Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament)

Bible Knowledge Quiz (New Testament) 60

1 Peter


460) In his first letter, Peter adjured “strangers scattered throughout” several lands:

Love the brotherhood. Honour God. Fear the king

Honour the brotherhood. Love God. Fear the king

Fear the brotherhood. Love God. Honour the king

Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king

Answer: D
1 Peter 1:1; 2:17


461) To servants, Peter implied that it was not to their credit if, when they did wrong and were buffeted for it, they took it patiently, since

an abject bearing towards a fellow man was not acceptable to God

any wrongdoer might expect to suffer accordingly

servants are fortunate to escape with a buffeting

all servants have their turn, eventually

Answer: B
1 Peter 2:20


462) Submissiveness in wives of the brethren would, by Peter’s reasoning, yield beneficial results through a comparison of those wives with wives of nonbelievers, made by

brethren husbands

nonbelieving husbands

wives of nonbelievers

brethren wives

Answer: B
1 Peter 3:1–2


463) Peter characterized

woman as the weaker

man as the stronger

woman as the stronger

man and woman as equal in essential strength

Answer: A
1 Peter 3:7


464) Do not, wrote Peter, return

evil for good

evil for evil

good for evil

good for good

Answer: B
1 Peter 3:9


465) It is better to suffer, wrote Peter, if that should be God’s will, for

well doing than for evil doing

evil doing than for well doing

evil doing than for right thinking

right thinking than for evil doing

Answer: A
1 Peter 3:17


466) The “multitude of sins” is covered, wrote Peter, by





Answer: B
1 Peter 4:8


467) “Your adversary the devil,” warned Peter,

glides about as a deceiving serpent

walks about as a roaring lion

steps around as a silent cat

hovers around as a devouring vulture

Answer: B
1 Peter 5:8


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