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Online Pub Trivia Australia

Online Pub Trivia Australia

Online Pub Trivia Australia


1) Which state’s Parliament House holds a portrait of George Gawler?

Answer: South Australia’s

When Gawler became the second Governor of South Australia, he was also the Resident Commissioner. Gawler served from 17 October 1838 to 15 May 1841.


2) What religion was Edward Davis the only bushranger to be a member of?

Answer: Judaism

Edward Davis was a convict who later became a bushranger. he was convicted of stealing a wooden till and copper coins worth 7 shillings in 1832.


3) What state did William Sorell administer?

Answer: Tasmania

Lieutenant-general William Alexander Sorell’s eldest son, Sorell, was born in the West Indies and joined the British Army as an ensign. He saw active service in the West Indies, where he was seriously wounded. Promoted to captain in 1795, he served with the 31st Regiment of Foot in the West Indies until well after 1800.


4) What form of transport first reached Albury in 1855?

Answer: A steamboat

Steamboats were very popular during the mid-nineteenth century. They were the fastest way to transport goods and people to different places. The steamboat was invented by a man named Robert Fulton in 1807.


5) Which colony was administered by Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin from 1837 to 1843?

Answer: Van Diemen’s Land

Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) is the least well-known of Australia’s six states. Unlike New South Wales and Victoria it does not have a history of mass immigration from the British Isles and in the second half of the 19th century it was notorious in Australia and Britain as a penal colony.


6) Which female philanthropist wrote The A.B,C. of Colonisation in 1850?

Answer: Caroline Chisholm

Caroline Chisholm was an Irish social reformer who moved to Australia in 1838. She became involved in many social issues. She is best known for her work to improve the living conditions of women, children, and convicts, as well as her involvement in introducing women’s welfare across Australia.


7) Who named Cape Tribulation?

Answer: James Cook

James Cook was not only a brilliant leader but also an exceptional navigator. James Cook’s expeditions had a profound impact on the world, both during his lifetime and long after his death. He was the first person to circumnavigate New Zealand, map the eastern half of Australia, chart islands in the South Pacific, and discover the Hawaiian Islands, which led to the first permanent European settlement of Hawaii.


8) Which Australian female philanthropist was partly the model for Mrs. Jellyby in Bleak House?

Answer: Caroline Chisholm

Mrs. Jellyby is a character in Charles Dickens’s novel Bleak House (1852). She is the wife of a philanthropist who devotes himself to working for African welfare in his free time, but can’t manage to do so in his professional life. A neglectful mother, she neglects her own children in favour of the many African children she imagines herself rescuing with her husband’s money.


9) Who was the best-remembered passenger of the Stirling Castle which was wrecked off the Queensland coast in 1836?

Answer: Eliza Fraser

Eliza Fraser was a Scottish woman who was left on the island of Timor after being shipwrecked with her newly married husband, Robert Hay. Her husband died within a few months of the shipwreck. She was the sole survivor of the 16 passengers and crew members who landed on the island in November 1836.

Eliza Fraser was rescued by Captain Ross of the American whaler, Charles Doggett . He returned her to Scotland in the United States in October 1837.


10) What year did Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson inscribe on the Explorer’s Tree near Katoomba?

Answer: 1813

This Blue Mountains ash tree was a beloved landmark at a tourist attraction called Explorers Hill or Pulpit Hill. The site has since been closed due to the risk of the tree falling on tourists.


11) What did Lady Jane Franklin try to eradicate in Van Diemen’s Land?

Answer: Snakes

Van Diemen’s Land is a British crown colony on the island of Tasmania. It was established in 1803, and became a separate colony in 1825.


12) What year was the first shipment of eucalyptus oil exported from Australia?

Answer: 1788.


13) What mountain range did George Evans become the first European to cross in 1813?

Answer: The Great Dividing Range

George Evans was assigned to explore the Warragamba River in 1803. He was the first European to cross the Great Dividing Range and he surveyed and explored the Illawarra.


14) What fauna was the main subject matter of artist N.H.P. Cayley?

Answer: Birds.


15) Where did David Collins move to after tailing to establish a colony at Port Phillip?

Answer: Van Dieman’s Land

In 1788, when the British landed in Australia, John Collins was the Lieutenant Governor in charge of New South Wales.


16) Which lord announced to the British Parliament: “His Majesty has thought it advisable to fix upon Botany Bay”?

Answer: Lord Sydney

Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney, was an 18th-century British politician. After serving in the House of Commons for 17 years, he became a politician in the Cabinet for the second half of the 18th century. Nova Scotia and Sydney, New South Wales were named after him in honour of his contributions to these places.


17) What two races fought the Battle of Pinjarra?

Answer: Europeans and Aborigines

The Battle of Pinjarra was a major conflict between the British and the Indigenous people in the Swan River Colony. The battle was a significant loss for the Noongar people, who became divided, and then restricted in their movements by the government. It was the last battle in Western Australia between Aborigines and white settlers.


18) What state was governed for five years by Sir George Cumine Strahan?

Answer: Tasmania

Major Sir George Cumine Strahan KCMG was a British military officer and colonial administrator. He served as the Governor of Tasmania from 1881 to 1886. Major Sir George Cumine Strahan KCMG is best known for his contributions as a British military officer and a colonial administrator.


19) What perishable foodstuff was first frozen and shipped to Britain in 1880?

Answer: Meat.


20) Who did Elizabeth Veale marry in October 1788?

Answer: John Macarthur

John Macarthur was an entrepreneur, politician, architect, and pioneer in the Australian settlement. He is recognized as the person who pioneered the wool industry in Australia in 1814. This trade became Australia’s trademark in the early 19th century.


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