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101 Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer

101 Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer


Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer


Top 101 Mahatma Gandhi GK Question and Answer Part 1


1) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on _____

Answer: October 2 1869.


2) At which place was Mahatma Gandhi born?

Answer: Porbandar.


3) Mahatma Gandhi’s father Karamchand Gandhi, was for some time Prime Minister in:

Answer: Rajkot, Porbandar and Wankaner.


4) The money needed for Mahatma Gandhi’s journey and for his expenses in England were raised through:

Answer: Loan from a friend.


5) Mahatma Gandhi passed the London Matric in 1890 in the month of:

Answer: June.


6) When was Mahatma Gandhi called to the Bar, thus becoming a full-fledged barrister?

Answer: June 10, 1891.


7) How many children did Mahatma Mahatma Gandhi have?

Answer: Four.


8) When was Mahatma Gandhi’s last child born?

Answer: 1900.


9) Who was the eldest son of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Harilal.


10) Who was the youngest son of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Devdas.


11) When did Mahatma Gandhi take the vow ‘Brahmacharya’?

Answer: 1906.


12) Who was the sister of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer: Raliatbehn.


13) How old was Mahatma Gandhi when he made the first public speech in his life?

Answer: 25 years.


14) Mahatma Gandhi’s son, Harilal, accepted Islam in May 1936 in the midst of a large congregation in a mosque in:

Answer: Mumbai.


15) Maganlal Gandhi, a grandson of one of Mahatma Gandhi’s uncles, had been with Gandhi in his work since:

Answer: 1904.


16) Mahatma Gandhi had the first experience of Jail life in:

Answer: 1908.


17) How many times was Mahatma Gandhi jailed?

Answer: Eleven.


18) When Mahatma Gandhi wrote to his elder brother Laxmidas declaring his disinterestedness in worldly possessions?

Answer: 1906.


19) At which place Mahatma Gandhi took the momenta decision to donation cloth?

Answer: Varanasi.


20) Name the grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi who is settled in South Africa:

Answer: Ela Ramgobin.


Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer Part 2 (Quiz 21-40)


21) When Mahatma Gandhi got his head shaved, discarded his clothes and settled for a lion cloth?

Answer: 1921.


22) Who was the resident medical attendant to Mahatma Gandhi at his Sabarmati Ashram?

Answer: Sushila Nayyar.


23) How old was Mahatma Gandhi when he first wrote a number of articles on vegetarianism in an English magazine “The vegetarian”?

Answer: 21 years.


24) Approximately how old was Mahatma Gandhi when he came out of prison gates for the last time?

Answer: 75 years.


25) Name the place where Mahatma Gandhi served his last jail sentence:

Answer: Pune.


26) The first jail sentence awarded to Mahatma Gandhi in India by the British Government was for a period of:

Answer: Six years.


27) In all about how many months did Mahatma Gandhi spend in jail during his lifetime?

Answer: 82.


28) When in 1944 was Mahatma Gandhi released unconditionally from detention for the last time?

Answer: May 6.


29) Mahatma Gandhi read the volume I of Karl Marx’s “Das Capital” in the Aga Khan Palace for the first time at the age of about:

Answer: 74 years.


30) Kasturba Gandhi died in detention at:

Answer: Aga Khan Palace.


31) Identify the member of the Gandhi Family who nursed Kasturba Gandhi during her last days of illness:

Answer: Kanu Gandhi.


32) How old was Kasturba Gandhi at the time of her death?

Answer: 72 years.


33) Mahatma Gandhi had the company of Kasturba Gandhi for about:

Answer: 62 years.


34) Where lies the Samadhi of Kasturba Gandhi?

Answer: Pune.


35) The assassin of Mahatma Gandhi was a journalist from:

Answer: Mumbai.


36) The body of Mahatma Gandhi was carried on a made-over army weapon-carrier. How many men of the army, navy and air force pulled it by ropes?

Answer: 200.


37) About how many lakh persons marched as part of Mahatma Gandhi’s funeral procession?

Answer: 15.


38) Who urged that the body of Mahatma Gandhi be preserved like Lenin’s body in Moscow?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten.


39) Besides being Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, 30th January in the country is also observed as a:

Answer: Martyrs’ Day and Anti-Leprosy Day.


40) In how many countries of the world was the birth centenary year of Mahatma Gandhi celebrated?

Answer: 92.


Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer Part 3 (Quiz 41-60)


41) For which period the services of Mahatma Gandhi were secured by Dada Abdulla & Co.?

Answer: One year.


42) At which place in South Africa was Mahatma Gandhi received by Abdulla Sheth, his first client in that country?

Answer: Durban.


43) When Mahatma Gandhi went to South Africa, the number of Indian emigrants settled over there was around:

Answer: 1,50,000.


44) In which South African unit had most of the Indian emigrants taken up abode?

Answer: Natal.


45) The Indian laborers under the indenture system initially came to South Africa for a period of:

Answer: Five years.


46) The Indians first entered in Transvaal in:

Answer: 1881


47) In which area of South Africa was the anti-Indian feeling comparatively less intense when Mahatma Gandhi arrived in that country?

Answer: The Cape Colony.


48) Who desired to convert Mahatma Gandhi to Christianity in South Africa?

Answer: A.W. Baker.


49) In the Orange Free State the Indians were deprived of all their rights by a special law enacted in:

Answer: 1888.


50) To organise Indians and enable them to lead an honourable life Mahatma Gandhi founded the Natal Indian Congress which came into being on:

Answer: July 15, 1894.


51) To which office of the Natal Indian Congress was Mahatma Gandhi appointed for the first year of its establishment?

Answer: Hon. Secretary.


52) Mahatma Gandhi was the first Indian to be enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Natal in 1894 in the month of:

Answer: September.


53) At which place in India Mahatma Gandhi had the most enthusiastic audience in support of the South African movement

Answer: Chennai.


54) Name the place where Mahatma Gandhi received an urgent cable from Natal requesting him to return at once:

Answer: Kolkata.


55) Mahatma Gandhi set sail by “S.S. Courland”, a second time for South Africa, with Kasturba and their two sons, along with the only son of his widowed sister on:

Answer: November 30, 1896.


56) Accompanied by two detectives in disguise Mahatma Gandhi escaped from his friend’s house disguised as an:

Answer: Indian constable.


57) Taking leave of Natal Indians, Mahatma Gandhi with his family left for India for the second time towards the:

Answer: Close of 1901.


58) On reaching India from South Africa for the second time, name the place where Mahatma Gandhi decided to settle down to practice Law and also do public work?

Answer: Mumbai.


59) On his third visit to South Africa Mahatma Gandhi was accompanied by:

Answer: Maganlal Gandhi and three or four enterprising youths who were ready to leave the trodden path and venture abroad.


60) In which year was Mahatma Gandhi enrolled as Attorney of the Supreme Court of Transvaal?

Answer: 1903.


Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer Part 4 (Quiz 61-80)


61) Mahatma Gandhi founded the Transvaal British Indian Association in:

Answer: 1903.


62) Who in South Africa gave Mahatma Gandhi “Unto This Last” to read which proved to be one of the most decisive book of his life?

Answer: H.S.L. Polak.


63) Mahatma Gandhi founded the Phoenix settlement near Durban which came into being in the middle of the year:

Answer: 1904.


64) On the pattern of Phoenix settlement, Mahatma Gandhi started another co-operative venture, known as Tolstoy Farm, near:

Answer: Johannesburg.


65) In which month of 1910 did the first batch of “Satyagrahis” came to work and live on the Tolstoy Farm?

Answer: June.


66) As in the case of Boer War, Mahatma Gandhi again raised the Indian Ambulance Corps to render service during the Zulu Rebellion which broke out in Natal in?

Answer: 1906.


67) With how many volunteers Mahatma Gandhi raised the Indian Ambulance Corps for the Zulu ‘Rebellion’?

Answer: 24.


68) Mahatma Gandhi organised hospital during the outbreak of plague in 1904 in:

Answer: Johannesburg.


69) To be able to devote his maximum time to the ‘Satyagraha’ struggle in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi gave up his legal practice in:

Answer: 1910.


70) When Mahatma Gandhi stopped his legal practice his annual earnings from the profession amounted to around?

Answer: £ 5000 to 6000.


71) Most of Mahatma Gandhi’s savings were devoted to public cause. The phoenix settlement alone cost him about:

Answer: £ 5,000.


72) When was the first ‘hartal’ organised by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa?

Answer: July 23, 1908.


73) With two breaks in between Mahatma Gandhi stayed South Africa for about:

Answer: 21 years.


74) How many times was Mahatma Gandhi arrested during the struggle period in South Africa?

Answer: Six.


75) At which place in South Africa did Mahatma Gandhi suffer solitary confinement?

Answer: Johannesburg and Pretoria.


76) Mahatma Gandhi was released unconditionally from jail in South Africa in 1913 in the month of:

Answer: December.


77) Kasturba Gandhi decided to join the Passive Resistance Struggle in April 1913. In which month of 1913 was she arrested?

Answer: September.


78) Touched by the appeal of women “Satyagrahis” to go on strike, around how many indentured Indians at the coalmines of Newcastle struck work?

Answer: 3,000.


79) In which year Mahatma Gandhi gave up both European dress and milk, and restricted himself to diet of fresh and dried fruits in South Africa?

Answer: 1912.


80) Searle’s Supreme Court judgment which caused great resentment among Indians, leading to mass protests, related to:

Answer: Invalidation of Indian Marriages.


Mahatma Gandhi GK Question Answer Part 5 (Quiz 81-101)


81) Who assumed the leadership of the ‘army’ of marching “Satyagrahis” after Mahatma Gandhi’s arrest?

Answer: H.S.L. Polak.


82) Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’ struggle in South Africa lasted for a period of:

Answer: Eight years.


83) The Indians Relief Act was the first South African legislation designed to remove the grievances of the Indian settlers. In which year it was passed?

Answer: June, 1914.


84) Having successfully finished the work that he had undertaken, Mahatma Gandhi left South Africa for good on:

Answer: July 18, 1914.


85) On the conclusion of struggle in South Africa, when Mahatma Gandhi sailed for England “en route” to India, he was accompanied by:

Answer: Kasturba and H. Kallenbach.


86) Mahatma Gandhi, the hero of the ‘Satyagraha’ struggle of the Indians in South Africa, landed in Bombay on:

Answer: January 9, 1915.


87) Who advised Mahatma Gandhi to remain as an observer and student in the country for a year before taking part in Indian Politics?

Answer: Annie Besant.


88) Mahatma Gandhi’s one year of political silence came to an end at the opening ceremony of the Banaras Hindu University where he spoke on:

Answer: February 4, 1916.


89) What was one of the first problems that Mahatma Gandhi took up in the country?

Answer: The abolition of the systems of the indentured labour.


90) The system of exporting labourers from India on the indenture basis had come into existance as a result of the abolition of slavery in:

Answer: 1833.


91) Mahatma Gandhi began his compaign against indentured labour in the country by delivering the first of the series of public lectures in:

Answer: Mumbai.


92) Public agitation and preparedness for ‘Satyagraha’ forced the Government to abolish the indenture system altogether on January 1:

Answer: 1920.


93) Mahatma Gandhi left for Champaran to study first hand the problem of indigo cultivators. When was it?

Answer: April, 1917.


94) Faced with labour problem, the textile mill-owners of Ahmedabad declared a lockout on February 22, 1918 which continued till:

Answer: March 11.


95) When the lockout of the textile mills of Ahmedabad was lifted by the mill-owners, the workers decided to go on strike, demanding an increase in their wages by:

Answer: 50 per cent.


96) Who in the end was appointed arbitrator to settle the labour dispute of textile industry at Ahmedabad?

Answer: Anandshankar Dhruv.


97) After how many days of strike was the settlement reached between Ahmedabad textile mill-owners and workers?

Answer: Twenty one.


98) Soon after the Ahmedabad weaver’s strike ended, Mahatma Gandhi had to attend to the grievances of the peasants in one district of Gujarat. Name this district:

Answer: Kheda.


99) Through whom an agitation was set up in the Bombay Legislative Council in connection with the Kheda struggle:

Answer: Vallabhbhai Patel and Parikh.


100) The Kheda struggle lasted for about:

Answer: Four months.


101) Name the place from where Mahatma Gandhi started his recruiting campaign for the war on behalf of the Answer: British Government: (Kheda).


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