Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament)

Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament) 41

St. Mark


139) According to Mark, Jesus’ renown in Capernaum was initiated largely by His power to

cure paralytics at a distance

cast out unclean spirits

command thunderstorms

recruit disciples

Answer: B
Mark 1:21–27


140) When the Pharisees questioned Jesus about His disciples’ plucking ears of grain on the Sabbath, Jesus said that

“The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath”

“Man was made for the sabbath, not the sabbath for man”

“The sabbath was made for man, not for God”

“The sabbath was made for God, not for man”

Answer: A
Mark 2:23–28


141) In Mark, Jesus commanded the sea to be still

as He walked toward the boat, from the shore

immediately after He got into the boat

while Peter was attempting to walk on the water

without His having left the boat

Answer: D
Mark 4:35–41


142) “My name is Legion; for we are many,” referred to

the disciples

the unclean spirits and the man who harbored them

the lepers in the leper colony

the crowd to whom Jesus spoke by the sea

Answer: B
Mark 5:9–15; Luke 8:30


143) When John reported to Jesus that the disciples had ordered a certain man to cease his casting out of devils in Jesus’ name, because he was not following the disciples, Jesus



inquired further

offered no comment

Answer: B
Mark 9:38–41


144)The parable of the man with the vineyard differs in Mark from the version in Matthew (see No. 1003) in that in Mark’s version

the owner’s son is not killed

Jesus says the landlord will thereupon destroy the tenants

the tenants kill the owner’s son for a different reason

none of the servants is killed

Answer: B
Mark 12:9; Matthew 21:40–41


145) To the question, which commandment is the first of all, Jesus’ answer, “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with …,” as given in Mark differs slightly from that in Matthew, by

omitting “all thy mind”

omitting “all thy heart”

adding “all thy spirit”

adding “all thy strength”

Answer: D
Mark 12:28–30; Matthew 22:37


146) The scribe who was, said Jesus, “not far from the kingdom of God,” achieved this status because he said that to love as Jesus asked was

more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices

what he felt to be natural

something he would enjoy encouraging others to do


Answer: A
Mark 12:33–34


147) When Jesus, watching the people cast money into the treasury, saw many that were rich cast in much and a poor widow throw in two mites (a farthing), He remarked that the widow’s contribution was

less than the others’

equal to the others’

more than the others’

in no way comparable to the others’

Answer: C
Mark 12:41–44


148) As to the troubled times to come, Jesus did not say (in Mark) that

the brother will betray the brother to death

the father will betray the son to death

the husband will betray his wife to death

children will rise up against their parents, and cause their death

Answer: C
Mark 13:12


149) According to Mark 15, at Golgotha Jesus was given wine mingled with





Answer: A
Mark 15:23


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