80 Quiz Competition Questions and Answers

80 Quiz Competition Questions and Answers


Quiz Competition Questions and Answers


General Quiz Competition Questions and Answers Part 1 (1-25)


1) What are the three important typesetting processes?
Answer: Electronic imagesetting, Hot-metal typesetting and phototypesetting.


2) In what year was King John forced to sign the first Magna Carta?
Answer: 1215.


3) What is the full form of ASLV?
Answer: Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle.


4) What kind of bird did Noah first release from the Ark after the rains abated?
Answer: A Raven.


5) Which film and its sequel have both won Oscars for Best Film?
Answer: The God Father (1972) and The God Father Part II (1974).


6) Who wrote the book, “The Game Goes on “?
Answer: Alan Mc Gilvray.


7) What sound technique was used in movies like ‘Earthquake’ and ‘Roller Coaster’?
Answer: Sensurround.


8) Who directed the film Daughter?
Answer: Reza Mirkarimi.


9) How many official languages are there in U.N?
Answer: Six.


10) Name the sacred law of Islam, believed by Muslims to be based upon divine revelation?
Answer: Sharia.


11) Who awards the Nobel prize for medicine?
Answer: The Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.


12) What is the name of the structure used by jellyfish to administer poison?
Answer: Nematocyst.


13) In which event Indian women first won an International athletic event?
Answer: The 4×100 m relay, Manila II Asiad (1954).


14) To which country belongs the Dogon tribes?
Answer: Mali.


15) In Football is it essential for the players to wear numbered shirts during play?
Answer: Yes.


16) Name the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo?
Answer: Marissa Mayer.


17) When and where did India play its first cricket test match?
Answer: At Lord’s London, 1932.


18) What is meant by VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal)?
Answer: Two-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than three meters.


19) Name the one and only player who has done Grand Slam twice?
Answer: Rod Laver of Australia (1962 and 1969).


20) Designed by Chicago’s Daniel Burnham in the Beaux-Arts style, it is officially named the Fuller Building. What is the better-known name for the distinctive building that sits at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Broadway in New York City?
Answer: Flat Iron Building.


21) When did Russia join NATO?
Answer: 22nd June 1994.


22) Which of these battles did not involve Roman soldiers?
Answer: Thermopylae.


23) Western drama was born in which ancient country?
Answer: Greece.


24) How many hoops are used in a game of croquet?
Answer: Six.


25) Name a legal entity created by law with perpetual succession and common seal:
Answer: A company.


Top Quiz Competition Questions and Answers Part 2 (26-50)


26) What is meant by Snapchat?
Answer: Image messaging and multimedia mobile application.


27) What is the full form of S.L.R. Camera?
Answer: Single Lens Reflex Camera.


28) What is meant by High Throughput Satellite?
Answer: Classification for communications satellites that provide at least twice, though usually by a factor of 20 or more.


29) In which name was Charles Dickens known?
Answer: Boss.


30) Which claims to be ‘The King of Beers’?
Answer: Budweiser.


31) What is velvet?
Answer: A rich fabric of silk, rayon, nylon, etc. with a soft, thick pile).


32) What is the most commonly broken bone in the human body?
Answer: The clavicle.


33) Write the name of countries which have instated Soviet Communist Institutions?
Answer: Congo (Brazzaville), Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Guinea, Burundi, and Equatorial Guinea).


34) Which British inventor developed the hovercraft?
Answer: Sir Christopher Cockerell.


35) 10 milligrams are equal to how many centigram?
Answer: One centigram.


36) Where is port Talbot located?
Answer: United Kingdom.


37) What is the currency of Bahrain:
Answer: Dinar.


38) What is meant by reverse commerce?
Answer: Recovery of products over electronic systems such as the internet or through physical distribution channels.


39) What are attracted by the tourists in Croatia?
Answer: Tourist resort centres on the seashore.


40) Which novel was originally called The Whale?
Answer: Moby Dick.


41) What will be the colour of the hair if the percentage of carbon is more and the percentage of oxygen is less in the chemical structure of hair?
Answer: Black.


42) Which of these battles involved Huns?
Answer: Chalons.


43) What is the another name of Zaidam?
Answer: Salt Marsh.


44) A ‘rhea’ is a flightless bird but what does the geographical term ‘ria’ mean?
Answer: A drowned river valley.


45) Name the courtship dance in which the men perform exuberant acrobatic displays, stamp their feet, slap their hands and end by lifting the women high off the ground?
Answer: Schuhplattle.


46) Who is the President of Interpol?
Answer: Meng Hongwei.


47) After matriculation, Gandhi joined the Samaldas College at Bhavnagar, but he left it and returned home at the end of:
Answer: First term.


48) What is meant by aerosol?
Answer: Colloid of fine solid particles or liquid droplets, in the air or another gas.


49) Which helps to prevent soil erosion?
Answer: Forest.


50) On 12th October 1187 after a 12-day siege, Saladin captured which religiously and culturally important city that had been under Crusader rule for the previous 88 years?
Answer: Jerusalem.


Online Quiz Competition Questions and Answers Part 3 (51-80)


51) Where rainfall is seasonal, a river may be dry for part of the year. This kind of river is called:
Answer: Intermittent river.


52) Who is the voice of Remy the Rat in Ratatouille?
Answer: Patton Oswalt.


53) Lichens are the best example of:
Answer: Symbiotism.


54) Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon – but who was the second?
Answer: Buzz Aldrin.


55) What are the chief types of systematic assessment?
Answer: Case histories, surveys, and standardized tests.


56) What is meant by Rubik’s cube?
Answer: 3D combination puzzle.


57) Which is the study of beings?
Answer: Ontology.


58) What do we refer by digital wallet?
Answer: Electronic device that allows an individual to make electronic transactions.


59) Which blood vessels carry blood from the heart to various body parts:
Answer: Artery.


60) Which Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit single of the 1960s opens with the lines “I thought love was only true in fairytales, meant for someone else but not for me”?
Answer: I’m A Believer (The Monkees).


61) The permeable rock layer which retains water:
Answer: Aquifer.


62) With which fictional poison was King Joffrey assassinated in Game of Thrones?
Answer: The strangler.


63) Which country in the world imports the highest quantity of iron ore?
Answer: Japan.


64) What is ‘xenophobia’?
Answer: Dislike or fear of strangers.


65) The major river in Myanmar which forms part of the boundary with Thailand?
Answer: Salween.


66) What is meant by CTBT(Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty)?
Answer: Multilateral treaty that bans all nuclear explosions for both civilian and military purposes, in all environments.


67) What is Eire better known as?
Answer: Ireland.


68) Who wrote the book, “The Curse of Cash”?
Answer: Kenneth Rogoff.


69) The longest African river which emptying into the Indian Ocean is:
Answer: The Zambezi.


70) An 1862 novel by Victor Hugo, a 1985 stage show by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg and a 2012 movie directed by Tom Hooper. What title connects these clues?
Answer: Les Miserables.


71) What is called the extensive treeless tract of Central and North America?
Answer: Prairies.


72) Who was the first British Prince of Wales to learn the Welsh language?
Answer: Prince Charles.


73) Which share Tierra del Fuego?
Answer: Chile and Argentina.


74) What does the Red Triangle stand for?
Answer: Family Planning.


75) Where exactly is Mount Erebu?
Answer: The Ross Dependency, Antarctica.


76) Which country is the first non-member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to sign a nuclear deal with Japan?
Answer: India.


77) With which river do you associate the colours Blue and White?
Answer: Nile.


78) Name the world’s biggest coal miner.
Answer: Coal India.


79) The Purchasing Power Parity Theory came into prominence in 1916 through the writings of:
Answer: Gustav Cassel.


80) Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, and Toledo; the so-called ‘big six’ cities of which state of the USA?
Answer: Ohio.


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