Free Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Trivia Questions and Answers

Free Trivia Questions and Answers


1) What is the name of battleship BB-39 that was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Answer: USS Arizona


2) Who was the author of the book The Man Without Qualities?

Answer: Robert Musil


3) ASCII is the common code of letters, numbers and symbols used in:

  1. A) Celestial navigation
  2. B) Cryptography
  3. C) Medical charts
  4. D) Computers
  5. E) The Periodic Table

Answer: D

ASCII is a code for representing characters using numeric values.


4) What is the capital of Australia?

  1. A) Canberra
  2. B) Brisbane
  3. C) Melbourne
  4. D) Sydney

Answer: A


5) Pick the correct statement:

  1. A) Totality has to do with eclipses.
  2. B) Totality has to do with meteors.
  3. C) Totality has to do with comets.

Answer: A


6) Who chaired the commission appointed by Lyndon Johnson to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy?

Answer: Earl Warren


7) Which of the following is NOT considered a true fly?

  1. A) House fly
  2. B) Bot fly
  3. C) Dragonfly
  4. D) Horse fly

Answer: C


8) In U.S. presidential elections, during which month do members of the Electoral College cast their ballots?

  1. A) November
  2. B) December
  3. C) January
  4. D) March

Answer: B


9) A stone has a mass of 200 grams. When it is immersed in a measuring cylinder of water, the water rises 100 millilitres. What is the density of the stone?

  1. A) insufficient information given
  2. B) 0.2 kilograms per cubic metre
  3. C) 2 grams per millilitre

Answer: C


10) In May of 1993, the nation of Eritrea declared itself independent of:

  1. A) Great Britain
  2. B) Portugal
  3. C) Ethiopia
  4. D) Spain
  5. E) France

Answer: C

Once part of the ancient kingdom of Aksum, it struggled for 31 years to gain independence.


11) Which statement is false?

  1. A) First ionization potential has to do with outermost electrons.
  2. B) First ionization potential has to do with the innermost electrons.

Answer: B


12) Which feature of a novel would lead the French to classify it as a “Roman fleuve”?

  1. A) Based on actual events
  2. B) Great length
  3. C) Composed of letters
  4. D) Set in prehistoric times
  5. E) Deals with crime

Answer: B

A designation for a long novel dealing with several generations, it means “river-novel.”


13) Muscles that under conscious control are called:

  1. A) Voluntary
  2. B) Involuntary
  3. C) Conscious

Answer: A


14)  Which garden feature is an open construction of uprights and beams covered with climbing plants?

Answer: Pergola (or arbor)


15) What was Madonna’s first hit?

Answer: Like a Virgin


16) Is it possible to drown in the Dead Sea?

  1. A) Yes
  2. B) No

Answer: A

Yes, but not very easily. The high salt content of the Dead Sea causes one to float effortlessly.


17) What English county side is cricketer Richard Hadlee famous for playing for?

Answer: Nottinghamshire.


18) What American automaker took its name from an Indian leader who led a revolt against the British in 1763?

Answer: Pontiac


19) Which governor introduced the ticket of leave system to the penal colony in Sydney?

Answer: Governor Arthur Phillip


20) Who founded Salt Lake City, host city for the 2002 Games?

  1. A) Joseph Smith
  2. B) Jebediah Springfield
  3. C) Brigham Young
  4. D) Steve Young

Answer: C

Religious leader Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City in 1847, declaring, “This is the right place.”


21) In which country is the highest waterfall in the world, the Angel Falls, at 978 metres?

Answer: Venezuela


22) Which famous writer was not alive in 1940?

  1. A) Ernest Hemingway
  2. B) Thomas Hardy
  3. C) Dylan Thomas
  4. D) Noel Coward
  5. E) Robert Frost

Answer: B

The author of “Tess of the D’Ubervilles” died in 1928.


23) The Roman emperor Hadrian was born in Italy.

  1. A) True
  2. B) False

Answer: B


24) What nationality by birth was Salvador Dali?

  1. A) Spanish
  2. B) French
  3. C) Portuguese

Answer: A


25) What do you call a grouping of greyhounds?

Answer: A leash


26) In movies, which Japanese filmmaker directed the movie Rashamon?

Answer: Akira Kurosawa


27) What is the largest desert in the world?

Answer: The Sahara Desert.


28) In 1989, what trade union was legalized in Poland?

Answer: Solidarity


29) The U.S. and Canada share the largest body of fresh water in the world. What lake is it?

Answer: Lake Superior


30) What is a marsupial?

Answer: A marsupial is a mammal with a pouch on the abdomen of the female, such as kangaroos, bandicoots, wombats, koalas, and opossums.


31) During what years did Americans begin to demand better public education for their children?

  1. A) 1800s
  2. B) 1900s
  3. C) 1840s
  4. D) 1830s

Answer: D


32) Which company made the TriStar passenger plane?

Answer: Lockheed


33) Which country does not have a flag with horizontal red, white, and blue stripes?

  1. A) Russia
  2. B) Serbia and Montenegro
  3. C) Indonesia
  4. D) Netherlands

Answer: C


34) The first programming language developed for business applications was:

  1. A) COBOL
  3. C) ALGOL
  4. D) BASIC
  5. E) PASCAL

Answer: A

COBOL was developed in 1959 under the leadership of Grace Hopper.


35) The sun appears to ‘rise’ in the east and ‘set’ in the west because:

  1. A) The stars revolve around the earth from north to south
  2. B) The earth rotates from west to east
  3. C) The earth rotates from east to west

Answer: B


36) What city is served by Sheremetyeyo and Vnukovo airports?

Answer: Moscow


37) The sun’s energy comes from nuclear:

  1. A) Radioactivity
  2. B) Fusion
  3. C) Fission

Answer: B


38) The smallest bone in the body is located in

  1. A) The foot
  2. B) The ear
  3. C) The hand

Answer: B

The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes, or stirrup, which is located in the middle ear. The middle ear is an air-filled cavity with three small bones: the malleus, or hammer; the incus, or anvil; and the stapes. The stapes is smaller than a grain of rice.


39) In chemistry, an example of a physical change is:

  1. A) Dissolving sugar in water
  2. B) Cooking a cake
  3. C) Growing

Answer: A


40) A group of what animal forms a parliament?

Answer: Owls.

Owl’s eyes are fixed in their sockets. This means that the owls must turn their heads in order to observe their surroundings. An owl can swivel its head 135 degrees in either direction.


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