UGC NET July 2018 (B) Paper 1 Mock Test


UGC NET July 2018 (B) Paper 1 Mock Test


1. The next term in the series −1, 5, 15, 29,? , … is:


2. Which one of the following statements is not correct in the context of Venn diagram method?


3. Assertion (A): The initial messages to students in the classroom by a teacher need not be critical to establish interactions later.

Reason (R): More control over the communication process means more control over what the students are learning.



4. Superiority of intellect depends upon its power of concentration on one theme in the same way as a concave mirror collects all the rays that strike upon it into one point. What type of reasoning is entailed in the above statement?


5. Differentiation between acceptance and non-acceptance of certain stimuli in classroom communication is the basis of:


6. The next term in the series ABD, DGK, HMS, MTB, SBL,? , … is:


7. Which one among the following is a presupposition in inductive reasoning?


8. Two numbers are in the ratio 2: 5. If 16 is added to both the numbers, their ratio becomes 1: 2. The numbers are:


9. Introducing Rakesh to her husband a women said, “His brother’s father is the only son of my grandfather”. The woman is related to Rakesh as:


10. If VARANASI is coded as WCUESGZQ, then the code of KOLKATA will be:


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