Trivia Crack Questions

Trivia Crack Questions

Trivia Crack Questions


Trivia Crack Questions Part 1


1) A solar eclipse occurs when people on earth cannot see the:

A) ‘Morning star’
B) Moon
C) Sun

Answer: C


2) What do you call a grouping of gnats?

Answer: A cloud or horde of gnats


3) In 1986, the People Power Revolution took place in which country?

Answer: Philippines


4) Who were the two five-star Generals of the Army to win the presidency?

Answer: Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ulysses S. Grant


5) Dolphins call to each other, but do dolphins have vocal cords?

Answer: Dolphins, who are aquatic mammals, do not have vocal cords, nor do they speak with their mouths. They are able to make noises using their breath through the blowholes on the tops of their bodies.


6) Which southern state is the largest state east of the Mississippi River?

Answer: Georgia


7) Which card game, derived from whist, was first played in Britain in 1903?

Answer: Bridge


8) Militant means:

A) Passive
B) Aggressive
C) A group of strong-willed abolitionists
D) A group of soldiers

Answer: B


9) Which is an example of a portmanteau word?

A) Bat
B) Noon
C) Brunch
D) Knee
E) Radar

Answer: C

It is a word that takes parts of two words to create a new one.


10) What cathedral city does the Pilgrims’ Way lead to, from Winchester?

Answer: Canterbury


11) The written version of a series of lectures by this scientist became a standard reference in physics. In photographs he is often shown indulging in one of his favorite pastimes–playing the bongos. Can you name the scientist?

A) Buckminster Fuller
B) Richard Feynman
C) Nikola Tesla

Answer: B


12) The ancient Egyptians had a very strong affinity to what type of animal?

Answer: The cat.

The domesticated cat became a symbol of grace and poise and was greatly appreciated by the ancient Egyptians for killing vermin and some snakes. The cats were so highly revered in Egyptian society that some cats received the same mummification as humans following their death.


13) During what war was the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge?

Answer: Korean War


14) Who was the author of the book Essays?

Answer: Michel de Montaigne


15) Chantilly, France has known the world over for producing:

A) Lace
B) Red wines
C) Mustard
D) Champagne
E) Cheeses

Answer: A

The first handmade Chantilly lace produced in the town was black in color.


Trivia Crack Questions Part 2


16) What is the capital of Iraq?

A) Baghdad
B) Abu Dhabi
C) Basra
D) Constantinople

Answer: A


17) In literature, which author and co-owner of the Baltimore Orioles wrote “Clear and Present Danger”?

Answer: Tom Clancy


18) The darkest part of the shadow cast in an eclipse is the:

A) Penumbra
B) Umbra
C) Umbrella

Answer: B


19) Which of these insects contains the chemical substance known as “luciferin”?

A) Praying mantis
B) Firefly
C) Dragonfly
D) Boll weevil

Answer: B


20) Einstein left Germany to work at which American university?

Answer: Princeton


21) Ripley is the unusual name of the heroine of this action saga:

A) Romancing the Stone
B) Raiders of the Lost Ark
C) Alien
D) The Abyss
E) Blade Runner

Answer: C

Sigourney Weaver made her third and final appearance as Ripley in “Alien 3.”


22) A density of 2 g/mL is equal to a density of:

A) 20 grams per cubic centimeter
B) 0.2 kilograms per metre
C) 2000 kilograms per cubic meter

Answer: C


23) Who is credited with saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living”?

A) Ben Franklin
B) Thomas Hobbes
C) Socrates
D) Franklin D. Roosevelt
E) Moses

Answer: C

Along with Plato and Aristotle, he was one of the great teachers of ancient Greece.


24) Examples of physical properties are:

A) Corrosiveness and strength
B) Melting point and solubility
C) Flammability and ability to conduct electricity

Answer: B


25) Located at 350 5th Avenue, what N.Y landmark has been struck by as many as 20 bolts of lightning during a thunderstorm?

Answer: Empire State Building


26) The hip joint is an example of a:

A) Hinge joint
B) Ball-and-socket joint
C) Saddle joint

Answer: B


27) What is the largest lake in Africa?

Answer: Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, one of the sources of the Nile, is the largest lake on the continent. Its 28,820 square miles make it the third-largest lake in the world.


28) Which composer wrote 27 piano concertos, 23 string quartets, 35 violin sonatas and more than 50 symphonies?

Answer: W. A. Mozart


29) In movies, which actor starred in the 1995 film Braveheart and also won an Academy Award for directing it?

Answer: Mel Gibson


30) What is a “filibuster”? Is it (a) a set of delaying tactics, (b) padding on upholstery or (c) a medieval weapon?

Answer: (a)


Trivia Crack Questions Part 3


31) Why was the International Olympic Committee initially reluctant to create the Winter Olympics?

A) Ice hockey was considered too violent
B) Committee members were unfamiliar with most winter sports
C) Most countries are too warm to host the Winter games
D) Early cameras and recording equipment were easily damaged by cold weather

Answer: C

Because relatively few countries have cool enough climates to hold winter sports, some officials felt that Winter Olympics would work against the goal of uniting all the countries of the world.


32) How many clues did the first newspaper crossword puzzle have?

A) 32
B) 22
C) 28
D) 36

Answer: A


33) In Greek mythology, what is the fate of Actaeon after he sees Artemis bathing?

A) Turned to stone
B) Killed by dogs
C) Has to marry her
D) His firstborn is cursed
E) Becomes immortal

Answer: B

She turns him into a stag and he is torn to pieces by his own hounds.


34) Which explorer was born in Groningen, Holland in 1603?

Answer: Abel Tasman


35) Which British novelist, famous for his sea stories, had the first names Cecil Scott?

A) Lewis
B) Forester
C) Golding

Answer: B


36) Which group of South Atlantic Islands was named after a 17th-century treasurer of the British navy?

Answer: The Falkland Islands


37) Modern U.S. dimes are made of nickel and which other metallic element?

Answer: Copper


38) Silly mid-on is a fielding position in cricket.

A) True
B) False

Answer: A


39) Which country has the oldest national flag?

Answer: Denmark


40) What do you call a grouping of goldfinches?

Answer: a charm


41) Did the United States Navy use trained dolphins in Vietnam?

Answer: Yes, dolphins were trained to conduct surveillance patrols with a camera held in their mouths, and work with frogmen to deliver equipment and to locate underwater mines and obstacles. The United States Navy also used trained dolphins in the 1987 Persian Gulf War. The Navy denies rumors that the dolphins have been used as suicide bombers to attack enemy ships and swimmers.


42) Who was the only US president to survive an assassination attempt after having served in office?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

After having left the Presidency, he was shot on his way to a rally for his Progressive (Bull Moose) Party. He delivered a speech for 90 minutes with the bullet still in his chest. Now there is one tough son of a gun.


43) In which war was the Battle of Naseby fought?

Answer: English Civil War


44) What painkiller is the most prescribed drug in America?

Answer: Vicodin (generic name: hydrocodone)


45) What purpose does synovial fluid serve in the body?

A) Carries waste matter
B) Secretes saliva
C) Collects mucus
D) Lubricates joints
E) Produces tears

Answer: D

Along with elastic cartilage and fluid-filled sacs, it reduces friction in joints.


46) Samuel Cornish and John Russel started:

A) The first black circus
B) The first black newspaper
C) The first black school
D) The first black circus, school, and newspaper

Answer: B


47) What city is home to the Bolshoi opera house?

Answer: Moscow


48) What is the largest organ in the body?

A) The heart
B) The skin
C) The large intestines

Answer: B

The largest organ in the body is the skin. The skin of the average adult male weighs 10 to 11 pounds, covers about 22 square feet, and ranges from 0.06 to 0.16 inches thick.


49) What animal would you find in a nest of grass called a form?

Answer: A hare.

Hares are extremely quick. The European brown hare is capable of reaching a speed of 70km/hour.


50) In which U.S. state was the Klu Klux Klan founded?

Answer: Tennessee


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