primary language of Brunei?
Answer: Indonesian.


42) Which statement about the basking shark is false?
Answer: A.K.A. “dogfish.”


43) How many legs has an insect?
Answer: 6.


44) Which geometric shape does Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in New York echo?
Answer: A spiral.


45) When did Lewis and Clark embark on their famous expedition to explore the new American land?
Answer: 1804.


46) What did MLK consider his “first calling and greatest commitment”?
Answer: To be a preacher of the gospel.


47) Which island is the southernmost point of Canada?
Answer: Pelee Island.


48) The mass number of an atom is mainly the number of:
Answer: Protons and neutrons.


49) What momentous event occurred off the Falkland Islands in 1914?
Answer: The German battleship fleet was sunk.


50) Who was the shortest American president?
Answer: James Madison.


GK Question One Word Answer Part 3


51) Which Herod was in power during the time Jesus of Nazareth was born and also ordered the massacre of the innocents?
Answer: Herod the Great.


52) Which seven states have only one representative in the United States House of Representatives?
Answer: As of 2001, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming have only one member of the United States House of Representatives.


53) What did Mozart’s initials W. A. stand for?
Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus.


54) Where was the eastern start of the Santa Fe Trail?
Answer: Dodge City, Kansas.


55) Which US pop artist created “100 Campbells Soup Cans”?
Answer: Andy Warhol.


56) What is the speed of light?
Answer: In a vacuum, c = 299,292,458 meters per second, or about 186,250 miles per second.


57) What does the ‘MI’ of M15 and M16 stand for?
Answer: Military intelligence.


58) Jersey is a dependency of which country?
Answer: United Kingdom.


59) What is a sapote?
Answer: Fruit.


60) Scientists today make a very approximate estimate that there are _______ galaxies in the universe.
Answer: 100 billion.


61) In what direction do Bordeaux’s beaches face?
Answer: West.


62) The transuranium elements are all lanthanides. True or False?
Answer: False.


63) Which African country was formerly a Belgian territory?
Answer: Democratic Republic of Congo.


64) What undignified event occurred to the town of Canowindra twice in 1863?
Answer: It was twice captured by bushrangers.


65) Ferdinand Porsche designed which car that was launched in 1937?
Answer: Volkswagen Beetle.


66) The time of revolution of the earth is about:
Answer: 1 year.


67) To which country does the island of Mayotte belong?
Answer: France.


68) Which biblical figure was not a king?
Answer: Samson.


69) Oncology is a branch of medicine concerning what?
Answer: Cancer.


70) Renaissance architecture emerged from which country?
Answer: Italy.


71) What geographic landmark creates the continental divide?
Answer: The Rocky Mountains.


72) True or False? King is the only American besides George Washington to have a nationwide celebration for his birthday. True or False?
Answer: TRUE.


73) What is the average salinity of the ocean, by weight?
Answer: 3.5%.


74) The maximum numbers of electrons in the first four energy levels of an atom are:
Answer: 2, 8, 8, 18.


75) Who was the author of the book The Brothers Karamazov
Answer: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky.


GK Question One Word Answer Part 4


76) Which country landed on Juno Beach during D-Day?
Answer: Canada.


77) The chief crop of Liberia and South Korea is?
Answer: Rice.


78) A gorget, a tasse and a gauntlet are articles that would have been worn by:
Answer: Knights.


79) In chemistry, what element on the periodic table is represented by the letter K?
Answer: Potassium.


80) What is the maximum number of tablespoons in a standard, 8-ounce stick of butter?
Answer: 8.


81) Which is the name of the largest island in the World?
Answer: Greenland.


82) The species name for humans is:
Answer: Homo sapiens.


83) Which country is responsible for about one-third of the world’s rice exports?
Answer: Thailand.


84) Morgiana saves—-by pouring boiling oil into the jars where thieves are hidden.
Answer: Ali Baba.


85) According to their advertisements, which brand of peanut butter do “choosy moms choose”?
Answer: Jif.


86) This R&B diva, known to many as “Lady Soul,” began her singing career with her father�s gospel choir in the Detroit church where he was pastor.
Answer: Aretha Franklin.


87) Which state borders South Dakota to the south?
Answer: Nebraska.


88) What Edward Albee play was made into a film starring Liz Taylor and Richard Burton?
Answer: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


89) Which telescope has a large mirror?
Answer: A reflecting telescope.


90) Examples of sedimentary rocks are:
Answer: Sandstone, shale and conglomerate.


91) Jiddah is located on which body of water?
Answer: Red Sea.


92) Which musical group is not a quartet?
Answer: Eurythmics.


93) What opera star sold more records in 1990 than all but Madonna and Elton John?
Answer: Luciano Pavarotti.


94) What is the official state insect for Illinois?
Answer: Monarch butterfly.


95) Of which Australian state is Melbourne the capital?
Answer: Victoria.


96) In television, which fitness guru stars in his workout videos “Disco Sweat” and “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”?
Answer: Richard Simmons.


97) What type of galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy?
Answer: Spiral.


98) Greenwich lies in which direction from central London?
Answer: Southeast.


99) The Arctic is one of the seven continents of the world. True or False?
Answer: False.


100) What was discovered by Charles Best and Fredrick Banting in the year 1922?
Answer: Insulin.


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