UGC NET January 2017 (A) Paper 1 Mock Test


UGC NET January 2017 (A) Paper 1 Mock Test


1. Which of the following is a characteristic of Web2.0 applications?


2. Which of the following is not a water-brone disease?


3. DVD technology uses an optical media to store the digital data. DVD is an acronym for


4. With regard to a word processing software, the process of combining static information in a publication together with variable information in a data source to create one merged publication is called


5. Indian government’s target for power production from small hydro projects by the year 2022 is


6. Which of the following statements are correct about deemed universities?

(a) The Governor of the State is the chancellor of deemed universities.

(b) They can design their own syllabus and course work.

(c) They can frame their own guidelines regarding admission and fees.

(d) They can grant degrees.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:



7. The dominant source of pollution due to oxides of nitrogen (NOX) in urban areas is


8. In which country, the recent international agreement on phasing out Hydro Fluoro Carbons (HFCs) was signed?


9. Which of the following are the demerits of globalisation of higher education?

(a) Exposure to global curriculum

(b) Promotion of elitism in education

(c) Commodification of higher education

(d) Increase in the cost of education

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:



10. Assertion (A): Sustainable development is critical to well being of human society.

Reason (R): Environmentally sound policies do not harm the environment or deplete the natural resources.

Choose the correct code:


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