Unique Trivia Questions and Answers

Unique Trivia Questions and Answers


Unique Trivia Questions and Answers


Unique Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1


1) During what war was the Battle of Bosworth Field fought?

Answer: War of the Roses


2) Which country is the world’s second-largest energy consumer?
A) Japan
B) United States
C) Germany
D) China
E) Russia

Answer: B


3) This island nation’s capital is Valletta:
A) Madagascar
B) Corsica
C) Sicily
D) Malta
E) Cyprus

Answer: D
Malta’s largest city is Sliema, with a population of over 20,000.


4) Who was the President of Mexico in 2000?
A) Enrique Diaz
B) Guillermo Ortiz
C) Ernesto Zedillo
D) Carlos Ruiz

Answer: C


5) First attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, the expression “good to the last drop” was later adopted by which brand of coffee?

Answer: Maxwell House


6) Two of the main passes of the Alps share a name. These two passes are known as the Great and Little what?
A) St. Bernard
B) St. Gotthard
C) Brenner
D) Cenis

Answer: A


7) Most of the Great Wall of China was constructed during what Chinese dynasty?
A) Ch’in
B) Ming
C) Chou
D) Ch’ing

Answer: B


8) What is the capital of Mongolia?
A) Thimphu
B) Dhaka
C) Ulaanbaatar
D) Altay

Answer: C


9) Which insects use the substance propolis to glue together their homes?
A) Termites
B) Bees
C) Cockroaches
D) Ants
E) Flies

Answer: B
The waxy substance, also called bee glue, is collected from the buds of certain trees.


10) What meteorologist pioneered the concept of continental drift?

Answer: Alfred L. Wegener
Alfred L. Wegener (1880-1930), who named the ancient supercontinent Pangaea.


11) How can you sense a pheromone?
A) Sight
B) Hearing
C) Touch
D) Smell
E) Taste

Answer: D
Pheromones are chemical scents released to produce a response in another organism.


12) In which US state can you find Einstein’s brain?
A) New York
B) New Jersey
C) Virginia
D) Massachusetts

Answer: B


13) By what name is the collection of Egyptian tombs across the Nile from Luxor better known?

Answer: Valley of the Kings


14) The nearest star to earth apart from the sun is:
A) Alpha Crucis
B) Alpha Centauri
C) Southern Cross

Answer: B


15) Who fought in the Hundred Years War?

Answer: France – England
France and England were officially at war from 1334 to 1453, but during much of that time they fought few battles. It was not until 1565 that the English were forced out of Calais, their last foothold on the French mainland.


Unique Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2


16) Atmospheric pressure at sea level is greater than on top of mountains. This is because:
A) There is more air in a given area at sea level
B) There is less at sea level due to sea breezes
C) Water evaporates to a vapor increasing the density of the air at sea level

Answer: A


17) What method of organizing library books was named for a librarian at Amherst College?

Answer: The Dewey Decimal System


18) Pick the correct statement:
A) Enthalpy change is the heat lost or gained during a chemical reaction.
B) Entropy change is the heat that is lost or gained in a chemical reaction.

Answer: A


19) Which activity will make you most likely to catch a common cold?
A) Spending time outdoors in cold weather
B) Drinking coffee
C) Riding on an airplane
D) Watching holiday specials on TV

Answer: C
The common cold is most efficiently spread in crowded indoor areas such as airplanes.


20) In a combination type of chemical reaction, magnesium and oxygen are heated and combined to make:
A) Magnesium sulfate
B) Magnesium oxide
C) Manganese dioxide

Answer: B


21) What game are you playing if you have the option to fold, call or raise?
A) Gin rummy
B) Bridge
C) Pinochle
D) Poker
E) Cribbage

Answer: D
You can either hold the best hand or bluff your way through.


22) Food passes through our digestive tracts even when lying down due to:
A) Epiglottis
B) Peristalsis
C) Absorption in the intestine

Answer: B


23) Which Shakespeare play features Arden Forest?
A) As You Like It
B) Macbeth
C) The Tempest

Answer: A


24) Who became conductor of the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at the age of 25 in 1980?

Answer: Simon Rattle


25) What red-crested finch is the state bird of seven different states?

Answer: cardinal


26) What is the name of the Greek version of the Old Testament?

Answer: The Septuagint.


27) What religion was founded by Prince Gautama Siddhartha?

Answer: Buddhism


28) What is the chemical symbol for iron?

Answer: Fe.


29) What is the largest continent in the world?

Answer: Asia


30) Which Viking came first?
A) Eric the Red
B) Leif Ericsson

Answer: A
Eric was in fact Leif’s father. Eric the Red sailed to Iceland and then to Greenland. Leif Ericsson explored the Eastern shores of Northern North America over 400 years before Christopher Columbus was even born.


Unique Trivia Questions and Answers Part 3


31) Which former electrician became president of Poland in 1990?

Answer: Lech Walesa


32) When was the first Roman Catholic mission established in Sydney – 1788, 1793, or 1803?

Answer: 1803


33) In chemistry, the corrosion-resistant metals of the platinum group are called:
A) Noble metals
B) Valence elements
C) Inert metals
D) Mendeleevium elements
E) Salt-free metals

Answer: A
This group includes precious metals like gold, silver, and sometimes rhenium.


34) Which range of hills forms a natural border between England and Scotland?

Answer: Cheviots


35) What Commonwealth country owns Baffin Island?

Answer: Canada


36) Squirrels, beavers, chipmunks and porcupines are all rodents.
A) True
B) False

Answer: A


37) In 1962 a black man applied for admission to the all-white University of Mississippi. A federal court ordered the university to desegregate, but the governor of Mississippi defied the order and tried to prevent the man from enrolling. The Kennedy administration sent federal marshals with the student when he enrolled. What was the student’s name?
A) James Meredith
B) Medgar Evers
C) Jesse Jackson

Answer: A
James Meredith became the first black student at the University of Mississippi. He has been involved in various civil rights and political activities over the years.[CR][CR]Medgar Evers was the NAACP field officer in Mississippi. On June 12, 1963, he was killed by a gunman in front of his home.


38) What do you call a grouping of magpies?

Answer: a tiding


39) What animal is part of the weasel family and has a particular interest in honey?

Answer: The honey badger. This animal is actually interested in feeding on the bee larvae within the honey rather than the honey itself. They are known to be fearless and are very dangerous adversaries. It has a symbiotic relationship with a bird named the honey guide which directs the honey badger to the nearest beehive with its song. The honey guide feeds on the leftover wax and larvae.


40) Which New York City Police Commissioner later became president?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt


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