Multiple Choice GK Short Question and Answer


Multiple Choice GK Short Question and Answer


Multiple Choice GK Short Question and Answer


1) He wrote such books as “The Stranger,” “The Rebel” and “The Plague”:
A) Albert Camus
B) George Orwell
C) John Steinbeck
D) William Golding
E) Franz Kafka

Albert Camus
More of a humanist than most modern writers, Camus rejected the idea of the artist as rebel.


2) What product accounts for about 90% of Nigeria’s export earnings?
A) Oil
B) Rubber
C) Vegetables and Fruits
D) Coffee

Nigeria is a member of OPEC.


3) Graham’s law deals with …
A) Effusion
B) Equilibrium



4) The name of the galaxy in which our solar system is situated is the:
A) Andromeda
B) Milky Way
C) Clouds of Magellan

Milky Way


5) Which type of land cover covers the greatest area on the earth?
A) Forest/Woodland
B) Snow/Ice
C) Grass/Savanna
D) Barren/Desert



6) All cells have:
A) Cell membranes
B) Cell walls
C) Both cell walls and cell membranes

Cell membranes


7) One of these words does not belong. Find the odd word out.
A) Hound
B) Shrub
C) Squirrel
D) Reindeer

A shrub is not an animal.


8) Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, never wrote anything down.
A) True
B) False



9) In which movie does Steve Martin have to share his body with Lily Tomlin?
A) The Man with Two Brains
B) The Lonely Guy
C) L.A. Story
D) Inner Space
E) All of Me

All of Me
Lily Tomlin’s character ends up in Steve Martin’s body after an experiment goes awry.


10) Which Australian state calls itself the “State of Excitement” and “The Golden State?”
A) Western Australia
B) Victoria
C) New South Wales
D) Tasmania

Western Australia


GK Short Question and Answer Part 2


11) What are the hill and valley of a wave called?
A) It’s landscape
B) Crest and trough
C) Legth and depth
D) Top and bottom

Crest and trough


12) What explorer is buried in the Dominican Republic?
A) Christopher Columbus
B) Hernando Cortes
C) Leif Eriksson
D) Marco Polo

Christopher Columbus


13) Where would you find the state of Selangor, with a capital city of Shah Alam?
A) Malaysia
B) Indonesia
C) Philippines
D) India



14) One of these words does not belong with the other three.[cr][cr]Find the odd word out.
A) Menu
B) Table
C) Waitress
D) Shirt



15) The name of the galaxy in which our solar system is situated is the:
A) Andromeda
B) Milky Way
C) Clouds of Magellan

Milky Way


16) Exfoliation or flaking of rocks due to expansion in extremely high daytime temperatures with contraction in extremely low nighttime temperatures is a form of:
A) Physical weathering
B) Chemical weathering

Physical weathering


17) Which Pacific entity is farthest north?
A) Federated States of Micronesia
B) Palau
C) Northern Mariana Islands
D) Guam

Northern Mariana Islands


18) At the 1984 Olympics, Mary Lou Retton won the gold in the:
Uneven bars
A) All-around gymnastics
B) Floor exercise
C) Vault
D) Balance beam

All-around gymnastics
Mary Lou was also the first gymnast to be elected to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.


19) True or False? King is the only American besides George Washington to have a nationwide celebration for his birthday.



20) “Tin Men,” “Always” and “Nuts” are films starring this actor:
A) Robert Duvall
B) Alan Alda
C) Richard Dreyfuss
D) John Goodman
E) Danny Devito

Richard Dreyfuss
Dreyfuss earned an Oscar for his role as a struggling actor in “The Goodbye Girl.”


GK Short Question and Answer Part 3


21) According to the title of a 1972 song by The Temptations, “Papa Was a” what?
A) Spinnin’ Wheel
B) Rollin’ Stone
C) Ramblin’ Man
D) Whirlin’ Dervish

Rollin’ Stone


22) What is the predominant religion in the Philippines?
A) Protestant
B) Muslim
C) Hindu
D) Roman Catholic

Roman Catholic
Approximately 83% of the population is Roman Catholic.


23) Substances with a definite volume and take the shape of their containers are:
A) Gases
B) Liquids
C) Solids



24) Who is Prime Minister of Canada?
A) Brian Mulroney
B) Kim Campbell
C) Jean Chretien
D) Tony Blair

Jean Chretien


25) Stonehenge is thought to have been built over a 1500 year period. Approximately when is Stonehenge thought to have been started?
A) 5000 B.C.
B) 3100 B.C.
C) 1550 B.C.
D) 1000 B.C.

3100 B.C.
Stonehenge is believed to have begun being built right around the time that the Bronze Age was overtaking the Stone Age. According to excavation results, the megalith was built over a series of periods between 3100 B.C. – 1550 B.C.


26) What does Leslie West of Mountain play?
A) Guitar
B) Bass
C) Piano
D) Drums



27) In which Australian state is the Cape York Peninsula located?
A) New South Wales
B) Queensland
C) Western Australia
D) Victoria



28) Which of the following scientists studies insects?
A) Mycologist
B) Ornithologist
C) Entomologist



29) How many Great Lakes are there in North America?
A) Five
B) Three
C) Six
D) Eight



30) Which artist’s name of Alessandro di Mariano Flipepi was changed to his brother’s nickname meaning ‘little barrel’?
A) Cellini
B) Peruzzi
C) Botticelli



GK Short Question and Answer Part 4


31) Which phase of the moon is not easily visible from Earth?
A) Full moon
B) Gibbous Moon
C) New moon

New moon


32) Scientists today make a very approximate estimate that there are _______ galaxies in the universe.
A) 100 billion
B) 1 trillion
C) 10 billion
D) 500 million
E) 10 trillion

100 billion


33) In what year did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?
A) 1973
B) 1977
C) 1979
D) 1981



34) Which bird did American founding father Benjamin Franklin prefer for the national bird of the new United States?
A) Turkey
B) Bald eagle
C) Red-tailed hawk

Benjamin Franklin disapproved of making the bald eagle the national bird of the young United States. In a letter to his daughter, Franklin explained that he considered the eagle “of bad moral character,” prone to stealing the prey of other, more noble birds. Franklin preferred the turkey, which he considered “a more respectable bird and withal a true original native of America.”


35) Forces can change the:
A) Slow down or speed up objects only
B) Speed, direction or shape of an object
C) Movement of objects but only if they were already in motion

Speed, direction or shape of an object


36) “The Last of the Wine” and “The King Must Die” are historical novels set in:
A) Ancient Greece
B) Victorian England
C) Colonial America
D) Czarist Russia
E) Contemporary Israel

Ancient Greece
English novelist Mary Renault wrote several such books dealing with history and mythology.


37) In which part of Sudan is the Darfur region?
A) North
B) East
C) West
D) South



38) What French town was the scene of history’s greatest military evacuation?
A) Dunkirk
B) Bordeaux
C) Marseilles
D) Lyons
E) Nice

During World War II more than 300,000 troops were rescued by British boats.


39) Who painted the Uffizi’s famous Birth of Venus?
A) Leonardo
B) Botticelli
C) Giotto



40) “Sister of the Road” is the depression-era memoir of:
A) Boxcar Bertha
B) Aimee Semple Macpherson
C) Rosie the Riveter
D) Ma Barker
E) Winnie Ruth Judd

Boxcar Bertha
Her book about her life as a female hobo turned her into an American folk heroine.


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