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Geography Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Geography     General Geography Quiz Questions Answers Part 1 (1-15)   1) Name the planet which has a life-support system ie, group of devices like air, water, food, maintaining the correct body temperature, an acceptable pressure on the body that allow a human being to survive […]

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Geography Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Geography

Geography Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Geography


Geography Quiz Questions Answers – Learn More about Geography


General Geography Quiz Questions Answers Part 1 (1-15)


1) Name the planet which has a life-support system ie, group of devices like air, water, food, maintaining the correct body temperature, an acceptable pressure on the body that allow a human being to survive in space.
Answer: Earth.


2) The wind velocity is directed by a force named Coriolis effect caused by the __
Answer: Rotation of the earth.


3) Name the cold polar air bursting from the west, southwest or south on the pampas in the south of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.
Answer: Pampero.


4) Name the layer of Earth’s atmosphere lying between the troposphere and the mesosphere
Answer: Stratosphere.


5) Contours in cartography used to define __
Answer: Heights of land above the sea level.


6) Alluvial plains, a type of flat landforms on the surface of the earth which are often called as granaries of earth are formed
Answer: By rivers depositing their sand and silt on the land during floods.


7) The Arctic Circle is located on the latitude of Earth at approximately _________ from the equator.
Answer: 66.5 degrees north.


8) Name a capital city which is located at the highest altitude.
Answer: La Paz, Bolivia.


9) The day and night is caused by the rising and setting of Sun at East and west respectively. This is by the
Answer: Rotation of the earth.


10) _______ is widely accepted as the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere,
Answer: Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina.


11) In physical geography, a raised block of the Earth’s crust that has lifted, or has remained stationary due to faulting while the land on either side (graben) has subsided is known as ________
Answer: Horsts.

12) The lowest point on Earth in terms of dry land is the shore of _______, shared by Palestine, Israel, and Jordan (1,378ft / 420m below sea level).
Answer: The Dead Sea.


13) The Qattara Depression lies below sea level, and its bottom is covered with salt pans, sand dunes, and salt marshes.Where is it located?
Answer: Egypt.


14) A graben is a valley with a distinct escarpment on each side caused by the displacement of a block of land downward. Give an example.
Answer: Dead Sea depression.


15) In a year how many times does earth revolve round the Sun?
Answer: One.


Online Geography Quiz Questions Answers Part 2 (16-30)


16) Where can we locate Coral reefs
Answer: Tropical oceans near the equator


17) Anti-trades, also known as countertrades, are winds in the upper atmosphere which blow above and in the opposite direction to the trade winds. These winds are also called
Answer: The Westerlies.


18) Where is the current location Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, the Anatolian peninsula or the Anatolian plateau
Answer: Turkey.


19) The process of Glacier Wastage, which means ‘the removal of snow or ice from a glacier’ is known as
Answer: Ablation.


20) Which continent lies in the lowest part of earth’s crust in terms of its elevation?
Answer: Antarctica.


21) A pyramidal peak, sometimes called a glacial horn in extreme cases, is an angular, sharply pointed mountain peak which results from the cirque erosion due to multiple glaciers diverging from a central point.Give an example
Answer: Matterhorn in Alps.


22) What is the unit of measuring the elevation of lands or places?
Answer: In feet or meters above the sea level.


23) Which is the highest peak in Western Europe?
Answer: Mont Blanc, France-Italy.


24) The Ring of Fire, also referred to as the Circum-Pacific Belt, is a path along the Pacific Ocean characterized by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. The majority of Earth’s volcanoes and earthquakes take place along the Ring of Fire. Name one volcano which is located outside of the Ring of Pacific fire.
Answer: Mount Popa

25) ______ is one of the most active volcanoes in the world,also known as the light house of the Mediterranean Sea which is glowing always , is in the most northern of the Aeolian Islands.
Answer: Stromboli.


26) What is the time period taken by a sunray for reaching earth?
Answer: 8 minutes.


27) Earth’s orbital speed around the sun is about
Answer: 67,000 mph (107,000 km/h)


28) The clouds usually bring wet weather, thunderstorms and high precipitation are
Answer: Cumulonimbus.


29) ______ refers to the area of the earth between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, Geographically, defined by 23.5 degrees north latitude and 23.5 degrees south latitude.
Answer: Torrid Zone.


30) Igneous rocks which form at shallow depths in the earth are known as hypabyssal rocks. An example is
Answer: Dolerite.


Basic Geography Quiz Questions Answers Part 3 (31-50)


31) What determines the amount of sunlight a place receives, which is the main factor of the climate of that place?
Answer: Latitude.


32) Name the first person who was a British Astronomer Royal, scientifically measure the mass of the planet Earth
Answer: Dr. Nevil Maskelyne.


33) An ______ is a body of saturated permeable and porous rock layer through which water can easily move
Answer: Aquifer.


34) ________ is the coldest, windiest and driest continent in the world
Answer: Antarctica.


35) The Tropic of Capricorn passes through a total of ten countries located on the continents of South America, Africa, and Australia. Name the only country lies within tropic of capricorn as well as equator.
Answer: Brazil.


36) The Bridge of No Return, located inside the Joint Security Area, crosses the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and separates ______ & ______
Answer: North Korea and South Korea.


37) The porous rocks which allow water or liquid to pass through it is known as
Answer: Permeable rocks.


38) Which are the four spheres of earth?
Answer: Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Biosphere.

39) Name the majority regions over earth’s surface where rainfall is not enough to cover the growth needs of the vegetation all year round. That is, aridity index (rainfall/potential evapotranspiration) is below 0.5 per cent.
Answer: Semi-Arid.


40) Name the continent from which fossils ofour bipedalist ancestors found out and regarded as first forefathers of human kind.
Answer: Africa.


41) The nebular hypothesis is the most widely accepted model in the field of cosmogony to explain the formation and evolution of the Solar System including earth. This hypothesis is stated by
Answer: Laplace.


42) _____ was a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. It assembled from earlier continental units approximately 335 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago.
Answer: Pangaea.


43) Name the location in Newyork where statue of liberty is situated.
Answer: Liberty Island.


44) Isotherm, a line drawn on a map or chart joining points which shows areas with
Answer: Same temperatures


45) Name the State in USA with least number of counties.
Answer: Delaware.


46) _______ is a partially enclosed body of water formed where freshwater from the land meets and mixes with saltwater from the ocean.
Answer: Estuary.


47) Name the place you can see Barchan, (also spelled Barkhan, crescent- shaped sand dune produced by the action of wind predominately from one direction) in abundance
Answer: Libyan deserts


48) North Pole is encircled by which ocean?
Answer: Arctic Ocean.


49) Jimmie Angel, a US aviator, who was the first person to fly over one water falls in Venezuela and his surname was given to this world’s natural wonder. What is its name?
Answer: Angel Falls.


50) Name the rocky desert, or desert region, which does not have surficial materials and which consists mainly of boulders and exposed bedrock.
Answer: Hamada.


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Top Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers https://topessaywriter.org/astronomy-quiz-questions-and-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/astronomy-quiz-questions-and-answers/#respond Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:54:56 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=600 Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers

Top Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers     Top 50 Astronomy Questions with Answers   1) Which are the two Auroras? Answer: Aurora Borealis in the North Polar region and Aurora Australis in the South Polar region.   2) Which invention was an epoch-making event in the history of astronomy? Answer: Optical telescope.   3) […]

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Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers

Top Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers


Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers


Top 50 Astronomy Questions with Answers


1) Which are the two Auroras?

Answer: Aurora Borealis in the North Polar region and Aurora Australis in the South Polar region.


2) Which invention was an epoch-making event in the history of astronomy?

Answer: Optical telescope.


3) When did the last solar eclipse of 20th century occur?

Answer: 1999 August 11.


4) Nadir means the point directly below an observer and zenith means the point directly overhead. True or False?

Answer: True.


5) Where did the last solar eclipse (longest) of the 20th century occur and what was its duration?

Answer: Romania, 2 minutes, 58 second.


6) Name the son of Jishnu, the most famous astronomer of India in the medieval period?

Answer: Brahmagupta.


7) What are the major elements necessary for, without which no ‘observation’ is possible?

Answer: Astronomical charts and instruments.


8) The coloured part of the sun is the:

Answer: Chromosphere.


9) What were the things that ancient Hindus looked upon as the abode of God?

Answer: Nakshatras.


10) What did the ancient Indian astronomical Rishi’s believe in his heart about the stars?

Answer: They believed that the stars were the lights of religious men.


11) What is an isolated peak or point of light in the firmament?

Answer: A star.


12) The core of the sun has a temperature of approximately:

Answer: 16 million degrees.


13) What is the name given to a cluster of stars forming part of a constellation?

Answer: Asterism.


14) Which are the only things regarded by plane trigonometry?

Answer: Lengths & Angles.


15) Where are the Van Allen radiation belts found?

Answer: Around the Earth.


Astronomy Questions and Answers part 2 (16-30)


16) Which is the Nebula which is considered to be the remnant of a Super Nova explosion?

Answer: Crab Nebula.


17) Polaris will not always be the North Star because of ___

Answer: Precession.


18) Where are the domes of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory sited?

Answer: In the Andes foothills of Chile.


19) Which astronomical branch in astronomy was responsible for the discovery of Quasar galaxies and Polar stars?

Answer: Radio Astronomy.


20) The asteroid belt in our solar system is between the planets of:

Answer: Mars and Jupiter.


21) What is the full form of HST?

Answer: Hubble Space Telescope.


22) What is the full form of VLA?

Answer: Very Large Array.


23) The distance between the earth and the sun is about:

Answer: 150 million kilometers.


24) Where can we find the worlds largest radio telescope?

Answer: Arecibo, Puerto Rico.


25) The correct name for a ‘shooting star’ is a:

Answer: Meteor.


26) Which is the worlds largest radio telescope?

Answer: Keck Telescope.


27) Where in the world is the KECK telescope situated?

Answer: At Mauna Kea, Hawaii.


28) Another name for an exploding meteor is a bolide. True or False

Answer: True.


29) Where in the world can we find the oldest existing observatory?

Answer: In South Korea.


30) When was the oldest existing observatory of South Korea, said to have been built?

Answer: In AD 72.


Astronomy Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (31-50)


31) Who is considered as the father of astronomy?

Answer: Nicolaus Copernicus.


32) The sun is composed of the gases hydrogen and:

Answer: Helium.


33) What is the temperature of the Photosphere?

Answer: 5,500 0 C (9,900° F).


34) What is the shape of the planets orbit?

Answer: Oval (Elliptical).


35) Where do you find faculae?

Answer: On the sun.


36) ‘Of all-stars he is supremely brilliant’. Here which star constellation is expressed by the world ‘he’?

Answer: The Orion.


37) A refracting telescope has large lenses and a reflecting telescope has a large main mirror. True or False?

Answer: True.


38) Which is the US probe that helps in providing valuable evidence for the Big Bang Theory?

Answer: US COBE.


39) The theory that the universe is continually being created at various parts of the universe is the:

Answer: Steady State Theory.


40) What is the full form of COBE?

Answer: Cosmic Background Explorer.


41) When was the faulty mirror of Hubble telescope launched in 1990 repaired?

Answer: 1994.


42) The theory that the universe originated from a gigantic explosion of a central large and dense mass is the:

Answer: Big Bang Theory.


43) What produces energy in star?

Answer: Nuclear reaction in core.


44) Name one star that belongs to the group of the yellow star?

Answer: Sun.


45) When can the planets not be seen from Earth?

Answer: During conjunction.


46) What is the very first step in the evolution of a star?

Answer: Gas cloud.


47) What is the name given to the miraculous end of a star?

Answer: Supernova.


48) The estimated age of the universe is:

Answer: Between 7 and 20 billion years old.


49) The last comet of the 20th century was called by a name. What was that name?

Answer: Halley’s Comet.


50) A crescent moon means that the moon is nearly in its full phase. True or False?

Answer: False.


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500 General Knowledge Questions – GK Quiz and Answers https://topessaywriter.org/500-general-knowledge-questions-gk-quiz-and-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/500-general-knowledge-questions-gk-quiz-and-answers/#respond Wed, 18 Sep 2019 13:53:22 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=278 500 General Knowledge Questions - GK Quiz and Answers

500 General Knowledge Questions – Five Hundred GK Quiz and Answers     General Knowledge Questions Part 1   1) Which capital city has the highest elevation? Answer: Quito, Ecuador   2) Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing? Answer: Wool   3) Which town in Umbria was the birthplace of St. Francis? Answer: […]

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500 General Knowledge Questions - GK Quiz and Answers

500 General Knowledge Questions – Five Hundred GK Quiz and Answers


500 General Knowledge Questions - GK Quiz and Answers


General Knowledge Questions Part 1


1) Which capital city has the highest elevation?

Answer: Quito, Ecuador


2) Alpha-keratin is a protein present in which thing?

Answer: Wool


3) Which town in Umbria was the birthplace of St. Francis?

Answer: Assisi.


4) This capital of Latvia is sometimes known as the “Paris of the Baltic.”

Answer: Riga


5) Which is used as ‘a moderator in a nuclear reactor?

Answer: Graphite


6) Which species are known by the name robust australopithecine?

Answer: Australopithecus boisei and Australopithecus robustus.


7) Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

Answer: Mars


8) Which country lies directly to the east of Iraq?

Answer: Iran


9) What was the source of the blue gem stone, lapis lazuli, for the people of Harappan culture?

Answer: Afghanistan


10) What are the typesettings that produce text only?

Answer: Hot-metal typesetting and phototypesetting.


11) Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th international century against which’ country ?

Answer: Bangladesh


12) Which east African language developed as the lingua franca between Africans and Arab traders?

Answer: Swahili


13) In baseball, the two opposing teams consist of how many players?

Answer: 9 players each


14) The earliest record of Greek drama dates backs to which year when a contest for tragedy was established in Athens?

Answer: 534 B.C.


15) The improper function of which results in condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings?

Answer: Thyroid gland


16) Which country is the world’s leading producer of olives and grapes?

Answer: Italy


17) In 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered four moons of which planet?

Answer: Jupiter


18) Which legal term indicates pledging of properties?

Answer: Mortgage.


19) In the Vedic society, which was the term used to denote a group of families?

Answer: Grama


20) Which street divides New York City’s East Side and West Side?

Answer: Fifth Avenue


21) Carlo Collodi wrote a story about a wooden puppet which became human. What is its title?

Answer: The Adventure of Pinocchio.


22) What is the name of the lens which is used in cinematography and television for making a quick transition from a distant to a close-up shot without moving the camera?

Answer: Zoom kiss.


23) What is the term for a person with assets of over 1000 million dollars?

Answer: Billionaire.


24) In which country did the Baha’i religion originate?

Answer: Iran


25) Which district of London gave its name to the Prime Meridian?

Answer: Greenwich.


26) How many members were in the Issachar tribe including their genealogies?

Answer: Fifty four thousand and five hundred.


27) How are Latitude and Longitude?

Answer: Perpendicular to each other


28) Which country lies adjacent to the Andaman Sea?

Answer: Burma


29) Which Philosophy holds that the world is created and maintained by Universal Law?

Answer: Jain Philosophy


30) Who is known as ‘Priyadarshini’?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.


31) Which book is authored by V.S. Naipaul ?

Answer: A House for Mr. Biswas


32) Which is the country in the British Isles is said to have the highest density of sheep in the world?

Answer: Wales.


33) Which can be used for biological control of mosquitoes?

Answer: Gambusia


34) What is jerkin?

Answer: Sleeveless leather jacket.


35) In which country are England’s largest lake and highest mountain situated?

Answer: Cumbria.


36) Where is the Gulf of Carpentaria?

Answer: Australia


37) The latitude of a place is the same as which place?

Answer: Celestial pole


38) Who was the organizer of Marxism?

Answer: Lenin.


39) What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions?

Answer: Brahmi


40) The Battle of the Bulge was a counter-offensive move of the _______ in World War II.

Answer: Germans


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 2


41) In which technology do Cryogenic engines find applications?

Answer: Rocket technology


42) What is the name of an instrument that gives a three-dimensional effect to photographs viewed through it?

Answer: Stereoscope.


43) In which town did Isaac Newton attend the grammar school, and Margaret Thatcher attend the local girl’s school?

Answer: Grantham.


44) Which English physicist and mathematician was born in the same year that Galileo died?

Answer: Isaac Newton.


45) Which British city is the home of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television?

Answer: Bradford.


46) What is the Currency of Barbados:

Answer: Barbadian dollar.


47) Which instrument used for finding out wind-direction?

Answer: Wind vane


48) Which performer received a gold single for the song “Daniel” in 1973?

Answer: Elton John


49) What is the emblem of Islam, displayed, for example, on the national flags of Turkey, Pakistan and Tunisia?

Answer: Crescent moon.


50) Where is the biggest and world-famous museum located?

Answer: In Paris.


51) Which vitamin is considered to be a hormone?

Answer: D


52) What is the English name for the Danish Port of Helsinger, the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”?

Answer: Elsinore.


53) Which UK government-funded body has an official symbol of quality called a ‘kite’ mark?

Answer: British Standards Institute.


54) How much is the percentage of carbon in average chemical structure of the hair?

Answer: 50.65%.


55) Which is the element found on the surface of the moon?

Answer: Titanium


56) “Play it Again, Sam” and “Don’t Drink the Water” are hit plays by:

Answer: Woody Allen


57) Why is ‘Beaufort Scale’ used ?

Answer: To measure wind velocity


58) Which is the western border of Northern Plateau?

Answer: Karakoram Range.


59) Which Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi?

Answer: Anangpal


60) What is the name of the guitar-like Russian stringed instrument with a triangular body?

Answer: The balalaika


61) ‘My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of which person?

Answer: Pt. Ravi Shankar


62) Name the theatrical dance in which a formal academic dance technique is combined with other artistic elements such as music, costume and stage scenery?

Answer: Ballet.


63) Which was the first talkie film of India?

Answer: Alam Ara


64) Which former house painter began the Cubist movement with Picasso?

Answer: Braque


65) Through which Translocation of food materials in plants takes place?

Answer: Phloem


66) Where did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s marriage with Kasturbai take place?

Answer: Porbandar.


67) When does Relative humidity decreases?

Answer: With increased temperature


68) How many cities are there in Northern Ireland?

Answer: Two


69) Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India?

Answer: Feroze Shan Tughlaq


70) Which are the five basic forest strata (layers) of plants?

Answer: 1. The canopy 2. The understory 3. The shrub layer 4. The herb layer and 5. The forest floor.


71) The famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison was died on:

Answer: October 18, 1931.


72) How many years after the Battle of Trafalgar did the Battle of Waterloo take place?

Answer: 1805 – 1815. 9 years and 8 months.


73) In which year was the artificial rubber – Neoprene – discovered?

Answer: 1932.


74) How many years after the Battle of Trafalgar did the Battle of Waterloo take place?

Answer: 1805 – 1815. 9 years and 8 months.


75) In which year vaccine for Yellow fever formulated?

Answer: 1932.


76) What kind of energy did Blondie sing about?

Answer: Atomic.


77) In which year Frequency Modulation (EM) radio transmission started?

Answer: 1933.


78) The idea which holds that species arose in the past as a result of a supernatural act, is known as the:

Answer: Special creation theory.


79) Which state in the USA is known as “The Land of Enchantment”?

Answer: New Mexico.


80) Which period is often called the “Age of Fishes”?

Answer: Devonian period.


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3


81) Which president was succeeded upon his death by Theodore Roosevelt?

Answer: William McKinley


82) Folk painting ‘Madhubani’ is famous in which state?

Answer: Bihar


83) The theories in metaphysics include:

Answer: Materialism, idealism, mechanism and teleology.


84) Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?

Answer: Babul


85) What do you call a grouping of bass?

Answer: A shoal of bass


86) Which one of the five Great Lakes lies totally within the United States?

Answer: Lake Michigan.


87) Materialism maintains:

Answer: The only matter has real existence and that feelings, thoughts and other mental phenomena are produced by the activity of matter.


88) Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?

Answer: Australia


89) Which is the third largest continent?

Answer: North America


90) Which Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?

Answer: Rani Durgawati


91) What would be the colour of the blood which bleed from the artery?

Answer: Strong red.


92) What is the other name of Vitamin A?

Answer: Retinol.


93) What was the first name of Clark, of the Lewis & Clark expedition?

Answer: William


94) From where did India introduce cultivation of tobacco/tapioca/ pineapple?

Answer: South America


95) Below what level of Hemoglobin, is Anaemia said to be present?

Answer: Below 13.5 g/dL in a man or less than 12 g/dL in a woman.


96) When was the Reserve Bank of India taken over by the Government?

Answer: 1948


97) What structure is considered to be the oldest man-made building still standing?

Answer: Pyramid of Djoser


98) Which is found on the western coast of continents between 30° and 40° latitudes?

Answer: Mediterranean Climate Region


99) What is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of nuclear cytology?

Answer: Karyology.


100) Which school of paintings developed independently during the Mughal Period?

Answer: The Bijapur School


101) Who was the author of the book ‘The Stranger’?

Answer: Albert Camus.


102) In which is ‘Foot and Mouth Disease’ found?

Answer: Cattle


103) The greatest pyramid is _

Answer: Khufu.


104) Which Scottish waterway links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Caledonian Canal.


105) Who was the last English king to die in battle?

Answer: King Richard III.


106) What denotes the smallest temperature?

Answer: 1° on the Kelvin scale


107) Constantinople was captured by the:

Answer: Turks.


108) In which latitudes largest quantities of bauxite is found?

Answer: Tropical latitudes


109) In Norse mythology, which of the following was known as the god of mischief?

Answer: Loki.


110) Which was the first English ship that came to India?

Answer: Red Dragon


111) What is the real name of Mother Theresa:

Answer: Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu.


112) Which tree, once very popular in social forestry, is now taken to be environmental hazard?

Answer: Eucalyptus


113) Which disease in children is caused by the intensive use of nitrate fertilizers?

Answer: Methemoglobinemia.


114) Foot-and-Mouth disease in animals, a current epidemic in some parts of the world, By which is this caused?

Answer: Bacterium


115) The Postal system in India dates back to the year:

Answer: 1837.


116) In which animal is respiration done by skin?

Answer: Frog


117) What does a lepidopterist study?

Answer: Moths and butterflies.


118) The Ruhr-Westphalia region is a famous industrial region of which country?

Answer: Germany


119) The island that China had to cede to England as a result of the Opium War:

Answer: Hong Kong.


120) Which was the first newspaper to be published in India?

Answer: Bengal Gazette


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 4


121) Of which American state is Boston the capital?

Answer: Massachusetts.


122) Which European country has been ruled by Harald V since 1991?

Answer: Norway.


123) Where did the Great Trek take place and who were the trekkers?

Answer: In South Africa -they were Boers who trekked from Transvaal to the orange free state.


124) ‘Gobar gas’ contains mainly which gas?

Answer: Methane


125) Which bushranger’s gang did Sir Frederick Pottinger fail to capture?

Answer: Ben Hall’s.


126) Who is the patron saint of music?

Answer: St. Cecilia.


127) The isotherms indicate:

Answer: The temperatures in particular areas.


128) Which rocks is transformed into marble?

Answer: Limestone


129) Who was the God of the Sun & Music?

Answer: Apollo.


130) Which ‘Englishmen was fellow of Gandhi in South Africa?

Answer: Polak


131) Who is regarded as the richest man in the world?

Answer: Bill Gates.


132) By which number the quality of gasoline’ sample is determined?

Answer: By its octane number


133) In which century was most of the construction of the White House completed: 18th, 19th or 20th?

Answer: 18th century (1790s).


134) Due to bite of mad dog the disease hydrophobia is caused by which virus?

Answer: Rabies virus


135) The Hindu Kush is located in:

Answer: Just north of Kabul.


136) Which were the two factions of the Russian Social Democratic Party whose names were taken from the words the ‘majority’ and ‘minority’?

Answer: Bolshevik and Menshevik.


137) In law, what attorney lists the Boston Strangler, Patty Hearst, and O.J. Simpson among his clients?

Answer: F. Lee Bailey.


138) What is the principal reason for the formation of metamorphic rocks?

Answer: Extreme heat and pressure


139) What is the British portion of Ireland called?

Answer: Ulster.


140) Who said “I therefore want freedom immediately, this very night, before dawn if it can be had”?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi


141) What “L” is a cross-legged Yoga position named for its resemblance to an aquatic flower?

Answer: The lotus position.


142) A temperature at which both the Fahrenheit and the centigrade scales have the same value?

Answer: -40°


143) The highest peak in Africa is:

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.


144) With which is the ‘Tennis court oath’ associated?

Answer: French Revolution


145) At the Vatican when a new pope is elected, it is announced by a plume of which color of smoke?

Answer: White.


146) Where is Van Gogh museum located?

Answer: Amsterdam.


147) What is the westernmost American territory in North America?

Answer: Attu Island.


148) Where is the Sargasso sea located?

Answer: North Atlantic Ocean


149) Atomic radius is the distance between two adjacent atoms. True or False?

Answer: False.


150) Who com merited that Cripps Mission was a postdated cheque on a crashing bank?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi


151) Where is New Amsterdam?

Answer: Guyana.


152) Medicine for epilepsy is obtain from which lichen?

Answer: Parmelia


153) Which two planets are almost identical in size?

Answer: Earth – Venus.


154) How many chemical components does coffee consist of?
Answer: 1800.


155) Where exactly in Australia would you find Coromandel?

Answer: North Island, New Zealand.


156) Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?

Answer: Quartz glass


157) In the sequence “2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13,” what is the next number?

Answer: 17.


158) Which is the greatest known ocean depth (which lies in the Pacific Ocean)?

Answer: 11,033 m


159) Most of the surface of which country lies below the sea level

Answer: Holland (Netherlands).


160) At which one place did Mahatma Gandhi first start his Satyagraha in India?

Answer: Champaran


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 5


161) A mass of frozen rock and gas that has a tail pointing away from the sun is a:

Answer: Comet.


162) With which country is “Orange’ Revolution” associated?

Answer: Ukraine


163) Name the author of “Mathematical Analysis for Economists”:

Answer: R.G.D. Allen.


164) With which field was Pandit Bhimsen Joshi associated?

Answer: Music’s


165) The part of a microscope where the microscope slide is placed is the:

Answer: Stage.


166) What percentage of water is lost during transpiration?

Answer: 99%


167) What is the full form of GSLV?

Answer: Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.


168) Which is the most populous city in the world?

Answer: Tokyo


169) 100 degrees Celsius is the boiling point of:

Answer: Pure water.


170) By which ruler was the practice of military governorship first introduced in India?

Answer: Greeks


171) Which is the only Shakespearean film to have won the Best Film Oscar?

Answer: Hamlet (1948).


172) Which country has the briefest Constitution in the world?

Answer: USA


173) What is formed when gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides mix with rain?

Answer: Acid rain.


174) What is meant by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)?

Answer: Proprietary information technology standard for organizations that handle credit cards from the major card schemes.


175) Who wrote “The Biography of Raj Kapoor”?

Answer: Bunny Reuben.


176) What is the mean of Invisible Export?

Answer: Export Services


177) Weight is a force of gravity where the gravitational acceleration is:

Answer: The rate of increase of speed of falling objects.


178) Which is the country with the highest density of population in Europe?

Answer: Netherlands


179) When was Bangladesh admitted to the U.N?

Answer: 1974.


180) Bhakt Tukaram was a contemporary of which Mughal emperor?

Answer: Jahangir


181) Who said ‘That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’ on 20 July 1969 ?

Answer: Neil Armstrong.


182) Who was the first person to cross the Alps with army?

Answer: Hannibal


183) Who awards the prize for peace?

Answer: The Norwegian Nobel Committee.


184) What is the loss of water in the form of water drops called?

Answer: Guttation


185) Snowflakes are symmetrical. How many sides do they have

Answer: Six.


186) Who is the author of the book, “The Pigeon Tunnel”?

Answer: John Le Carre.


187) Which athlete had to abandon the marathon in 1980 as he suddenly developed diarrhea during the race?

Answer: Lasse Viran, 1980.


188) Which foreign country is closest to Andarnan Islands?

Answer: Myanmar


189) Which Mexican leader was assassinated in 1923?

Answer: Pancho Villa.


190) Who was called Zinda Pir (living saint) in Mughal India?

Answer: Aurangzeb


191) Which was the first football match broadcast?

Answer: 1928 – F.A Cup Final, England.


192) Which metal is non toxic in nature?

Answer: Gold


193) Which is the largest natural lake in the world?

Answer: Caspian Sea, Europe.


194) What is meant by Pulmonary edema?

Answer: Fluid accumulation in the tissue and air spaces of the lungs.


195) Write the length of the stump:

Answer: 28 inches above the ground.


196) Who is the first American to orbit the earth?

Answer: John Glenn.


197) Where is the longest railroad tunnel in the world?

Answer: Japan.


198) Which State shares boundaries with the maximum number of other States of India ?

Answer: Assam


199) Who was called “The Clown Prince of Tennis”?

Answer: Freddie Huber (Australia).


200) The first railway line in India was opened in which year?

Answer: 1853


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 6


201) When did R.E. Peary discover the North Pole?

Answer: 6th April 1909


202) What is Study of growth and development of the embryo?

Answer: Embryology


203) Where is the submerged sandbank Dogger Bank located?

Answer: Off the east coast of England


204) Name South Korea’s first Woman president?

Answer: Park Geun-hye.


205) Name the world’s oldest astronaut.

Answer: John Glenn.


206) Give one example of marine angiosperm:

Answer: Zostera


207) Angular separation between two colours of the spectrum depends upon which thing?

Answer: Angle of deviation


208) The Sea of Azov is part of which sea?

Answer: Black


209) Which is the highest civilian honour in USA?

Answer: Presidential Medal of Freedom.


210) Which mineral has the nickname ‘fool’s gold’?

Answer: Iron Pyrite


211) Who wrote the book “When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change”?

Answer: Mohamed El Erian.


212) Where are the Cambrian Mountains?

Answer: Wales


213) Where is the headquarter of the International Atomic Energy Agency is located?

Answer: Vienna


214) What is meant by Quick Response(QR) Code?

Answer: Trademark for a type of matrix code.


215) The book ‘Diplomatic Encounter’ has been written by which author?

Answer: Arundhati Roy


216) Which fraction best represents the amount of garbage deposited in landfills in the U.S.A.?

Answer: 2/3


217) What is the Study of pulse and arterial blood pressure called?

Answer: Sphygmology


218) The simplest example of Vigenère cipher is the:

Answer: Caesar cipher


219) The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold ranges of which the oldest range?

Answer: The Great Himalayan Range


220) Gaborone is the capital of which country?

Answer: Botswana


221) Rigveda is divided into 10 books. Which books are the oldest?

Answer: Second and seventh


222) Which is the Low Frequencies (LF) band?

Answer: 30-300 khz


223) Name the world’s oldest sea bird?

Answer: Laysan Albatross.


224) The southern tip of Greenland is near which line of latitude?

Answer: 60


225) Which is the element that has the highest first ionization potential?

Answer: Nitrogen


226) Gates provided for dock entrances are known as:

Answer: Caisson


227) What is the meaning of opprobrious?

Answer: Expressing scorn or abuse


228) In which U.S. state would you most likely experience fog on any given day?

Answer: Washington


229) Which state has the largest number of salt lakes in India?

Answer: Rajasthan


230) Which is the most important resource to man of today?

Answer: Freshwater


231) Who was the last of the 24th Jain Tirthankaras?

Answer: Mahavira


232) Mount Godwin Austin is also known as:

Answer: K2


233) Who is the author of the book ‘The Rights of Man’?

Answer: Thomas Paine


234) Who introduced ‘ellipse’ as the shape of orbits of planets around the sun?

Answer: Johannes Kepler


235) What is considered as the easily digestible source of protein?

Answer: Soyabean


236) Which hideous ailment is not correctly matched with body part it affects?

Answer: Pyorrhea-intestines


237) What is meant by order of friendship?
Answer: State decoration of the Russian federation.


238) Velocity of sound in a diatomic gas is 300 m/s. What is its r.m.s. velocity?

Answer: 430 m/s


239) What is meant by European Economic Area?

Answer: Area in which the agreement on the EEA provides for free movement of persons, goods, services, and capital within the European Single Market.


240) Flavored with almonds, raisins and orange peel, what is glogg?

Answer: Hot punch


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 7


241) How many kilometers is an international nautical mile?

Answer: 1.85 Km


242) Total internal reflection of light is possible when light enters from which thing?

Answer: Water to air


243) In Muslim society, what is a hajj?

Answer: Holy pilgrimage


244) The book ‘Worshipping False Gods’s is written by which person?

Answer: Arun Shourie


245) Who said: ‘I’m afraid there’s many a spectacled sod Prefers the British Museum to God

Answer: W.H. Auden


246) Which endurance race is due to run from Lima–Tucumán–Santiago in 2013?

Answer: Dakar Rally.


247) On which food would you put remoulade?

Answer: Cold cooked crab


248) Which is a global biodiversity hotspot in India?

Answer: Western Ghats


249) Otter name of solar signs:

Answer: The signs having nature of fire


250) Who wrote ‘The Kite Runner’ and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’?

Answer: Khaled Hosseini.


251) Violin bows are made from a brazilwood named Pernambucno and what other material?

Answer: Horse hair


252) In the human body, cowper’s glands form a part of which system?

Answer: Reproductive system


253) Which one occupies more space, internal or external combustion engine?

Answer: External combustion engine


254) The resolution for removing the Vice-President of India can be moved in which sabha?

Answer: Rajya Sabha alone


255) Which letter did Pieter Breughel drop from his name?

Answer: H


256) Which transition metal is in liquid state?

Answer: Mercury


257) Which is the main centre of Jainism in India?

Answer: Mathura


258) Which type of forest exhibits highest bio-diversity ?

Answer: Tropical rain forest


259) How many countries drive on the left – 8, 28 or 58?

Answer: 58


260) Which Rashtrakuta ruler established a victory pillar in Rameshwaram ?

Answer: Krishna III


261) Who said “Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad”?

Answer: Euripides


262) Who directed the famous T.V. serial ‘Tandoori Nights’?

Answer: Saeed Jaffrey


263) What was the number of the last King Louis to be king of France?

Answer: 18th (Louis XVIII 1814.24).


264) The UNESCO declared 2011 as which International Year?

Answer: International Year of Chemistry


265) Who collaborated with Elvis Costello on his recording of “Back on my Feet”, and with Michael Jackson on “Say, Say, Say”?

Answer: Paul McCartney


266) In absence of ribosome in cell which function does not takes place?

Answer: Protein synthesis


267) What is the name of the fictional village in Noel’s House Party?

Answer: Crinkley Bottom.


268) Where are Tapovan and Vishnugarh Hydroelectric Projects located?

Answer: Uttarakhand


269) What is the connection between Greek mythological character Procrustes and a bed?

Answer: Procrustes was a monster who killed his victims by either stretching them, or truncating them to fit his bed


270) Who was the last ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate?

Answer: Nasir-ud-din-Mahmud


271) Which president was succeed upon his death by Harry S. Truman?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt


272) To whom does the Public Accounts Committee submit its report?

Answer: The Speaker of the Lok Sabha


273) Which English philanthropist led the parliamentary campaign against the slave trade which was eventually abolished in 1807?

Answer: William Wilberforce


274) If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, what will the total number of poles be?

Answer: 6


275) What do you call a grouping of bears?

Answer: A sleuth or sloth of bears


276) Why does the Issue Department of the RBI maintain a against printing of note?

Answer: Minimum Reserve System


277) Movement of surface water over oceans is known as:

Answer: Drift


278) With which river is the Omkareshwar Project associated?

Answer: Narmada


279) What is the highest mountain in western Europe?

Answer: Mont Blanc


280) The ruler which was not invited to join the confederacy to fight against Vijaynagar in the battle of Talikota?

Answer: Berar


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 8


281) The way of life is mainly dictated by climate or terrain in:

Answer: Small-scale Societies


282) The United Nations declared 2010 as which International Year?

Answer: Rapprochemont of Cultures


283) While trying to fly around the world Amelia Earhart disappeared…

Answer: in 1937


284) Which tissue take part in healing the wounds?

Answer: Epithelium tissue


285) In Christianity name the eldest son of Adam and Eve:

Answer: Cain


286) Which is the highest and final judicial tribunal in respect of the Constitution of India?

Answer: Supreme Court


287) What leader is responsible for creating the Persian Empire of the 6th century B.C.?

Answer: Cyrus the Great


288) What is the state the main activity associated with the fold mountain?

Answer: Earthquakes


289) On the basis of the nature of securities attached to bonds, there are three types of bonds. Which are they?

Answer: Mortgage bonds, Collateral bonds, Debenture bonds


290) Who was the Afghan ruler of India whose administrative system was emulated by the British?

Answer: Sher Shah


291) What was Socrates forced to drink to commit suicide?

Answer: Hemlock


292) Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of which thing?

Answer: Magnesium bicarbonate


293) When did the national post office become one of the biggest and most important departments of government in many countries?

Answer: By the late 1800’s


294) Regatta is associated with which sports event?

Answer: Rowing


295) In 1893, what country was the first to grant women the right to vote?

Answer: New Zealand


296) Rupee was devalued by what percent in July 1991?

Answer: 20 Percent


297) Which country established diplomatic relations with China in 1979?

Answer: The United States


298) What is the term as the drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rocks?

Answer: Trellis


299) From 1925 until 1961, which of these Russian cities was known as Stalingrad?

Answer: Volgograd


300) Whose tomb is ‘Biwi Ka Maqbara’?

Answer: Aurangzeb’s wife


301) Francis I style was named after whom?

Answer: French king Francis I


302) Which energy do not have the problem of pollution?

Answer: Sun


303) Who was the author of the book Poems?

Answer: Paul Celan


304) When was the Madras State renamed Tamil Nadu?

Answer: 1969


305) What is known as a belt of subduction zones that encircles the Pacific and includes most of the world’s volcanoes?

Answer: Ring of Fire


306) What is a suitable unit for expressing electric field strength?

Answer: N/C


307) General Franco was dictator of which country?

Answer: Spain


308) Rotation of the earth causes deflection of wind by which force?

Answer: Coriolis force


309) When was Devonian period began?

Answer: About 410 million years ago


310) Who organised a Maratha confederacy against the English leading to the Third Anglo Maratha War?

Answer: The Peshwa


311) In the 1999 James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, who is being groomed to replace the character “Q”?

Answer: R


312) Which woman has become the highest individual scorer in an innings in Tests?

Answer: Kiran Baloch


313) Which Australopithecus species had larger molars and more powerful jaws than the others?

Answer: Robust Australopithecines


314) What is the name of the person that controls a football match?

Answer: An umpire


315) What group released the album Days of Future Past?

Answer: The Moody Blues


316) Which air pollutant affect the nervous system of man?

Answer: Lead


317) Which Australopithecus species had larger molars and more powerful jaws than the others?

Answer: Robust Australopithecines


318) Which is the chief characteristics of wet and dry tropics?

Answer: Constant heating


319) Which of the following scientists would study motion, forces, & energy?

Answer: Physicist


320) By whom was Shuddhi movement (conversion of non-Hindus to Hinduism) started?

Answer: Swami Dayanand Saraswati


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 9


321) Who was the earliest known actor and dramatist who was the winner of the first competition in Athens?

Answer: Thespis


322) Which Union Territory attained statehood in February, 1987?

Answer: Goa


323) Which Sicilian volcano is the highest in Europe?

Answer: Etna


324) Which oxyacid of halogen has maximum acidic nature?

Answer: HClO4


325) What is the name given to the capacity of a lens and of a photographic emulsion to reproduce sharply and accurately all the fine details in a picture?

Answer: Resolving power


326) From when was the Zero Base Budgeting in India first experimented?

Answer: April , 1987


327) Earthshine is seen on the moon – earthshine is light reflected from the Earth. True or False?

Answer: True


328) What is most important reason for dwindling forest resources today?

Answer: Over felling


329) How many members are there in the Zebulun tribes?

Answer: Fifty seven thousand and four hundred


330) “The best and bravest of the military leader of the rebels”- about whom was this said by Sir Hugh Rose?

Answer: Rani of Jhansi


331) Which explorer became the first white man to discover the Shoalhaven River?

Answer: George Bass


332) Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test cricket?

Answer: Shane Warne


333) Who is ‘bard of heaven’?

Answer: Shakespeare


334) The greatest threat to organisms and biodiversity in which process?

Answer: Process of habitat loss


335) Who was the God of War?

Answer: Ares


336) Which Article of the Constitution of India makes a specific mention of Village Panchayats?

Answer: Article 40


337) What is the name of a woolen dress worn by men?

Answer: Jersey


338) How much of earth surface is covered by the forests?

Answer: 30 percent


339) Which architect designed the city of Brasilia?

Answer: Oscar Niemeyer (born 1907)


340) Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu


341) The Communist States claim to draw inspiration from who?

Answer: Marx


342) The unidirectional property of a pn-junction is useful for its use as which thing?

Answer: Rectifier


343) Using the pseudonym Richard Saunders, which American founding father wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin


344) Who has been awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for the year 2012?

Answer: P.R. Ramesh


345) What is the use of the instrument, calipers?

Answer: For measuring the inside or outside diameter of bodies


346) Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission?

Answer: Vijay Kelkar


347) In music, Gwen Stefani is the lead singer of which Ska-Pop band?

Answer: No Doubt


348) The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer broad?

Answer: 150 to 400


349) What is the currency of Belarus:

Answer: Ruble


350) During India’s Freedom Struggle, which led to the first ‘All India Hartal’?

Answer: Protest against Rowlatt Act


351) In theater, Oscar Hammerstein wrote the lyrics for the Broadway show South Pacific; who composed the music?

Answer: Richard Charles Rogers


352) Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo?

Answer: Red pandas


353) Which country is the important tourist centre of Japanese in Europe?

Answer: France


354) Which Amendment of the Constitution of India deals with the issue of strengthening of the Panchayati Raj?

Answer: 73rd


355) What is known as “the dismal science”?

Answer: Economics


356) Thermal decomposition of alkanes is known as which name?

Answer: Cracking


357) How much is the percentage of nitrogen in average hair?

Answer: 17.14%


358) How many islands of India are located in the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: 204


359) Dalton’s Atomic Theory states all of the following:[cr][cr]matter is made up from tiny, indestructible particles called atoms[cr]the atoms of one element are all identical[cr]that atoms of different elements have the same mass. True or False?

Answer: False


360) In ancient India, at where was the earliest capital of Magadha kingdom?

Answer: Rajgir


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 10


361) Northern border of Northern Plateau:

Answer: Kunlun Mountains


362) Amarya Sen, the NRI Nobel laureate got the honour for which work?

Answer: Poverty and famines


363) Instead of lungs what organs in a fish absorb the oxygen from the water?

Answer: Gills


364) Where did India made her debut in Olympic football?

Answer: London in 1948


365) With which dance form Pierre Beauchamp associated?

Answer: Ballet


366) Which plant is used for green manuring in India?

Answer: Sunhemp


367) What is litmus paper? What do the colors indicate?

Answer: Litmus paper is paper treated with a dye that measures the acidity and alkalinity of a solution, or its pH. If the paper turns red, it is acidic; if it turns blue, it is alkaline.


368) Which city is known as the ‘Manchester of South India’?

Answer: Coimbatore


369) Which layer of plants consists mainly of the crowns (branches and leaves) of the tallest trees?

Answer: Canopy


370) The Government of India has decided to declare river as ‘National River’?

Answer: Ganga


371) At the time of the arrival of the Europeans, what was the range of the American bison in North America?

Answer: The American bison, commonly known as the buffalo, once roamed over all of North America, coast-to-coast, all the way from the West to the eastern seaboard. The size of the herd was estimated to be as high as 50 million animals. By 1900, there were fewer than 1500 bison left.


372) What does the Preamble of our Constitution contin?

Answer: The spirit of the Constitution


373) Large rivers that begin in a rainy area and flow across a desert without drying up are:

Answer: Exotic rivers


374) Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?

Answer: Fermi energy


375) What name is given to the cooler darker spots on the sun’s surface?

Answer: Sunspots


376) What is an essential attribute of inflation?

Answer: Increase in prices


377) The idea which holds that many species arise from non-living matter is known as the:

Answer: Spontaneous generation theory


378) Which city is known for silk wearing industry?

Answer: Kanchepuram


379) The lens of a microscope that is close to one’s eye is the:

Answer: Eyepiece lens


380) Which Rajputa king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?

Answer: Prithviraj III


381) Which type of systematic assessment is a study that measures people’s attitudes and activities by asking the people themselves?

Answer: Survey


382) Where were first Olympic Games held?

Answer: 776 B.C.


383) If a person has a mass of 50 kilograms, the person’s weight in Newtons will be about:

Answer: 500


384) What is the characteristic odour of garlic?

Answer: A sulphur compound


385) Idealism states:

Answer: The every material thing is an idea or a form of an idea


386) The source of India’s sovereignty lies in which thing?

Answer: Preamble to the Constitution


387) The melting point of water in degrees Celsius is:

Answer: 0


388) What can be the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse?

Answer: 7 minutes 40 seconds


389) What is the colour of the blood which bleed from the vein:

Answer: Dark red


390) Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin ?

Answer: Kashmir


391) Many people do not plant climbing vines near their homes because:

Answer: The decomposing leaves release acids that break down paint and concrete


392) Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?

Answer: Vitamin D


393) What is the study of the philosophy of causation of diseases called?

Answer: Etiology


394) The celebrated novel ‘The Godfather’ was authored by which author?

Answer: Mario Puzo


395) Which town in Umbria was the birthplace of St Francis?

Answer: Assisi


396) What is the best means of saving during inflation?

Answer: Money


397) Why does the Mantle material not contribute to the magnetic anomalies?


Answer: Because it contains only Ultramafic rocks which are essentially nonmagnetic


398) What is the total surface area of earth?

Answer: 510 million sq km


399) What name is given to the brittle kind of iron used for making engine blocks and manhole covers?

Answer: Cast iron


400) Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in which battle?

Answer: Plassey


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 11


401) Bag like outgrowth from the hindgut in embryos of Amniote for storing excretory products is known a:

Answer: Allantois


402) In human body, which are the leg bones?

Answer: Humerus and Femur


403) What was the world’s first electrically lighted city?

Answer: Wabash, Indiana


404) When the Vice-President acts as President he gets the emoluments of which post?

Answer: President


405) The great temple of ancient Egyptians which was dedicated to the Sun God:

Answer: The temple of Abu Simbel


406) Which of the following is good nuclear fuel?

Answer: Plutonium-239


407) The United States has the largest Gross Domestic Product. Which country is second?

Answer: China


408) All the watches of a country are set according to which time?

Answer: Standard time of the country


409) In feudalism, the person who held the land was called:

Answer: Vassal


410) Near the banks of which river excavations have brought to light that Indus Valley Civilization percolated to far south?

Answer: Krishna


411) Which of the following is not a Philippine island?

Answer: Timor


412) Which book is entitled as ‘Bible of Communism’ ?

Answer: Das Kapital


413) The battle in which Napoleon was defeated in 1815:

Answer: The Battle of Trafalgar


414) Who is popularly known as ‘Nightingale of India’ ?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu


415) Which country’s flag does not contain a crescent?

Answer: Indonesia


416) In metabolism, how enzymes act?

Answer: As catalyst


417) The Prime Minister of a country who won Nobel Prize for literature (in 1953):

Answer: Winston Churchill of U.K


418) If it is 4 P.M. on Monday at 150°W, what will be the time at 150°E?

Answer: 12 Noon on Tuesday


419) What is the world’s most visited mountain?

Answer: Mt. Fuji


420) The term nishka, which meant an ornament in the Vedic period, was used in latertirnes, what did it denote?

Answer: A coin


421) The first Roman emperor:

Answer: Augustus Caesar


422) In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from which country?

Answer: England


423) Where would you find the Qattara Depression?

Answer: Egypt


424) Which is the essential element in all organic compounds?

Answer: Carbon


425) Who were the member countries of Triple Alliance formed during the First World War:

Answer: Germany, Austria, Hungary & Italy


426) Which is the oldest ‘stock exchange of India?

Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange


427) Where are the Apennines in relation to the Alps?

Answer: South


428) What are the ‘Temperate lows’?

Answer: Sub-polar low pressure belts


429) What was the name of the society formed by Arthur Griffiths in 1905 which called itself by the Gaelic words interpreted as “ourselves alone”?

Answer: Sinn Féin


430) Which are Tile earliest Buddhist literature that deal with the stories of the various birth of Buddha?

Answer: Jatakas


431) A cusec measures what?

Answer: Water flow


432) Dr. M. S. Swaminathan distinguished himself in which field?

Answer: Agriculture


433) The isthmus means:

Answer: A narrow neck of land that connects two larger landmasses


434) By which plants is the maximum fixation of solar energy done?

Answer: Green plants


435) Which city was Australia’s first settlement of convicts from Britain?

Answer: Sydney


436) In which year was the first no confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after independence?

Answer: 1963


437) Which is claimed to be the coldest place in Asia?

Answer: Dras


438) Which hot and dry winds that help in the ripening or grapes in the Alps region?

Answer: Foehn


439) Which Chinese city is located on the coast?

Answer: Shanghai


440) Which language was used in the literature of Sangam period?

Answer: Tamil


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 12


441) Which countries does the Gulf of Bothnia separate?

Answer: Sweden and Finland


442) What is the wavelength of visible spectrum?

Answer: 3900-7600 A


443) Which type of sediment has the smallest particles?

Answer: Clay


444) The fragments of which comet system collided with Jupiter in July 1994?

Answer: Shoemaker-Levy 9


445) The northernmost city in Africa is:

Answer: Bizerte


446) The National Housing Bank was set up in India as a wholly-owned subsidiary of which bank?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India


447) Who was making headlines in late summer and fall of 1888?

Answer: Jack the Ripper


448) Wine production is mainly carried out in natural region?

Answer: Mediterranean region


449) Which Canadian town was the boom town of the Gold Rush?

Answer: Klondike


450) Which was the most important factor in transforming ancient Indian society into feudal society?

Answer: Practice of land grants


451) Name the reclusive author of “The Catcher in the Rye” and “Franny and Zooey”:

Answer: J.D. Salinger


452) Which animal resembles most to human beings in terms of physical and mental capabilities?

Answer: Chimpanzee


453) What is the capital of Uruguay?

Answer: Montevideo


454) From where can a Member of Parliament claim immunity?

Answer: From civil cases only


455) Which was the only major league baseball team to win two World Series in the 1980’s?

Answer: Los Angeles Dodgers


456) Salts of which element pre vide colours to fireworks?

Answer: Strontiur and barium


457) Which Australian State enjoys a tropical climate?

Answer: Queensland


458)  Where are the Postaz temperate grassland?

Answer: Hungary


459) Which was the only major league baseball team to win two World Series in the 1980’s?

Answer: Los Angeles Dodgers


460) Which was the Chola king who conquered the northern part of Sri Lanka and made it a province of his empire?

Answer: Rajaraja


461) What type of map is used for showing the topography of the sea floor?

Answer: Bathymetric


462) Where is the largest automobile manufacturing centre in the world located?

Answer: Detroit


463) Someone known as a finagler is one who:

Answer: Cheats


464) ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy) is associated with the treatment of which disease?

Answer: Diarrhea


465) Who is the author of the famous work “Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations”?

Answer: Gunnar Myrdal


466) To suspect HIV/AIDS in a young individual, which symptom is mostly associated with?

Answer: Chronic diarrhoea


467) Sherlock Holmes, the fictional British detective, played what instrument?

Answer: Violin


468) Which is the chief industry of Afghanistan?

Answer: Carpet making


469) What is the name of the Satellite launching station set up in Andhra Pradesh?(

Answer: Sriharikota Range


470) Why did Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq transfer his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad?

Answer: To control South India better


471) Which style of art was produced in, or under the influence of, the Eastern Roman Empire?

Answer: Byzantine


472) With which the executive power relating to concurrent subjects remain?

Answer: The Centre


473) Who wrote the biography of Satyajit Ray called “The Inner Eye”?

Answer: Andrew Robinson


474) We cannot see during a fog. why?

Answer: Because of scattering of light


475) How many great pyramids are there at Giza?

Answer: Three


476) Which situation makes a firm most efficient?

Answer: Lowest average costs


477) The name United Nations Organisation was adopted at the suggestions of whom?

Answer: Mr. Franklin Roosevelt


478) Silk textiles are mainly produced in which countries?

Answer: China and India


479) What fugitive prophet slept in the bottom of a ship as it rolled in a storm?

Answer: Jonah


480) The Portuguese traveller, Nuniz visited Vijayanagar during the reign of which rular?

Answer: Achyuta Raya


General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 13


481) The Norwegian Nobel Committee is elected by:

Answer: The Norwegian Parliament


482) Which type of coal is difficult to light in the open air?

Answer: Peat


483) Who said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”?

Answer: Samuel Johnson.


484) Leukaemia or blood cancer is characterised by abnormal increase of which cells?

Answer: White blood cells


485) Who was Kenya’s first track medalist in the Olympics?

Answer: Wilson Kiprugut, 800 m, 1964


486) Howmany subjects are in the Union list?

Answer: 97 subjects


487) In which year did Gloria Gaynor have a number one hit with “I Will Survive”?

Answer: 1979.


488) Which instrument instrument used for recording earthquake waves?

Answer: Seismograph


489) Which was the first football match telecast?

Answer: 1978 Arsenal Vs Preston


490) Which Mughalemperor gave land for the construction of the Golden Temple at Amritsar?

Answer: Akbar


491) Which president was succeed upon his death by John Tyler?

Answer: William H. Harrison


492) What does Oxidation involve?

Answer: Loss of electrons


493) What is the circumference of a cricket ball?

Answer: 8 13/16 and 9 inches


494) Among South Asian countries which one is the Maternal Mortality Ratio (per 1,000 live births) lowest?

Answer: Bangladesh


495) What do you call a grouping of beavers?

Answer: A colony of beavers


496) What is meant by ‘Underwriting’, the term frequently used in financial sector?

Answer: Under valuation of the assets


497) Name the great Wimbledon’ Champion who, after winning Wimbledon five times in a row, switched to golf in which she won several championships, became an international hockey player, and also won laurels in skating and archery?

Answer: Charlotte Dod


498) ‘Caldera’ is a feature associated with which thing?

Answer: Volcanoes


499) Which ocean is the deepest?

Answer: Pacific


500) Under the leadership of which Guru did the Sikh become a political and military force?

Answer: Guru Gobind Singh


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50 Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers https://topessaywriter.org/important-general-knowledge-questions-and-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/important-general-knowledge-questions-and-answers/#respond Mon, 16 Sep 2019 05:33:01 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=257 Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers     50 Top Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers Part 1 (1-17)   1) Who was the author of the book Wuthering Heights? Answer: Emily Bronte.   2) How did the Sumerians build their temples? Answer: In the shape of tall towers.   3) How many people have […]

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Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers


50 Top Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers Part 1 (1-17)


1) Who was the author of the book Wuthering Heights?

Answer: Emily Bronte.


2) How did the Sumerians build their temples?

Answer: In the shape of tall towers.


3) How many people have walked on the moon?

Answer: 12.


4) Name a gymnosperm which yields a drug for treating asthma:

Answer: Ephedra (the drug is ephedrine).


5) The Separatists that landed at Plymouth Rock were primarily what religious affiliation?

Answer: Puritan.


6) What is the Sulfide ore of silver known as?

Answer: Argentite.


7) What British stage production did Monkee Davey Jones star in as a child?

Answer: Oliver.


8) What is the primary function of management?

Answer: Planning.


9) What does a herpetologist study?

Answer: Reptiles.


10) The same keys are used for encryption as well as decryption:

Answer: In symmetric encryption.


11) In which country is the great port of Antwerp?

Answer: Belgium.


12) Which is Very Low Frequencies (VLF) band?

Answer: 10-30 khz.


13) Solar relates to the Sun, sidereal relates to the stars and synodic relates to the moon.

Answer: True.


14) Give an example of renewable resources:

Answer: fiber.


15) Who commanded the French ships which arrived in Botany Bay on 28 January 1788?

Answer: Jean-Francois de la Perouse.


16) The Greek engineer Hero once showed his compatriots how to dig a tunnel under a mountain by starting at both ends at once. Which subject did he use to estimate the points where digging could be started simultaneously?

Answer: Trigonometry.


17) Who was the Goddess of Love and Beauty?

Answer: Aphrodite.


Most Important General Knowledge Questions Part 2 (18-34)


18) The wavelength of sound in air is 10cm. What is its frequency?

Answer: 3.3 kc/s.


19) What Italian word is used to refer to a half-story, usually between the ground and first floor?

Answer: Mezzanine.


20) Which are the four categories of traffic signs?

Answer: Warning signs, Regulatory signs, Directional informatory signs, other informatory signs.


21) What “E” is a men’s magazine famous for its “Dubious Achievement Awards”?

Answer: Esquire.


22) ‘Blossom by blossom the spring begins’ In which poem does this line occur?

Answer: Swinburne’s “when the hounds of spring”.


23) In 1957, an animal named Laika became the first living creature to orbit Earth; which kind of animal was she?

Answer: A dog.


24) Sun’s own sign:

Answer: Leo.


25) Who discovered oxygen?

Answer: Joseph Priestly and Karl Wilhelm Scheele.


26) Is external combustion engine lighter or heavier in weight?

Answer: Heavier.


27) Atomic mass is expressed in atm. True or false?

Answer: False.


28) Whose dying words were “Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius; pay it and don’t forget.”?

Answer: Socrates.


29) Which nerve is located in the human jaw?

Answer: Maxillary.


30) Who founded Motown Records?

Answer: Berry Gordy Jr.


31) Hummingbirds, native to the Americas, are the only birds capable of which maneuver?

Answer: Flying backward.


32) Which mountain in Thessaly did the ancient Greeks believe to be home of the gods?

Answer: Olympus.


33) What is the world’s tallest animal?

Answer: The male giraffe.


34) What was enforced by Parliament in 1379 and was the trigger that caused the ‘Peasant’s Revolt’ of UK?

Answer: Poll tax.


Important General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (35-50)


35) The satellite that orbits a planet is a:

Answer: Moon.


36) Don River, a major river in Russia empties into which sea?

Answer: Sea of Azov.


37) Labeled arrows on diagrams should be:

Answer: horizontal.


38) Archaeology focuses on:

Answer: Pre-historic Societies.


39) In chemistry, room temperature is:

Answer: 25 degrees Celsius.


40) In which Asian Country the Zoroastrian religion was founded?

Answer: Iran.


41) What weathering chemicals are made by decaying plants?

Answer: Acids.


42) What is a bond?

Answer: Bond is a promise of the issuer to pay principal and interest at a specified time.


43) The rule to calculate Force is:

Answer: Mass X acceleration.


44) What was the name, which Henry Fox Talbot called his technique?

Answer: Calotype or talbotype.



45) What were first issued in 1950 and allowed people to ‘pay by plastic’?

Answer: Credit cards.


46) When did China join the United Nations?

Answer: 1971.


47) What material forms the hard outermost layer of a human tooth?

Answer: Enamel.


48) French Renaissance furniture can be divided into two important styles. Which are they?

Answer: Francis 1 and Henry II.


49) Who was the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross medal?

Answer: Amelia Earhart.


50) The Andes Mountains are composed largely of which rocks?

Answer: Igneous rocks.


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Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers https://topessaywriter.org/top-sports-questions-and-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/top-sports-questions-and-answers/#respond Sun, 15 Sep 2019 07:27:10 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=248 Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers

Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers in English     General Sports Questions and Answers part 1 (1-17)   1) What does FIFA stand for? Answer: Federation International de Football Association.   2) When is the ball considered out of play in football? Answer: (i) When it has crossed the goal or touchline on the […]

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Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers

Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers in English


Top 50 Sports Questions and Answers


General Sports Questions and Answers part 1 (1-17)


1) What does FIFA stand for?

Answer: Federation International de Football Association.


2) When is the ball considered out of play in football?

Answer: (i) When it has crossed the goal or touchline on the ground and (ii) When the referee stops the game.


3) A referee carries along seven things with him. Name them?

Answer: Whistle, Coin, Watch, Notebook, Pencil, Ball, Coloured cards.


4) Describe a bicycle kick?

Answer: An overhead kick.


5) When was FIFA founded?

Answer: 21 May 1904 in Paris.


6) When and where was the first Ranji Trophy match played?

Answer: In Madras.


7) Two cities of the same name but in different countries are test cricket centres. Name them:

Answer: Hyderabad – India, and Pakistan.


8) Name two Test cricket grounds with facilities for day-night cricket?

Answer: Sydney and Melbourne Cricket Ground.


9) What is the weight of a cricket ball?

Answer: 155.9 to 163 gms.


10) What should be the width of the wickets?

Answer: 9 inches.


11) Martina Navratilova has been a multiple Wimbledon Championship winner. She became an American citizen, but in which country was she born?

Answer: Czechoslovakia.


12) Who won the Men’s Singles Championships for the third time at Wimbledon in 1989?

Answer: Boris Becker.


13) Which two sisters fought out a Wimbledon Singles final?

Answer: Maud and Lilian Watson, 1884.


14) Who has been the youngest to win Wimbledon Singles?

Answer: Charlotte Dod (1887), 15 years and 10 months.


15) Who has been the oldest Men’s Single’s Wimbledon Champion?

Answer: A.W. Gore (1909), 41 years and 6 months.


16) The first middle-distance runner to win three Olympic gold was:

Answer: Peter Snell.


17) Which athlete broke five world records in spite of having an injured back?

Answer: Jesse Owens.


Online Sports Quiz Questions with Answers part 2 (17-34)


18) Who was the first man to run 10,000 m in under 29 minutes?

Answer: Emil Zátopek.


19) What is the real name of sprinter ‘Bones’?

Answer: Harrison Dillard.


20) Who was nicknamed ‘The Beast of Prague’?

Answer: Emil Zátopek.


21) Whose is the World Record in Discuss women’s?

Answer: Gabriele Reinsch of GDR – Distance 76.80 metres – at Neubrandenburg, Germany on 9,h July 1988.


22) Whose is the World Record in Hammer women’s?

Answer: Anita Włodarczyk.


23) The oldest track and field gold medallist in the Olympics was:

Answer: Pat McDonald.


24) How many gold medals did India win in the first Asian Games in athletic events?

Answer: Ten.


25) Name the Indian athlete who has also been a winner of the Helm’s Award:

Answer: Milkha Singh.


26) One athlete was the first to win both the 100 m and 200 m dash in Olympics. Name him:

Answer: Archie Hahn (USA).


27) A famous Olympic Star (a polio patient) overcame his handicap to win 10 Olympic gold’s. Name him:

Answer: Ray Ewry ( USA).


28) An athlete ran barefoot and in his third Marathon event, not only won the Olympic gold but also set a world record. Who was he?

Answer: Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia) in 1960.


29) What is the multi-discipline event in women’s international athletics in which contestants compete over a two-day period?

Answer: Heptathlon.


30) In which four events did Jesse Owens, in 1936 and Carl Lewis in 1984 win gold medals?

Answer: 100 m, 200 m; long jump; 4×100 m relay.


31) At which Commonwealth Games did Milkha Singh win the 440 yards gold?

Answer: 1958 Cardiff Games.


32) Which is the oldest standing national athletic record? Who set it? When and where?

Answer: 200 meters (Men). Milkha Singh, Lahore in January 1960.


33) When was the Indian Olympic Association formed?

Answer: 1927.


34) To whom does the Olympic movement in India owe its birth?

Answer: Dorabji Tata.


General Knowledge Sports Questions Answers part 3 (35-50)


35) Who ordered the closure of the ancient Olympics and when?

Answer: Emperor Theodosius in AD 394.


36) The first modern Olympics were made possible by the help of a Greek merchant who paid for repairs and restoration of the stadium. Name him:

Answer: George Averoff.


37) By what name are the 1906 Games popularly known?

Answer: Phantom or Interim Games.


38) During which Olympics did the jumpers have to dig their own pits?

Answer: 1900 Paris.


39) The man who got the silver behind Jesse Owens in 1936 was the silver medallist four years earlier too. Name him:

Answer: Ralph Metcalfe (USA).


40) The 1500 m walk gold was won by an athlete who had never before participated in a walking event. Who?

Answer: George Bonhag (USA).


41) The Indian girl (Sunitha Rani) missed it by two-hundredths of a second as Supriyati Sutono won Indonesia’s first athletics gold in 36 years in 1998 Bangkok Asia. Name the event:

Answer: 5000 m.


42) The first Olympics in which P. T. Usha participated?

Answer: 1980. Mexico.


43) Who is the only man to win Olympic gold in both summer and winter Olympics?

Answer: Eddie Eagan (USA)


44) Who was the first Indian to qualify for an Olympic track event semi-final?

Answer: Lavy Pinto (1952).


45) Who was the first Asian athlete to win Olympic gold?

Answer: Mikio Oda (Japan), 1928 in Triple Jump).


46) Who is reported to have been the first woman to have witnessed the ancient Olympics?

Answer: At that time women were barred, by law to watch the Games. If caught, the penalty was death (Kallipatira from Rhodes. She came dressed as a man to watch her son compete (and win) the boxing event)


47) He is the first to win Olympic gold in both the 100 m and the 110 m hurdles. Name him?

Answer: Harrison Dillard (USA).


48) Which Olympic gold medallist athlete had his heart on the right side instead of the left side of the chest?

Answer: Joseph Guillemot (France), 1920 Olympics 5000 m gold winner.


49) Who is the only man to have jumped 8 feet or more in the high jump?

Answer: Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) at Puerto Rico in the Caribbean championship (1989).


50) Who won five Olympic gold’s in a week?

Answer: Paavo Nurmi, 1924.


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General Electronics Questions and Answers https://topessaywriter.org/general-electronics-questions-and-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/general-electronics-questions-and-answers/#respond Fri, 30 Aug 2019 09:08:13 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=242 Electronics Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Top 50 Electronics Questions and Answers     General Electronics Questions and Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-15)   1) The receiving antenna intercepts a portion of this wave. Which wave? Answer: Radiated.   2) It is a process of allowing an electric current to flow only in one direction that is changing A.C into D.C. […]

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Electronics Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Top 50 Electronics Questions and Answers


Electronics Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers


General Electronics Questions and Answers Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1) The receiving antenna intercepts a portion of this wave. Which wave?

Answer: Radiated.


2) It is a process of allowing an electric current to flow only in one direction that is changing A.C into D.C.

Answer: Rectification.


3) A radio demodulates the information contained in the:

Answer: Radio waves.


4) What is oscillation?

Answer: It is a process of conversion of D.C into a signal of the desired frequency.


5) Which selects and amplifies the desired transmitted signal?

Answer: Radio receiver.


6) Which of the electronics is known as wonder child of electronics?

Answer: Transistor.


7) Which are the three most important characteristics of a radio receiver?

Answer: Sensitivity, selectivity, and fidelity.


8) The third electrode in a triode is known as?

Answer: Control grid.


9) Which performs to the ability of a radio receiver to detect weak signals?

Answer: Sensitivity.


10) The thermionic valve named triode has _?

Answer: 3 electrodes.


11) Which pertains to the ability of a radio receiver to exactly reproduce the original information?

Answer: Fidelity.


12) The impurity to be added to get p-type semi-conductor is _?

Answer: Boron.


13) Which receiver converts all incoming frequencies into a fixed frequency?

Answer: Superheterodyne.


14) Current conduction in n-type semi-conductor is due to _?

Answer: Free electrons.


15) Which pertains to the ability of a receiver to receive the tuned frequency in exclusion of other frequencies?

Answer: Selectivity.


Online Electronics General Quiz Questions Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16) Example of a donor is?

Answer: Antimony.


17) At the input of the receiver, along with the genuine signals, there is always some:

Answer: Noise.


18) The hole is considered as?

Answer: Equivalent of a positive charge.


19) Which converts the demodulated electrical waves into sound waves?

Answer: Loudspeaker.


20) Detection is a kind of _?

Answer: Rectification.


21) Which controls the radio waves in accordance with the information to be transmitted?

Answer: Telegraph Key.


22) The middle region of the transistor is known as?

Answer: Base.


23) This consists of periodic interruptions of continuous radio waves in accordance with a telegraphic code. Name it:

Answer: Radiotelegraphy.


24) The current carriers in NPN transistor consist of _?

Answer: Electrons.


25) This consists of modulation of radio waves by speech or music. Name it:

Answer: Radiotelephony.


26) A function which cannot be done by a junction of a diode is _?

Answer: Oscillation.


27) Which converts sound energy into electric energy?

Answer: Microphone.


28) Greatly facilitated radio communications:

Answer: Triode.


29) Who verified the existence of radio waves in 1887?

Answer: Heinrich Hertz.


30) Who succeeded in spanning the Atlantic with the letter S of the Morse code?

Answer: Guglielmo Marconi.


General Electronics Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31) What generates the radio frequency waves?

Answer: Radio transmitter.


32) Which keying of the power amplifier is a popular method of keying?

Answer: Plate circuit keying.


33) Several intermediate amplifiers are inserted between the oscillator and the final power amplifier when:

Answer: High output power is required.


34) Which microphone is based on the piezoelectric effect?

Answer: Crystal.


35) What are the distinguishing marks of a microphone?

Answer: Their output and range of frequency response.


36) Which is the process of modifying the amplitude of an rf carrier in accordance with the strength of the audio signal?

Answer: Amplitude modulation.


37) Crystals cannot be obtained that will oscillate well in this band. Which band?

Answer: VHF.


38) A microphone frequency response from 20 to 1500 hz is necessary for this broadcasting. Name it:

Answer: FM.


39) Which changes the amplitude variations of an audio signal into corresponding phase or frequency variations?

Answer: The resistance tube modulator.


40) Which antenna radiates wave into space?

Answer: Transmitting.


41) Which antenna intercepts a portion of the radiated waves?

Answer: Receiving.


42) Who predicted the Existence of electromagnetic waves?

Answer: Clerk Maxwell in 1865.


43) Which electric charges always radiate energy in the form of electromagnetic waves?

Answer: Accelerated.


44) What do we need to radiate or receive electromagnetic waves effectively?

Answer: Antenna.


45) This is a system of elevated conductors, which matches the transmitter or receiver to space. Name it:

Answer: An antenna.


46) The electrical length of a Hertz antenna is a half:

Answer: Wavelength.


47) If the plane of the electric field is horizontal with respect to the earth, the wave is said to be:

Answer: Horizontally polarised.


48) If the electric field is oriented vertically with respect to the earth, the wave is said to be:

Answer: Vertically polarized.


49) Which is primarily a function of’ the antenna orientation?

Answer: The wave polarization.


50) The voltage induced in the receiving antenna is of the same waveform as the:

Answer: Radio waves.


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Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers https://topessaywriter.org/fashion-and-clothing-quiz-questions-answers/ https://topessaywriter.org/fashion-and-clothing-quiz-questions-answers/#comments Sun, 14 Jul 2019 07:06:34 +0000 https://topessaywriter.org/?p=232 Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers

Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers     100 Fashion and Clothing online Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (1-25)   1) Where did American fashion designer Liz Claiborne born? Answer: Belgium.   2) What is the name of a long piece of cloth worn by women over the shoulder? Answer: Plaid.   3) The […]

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Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers

Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers


Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers


100 Fashion and Clothing online Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (1-25)


1) Where did American fashion designer Liz Claiborne born?

Answer: Belgium.


2) What is the name of a long piece of cloth worn by women over the shoulder?

Answer: Plaid.


3) The hometown of fashion designer Christian Dior is?

Answer: Granville.


4) What is the name of rubber-soled canvas shoes?

Answer: Plimsolls.


5) What do you mean by Camlet, also commonly known as camelot or camblet in the fashion industry?

Answer: The waterproof cloth of camel’s hair.


6) What is poncho?

Answer: A cloak like a blanket with a hole in the middle for the head. This garment and cap are used as a raincoat.


7) Name the celebrity fashion designer from Florida who was born in Italy?

Answer: Gianni Versace.


8) What is the name of strong shiny cotton?

Answer: Poplin.


9) A form of women’s loose gown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom.

Answer: Negligee.


10) What is angora?

Answer: Garment made from the wool of angora goats.


11) Which was the home country of fashion designer Martin Margiela?

Answer: Belgium.


12) What is the name of the ornament for the ankle?

Answer: Anklet.


13) Jeans refers to a particular style of Trousers which were invented by?

Answer: Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.


14) What is the name of a piece of ornamental cloth put on the back of a chair to protect it from marks left by hair oil?

Answer: Antimacassar.


15) Define the costume bikini.

Answer: The dress of women which is smaller in size, it is used while doing swimming and sunbath.


16) What is Appliqué?

Answer: A kind of decorative needlework.


17) Who is the person to start a fashion magazine for the first time?

Answer: Samuel Beeton.


18) What is the colour of aquamarine, a precious stone?

Answer: Bluish green.


19) What do you think about Winklepickers?

Answer: A style of shoe with a very sharp and quite long pointed toe.


20) What is the name of triangular headscarf tied by women under the chin?

Answer: Babushka.


21) A Beret is _____

Answer: A kind of woolen cap.


22) What is the name of the covering for feet worn by the children?

Answer: Baby socks.


23) Sarong is a _____

Answer: Dress which looks like a skirt worn by women and men of Malaysia.


24) What is the name of the garment having a front opening?

Answer: Bolero.


25) A short, wide strip of fabric worn by men around the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt is _____

Answer: Cravat.


Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers Part 2 (26-50)


26) What is the name of round brimless head-covering?

Answer: Bonnet.


27) Fedora lies in which category of accessories?

Answer: A kind of cap.


28) What is the name of a stiff felt hat?

Answer: Bowler.


29) _____ is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to  cloth manually, originated from Indonesia

Answer: Batik


30) What is the bracelet?

Answer: Ornament for the wrist, worn by men and women.


31) The category of dress in which Peg and harem belong to?

Answer: Trousers


32) What is braid?

Answer: A kind of embroidery.


33) A _____ is a sweater type of knitted garment that has an open front

Answer: Cardigan.


34) What is the name of short pants?

Answer: Briefs.


35) On which year Christian Marie Marc Lacroix, a French fashion icon, was born?

Answer: 1951.


36) What is a bush shirt?

Answer: A kind of shirt with half sleeves.


37) The fancy embroidery in which golden and silver threads are used is _____

Answer: Tambour.


38) What is the name of a fine thin cotton or linen fabric?

Answer: Cambric.


39) The trousers which have a length up to the knees are commonly called?

Answer: Shorts.


40) What is capeline?

Answer: A kind of woolen cap.


41) The pants wore on bedtime is known as?

Answer: Pyjamas.


42) What is the name of clergymen’s long outer garment?

Answer: Cassock.


43) What is the name of a loose cloak with the hood worn by Arab men?

Answer: Djellaba.


44) _____ is a bright coloured handkerchief with printed designs on it, worn tied around the head or neck.

Answer: Bandana.


45) What is the name of a thin kind of silk?

Answer: Shifon.


46) _____ is a fabric made using flax.

Answer: Linen.


47) What is the name of the shawl worn by Jews for the prayer?

Answer: Tallit.


48) The outer loose garment poncho is originated from?

Answer: South America.


49) What is the name of the tight skirt worn by men?

Answer: Kilt.


50) What type of garment is Cassock?

Answer: Clergymen’s longer outer garment.


51) What is the name of ornamental needlework?

Answer: Embroidery.


Top Fashion and Clothing Online Quiz Questions Answers Part 3 (Quiz 51-75)


52) Diane von Furstenberg, formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenbergand  and also a  Belgian fashion designer is   famous in the fashion field  for her

Answer: Wrap dress


53) Which three cities are known as the world of fashion besides Paris?

Answer: London, Rome, and Dublin.


54) America’s first designer of ornaments is _____?

Answer: Louis Comfort Tiffany.


55) What is tweed?

Answer: A rough woolen cloth worn by the villagers.


56) The style tonsure is?

Answer: A type of hair decoration which can be seen in fashion competitions.


57) How did the island, Harris become famous?

Answer: In the business of tweed.


58) The country which is well known for its ivory ornaments is?

Answer: Japan.


59) What is the name of the close-fitting cap?

Answer: Coif.


60) A piece of outer clothing consisting of a back and a front part without sleeves and a hole for the head is a?

Answer: Tabard.


61) What is the name of a semi-precious red stone?

Answer: Carnelian.


62) What do you mean by a pelisse?

Answer: A garment of women.


63) What is corset?

Answer: Woman’s close-fitting undergarment.


64) Which is the home country of the famous fashion designer Paul Poiret?

Answer: France.


65) What is the name of a light corset-like garment worn by women?

Answer: Corselet.


66) Oscar de la Renta, the celebrity fashion designer was born in?

Answer: Dominican Republic


67) What is the name of a loose covering for the head worn by men?

Answer: Cowl.


68) What is the name of a French fashion designer who designed skirt and hobble for the first time?

Answer: Paul Poiret.


69) What is crape?

Answer: A thin, crinkled cloth.


70) What does surplice mean in clothing?

Answer: A kind of vestment worn over the cassock.


71) What is the name of an iron plate with spikes worn on the foot for walking on ice etc.?

Answer: Crampons.


72) A small piece of cloth or textile material used as a sample of the fabric is called a

Answer: Swatch.


73) What is the name of a stiff fabric of horse hair?

Answer: Crinoline.


74) The name of the cap which came into a particular vogue among civil servants and diplomats in Whitehall?

Answer: Anthony Eden.


75) The fashion designer Rei Kawakubo belongs to which country?

Answer: Japan.


General Fashion and Clothing Quiz Questions Answers Part 4 (76-100)


76) The country from which the waterproof jacket originated?

Answer: In Greenland.


77) What is denim?

Answer: Coloured twilled cotton fabric.


78) A waterproof coat that protects the wearer against wind, rain, and cold weather, usually with a part for covering the head is

Answer: Anorak.


79) What is the name of bowler hat worn by men?

Answer: Derby.


80) The raw material used for making Anorak is ____

Answer: Smaller soft hair.


81) What is the name of rough heavy woolen cloth?

Answer: Duffle.


82) Who was the wedding dress designer of Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Norman Bishop Hartnell.


83) What is felt?

Answer: Cloth of wool.


84) On which year Jean Paul Gaultier, a fashion designer in France was born?

Answer: 1952.


85) What is the name of a cotton imitation of flannel?

Answer: Flannelette.


86) _____ is a wide flared skirt on which an appliquéd design is on the bright coloured fabric.

Answer: Poodle skirt


87) What is flannel?

Answer: Soft woolen cloth.


88) The home country of Thierry Mugler who is a well-known fashion designer is?

Answer: France.


89) What is the name of a stiff cotton cloth?

Answer: Fustian.


90) A particular fabric was popularized in 1944 when Adele Simpson presented the bold diamond design on the town suits she created. What was the name of that print?

Answer: Harlequin print


91) What is the name of strong material used for making coat etc.?

Answer: Gabardine.


92) Which city is the first and major fashion capital of the world and is also known as world of fashion?

Answer: Paris.


93) What is the name of a thin silk fabric?

Answer: Georgette.


94) Anna Wintour has become an international fashion icon in her role as editor-in-chief of the highly influential fashion magazine. Name that international magazine

Answer: American Vogue


95) What is habiliment?

Answer: A dress worn by the children.


96) William Ralph Blass (Bill Blass) was an American fashion designer, born in

Answer:    Fort Wayne, Indiana,  America.


97) What is a Jacket?

Answer: A short coat.


98) The home country of ‘Coco Chanel’ a famous fashion icon is in

Answer: France.


99) What is the name of dark green precious stone which is used to make ornaments?

Answer: Jade.


100) What is the actual name of the fashion icon Coco Chanel?

Answer: Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel.


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101 Environment Quiz Questions and Answers     Top Environment Quiz Questions Part 1 (1-25)   1) What was the side effect of the use  DDT in birds? Answer: Thinner eggshells.   2) Which rays from the sun is affecting the people who live in the higher altitude areas above the sea level? Answer: Cosmic […]

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Environment Quiz Questions and Answers

101 Environment Quiz Questions and Answers


Environment Quiz Questions and Answers


Top Environment Quiz Questions Part 1 (1-25)


1) What was the side effect of the use  DDT in birds?

Answer: Thinner eggshells.


2) Which rays from the sun is affecting the people who live in the higher altitude areas above the sea level?

Answer: Cosmic rays.


3) The dumping wastes from _____becomes a major threat to the environment and soil in this technological era.

Answer: Computer.


4) The gas which becomes a potential health hazard which is released to the air  by the  transportation is _____

Answer: Carbon monoxide.


5) _____ is one of the main reason of noise pollution

Answer: Sonic booms produced by aircraft.


6) The gas which has a major role in the Greenhouse Effect is?

Answer: Carbon dioxide.


7) _____are the fertilisers readily soluble in water and quickly available to the plants so that they are given through the water in large quantities.

Answer: Nitrates.


8) The spiral which explains the effect of wind on the ocean mathematically is?

Answer: Ekman spiral.


9) Which earthworm is considered as the biggest in terms of its size?

Answer: The South African Giant Earthworm.


10) Rain polluted by acid that has been released into the atmosphere from factories and other industrial processes is known as _____

Answer: Acid Rain.


11) The acronym BOD stands for?

Answer: Biochemical Oxygen Demand.


12) There is a layer in the upper part of the atmosphere which prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays to enter into earth’s surface and acts as a protective cover for the earth. Name it.

Answer: Ozone layer.


13) Which animal’s habitat and habit have still ambiguity among environmental scientists?

Answer: Pallas’s cat.


14) The water in its body is reused by which animal to retain its body moisture?

Answer: Kangaroo Rat.


15) Which was the worst-ever nuclear tragedy in history?

Answer: Chernobyl, Russia (April 1986).


16) How does the soil adversely affected by the acid rain?

Answer: The soil becomes acidic which reduces the growth of crops.


17) Name the major cause for ozone layer thinning or depletion?

Answer: The use of chlorofluorocarbon by man.


18) One of the seven wonders of the world, which is also in India has got affected by air pollution from industry in its premises. Which is that wonder of the world?

Answer: Taj Mahal, Agra.


19) Animals which are lively in the daytime and rest in the night are called?

Answer: Diurnal animals.


20) Animals which rest at night and lively during the daytime are termed as _____

Answer: Nocturnal animals.


21) Among chemical fertilisers, the two commonly used ones are_____ and _____

Answer: Ammonium sulfate and Urea.


22) How do wastewater treatment plants or sewage treatment plants work?

Answer: The polluted water from factories can be treated in sewage treatment plants to control water pollution.


23) Name the country in Europe which uses its underground hot water current for heating their 85% of housing.

Answer: Iceland.


24) When smoke reacts with industrial fog _____ will be formed.

Answer: Smog.


25) In Great Britain, there are some land areas which are kept in reserve for an open space, most often around larger cities. What is it called?

Answer: Green belt.


General Environment Quiz Questions Part 2 (26-50)


26) According to CITES agreement, protection should be given to _____

Answer: Endangered species. Of animals and plants.


27) When there is a discharge of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, it will cause _____

Answer: Acid rain.


28) Partial decay of sphagnum moss results in the formation of _____ on bogs which grows 1 mm per year.

Answer: Peat.


29) Name the Asian country which is polluted by the trash due to commercial mountaineering and also called the world’s highest rubbish dump.

Answer: Nepal.


30) Name the British Islands which includes Burgar Hill, where there the most productive wind turbine is located.

Answer: The Orkney Islands.


31) In which year alligator weed was discovered for the first time?

Answer: In 1965.


32) Distinguish whales and whale sharks biologically.

Answer: The whale shark is a fish whereas the whale is a mammal.


33) Cite the places where you can see the biggest species of Ox on earth. What is its name?

Answer: Musk Ox, found in Canada and Denmark.


34) Which programme of the United Nations coordinates the organization’s environmental activities and assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices.

Answer: United Nations Environment Programme.


35) Rachel Carson, an environmentalist, wrote a book in 1962 which was a best seller in the environmental genre. Which was that popular book?

Answer: Silent Spring.


36) In her well-known book Silent Spring, which insecticide was referred by Rachel Carson for its adverse effects?

Answer: DDT.


37) Which among the mammals on earth is the slowest in terms of their mobility?

Answer: Sloth (can be seen in South American jungles).


38) In 1976, a convention was conducted in Barcelona on account of the pollution of a sea and for taking the measures to clean it. Which was that sea?

Answer: Mediterranean Sea.


39) Name the director of Friends of the Earth, the environment protection group in the UK during the period 1984-90?

Answer: Jonathon Porritt.


40) The country which decommissioned all of its nuclear reactors is _____

Answer: Sweden.


41) Where is the famous National Park ‘Keibul Lamjao National Park ‘ which floats on the surface of a lake and also a wildlife sanctuary, is situated?

Answer: Manipur.


42) The acronym NEERI stands for?

Answer: National Environmental Engineering Research Institute.


43) Which are the three primary greenhouse gases?

Answer: Carbon dioxide, Methane, and Chlorofluorocarbon.


44) Where is the nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning plant located in Great Britain?

Answer: Sellafield.


45) Who coined the term ‘Ecology ‘in 1870?

Answer: Ernest Haeckel.


46) Who is the visionary who warned about the climatic changes caused by the combustion of fossil fuels by mankind?

Answer: G. S. Callendar.


47) _____are the category which were recognised for their protection and conservation in their natural habitat globally.

Answer: Birds.


48) UV light reacts with nitrogen oxides to form photochemical smog. This phenomenon was first detected in _____

Answer: Los Angeles.


49) The association of fungus with certain plants is a _____ relationship.

Answer: Parasitic.


50) The disintegration of dead animal and plant matter results in the formation of _____

Answer: Humus.


Basic Environment Quiz Questions Part 3 (51-75)


51) The gas layer which is a protective layer as well as unhealthy to Earth’s environment and life is _____

Answer: Ozone.


52) The element which forms by the action of bacteria during the disintegration of dead organisms is?

Answer: Sulphur.


53) The acid which has a connection with the soil is _____

Answer: Humic acid.


54) The ecosystem which is similar to a tropical rainforest in terms of biological production is?

Answer: Coral reefs.


55) The ecosystem which has most biodiversity is?

Answer: Rainforest.


56) _____ determines the stability of a grassland ecosystem.

Answer: Grazers.


57) The ecosystem which has the least biodiversity is _____

Answer: Tundra.


58) _____ is the ecosystem where the biological productivity observed more.

Answer: Alluvial plains.


59) In 1977, the scientists had made a fascinating discovery in ecosystems and that is the latest one. Which is the latest ecosystem?

Answer: Vent.


60) ______ is one of the most polluted cities in the world, nicknamed “Valley of Death”

Answer: Cubatao, Brazil.


61) In which place the soil erosion is recorded in a tremendous volume in the world?

Answer: Himalayan foothills.


62) The continent in which you can see the maximum species of pasturing animals is?

Answer: Africa.


63) What is the percentage of glacier cover on the earth by Antarctica?

Answer: 96 percent.


64) The most prolific element on earth’s atmosphere is _____

Answer: Oxygen.


65) The percentage of solar light consumed by plants for photosynthesis is _____

Answer: 0.02


66) The topography of today’s landscape on earth started from which era?

Answer: Mesozoic Era.


67) The duration of the small ice age was from _____ to _____

Answer: A.D. 1580 – 1720


68) Where you can find a cavity in the ground called sinkhole caused by water erosion and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground?

Answer: Carbonate rocks.


69) It will take millions of years to form _____, but a single generation of mankind can dismantle it

Answer: Topsoil.


70) The soil which we can see in desert areas is _____

Answer: Aridisols.


71) Which region on earth surface receives rain much more than other parts?

Answer: Mountains.


72) The percentage of the surface covered by glaciers on earth is?

Answer: 10%.


73) The percentage of water on the earth’s surface which  always in circulation is?

Answer: One percent.


74) The unhygienic and dirty condition which makes it difficult to live on the earth is.

Answer: Pollution.


75) The _____ cycle in nature will be affected after a volcanic eruption on earth.

Answer: Phosphorus cycle.


Online Environment Quiz Questions Part 4 (76-101)


76) The person who discovered natural radioactivity was?

Answer: Henri Becquerel.


77) Who is the environmentalist campaigned for the need for the ecological conscience through his books and writings?

Answer: Aldo Leopold.


78) When using a catalytic converter in a car, which fuel must be supplied from the pump?

Answer: Unleaded petrol.


79) As per data, which country comes in the first position in contributing 5/6th of a ton municipal waste per person?

Answer: USA.


80) The British Green Party was formerly known as _____

Answer: The Ecology Party.


81) The greenhouse effect is one of the things that make Earth a comfortable place to live. Which layer is responsible for the greenhouse effect on earth?

Answer: Ozone.


82) The colour which is being used widely for denoting conservation and preservation of the environment and related things?

Answer: Green.


83) For conducting environmental related analytical studies globally, which type of satellites are usually used?

Answer: Meteorological Satellites.


84) The city which has recorded as first in air pollution among the world?

Answer: Tokyo, Japan.


85) The person who denoted man as Ecologically dominant organism?

Answer: Carl Sauer.


86) ‘Man of the Trees’ is the other name given to _____

Answer: Richard St Barbe Baker.


87) In New Zealand, one animal caused severe soil erosion in the countryside. Which was that?

Answer: Deer.


88) The ocean can be divided into _____regions ecologically.

Answer: Five regions.


89) Name the southwest winds originating as hot, dry desert-air over Northern Africa, flowing northward into the southern Mediterranean basin?

Answer: Sirocco.


90) _____ is responsible for El Nino,a band of warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific, including the area off the Pacific coast of South America.

Answer: Southern oscillation


91) The major components which affect the changes in the environment are _____

Answer: Temperature, pressure, wind velocity and humidity of the atmosphere.


92) 14 % of earth’s dry surface was covered by this and according to 1991 data, it has been reduced by its half. What is it?

Answer: Rain forest.


93) In 1971 which environmental protection network was started in the UK?

Answer: Friends of the earth.


94) _____ makes the soil porous and also called a friend of the farmer.

Answer: Earthworm.


95) _____ can take the fertile top-soil to hundreds of kilometers away.

Answer: Dust storms.


96) The atmospheric phenomenon in which warm air holds down the cool air and prevents pollutants from rising and scattering is _____

Answer: Thermal inversion.


97) _____ are the greatest pool of wildlife diversity in terms of its fecundity.

Answer: Tropical rainforests.


98) In a European country, its historical buildings and monuments are destroying slowly due to the intense air pollution, which is the capital of the country too. Name the city.

Answer: Athens, Greece.


99) In Italy there is a filthy river which is leaching out 234 tons of arsenic annually. What is the name of the river?

Answer: River po.


100) What is the remedy which can lessen smoke pollution caused by factories?

Answer: By using electrostatic filters in the chimneys of factories.


101) Which term is commonly used for denoting all the living things including plants which are living under the water?

Answer: Aquatic living beings.


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100 Harry Potter Quiz Questions Answers – Harry Potter Trivia     Harry Potter Quiz Questions – Trivia Quizzes Part 1 (1-25)   1) Harry Potter’s birthday is on ______ Answer: July 31   2) At the moment of Mad Eye’s death, ______was flying with him. Answer: Mundungus Fletcher.   3) Who is the security […]

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Harry Potter Quiz Questions Answers - Harry Potter Trivia

100 Harry Potter Quiz Questions Answers – Harry Potter Trivia


Harry Potter Quiz Questions Answers - Harry Potter Trivia


Harry Potter Quiz Questions – Trivia Quizzes Part 1 (1-25)


1) Harry Potter’s birthday is on ______

Answer: July 31


2) At the moment of Mad Eye’s death, ______was flying with him.

Answer: Mundungus Fletcher.


3) Who is the security guard at the entrance of Gryffindor’s Common room?

Answer: The Fat Lady.


4) What was used by Dumbledore to light up the Street lights in Privet Drive?

Answer: Deluminator.


5) What is the occupation of Hermione’s parents?

Answer: Dentists.


6) Who guided Fleur to the Yule Ball?

Answer: Roger Davies.


7) There is a magical beast, a bright green snake which is hidden in the chamber of Secrets. What is its name?

Answer: A Basilisk.


8) Vernon Dursley was the director of a firm called _______, which made drills.

Answer: Grunnings.


9) Harry Potters’s eyes have a particular color. Which is that color?

Answer: Green.


10) The name of the prison where Gellert Grindelwald was imprisoned?

Answer: Nurmengard.


11) The actual name of Lord Voldemort is ______

Answer: Tom Marvolo Riddle.


12) In which player position Harry belongs to the Gryffindor Quidditch Team?

Answer: Seeker.


13) The platforms from where Hogwarts Express passes are

Answer: Nine and Three-quarters.


14) Who defeated Albus Dumbledore in a Global wizarding war in 1945?

Answer: Grindelwald.


15) The birthday of Harry Potter is the same day as that of another one’s also. Who is that person?

Answer: J.K. Rowling.


16) Which mode of Transport was used by Harry and Ron to move to Hogwarts?

Answer: flying car.


17) While doing the Triwizard Tournament’s second task, what Harry did for breathing under the water.

Answer: He eats gillyweed.


18) Which is the middle name of Tom Riddle who is also called Lord Voldemort?

Answer: Marvolo.


19) Who brought Harry to Hogwarts when he was matured to go there?

Answer: Hagrid.


20) When Lucius Malfoy took the diary, what did he throw and catched by Dobby which sets Dobby free throughout his lifetime?

Answer: Harry’s dirty sock.


21) Who is the headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?

Answer: Madame Maxime.


22) Which substance is destructive enough to destroy a Horcruxe when exposed to it?

Answer: Basilisk venom.


23) What is the name given to the most ardent followers of Lord Voldemort?

Answer: Death Eaters.


24) Name the Godfather of Harry Potter?

Answer: Sirius BlackDoe.


25) Who later becomes Lord Voldemort’s trusted snake and horcrux?

Answer: Nagini.


Online Harry Potter Quiz Questions – Trivia Quizzes Part 2 (26-50)


26) Ronald Weasleyhad a phobia on which insect?

Answer: Spiders.


27) Who alone would be able to unseal the Chamber of Secrets?

Answer: The Heir Of Slytherin.


28) Which was the species of Hagrid’s pet dragon?

Answer: Norwegian Ridgeback.


29) Each year Mrs. Weasley gives a gift to Harry. What is that?

Answer: A New Sweater.


30) The Patronus of Snape was a ____

Answer: Doe.


31) On which occasion twelve-foot troll enter into Hogwart’s Academy?

Answer: Halloween.


32) Name the Daily which was described throughout the Harry Potter series?

Answer: Daily Prophet.


33) Who is the owner of a sorting hat who was one of the founders of Hogwarts?

Answer: Godric Gryffindor.


34) What is the name of the railway station in London to catch the train to Hogwarts where you should stay in between platforms 9and 10?

Answer: King’s Cross.


35) Who has done the role of Harry Potter in the films?

Answer: Daniel Radcliffe.


36) Who is the large dog that accompanied Hagrid in many places?

Answer: Fang.


37) At what age one can join in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft?

Answer: 11.


38) Who was a British witch who worked as the Flying instructor, Quidditch referee, and coach at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Answer: Madam Rolanda Hooch.


39) Towards the end of the first book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, what gift did Hagrid give to Harry?

Answer: A photo album of his parents.


40) Name the book which is given to Harry by Hermione before his first Quidditch match.

Answer: Quidditch through the Ages.


41) What does Professor McGonagall placed in order to guard sorcerer’s stone?

Answer: Wizarding Chess.


42) Who are the parents of Ron?

Answer: Molly and Arthur Weasley.


43) On Dudley’s birthday at the zoo, unknowingly using underage magic Harry made the glass of a snake’s cage vanish. What is its name?

Answer: Boa Constrictor.


44) Name the phoenix which was Albus Dumbledore’s animal companion and defender.

Answer: Fawkes.


45) Name the extremely unsocial ghost of Slytherin who is the only one can control Peeves?

Answer: The Bloody Baron.


46) Who was Harry’s captain in Slytherin in his first Quidditch match?

Answer: Marcus Flint.


47) There is a female dragon Nobert in Harry Potter. What is its species?

Answer: Norwegian Ridge back.


48) Name the person who usually referred to as Wormtail or Scabbers?

Answer: Peter Pettigrew.


49) Name the category who was born into a wizarding family but hasn’t got any magic powers?

Answer: Squib.


50) Which animal attacked Ron’s father when Harry had an intense dream?

Answer: A snake.


Top Harry Potter Quiz Questions – Trivia Quizzes Part 3 (51-75)


51) Robert portrayed which character in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005?

Answer: Cedric Diggory.


52) Name the  magical potion that makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’

Answer: Felix Felicis.


53) Vernon Dursley had his own office on the _______ floor of his drill company, Grunnings.

Answer: 9th.


54) Which character in Harry Potter carries a camera always with him at Hogwarts?

Answer: Colin Creevey.


55) _______is the password given to the fat lady to enter into Gryffindor tower

Answer: Pig Snout.


56) Harry’s best friends are _____and ____

Answer: Hermione and Ron.


57) The role of Professor McGonagall was done in the movies by _________

Answer: Maggie Smith.


58) In which House did Sorting hat want to include Harry?

Answer: Slytherin.


59) Who was appointed as the guards of Azkaban prison by The Ministry of Magic?

Answer: Dementors.


60) Who is Harry’s Father?

Answer: James Potter.


61) To which school Harry has been planning to go in the fall, before getting his invitation to Hogwarts school?

Answer: Stonewall.


62) Who kisses Harry after DA lesson in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’?

Answer: Cho Chang.


63) What was Hermione’s weapon to escape from Devil’s Snare plant?

Answer: Fire.


64) Name the mother of Severus Snape, who was a pure-blooded witch

Answer: Eileen.


65) ______ was the street address of the home owned by Vernon and Petunia Dursley

Answer: 4 Privet Drive.


66) In the first book, which flavor ice cream is eating by Harry at the zoo?

Answer: Lemon Ice Pop.


67) What is the name of Hagrid’s pet, a giant spider?

Answer: Aragog.


68) Date of birth of Harry Potter is on

Answer: 31st of July 1980.


69) What is the name of the fictitious author, which is also the pen name of JK Rowling, who wrote the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them’?

Answer: Newt Scamander.


70) Name the place where Harry was born?

Answer: Godric’s Hollow.


71) ____ became a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team by or before her third year.

Answer: Angelina Johnson.


72) _____ was the name of Harry’s mother’s maid

Answer: Evans.


73) Which shade did Ron change Scabbers into?

Answer: Yellow.


74) Which job did Harry acquire when he grew up?

Answer: Head of the Auror Office.


75) What was the former name of Professor Sprout?

Answer: Pomona.


Best Harry Potter Quiz Questions – Trivia Quizzes Part 4 (76-100)


76) Name the person who keeps the Potter family’s secret.

Answer: Peter Pettigrew.


77) Gryffindor quidditch team captain is _______

Answer: Oliver Wood.


78) The place where Harry met with Quirinus Quirrell for the first time is

Answer: The Leaky Cauldron.


79) Phoenix stands for ______

Answer: Rebirth.


80) In which place Harry realized he can talk with the snakes?

Answer: At The Zoo.


81) Who made Sorcerer’s stone, an object capable of turning metal into gold and granting immortality with its Elixir of Life?

Answer: Nicholas Flamel.


82) Harry usually plays a game using the cupboard as _____ below the stairs

Answer: Toy Soldiers.


83) Who are the police force, and sometimes work as intelligence agents and have the authority to arrest malefactors like Death Eaters in the wizard world?

Answer: Aurors.


84) Which tree’s wood is used to make Harry’s magic wand?

Answer: Holly.


85) Which color represents Slytherin houses?

Answer: Green and silver.


86) To which school Harry planned to go before he decided to go to Hogwarts?

Answer: Stonewall High.


87) Harry passed out for ___ days after finding the sorcerer’s stone?

Answer: 3.


88) In his first quidditch match, Harry’s team was against which House

Answer: Slytherin.


89) Name the person who put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire?

Answer: Barty Crouch, Jr.


90) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has a very loyal flock of _________ used mainly to pull the carriages that lead elder students from Hogsmeade station to the gates of the Castle.

Answer: Thestrals.


91) The colors which represent Ravenclaw house are ____and _____

Answer: Blue and Bronze.


92) Name the first captain of Harry in quidditch match.

Answer: Oliver Wood.


93) What gift did grandmother give Neville in his first year at  Hogwarts?

Answer: A Remembrall.


94) Which is the magical device, a stone basin, used to save and review memories?

Answer: Pensieve.


95)  Prefects’ Bathroom’s door is left to whose statue?

Answer: Boris the Bewildered.


96) Who is the producer of the philosopher’s stone?

Answer: Nicolas Flamel.


97) The place where Vernon Dursley works?

Answer: Grunnings.


98) Fist name of Macnair, who is a death eater too?

Answer: Walden.


99) Professor Quirrell’s original name is

Answer: Quirinus.


100) Name the warden of the orphanage from where Voldemort came from?

Answer: Mrs. Cole.


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Bible Quiz Questions Answers – Bible Trivia     Online Bible Quiz Questions and Answers – Bible Trivia Quizzes Part 1 (1-25)   1) Who found water in the wilderness when pastured the donkeys? Answer: Anah.   2) According to the Genesis creation narrative, what was created by God to separate the “waters above” the […]

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Bible Quiz Questions Answers - Bible Trivia

Bible Quiz Questions Answers – Bible Trivia


Bible Quiz Questions Answers - Bible Trivia


Online Bible Quiz Questions and Answers – Bible Trivia Quizzes Part 1 (1-25)


1) Who found water in the wilderness when pastured the donkeys?

Answer: Anah.


2) According to the Genesis creation narrative, what was created by God to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth?

Answer: Sky.


3) Who is the son of Anah?

Answer: Dishon.


4) “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night”. Which is the greater light that rules the day?

Answer: Sun.


5) Which is the city of Bela Edom?

Answer: Dinhabah.


6) On the fourth day of creation, which was the lesser light created by the God to rule the night?

Answer: Moon.


7) Who was reigned the country of Dinhabah after Bela?

Answer: Jobab.


8) In Genesis 1:27, God created what in his own image?

Answer: Man.


9) To whom sold Joseph by Midianites?

Answer: To Potiphar (He is the guard of Pharaoh).


10) According to Genesis, God has made _ for food for all.

Answer: Herbs.


11) The wife of Judah?

Answer: Daughter of Shua, a Canaanite.


12) On which day God ended his work and he rested from all his work which he had made.

Answer: 7th day.


13) Who was the Bible character birth with the scarlet thread on his hand?

Answer: Zerah.


14) Name the first partition of the river which went out of Eden to water the garden

Answer: Pishon.


15) Who was the mother of Zerah?

Answer: Tamar.


16) Which region was surrounded by the river Pishon?

Answer: The land of Havilah


17) Who was the Twins brother of Zerah?

Answer: Perez.


18) Name the second river from Eden which passes through Cush land.

Answer: Gihon.


19) Who was interpreted the dream, dreamed by Pharaoh in Egypt?

Answer: Joseph.


20) Which land mass is encompasses by Euphrates and Tigris rivers?

Answer: East of Assyria.


21) What was the name Pharaoh called to Joseph?

Answer: Zaphnath-paaneah.


22) The Bible says “she shall be called Woman” and why?

Answer: Because she was taken out of Man.


23) What was the name given by Joseph to his second son saying “God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction?

Answer: Ephraim.


24) As in the Bible, How did God make the woman?

Answer: God took one rib from the man and created a woman with it.


25) The land act still today existing in Egypt which was made by Joseph?

Answer: Pharaoh should have one-fifth of crop except for the land of the priests.


Top Bible Questions and Answers – Bible Trivia Quizzes Part 2 (Questions 26-50)


26) Which creature was subtle than any beast of the field that the LORD God had made?

Answer: Serpent.


27) Which are the supply cities built by Egyptians to Pharaoh?

Answer: Pithom, Rameses.


28) According to the Bible, for what reason the fate of man is to become dust at the end.

Answer: Because of the curse given by God to Adam.


29) Who is the child of Israel received from the Nile River?

Answer: Moses.


30) How got the name, Moses?

Answer: As drew him out of the water.


31) When man ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, what did he gain?

Answer: Ability to know good and evils.


32) What was the guilt done by Adam and Eve which made them to abandon Eden Garden

Answer: The command of God denied and ate prohibited fruit.


33) Who is the wife of Moses?

Answer: Zipporah.


34) What is the name of the first child of Adam and Eve?

Answer: Cain.


35) Who is the son of Moses?

Answer: Gershom.


36) What is the name of Adam and Eve’s second child?

Answer: Abel.


37) Why named Moses son Gershom?

Answer: He has been a stranger in a foreign land in a short period.


38) According to the Bible, the occupation of Abel was _

Answer: Sheep keeper.


39) Who was the priest of Midian?

Answer: Jethro.


40) According to the Bible, what was Cain’s occupation?

Answer: Agriculture.


41) Where did God appear to Moses?

Answer: Mount Sinai.


42) Abel was killed by _

Answer: Cain.


43) Who was the father-in-law of Moses?

Answer: Jethro.


44) After Abel’s murder, Cain went to _

Answer: Land of Nod.


45) Who is the Bible character who is prophet and sister of Aaron?

Answer: Miriam.


46) What was the name of Cain’s son?

Answer: Enoch.


47) How got the name as Marah?

Answer: Waters of Marah were bitter. Therefore the name of it was called Marah.


48) A city was built for Enoch by Cain. What was its name?

Answer: Enoch.


49) What does ‘Marah’ mean?

Answer: Bitter.


50) Enoch had a son. What was his name?

Answer: Irad.


Holy Bible Questions Answers – Bible Trivia Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51) Where is Sin desert situated?

Answer: Between Elim and Sinai.


52) What was the name of Mehujael’s father?

Answer: Irad.


53) What food God has given like small white coriander seed and taste of it was like wafers made with honey?

Answer: Manna.


54) What was the name of Methuselah’s father?

Answer: Mehujael.


55) Another name of Massah City?

Answer: Meribah.


56) Lamech’s wives were _ and _

Answer: Adah and Zillah.


57) Which is the birthplace of Moses?

Answer: Israel.


58) Jubal’s mother was _

Answer: Adah.


59) When did Moses reach of Sinai desert?

Answer: In the third New moon day.


60) Jabal had a sibling. What was his name?

Answer: Jubal.


61) God called; to make Ephod with which materials?

Answer: Gold and blue purple and scarlet thread and weaved fine linen.


62) Name “the father of those who dwells in tents and have livestock” or ‘forefather of shepherds ‘, according to Bible

Answer: Jabal.


63) What does Sabbath intent?

Answer: Symbol of God’s resting of the seventh day after involving in six days work of creation.


64) According to the Bible, who was the forefather of all musicians or “father of harp and flute players?

Answer: Jabal.


65) What all things did the Lord order to put in the breastplate of judgment?

Answer: Urim and Thummim.


66) Name Cain’s wife whose son was Jubal

Answer: Zillah.


67) What should be the colour of Ephod’s robe?

Answer: Blue.


68) Name Cain’s daughter and Jubal’s sister

Answer: Naamah.


69) God requested, what engrave shall be on Aaron’s forehead?

Answer: Pure engravement to God.


70) Name the third son of Cain?

Answer: Seth.


71) Why did God order engravement shall always be on Aaron’s forehead?

Answer: For accepting the offerings of Israel people by God.


72) Seth had a son. Who was he?

Answer: Enosh.


73) To whom God deputed to consecrate Aaron and his sons?

Answer: Moses.


74) At what age Adam died?

Answer: 930 years.


75) To whom God deputed to design artistic work?

Answer: Bezalel.


General Bible Questions Answers – Best Bible Trivia Part 4 (Questions 76-100)


76) At what age Seth took his last breath?

Answer: 912 years.


77) Who is Bezalel?

Answer: The son of Uri.


78) At the age of 90, Enosh had a son. What was his name?

Answer: Cainan.


79) To whom appointed God as a helper of Bezalel who is the design artist?

Answer: Oholiab.


80) _ was the life span of Cainan.

Answer: 910 years.


81) Oholiab belongs to which tribe?

Answer: Dan.


82) Jared became a father after 162 years. What was his name?

Answer: Enoch.


83) What punishment did God order to those who work on Sabbath day?

Answer: Put to death.


84) Noah’s father’s name is _

Answer: Lamech.


85) As Lord’s call who wrote ten commandments in tablets of stone?

Answer: Moses.


86) Name the three sons of Noah

Answer: Shen, Han, and Japheth.


87) Who were the sons of Aaron?

Answer: Nadabe, Abihu Kohen, Eleazar, Ithamar.


88) In Genesis, some men were portrayed as mighty men or fallen men or Giants. Which was the term used to denote them?

Answer: Nephilim.


89) To whom did God give the duty to take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel’s?

Answer: Moses.


90) Who found favor with God for he alone was righteous among the people of his day according to the Bible?

Answer: Noah.


91) Where did Moses number the congregation of the children of Israel?

Answer: Sinai desert.


92) Which tree’s trunk was used to make Noah’s Ark?

Answer: Gopher.


93) How many are in the Reuben tribe?

Answer: Forty-six thousand and five hundred.


94) What was the duration of rain and flood after Noah entered into the Ark?

Answer: Forty days and nights.


95) How many members are in the tribe of Simeon?

Answer: Fifty-nine thousand and three hundred.


96) Name the person who planted wine yard for the first time on earth?

Answer: Noah.


97) How many members are in the tribe of Gad?

Answer: Forty-five thousand six hundred and fifty.


98) Japheth had 7 sons. Name them.

Answer: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshek, Tiras.


99) The total number of Judah tribe:

Answer: Seventy-four thousand and six hundred.


100) A biblical figure who was a mighty hunter before the Lord is _

Answer: Nimrod.


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