UGC NET July 2018 (E) Paper 1 Mock Test


UGC NET July 2018 (E) Paper 1 Mock Test


1. From the list of evaluation procedures given below identify those which will be called ‘formative evaluation’. Indicate your answer by choosing from the code:

(a) A teacher awards grades to students after having transacted the course work.

(b) During interaction with students in the classroom, the teacher provides corrective feedback.

(c) The teacher gives marks to students on a unit test.

(d) The teacher clarifies the doubts of students in the class itself.

(e) The overall performance of a students is reported to parents at every three months interval.

(f) The learner’s motivation is raised by the teacher through a question-answer session.



2. In the two sets given below Set – I indicates methods of teaching while Set – II provides the basic requirements for success/effectiveness. Match the two sets and indicate your answer by choosing from the code:

UGC NET July 2018 Paper I (E) pic 1

(a) (b) (c) (d)


3. Which of the sets of activities best indicate the cyclic nature of action research strategy?


4. Assertion (A): All teaching should aim at ensuring learning.

Reason (R): All learning results from teaching.

Choose the correct answer from the following code:


5. In which of the following activities, potential for nurturing creative and critical thinking is relatively greater?


6. There are two sets given below. Set – I specifies the types of research, while Set – II indicates their characteristics. Match the two and give your answer by selecting the appropriate code.

UGC NET July 2018 Paper I (E) pic 2


(a) (b) (c) (d)



7. Which of the following learner characteristics is highly related to effectiveness of teaching?


8. Which of the following set of statements best describes the nature and objectives of teaching?

Indicate your answer by selecting from the code.

(a) Teaching and learning are integrally related.

(b) There is no difference between teaching and training.

(c) Concern of all teaching is to ensure some kind of transformation in students.

(d) All good teaching is formal in nature.

(e) A teacher is a senior person.

(f) Teaching is a social act whereas learning is a personal act.



9. The problem of ‘research ethics’ is concerned with which aspect of research activities?


10. Which of the following sequences of research steps is nearer to scientific method?


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