Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers

76 Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers


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1) What form of Buddhist mysticism and meditation is practiced in Japan?
Answer: Zen.


2) What was the original name of Constantinople?
Answer: Byzantium.


3) A written order by the seller of goods to the buyer to pay a certain sum of money to him or his order on a specified future date for value received:
Answer: Commercial bills of exchange.


4) What is the theme of a passion play?
Answer: Christ’s suffering and death.


5) What was the name, which Joseph Nicéphore Niépce called his technique?
Answer: Heliography.


6) Which blood group does one have to accept the blood of any of the four groups?
Answer: AB.


7) What made Japan and West Germany the important nations in the struggle for power?
Answer: The rapid industrialization.


8) Which structures have four basic designs – beam, cantilever, arch and suspension?
Answer: Bridges.


9) The best-furnished room in a palace was:
Answer: The studio.


10) Which Indian emperor was a patron and a player of polo?
Answer: Akbar.


11) When was the Rocky Mountains began to form?
Answer: About 100 million years ago.


12) What is the name for the mapped hexagonal geographic areas that make up the cellular phone grid?
Answer: Cells.


13) When was the Cambrian period?
Answer: More than 500 million years ago.


14) When did the Indian Peace Keeping Force 9IPKF) the first land on Sri Lankan soil?
Answer: 30 July 1987.


15) From when and where a complete Australopithecus africanus skeleton was discovered?
Answer: 1998, Sterkfontein in South Africa.


16) In Hindu mythology, Saraswati’s mount, swan, was also used by another god. Who?
Answer: Brahma.


17)) A sample copy of a complete page is called:
Answer: Proof.


18) What are the substances in the saliva of vampire bats, leeches and mosquitoes which stop blood from clotting?
Answer: Anticoagulants.


19) What are the six elements of a drama?
Answer: Plot, character, thought, diction, music, and spectacle.


20) What happened to the last Mughal emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar, after the Sepoy Mutiny?
Answer: He was exiled to Burma.


21) What is the name of the criminal act relating to computer?
Answer: Cybercrime.


22) The last letter of the Greek alphabet is:
Answer: Omega.


23) When was the introduction of Roll films in photography?
Answer: 1898.


24) Where was the 1989 Kumbh Mela held?
Answer: Prayag.


25) What is the name of a veil worn by Muslim women?
Answer: Yashmak.


Simple General Knowledge Questions with Answers Part 2 (26 – 50)


26) After Paris, which is the world’s largest primarily French-speaking city?
Answer: Montreal.


27) Mozambique has organized a political party in the name of:
Answer: Marxism-Leninism.


28) What was the name of the pope who introduced the reformed calendar used by the western world?
Answer: Pope Gregory (Gregory XIII).


29) One Decimeter is equal to how many Centimeters?
Answer: 10 Centimeters.


30) Apart from the top ten mountains in Asia, which is the next highest?
Answer: Ismoil Somoni Peak.


31) What is the Currency of Azerbaijan:
Answer: Manat.


32) In which country was Saïd Taghmaoui born?
Answer: France.


33) Which is attracted by the tourists in Botswana?
Answer: Safari.


34) What is the French equivalent of the Stock Exchange?
Answer: The Bourse.


35) Which is the suitable shoe for the comfortableness of the foot?
Answer: It should not have much height, the heel should have a flat cushion.


36) How much urine accumulates in the bladder of a normal person per minute?
Answer: 1 ml or more.


37) Which is the plateau that covers about half of Tibet’s surface area?
Answer: Northern Plateau.


38) What is the popular name for members of the RCMP?
Answer: Mounties.


39) What is the name given to the folk dance which is taken by the Chilean sailors to Mexico?
Answer: Chilena.


40) Where do the Blue Nile and White Nile meet in great scenic splendor?
Answer: Khartoum.


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41) Gandhiji entered Alfred High School at Rajkot in:
Answer: 1881.


42) What is the name for a computer pointing device?
Answer: A mouse.


43) Name the two products, provided from forests besides wood?
Answer: Latex and Turpentine.


44) Who started the Shuddhi Movement?
Answer: Swami Shraddhananda.


45) People used rivers for:
Answer: Transportation, trade, and irrigation.


46) In which country did gold originate?
Answer: Scotland.


47) Succulent plants are:
Answer: Xerophyte.


48) Which type of edible nut is produced by a variety of hickory tree?
Answer: Pecan.


49) Metaphysics is divided into how many areas?
Answer: Two.


50) What is the meaning of banal?
Answer: Commonplace.


Easy General Knowledge Questions & Answers Part 3 (51-75)


51) If the injury is serious, what should we do?
Answer: If we press both edges of the injury, the bleeding will stop.


52) What is the largest joint in the human body?
Answer: Knee.


53) By what name the Sumerian civilization was known after the conquest of the Akkadians?
Answer: Sumerian-Akkadian civilization.


54) In the honors list of explorers, who was the Italian usually given credit for discovering Newfoundland?
Answer: John Cabot.


55) What are Rhizoids of mosses?
Answer: Rhizoids of mosses are multicellular and non pigmented.


56) Which active volcano, the highest in Europe, lies on the island of Sicily?
Answer: Etna.


57) What is the wavelength range of X-rays?
Answer: 0.1 – 100 Å.


58) What is the collective word for a group of companies that limits competition by price-fixing, market sharing and restricting output?
Answer: Cartel.


59) Who wrote the famous book “Principles of Management”?
Answer: Oliver Sheldon.


60) What is the meaning of quizzical?
Answer: Questioning and mocking.


61) Without which language Web pages would not exist?
Answer: HTML.


62) Which of these peoples once ruled Norway?
Answer: Vikings.


63) The emitter current is almost independent of the:
Answer: Collector-to-base voltage.


64) The ballet dancer’s short and spreading skirt is called:
Answer: Tutu.


65) Preferential runway for takeoff is used:
Answer: To reduce noise nuisance.


66) To which country does the volcano Cotopaxi belong?
Answer: Ecuador.


67) Name an abiotic resource:
Answer: Freshwater.


68) Which sign is the decapod of the zodiac?
Answer: Cancer.


69) Who is the author of the classic “Principia Mathematica”?
Answer: Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell.


70) Where would you now try to find the remains of the ancient city of Carthage?
Answer: Tunisia.


71) invented the modern form of the aerosol spray?
Answer: Robert Abplanalp (1953)


72) What does the “SIM” in SIM card stand for?
Answer: Subscriber Identity Module.


73) Which are the factors resulting in a road accident?
Answer: Road and environment deficiencies, Road user errors or human factors, vehicle defects.


74) What is the high tower of a Muslim Mosque called?
Answer: A minaret.


75) Who put forth the nebular hypothesis explaining the origin of the earth?
Answer: Laplace.


76) What is chalcedony?
Answer: A gemstone.


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