Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament)

Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament) 43

St John


202) The gospel according to John begins with

a genealogy of Jesus

a quotation from Isaiah

an explanation of why he is writing this narrative

a paean to the Word

Answer: D
John 1:1–15


203) John’s account of how the first two disciples of Jesus were chosen does not differ from that of Matthew’s with respect to the


manner of meeting Jesus

activity they were engaged in at the time

name of one of these two disciples being Andrew

Answer: D
John 1:35–42; Matthew 4:18–20


204) At the wedding in Cana of Galilee, Jesus caused the six waterpots of stone, each holding two or three firkins, to contain

water instead of wine

nothing instead of water

wine instead of nothing

wine instead of water

Answer: D
John 2:1–9


205) Jesus drove the traders and the moneychangers from the temple with a





Answer: D
John 2:14–15


206) When Jesus said that He would raise up the temple in three days if it were destroyed, He was referring to

the temple, literally

His body

the activities within the temple

a primitive form of the temple

Answer: B
John 2:18–22


207) “The wind bloweth where it listeth,” said Jesus to


His mother, Mary



Answer: C
John 3:4–81


208) The gospel of St. John teaches that God sent His only Son into the world because of God’s

anger with the world

puzzlement with the world

love of the world

love of His Son

Answer: C
John 3:15


209) John the Baptist compared himself to a

father of the bride


friend of the bridegroom

officiating minister

Answer: C
John 3:28–30


210) The Samaritan woman at the well, whom Jesus asked for a drink, gave

Him water from the well

Him directions for assistance

others her belief in His divinity

Him warning of danger

Answer: C
John 4:7–29


211) “One soweth, and another reapeth,” said Jesus, specifying that His disciples were



both sowers and reapers

neither sowers nor reapers

Answer: B
John 4:36–38


212) Jesus departed again into a mountain, after the miracle of the loaves and the fishes, because He saw (according to John) that the people were about to come and take Him by force, to

crucify Him

turn Him over to Pilate

make Him feed all their relatives

make Him a king

Answer: D
John 6:15


213) When Jesus had walked on the water during the night to join His disciples in the ship going across the sea, the people on the shore the next day

did not notice that He had left

assumed that He had started off in the ship

sensed something puzzling, and sought Him in Capernaum

took it for granted that He could have walked on the water

Answer: C
John 6:17–24


214) Jesus’ brothers

believed in Him

did not believe in Him

differed among themselves as to belief in Him

did not raise the question for themselves

Answer: B
John 7:5


215) Jesus said to His brethren, while He was still in Galilee, that the world hated Him because He

offered salvation only to those who believed in Him

performed miracles

welcomed repentant sinners

testified that its works were evil

Answer: D
John 7:7


216) After Jesus’ proclamation on the last day of the feast in Jerusalem, some were still doubtful that He was the Christ, because He had

performed few miracles

come from Galilee

no outward sign from heaven

cured a man on the Sabbath

Answer: B
John 7:41, 52


217) Nicodemus implied that Jesus should be judged

without a hearing

only after a hearing

after hearing third parties

not at all

Answer: B
John 7:50–51


218) “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” at the woman taken in adultery, said Jesus, evidently expecting

that the sinful would thereby reveal themselves

that they would turn to stone Him

to foil the scribes and Pharisees who hoped to have some grounds for accusing Him

the woman to assert that she had committed no sin

Answer: C
John 8:1–9


219) “And the truth shall make you free,” said Jesus, meaning, free from

the rule of Herod

misconceptions of Jesus’ role

servitude to sin

the dictates of the Old Testament

Answer: C
John 8:31–36


220) “There is no truth in him,” said Jesus, referring to

the devil

the high priest


Judas Iscariot

Answer: A
John 8:44


221) When His disciples asked Him who had sinned, that the man they saw had been blind from birth, Jesus said

the man himself

his parents

all the world

that it was not a question of sinning, at all

Answer: D
John 9:1–3


222) Upon being questioned, the parents of the man Jesus cured of his blindness said they did not know who had opened his eyes, because they

in fact did not know

had promised Jesus not to tell

were superstitious

feared the displeasure of their questioners

Answer: D
John 9:18–23


223) The man himself, upon being requestioned,

pointed out that if Jesus were not of God, He could not have opened his eyes

agreed that it might have been a coincidence

said that he suspected Jesus obtained His powers from the devil

refused to discuss the matter further

Answer: A
John 9:24–34


224) A good shepherd, said Jesus, will be so

adored by his sheep that they will lay down their lives for him

concerned for his sheep that he will lay down his life for them

united with his sheep that he and they will die to-together

skillful that neither he nor his sheep will die

Answer: B
John 10:7–18


225) Those who stoned Jesus told Him they did so because, being

a part of God, He yet appeared in the form of a man

a descendant of David, He yet refused to accept the Old Testament rules

a man, He made Himself God

a layman, He spoke in the temple

Answer: C
John 10:31–33


226) Jesus started for Judaea when He heard Lazarus was ill,


after one day

after two days

after three days

Answer: C
John 11:5–15


227) Bethany was distant from Jerusalem about

two miles

five miles

nine miles

fourteen miles

Answer: A
John 11:18


228) “I am the resurrection, and the life,” said Jesus to




no one in particular

Answer: B
John 11:24–25


229) “Jesus wept,” when He

heard of Lazarus’ illness

met Martha, Lazarus’ sister, as He came to Bethany

saw Mary and the Jews who came with her, weeping

came to the cave

Answer: C
John 11:33–35


230) When Jesus said, “Take ye away the stone” from the cave, Martha objected that, since Lazarus had been dead four days,

his features would be unsightly

there would be an odor

the grave cloths would have rotted

it might prove too late

Answer: B
John 11:39


231) As John relates it, the chief priests and the Pharisees were primarily worried that, if they allowed Jesus to perform more miracles, everyone would believe in Him, and then

no one would believe in them

they would have to pretend to believe in Him

missionaries of the new faith would emigrate

the Romans would come and take away their place and nation

Answer: D
John 11:48


232) Judas Iscariot takes on an additional attribute in the gospel according to John: he is described as

an extortioner

a thief

a burglar

a confidence man

Answer: B
John 12:4–6


233) Because he had been raised from the dead, Lazarus was

assured of a long life

in imminent danger of being put to death

liable to contract diseases

uncertain of his friends

Answer: B
John 12:9–11


234) When the many people who had come for the passover feast went out to meet Jesus as He rode toward Jerusalem on an ass’s colt, the Pharisees were





Answer: B
John 12:12–19


235) When at the Last Supper Jesus girded Himself with a towel, poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with that towel, the disciple that protested against having his feet washed by Jesus was





Answer: A
John 13:1–8


236) Jesus explained to His disciples that He had washed their feet in order to

prepare Himself for His coming ordeal

show to the crowd He had no desire to rule

give the disciples an example of how they should treat one another

prove that He did not consider Himself their Master

Answer: C
John 13:12–17


237) Jesus’ statement that one of the disciples would betray Him was made

long before the Last Supper

just before the Last Supper

as the Last Supper began

after rising from the Last Supper

Answer: D
John 13:4, 18–19, 21–27


238) When, having received from Jesus the dipped sop, Judas disappeared into the night, some of the disciples thought he had gone to

betray Jesus for twelve pieces of silver

buy Jesus’ freedom

hang himself

buy what they needed for the feast, or give to the poor

Answer: D
John 13:29


239) “A new commandment I give unto you,” said Jesus, “That ye

spread the gospel”

love one another”

confess your sins”

chastise the unbelievers”

Answer: B
John 13:34


240) “In my Father’s house are many mansions,” said Jesus, implying that

peoples of all backgrounds could aspire to heaven

once He had gone it would be impossible to trace Him

He would prepare a place for them

God was the architect of many worlds

Answer: C
John 14:1–4


241) Upon this remark by Jesus, the disciple Thomas

evinced admiration

expressed doubt

asked a question

gave way to anger

Answer: C
John 14:5–7


242) The Disciple Philip said it would suffice them if Jesus would

prevent the betrayal

bring Pilate to believe

show them the Father

stay with them three days more

Answer: C
John 14:8


243) “Greater love hath no man than this,” Jesus said to His disciples, “that a man

show his friend the true glory of God”

leave family and friends for the faith”

return good to his friends for their evil”

lay down his life for his friends”

Answer: D
John 15:13


244) According to John, when Judas brought the soldiers and officers to seize Jesus, He was identified by

a kiss from Judas

the description Judas had given them

His own words: “I am he”

the descent of a dove from heaven

Answer: C
John 18:4–8


245) Malchus was the name of

the high priest’s servant whose right ear was cut off

the captain of the centurions

the officer to whom Judas had betrayed Jesus

a town near the garden where Jesus was seized

Answer: A
John 18:10


246) When the high priest questioned Jesus about His disciples and His doctrine, Jesus

told him about them, at length

referred the priest to those who had heard Him teach

informed the priest that it was none of his concern

refused to reply at all

Answer: B
John 18:19–21


247) When Pilate told the Jews to take Jesus themselves and judge Him by their own law, they replied that

Roman law had precedence in secular matters

they could not guarantee Him a fair trial

they disagreed about how their law applied to this case

it was not lawful for them to put any man to death

Answer: D
John 18:28–32


248) “What is truth” asked





Answer: B
John 18:38


249) Pilate said to the Jews, regarding Jesus,

“I find him guilty of blasphemy”

“I find him guilty of fostering public disorder”

“I find no evidence one way or another”

“I find no fault in him”

Answer: D
John 18:38; 19:4, 6


250) When Pilate sought to release Jesus, he was met with the argument that

it would avail nothing: the mob would tear Him in pieces

it would create a precedent against arresting the apostles

Pilate would be proven not a friend of Caesar’s

the Pharisees and high priests would emigrate

Answer: C
John 19:12


251) According to John, the cross on which Jesus was crucified was borne to Golgotha by

Jesus Himself

Simon of Cyrene



Answer: A
John 19:17


252) In Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross:

“This man said, I am King of the Jews”

“Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews”

“Jesus of Nazareth, not King of the Jews”

“King of the Jews”

Answer: B
John 19:19–21


253) “What I have written I have written,” said



the high priest


Answer: A
John 19:22


254) The two angels in white in the empty sepulchre of Jesus were seen by


the disciple who had outrun Peter

Mary Magdalene, before she went to tell Peter that the sepulchre was empty

Mary Magdalene, after she had told Peter

Answer: D
John 20:1–13


255) Jesus, having left the sepulchre, was first seen by


Mary Magdalene

His mother, Mary

the disciple who had outrun Peter

Answer: B
John 20:14–18


256) Upon being told that Jesus had appeared among the other disciples while he was absent, Thomas

evinced admiration

expressed doubt

asked a question

gave way to anger

Answer: B
John 20:24–25


257) Because Jesus, in His third appearance after rising from the dead, asked Simon Peter three times whether he loved Him, Peter was





Answer: C
John 21:17


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