Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament)

Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament) 44

The Acts of the Apostles


258) The Acts of the Apostles, to judge from the opening sentence, was written by





Answer: C
The Acts 1:1; Luke 1:3


259) According to The Acts, Jesus appeared to the apostles, after His resurrection, for

three days

twenty days

thirty-five days

forty days

Answer: D
The Acts 1:3


260) As the disciples were looking on, Jesus was taken up out of their sight by a

lightning flash


rain storm

darkening of the heavens

Answer: B
The Acts 1:9


261) Peter and John were arrested because the priests, the captain of the temple, and the Sadducees were grieved by their

healing without a license

preaching in Solomon’s portico

preaching through Jesus the resurrection from the dead

speaking in foreign tongues

Answer: C
The Acts 4:1–3


262) Peter and John were

both learned

both unlearned

learned (Peter) and unlearned (John)

unlearned (Peter) and learned (John)

Answer: B
The Acts 4:13


263) The rulers, elders, scribes, the high priest, and his kindred, after interrogating Peter and John,

concluded no miracle had been performed

were uncertain whether a miracle had been performed

agreed that Peter and John had performed a miracle, but feared no repetition

agreed that Peter and John had performed a miracle and realized they could repeat

Answer: D
The Acts 4:13–17


264) No punishment was meted out to Peter and John, because those noted in No. 1172

concluded no miracle had been performed

contemplated performing the same miracle themselves

feared the popular reaction to punishment of the disciples

could not agree

Answer: C
The Acts 4:17–22


265) Ananias and his wife Sapphira

both lied and both died

both lied, but neither died

lied, one of them, and died

lied, one of them, whereupon the other died

Answer: AC
The Acts 5:1–11


266) When the high priest and the Sadducees had finally imprisoned the apostles, they were released by

the multitude, who stormed the gates

their own faith, which opened the doors

an angel of the Lord, who opened the doors

the high priest himself, who had developed misgivings

The Acts 5:17–23


267) The Pharisee Gamaliel persuaded his fellow councilmen not to kill the disciples, on the argument that

new recruits would be attracted by their martyrdom

Jesus was indeed the Christ

the councilmen would be killed by the enraged multitude

if the disciples’ work were of men, it would fail; if of God, it could not be overthrown

Answer: D
The Acts 5:33–40


268) The body of the disciples, summoned by the twelve, chose seven (including Stephen) to

argue on behalf of all the disciples, at the council

perform the duties called for by the daily ministration

set up a network that would aid escapees

travel to Thebes

Answer: B
The Acts 6:1–6


269) “Ye stiffnecked, and uncircumcised in

eyes and tongue”

eyes and ears”

heart and ears”

heart and eyes”

Answer: C
The Acts 7:51


270) While Stephen was being stoned to death, he cried to the Lord with a loud voice for





Answer: D
The Acts 7:59–60


271) The aftermath of Stephen’s death was a

lull in the persecution

closer grouping of the believers

scattering of the believers

wave of suicides among the believers

Answer: C
The Acts 8:1


272) Candace was

queen of the Ethiopians

a daughter of Simon

high priestess of Egypt

a town in Galilee

Answer: A
The Acts 8:27


273) Compared with the conversion of the unnamed eunuch by Philip, that of Saul was





Answer: B
The Acts 9:1–18; 8:26–39


274) “The street which is called Straight” was that to which the Lord directed




the eunuch

Answer: A
The Acts 9:11


275) The power to raise someone from the dead was

demonstrated by Peter

shown to be not possessed by Peter

never tested, for Peter

possessed, but not demonstrated, by Peter

Answer: A
The Acts 9:36–43


276) Cornelius of Caesarea, who received instructions from an angel of God to send to Joppa for Peter, was a

high priest




Answer: D
The Acts 10:1–8


277) “God is no respecter of persons,” said Peter, in connection with a distinction between

Romans and Palestinians

kings and commoners

Gentiles and Jews

the rich and the poor

Answer: C
The Acts 10:28–34


278) When, during the discussion with Peter at Cornelius’ house, the Holy Ghost fell on all those present, the Hebrews there were




not aware of what had happened

Answer: B
The Acts 10:44–45, 24–27


279) “They that were of the circumcision” in Jerusalem, upon hearing Peter’s account of what had happened,

remained completely unconvinced

suggested another trial

split in their opinion

agreed with his interpretation

Answer: D
The Acts 11:2–18


280) Barnabas went to Tarsus

at Saul’s request

to seek Saul

with Saul

to avoid Saul

Answer: B
The Acts 11:25


281) The disciples were for the first time called Christians

in Antioch

in Tarsus

at Cornelius’ house in Caesarea

in Jerusalem

Answer: A
The Acts 11:26


282) Herod killed





Answer: C
The Acts 12:1–2


283) Upon Peter’s escape from prison, Herod ordered the keepers to

find him at all costs

remain in prison until he was found

search for the angel of the Lord

be put to death

Answer: D
The Acts 12:18–19


284) The shout of the people praising Herod’s oration, “It is the voice of a god, and not of a man,” proved to be for him

a stimulus to more persecution

an inducement to less persecution

a challenge to improve his syntax


Answer: D
The Acts 12:21–23


285) Bar-jesus was

a Jewish false prophet

another name for Saul

another name for Paul

a proconsul

Answer: A
The Acts 13:6


286) Paul was

one of the twelve disciples

a convert at Paphos

another name for Saul

another name for Barnabas

Answer: C
The Acts 13:9


287) In his sermon at Antioch of Pisidia, Paul declared that everyone that believes is, by Jesus, justified from all things

except those from which they could not be justified by the law of Moses

from which they could be justified by the law of Moses

from which they could not be justified by the law of Moses

in the law of Moses

Answer: C
The Acts 13:38–39, 13–16


288) Paul could tell that the man at Lystra who had been crippled from birth had faith enough to be made well, by

intently following him

stedfastly beholding him

cautiously approaching him

asking an angel

Answer: B
The Acts 14:8–10


289) After some discussion among the apostles and the elders, it was decided that converted Gentiles should not be obliged to

abstain from meats offered to idols

abstain from blood and from things strangled

abstain from fornication

be circumcised

Answer: D
The Acts 15:1–29


290) Paul and Barnabas separated over a difference of opinion concerning



John (surname, Mark)


Answer: C
The Acts 15:36–39


291) Timotheus was

the ruler of Lystra

a disciple who accompanied Barnabas

a disciple who accompanied Paul

the husband of Lydia

Answer: C
The Acts 16:1–4


292) Lydia, from Thyatira, was a seller of purple, who

worshiped God

worshiped God and was baptized

worshiped God, was baptized, and urged the apostles to stay in her house

did not worship God

Answer: C
The Acts 16:13–15


293) The masters of the damsel possessed with a spirit of divination had Paul and Silas thrown in prison, after Paul had caused her to cease crying that the apostles were

servants of the most high God

servants of the Baals

in the pay of the Romans


Answer: A
The Acts 16:16–24


294) When Paul and Silas escaped from prison, their jailer, compared with the sentries at Peter’s prison, fared



just the same

we are not told how

Answer: B
The Acts 16:25–34


295) The magistrates who had imprisoned Paul and Silas besought them and brought them out, when they learned that they were

truly apostles

not common men

able to sway the multitude

Roman citizens

Answer: D
The Acts 16:38–39


296) Paul and Silas were attacked in Thessalonica for acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar by saying that

the son of God was greater than any king

there was another king, Jesus

Caesar was not a true king

Caesar’s kingship had passed to Jesus

Answer: B
The Acts 17:4–7


297) In Athens, Pan! explained that God caused Jesus to be raised from the dead to give all men assurance that the

world would be judged in righteousness by a man He had ordained

powers of God were limitless

apostles were a group specially endowed

penalties of this world would be set aside by God

Answer: A
The Acts 17:30–31


298) Paul was by trade a





Answer: C
The Acts 18:1–3


299) Priscilla was

a concubine of Claudius

a high priestess at Rome

the wife of a tentmaker

an Epicurean

Answer: C
The Acts 18:2–3


300) “Your blood be upon your own heads:” said Paul, “from henceforth I will go unto the





Answer: A
The Acts 18:6


301) At Ephesus John found disciples who had not even heard that there was a Holy Ghost, for they had

not been baptized

been baptized only by John the Baptist

been baptized by other than the original twelve disciples

been baptized more than once

Answer: B
The Acts 19:1–6


302) The seven sons of Sceva





Answer: B
The Acts 19:13–16


303) The riot at Ephesus was caused by fear that Paul’s preaching would create unemployment among





Answer: C
The Acts 19:23–29


304) The young man who fell asleep while Paul was speaking at Troas was by Paul




restored to life

Answer: D
The Acts 20:6–12


305) “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” said


Jesus, said Paul

Paul, said Silas


Answer: B
The Acts 20:18, 35


306) The chief captain of the band and his soldiers, and centurions, by arresting Paul,

saved him from rioters in Jerusalem

interrupted his progress in converting Gentiles

gave the Romans a source of revenue, through ransom

simply satisfied their own curiosity

Answer: A
The Acts 21:27–36


307) The chief captain in Jerusalem who had ordered that Paul he examined by scourging changed his mind when he learned that Paul was

truly an apostle

not a common man

able to sway the multitude

a Roman citizen

Answer: D
The Acts 22:25–29


308) Paul was

a Pharisee

a Sadducee

neither a Pharisee nor a Sadducee

both a Pharisee and a Sadducee

Answer: A
The Acts 23:6


309) Those who bound themselves under a curse neither to eat nor drink until they had killed Paul were frustrated by Paul’s





Answer: B
The Acts 23:12–25


310) The chief captain, in his letter to the Roman governor on Paul’s case, in effect requested

that Paul be exiled

that his would-be assassins be imprisoned

a change of venue

more authority

Answer: C
The Acts 23:26–30


311) In the hearing before Governor Felix, the spokesman for the high priest and the elders, Tertullus, did not call Paul a

pestilent fellow


mover of sedition


Answer: B
The Acts 24: 2–8


312) Felix’s conduct toward Paul

was tinged with pecuniary motives

reflected an agreement with Paul’s doctrine

was designed solely to placate Paul’s accusers

was harsh in the extreme

Answer: A
The Acts 24:22–26


313) Felix’s wife Brasilia was a





Answer: B
The Acts 24:24


314) Felix’s successor, Porcius Festus, showed toward Paul’s accusers

less sympathy than Felix

more sympathy than Felix

just about the same degree of sympathy as Felix

no sympathy at all

Answer: B
The Acts 24:27; 25:9, 12


315) Festus brought Paul before King Agrippa

as the final judge in Paul’s case

as the arbitrator urged by the accusers

to ascertain what could be written to the emperor

because Bernice requested it

Answer: C
The Acts 25:13–27


316) In his defense before King Agrippa, Paul, with respect to his persecution of the saints prior to his famous journey to Damascus,

said nothing about it

referred to it incidentally

pleaded irresponsibility

forcefully detailed it, without excusing himself

Answer: D
The Acts 26:9–11


317) Agrippa’s reaction to Paul’s defense was that Paul’s appeal to Caesar was

a shrewd move

the only thing that now kept him from being freed

legally unacceptable

of dubious worth, given the then Caesar

Answer: B
The Acts 26:32


318) When the storm along the Cretean coast struck the ship on which Paul was being taken to Italy, the officers first cast overboard


all the prisoners

the cargo

the ship’s tackling

Answer: C
The Acts 27:14, 18–19


319) The angel of God that appeared to Paul gave his assurance of safety for

himself alone

himself and the centurion Julius, in charge of him

all those on the ship

all on the ship and the ship itself

Answer: C
The Acts 27:23–24


320) The Maltese decided that Paul was a god when he survived despite being

trampled by a bull

stoned by the people

struck by lightning

bit en by a viper

Answer: D
The Acts 28:3–6


321) During his stay at Malta, Paul healed

no one

only the father of the chief man of the island

all who believed

all who came to him

Answer: D
The Acts 28:7–10


322) Talking to the brethren in Rome, Paul induced belief in

none of them

all of them

some, while others disbelieved

just one

Answer: C
The Acts 28:23–25


323) During the two years that he lived in Rome at his own expense, Paul

preached quite openly and unhindered

preached openly, but was hindered appreciably

preached only in secret

did not preach at all

Answer: A
The Acts 28:30–31


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