Awesome Trivia Questions

Awesome Trivia Questions


Awesome Trivia Questions


Awesome Trivia Questions Part 1


1) In what year did the Lockerbie bombing occur?
Answer: 1988


2) Which Canadian province lies directly east of Maine?
A) Quebec
B) Newfoundland and Labrador
C) New Brunswick
D) Alberta
Answer: C


3) Boston, Massachusetts, has the oldest commissioned navy ship in the world. What is it?
Answer: The USS Constitution, also called “Old Ironsides”; it was built in 1797.


4) Who coined the term quarks?
Answer: Murray Gell-Mann
Physicist Murray Gell-Mann postulated the existence of three fundamental particles with fractional electrical charges in the 1950s. He named them quarks after a phrase in James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake: “Three quarks for Muster Mark.” We now know of six quarks: up, down, top, bottom, strange, and charm. (George Zweig had essentially the same idea at the same time, and called the particles aces, but Gel-Mann, a more senior scientist, got to name them.)


5) The world’s second largest coral reef is off the coast of:
A) Argentina
B) Japan
C) Madagascar
D) Belize
E) South Africa
Answer: D
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest.


6) Which capital is farthest north?
A) Beijing
B) Washington D.C.
C) Madrid
D) Athens
Answer: C


7) Mexico declared its independence from Portugal in 1821.
A) True
B) False
Answer: B


8) All planets except Venus and Uranus rotate:
A) Anti-clockwise
B) Up and down
C) Clockwise
Answer: A


9) “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” is the first line of what Charles Dickens novel?
Answer: A Tale of Two Cities


10) The three stars on Iraq’s flag represent a proposed union with which two other countries?
A) Afghanistan and Yemen
B) Iran and Saudi Arabia
C) Egypt and Syria
D) Oman and the United Arab Emirates
Answer: C


11) What do you call a grouping of mallards?
Answer: a sord


12) Which of the following is not a part of an atom?
A) A neutron
B) A proton
C) A magneton
D) An electron
Answer: C


13) According to a common phrase, people who are very close are said to be “thick as” what?
A) Water
B) Bricks
C) Thieves
D) Gravy
Answer: C


14) A 12 Newton force acting on an area of 3 square centimeters exerts a pressure of:
A) 40000 Newtons per square meter
B) 4 Newtons per square meter
C) 400 Newtons per square centimeter
Answer: A


15) What is the biggest living lizard in the world?
Answer: The Komodo dragon. This lizard inhabits some of Indonesia’s islands and can consume up to 80% of its body weight in one meal!


Awesome Trivia Questions Part 2


16) Digestion is:
A) The breakdown of food particles into simpler substances
B) The absorption of small nutrient particles into the bloodstream
C) Both of the above
Answer: C


17) What kind of saw is operated by two persons to cut timber?
A) Saber saw
B) Whipsaw
C) Hacksaw
D) Band saw
E) Coping saw
Answer: B
The two-man crosscut saw is used frequently in the lumber industry.


18) Which instrument do you associate with John Williams, Julian Bream and Andres Segovia?
Answer: Classical guitar


19) Who was the only US president never to have had any formal schooling?
Answer: Andrew Johnson
As the indentured servant to a tailor, he taught himself to read at night.


20) Which state extends farthest east?
A) Montana
B) Wyoming
C) Colorado
D) New Mexico
Answer: C


21) Sidon, Byblos and Tyre were the major cities of this ancient civilization:
A) Babylonia
B) Byzantium
C) Mali
D) Phoenicia
E) Assyria
Answer: D
From 1100 to 332 B.C., the Phoenicians held sway in what is now Palestine.


22) Which territory is not part of France?
A) Guadeloupe
B) Cartier Island
C) New Caledonia
D) Martinique
Answer: B


23) The World’s Largest Garage Sale is held each October in Warrensburg. What north-eastern state is it in?
Answer: New York


24) Bond length is the distance between valence electrons in a bond.
A) True
B) False
Answer: B


25) What was the largest living and dining room of a castle called?
Answer: The Great Hall


26) What is the name of the old English country dancing performed outdoors by men who wear special white clothes to which small bells are often fixed?
Answer: Morris dancing.


27) The United States paid Mexico ______ for the Mexican Cession:
A) $30 million
B) $15 million
C) $20 million
D) $35 million
Answer: B


28) In what year was the construction of the Panama Canal completed?
A) 1914
B) 1902
C) 1910
D) 1921
Answer: A


29) What group destroyed the city of Carthage, ending Byzantine rule in North Africa in 698 A.D.?
A) The Romans
B) The Arabs
C) The British
D) The Franks
Answer: B
Although practically destroyed by the Arabs in 698, the site was populated for many centuries afterward. Louis IX of France died there (1270) while on one of the Crusades.


30) When did Marco Polo go to China?
A) 1160
B) 1360
C) 1460
D) 1260
E) 1560
Answer: D
Polo’s 1298 book, The Travels of Marco Polo, became Europe’s most widely read book. The book gave Europe its first description of China, but today, many historians doubt whether Polo ever even visited China at all.


Awesome Trivia Questions Part 3


31) What city was Governor Arthur Phillip born in?
Answer: London


32) In the animal kingdom, which breed of dog has officially traveled on the Budweiser Wagon since the 1950s?
Answer: Dalmatian


33) What was the name of the Roman road that ran from London to Chester?
Answer: Watling Street


34) Which word can refer to a spy, a small mammal or a dark eruption on the skin?
A) Gerbil
B) Sleeper
C) Mole
D) Ganglion
E) Zit
Answer: C
A mole is also a powerful boring machine used in constructing tunnels.


35) Stephenson’s locomotive Rocket pulled the first public steam train from Stockton to Darlington in 1825.
A) True
B) False
Answer: B


36) What was Teodor Korzeniowski’s more pronounceable pen name?
A) Joseph Conrad
B) Truman Capote
C) Gore Vidal
Answer: A


37) What do you call a grouping of martens?
Answer: a richness


38) In history, which country fought against Great Britain in the Falkland Islands War?
Answer: Argentina


39) Who is the only US president to serve in both World Wars?
Answer: Dwight D. Eisenhower


40) What was the first U.S. military academy to admit women?
Answer: U.S. Coast Guard Academy


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