Top Trivia Quiz Questions

Top Trivia Questions and Answers


Top Trivia Questions and Answers


Top Trivia Quiz Questions Part 1


1) Which country was once Rhodesia?
A) Zimbabwe
B) Namibia
C) Botswana
D) Tanzania

Answer: A


2) This kind of music is written in 3/4 time and is meant to be danced to:
A) Fugue
B) Waltz
C) Scherzo
D) Sonata
E) Overture

Answer: B
The waltz is derived from popular peasant dances of Austria and Bavaria.


3) In geography, the island community Martha’s Vineyard is located in which state, Maine or Massachusetts?

Answer: Massachusetts


4) When referring to an important person, the acronym “BMOC” stands for what?
A) Be Mindful Or Concerned
B) Birds Mice Or Cats
C) Big Man On Campus
D) Bat Man Outs Criminals

Answer: C


5) Which French city is the center for the production of fine mustards?
A) Bordeaux
B) Lyon
C) Dijon
D) Paris
E) Cannes

Answer: C
The seeds of European and Asian mustard herbs are ground into a paste with vinegar or oil.


6) If you limn something, you are _______ it.
A) Singing
B) Drawing
C) Limping
D) Walking
E) Reading

Answer: B
The word limn comes from the French “enluminer,” which means to make light.


7) What do you call the semi-circular vertical channels carved along the length of a column?

Answer: Flutes (or fluting)


8) The orbits of comets are ___
A) Circular
B) Eccentric

Answer: B


9) Pratibha Patil was the first female President of which country?

Answer: India


10) What year was the first Woolworth’s store opened?
A) 1879
B) 1889
C) 1899
D) 1909
E) 1919

Answer: A
Frank W. Woolworth opened the first five-and-dime store in Utica, New York, on February 22, 1879, but soon after its opening, the store failed. Only after opening another store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in June 1879 did Woolworth meet success with his chain. The last Woolworth’s store closed in 1997.


11) In blood types, AB is considered to be the Universal Recipient, which type is the Universal Donor?
A) B
B) A
C) O
D) A negative

Answer: C


12) In music, what boy band sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XXXV?

Answer: Backstreet Boys


13) Which of the following terms does not relate to winter sports?
A) Triple axel
B) Halfpipe
C) Ice Cube
D) Icing

Answer: C
Despite his wintry moniker, Ice Cube has nothing to do with winter sports; he’s a rap musician noted for his contributions to the gangsta style.


14) What is curacao?
A) Hot curry spice
B) Liqueur made of oranges
C) Brazilian parrot stew
D) Aged cheese
E) Unsweetened chocolate

Answer: B
It takes its name from Curacao, the island off of Venezuela where it was first made.


15) Which branch of the arts brought international fame to Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev?
A) Opera
B) Ballet
C) Musical composition

Answer: B


Top Trivia Quiz Questions Part 2


16) In fashion, which New York socialite’s designer jean label featured a swan as an emblem?

Answer: Gloria Vanderbilt


17) How many operational space shuttles were built by NASA?

Answer: 6


18) When did the United States launch its first satellite?

Answer: The first United States satellite was the Explorer 1, launched on Jan. 31,1958, almost four months after Sputnik


19) What is the popular name for the Central Criminal Court in London?

Answer: Old Bailey


20) Which book features a love triangle among Ellen Olenska, Newland Archer & May Welland?
A) Portrait of a Lady
B) The Edwardians
C) The Age of Innocence
D) A Room with a View
E) The Gilded Age

Answer: C
This book is a satirical look at upper class life in New York City in the middle 19th century.


21) What city took over from Istanbul in 1923 as the capital of Turkey?

Answer: Ankara


22) At its normal size, the appendix is approximately how large?
A) Finger-sized
B) Potato-sized
C) Peanut-sized

Answer: A
The appendix is a finger-sized tube attached to the large intestine. Its function is unknown, but the appendix does contain some immune cells, which help defend the body from infection. Appendicitis, which occurs most frequently in young adults, is a painful (and potentially dangerous) inflammation of the appendix.


23) What marsupial attracts its mate by belching?

Answer: The koala bear. This animal has an extremely slow metabolic rate and sleeps from 16-20 hours a day.


24) Who was the author of the book Lolita

Answer: Vladimir Nabokov


25) There are two Frankfurt in Germany. Which one is the main transportation hub?
A) Frankfurt am Main
B) Frankfurt an der Oder

Answer: A


26) The time of rotation of the earth on its axis is about:
A) 24 hours
B) 12 hours
C) 1 year

Answer: A


27) In nuclear fusion, two smaller hydrogen nuclei join to form one larger:
A) Oxygen nucleus
B) Star
C) Helium nucleus

Answer: C


28) The concentration of a force is called:
A) Pressure
B) Mass intensity
C) Weight

Answer: A


29) An example of a chemical change or reaction is:
A) Mixing salt in water
B) Burning wood
C) Defrosting frozen food

Answer: B


30) When raising the forearm, the biceps muscle:
A) Relaxes
B) contracts
C) opposes

Answer: B


Top Trivia Quiz Questions Part 3


31) Which guitar maker produced the Stratocaster?

Answer: Leo Fender


32) During which months does Ramadan, the Muslim period of fasting, take place?

Answer: May and June.


33) Sumerian civilization produced the first
A) coined money.
B) Examples of warfare among people.
C) Monotheistic religion.
D) Written law code.
E) Mass literacy.

Answer: D


34) In Australia which city’s citizens could read The Barrier Miner over breakfast in 1888?

Answer: Broken Hill’s


35) In UK which of the five original Cinque Ports has a name describing a snack?

Answer: Sandwich


36) In the Netherlands, all governments since 1945 have been Coalition. True or False
A) True
B) False

Answer: A


37) What do you call a grouping of hens?

Answer: A brood


38) Who was the only US president to ever use nuclear weapons in an act of war?

Answer: Harry S. Truman


39) What Seattle-based company is the largest airplane manufacturer in the world?

Answer: Boeing (“If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going.”)


40) The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo set the boundary between
A) The U.S. and Canada
b) The U.S. and Mexico
C) Canada and Oregon
D) Texas and New Mexico

Answer: B


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