Morning Trivia Quiz

Morning Trivia Quiz

Morning Trivia Quiz


Morning Trivia Quiz Part 1


1) Liz Taylor has played in screen adaptions of all these classics except:

A) The Taming of the Shrew
B) A Doll’s House
C) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
D) Little Women
E) Ivanhoe

Answer: B

Jane Fonda and Claire Bloom have played Ibsen’s heroine, but not Elizabeth Taylor.


2) Who was the author of the book The Sound of the Mountain?

Answer: Yasunari Kawabata


3) On which inland sea do Russia and Turkey have shores?

Answer: The Black Sea


4) Where is Dogger Bank?

A) English Channel
B) North Sea
C) Bay of Biscay
D) Baltic Sea

Answer: B


5) What is a polar bear’s favorite treat?

Answer: Polar bears, the world’s largest land predators, like to eat seals.


6) Is zenith the point directly below an observer?

A) Yes
B) No

Answer: B


7) In what year was the Battle of Hastings?

Answer: 1066


8) Which insect is honored with a statue in Enterprise, Alabama?

A) Boil weevil
B) Praying mantis
C) Grasshopper

Answer: A


9) In mathematics, what “P” is a fraction or ratio with 100 as the denominator?

Answer: percentage


10) The density of a feather in g/mL would be about:

A) 10
B) 0
C) 0.05

Answer: C


11) What popular drawing tool was invented by Nicolas-Jacques Conte who also gave his name to the Conte Crayon?

A) Graphite pencil
B) Pastel chalk
C) Felt-tip pen

Answer: A


12) The pair of electrons shared between two atoms are called the ___

A) Electron pair
B) Shared pair
C) atom pair
D) Bonding pair

Answer: A


13) The Cote D’Azur is better known to English-speaking people as the:

A) Outback
B) Chateau country
C) French Riviera
D) Black Forest
E) Basque country

Answer: C

The Riviera is a narrow coastal strip on the Mediterranean sea that includes Monaco.


14) The number of bones in the human skeleton is about:

A) 104
B) 206
C) 300

Answer: B


15) Find the Famous First Words

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

A) Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë
B) The Portrait of a Lady, Henry James
C) Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
D) The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton

Answer: C

Pride and Prejudice (1813), by Jane Austen, is the story of a family and its search for suitable husbands (with good fortunes) for the daughters. A keenly satirical portrait of the early 19th-century English upper classes, Pride and Prejudice practically defined the genre known as the “comedy of manners.”


Morning Trivia Quiz Part 2


16) To what section of the orchestra do the bassoon and clarinet belong?

Answer: The woodwinds


17) In what year was the Falklands War?

Answer: 1982


18) Was Alan Ball in England’s World Cup-winning football team?

Answer: Yes


19) Each is a major world oil-producing area except:

A) North Sea
B) Prudhoe Bay
C) Bahrain
D) Witwatersrand
E) Indonesia

Answer: D

Witwatersrand is one of South Africa’s major gold-producing regions.


20) What ancient civilization in the Americas developed a calendar that was more accurate than the Gregorian and Julian calendars used in Europe?

A) Mayans
B) Aztecs
C) Incas
D) Utes

Answer: A

Their system of mathematics was an achievement not equaled for centuries in Europe.


21) In math, which whole number between zero and nine has the same number of letters as its value?

Answer: 4


22) Where did the Yarra tribe of aborigines live before white settlement?

Answer: Melbourne


23) Which of these substances displays physical properties of both solids and liquids?

A) Teflon
B) Concrete
C) Glass
D) Porcelain

Answer: C


24) The Duke of Edinburgh’s grandfather was King George I of Greece.

A) True
B) False

Answer: A


25) The “Pentagon Papers” concerned the U.S. involvement in:

A) Somalia
B) Grenada
C) Vietnam
D) Panama
E) Iran

Answer: C

Classified at the time, “The New York Times” began publishing them June 13, 1971.


26) What do you call a grouping of finches?

Answer: a charm


27) The maxixe and the habanera are Latin American:

A) Monkeys
B) Dances
C) Crime organizations
D) Martial arts
E) Indian tribes

Answer: B

Brazil’s maxixe evolved into the tango while the habanera comes from Cuba.


28) Who was the only president never to marry?

Answer: James Buchanan


29) What is the name given to a window placed vertically into a sloping roof that has its own little roof?

Answer: Dormer


30) What US southern state (according to one study) has the highest percentage of obese adults?

Answer: Mississippi (Must be all that good southern cooking . . .)


Morning Trivia Quiz Part 3


31) Which nation owns Antarctica?

A) None
B) Russia
C) France
D) United States
E) England

Answer: A

It has been declared an area for scientific study.


32) During the revolution, American women

A) Were sent to Canada
B) Were not helpful
C) Were asked to enlist in the army
D) Performed many useful tasks such as making bullets

Answer: D


33) In government, the U.S. Supreme Court begins its annual term on the first Monday of what month?

Answer: October


34) Who was the author of the book Independent People?

Answer: Halldor K. Laxness


35) Find the Famous First Words

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

A) Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe
B) Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
C) Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
D) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams

Answer: C

Each unhappy family depicted in Anna Karenina (1875-1877) may be unhappy in its own way, but Leo Tolstoy’s psychological exploration into his characters’ torment and passion is so universally moving that many consider it the greatest novel ever written.


36) Which strait separates Taiwan and the Philippines?

A) Balabac Strait
B) Luzon Strait
C) Taiwan Strait
D) Strait of Malacca

Answer: B


37) Before independence, Djibouti was known as:

A) French Somaliland
B) Belgian Congo
C) Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
D) Portuguese East Africa
E) French Guiana

Answer: A

The name of the capital city became the name of the country upon independence in 1977.


38) The phases of the moon in correct order are:

A) New moon, full moon, first quarter
B) New moon, first quarter, full moon
C) Full moon, waxing gibbous, last quarter

Answer: B


39) How many violin concertos did Mozart compose?

A) 22
B) 32
C) 42

Answer: C


40) Loop-like arched shapes of gases on the sun’s surface are solar:

A) Prominences
B) Flares
C) Systems

Answer: A


41) In history, John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was in turn shot by whom?

Answer: Jack Ruby


42) The density of ice in g/mL is:

A) Less than 1
B) 1
C) More than 1

Answer: A


43) In what year did the construction of the Berlin Wall begin?

Answer: 1961


44) The ability of a substance to dissolve is its:

A) Solubility
B) Dissolvability
C) Melting ability

Answer: A


45) What fish is the fastest swimmer?

Answer: The sailfish is considered the fastest of all fish species. It is difficult to measure the speeds of fish, but the sailfish has been clocked at speeds of over sixty miles per hour.


46) Inside the hollow cavity of long bones is:

A) Bone marrow where some blood cells are made
B) Cartilage to allow for greater movement of bones
C) Air to make the human skeleton lighter

Answer: A


47) Who issues letters called encyclicals?

Answer: The Pope


48) What dance is featured in Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld?

Answer: The can-can


49) There are at least six different kinds of football. Which of these is not?

A) Soccer
B) Rugby
C) Canadian
D) Australian
E) Celtic

Answer: E

The other two are Gaelic and American and these teams range in size from 11 to 18 players.


50) What is the name of Fulham’s football ground?

Answer: “Craven Cottage”.


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